Episode 107

Mount Hua will not disappear (2)
1 year ago
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Another one fell.

The blood drained from the faces of the Southern Edge Sect’s disciples as they stood in shock.


Six had fallen.

A total of six!

Six second-class disciples from the Southern Edge Sect had been defeated by a single third-class disciple. It was an utterly one-sided defeat as well.

But it wasn’t the current losses that left them terrified.

What truly scared them was the creeping realization that they may not be able to secure even a single victory in this match.

‘Will we be completely annihilated? By just one third-class disciple?’

Their fingers turned numb, and a cold sweat ran down their spine. Their eyes clouded over in despair, and their legs lost strength.

Was there anyone here that didn’t understand how disgraceful this was?

This event was one in a thousand; if such news leaked, it would travel the world before the disciples could even return home.

For Mount Hua, this would be a glorious achievement.

And for the Southern Edge sect, this would be a humiliation that would last for generations!

That historically absurd disgrace was occurring right here and now on Mount Hua. Realizing that, the Southern Edge Sect disciples felt a sense of fear that went beyond this moment’s pressure.


In their ears echoed the most terrifyingly heartless voice.

No one stepped forward. They weren’t stupid. If it happened once or twice, it could be considered luck. But winning six times in a row was no coincidence.

It was unbelievable, but Mount Hua’s third-class disciple, Chung Myung, was stronger than them.


They were no longer afraid of stepping forward and losing. However, the burden of being one of the disciples that contributed to this catastrophic defeat was terrifying beyond measure.

“S-Someone go.”

“I-I can’t….”

“-Sahyung. Shouldn’t Sahyung go?”

“What am I supposed to do? I…”

It was at that moment.


Jin Geum-Ryong spoke in a cold voice.

“The disciples of the Great Southern Edge Sect are afraid of a child that’s ten years younger than them? You all seem to have forgotten about shame.”

Everyone was unable to respond and merely bowed their heads.

Jin Geum-Ryon took a step forward.

“I will go.”


“I cannot watch that arrogant bastard any longer. So, watch me as I regain the sect’s honor! Although, I don’t know if there is any honor left to reclaim.”

Jin Geum-Ryong’s face twisted like a ravenous demon, but someone spoke just as he was about to walk out.



Jin Geum-Ryong turned to see that Sama Seung was looking at him with a stiff face as he called on someone else.

“Man Jeok.”

“… Yes, elder.”

“You go.”

“… I, I…”

Sama Seung cut the disciple’s words off as if to pre-empt and nip any excuses in the bud.

“Go out there and drag him down by the ankles. Do you understand what I mean?”

“… Yes.”

Jin Geum-Ryong tried to disagree, but Sama Seung stopped him.

“Come here.”

“But the fight is—”

“That’s enough. Come here!”

Sama Seung led Jin Geum-Ryong to the back. After reaching an isolated place where no one could hear them, Sama Seung spoke in a low voice.

“Do you think the other kids can win?”

Jin Geum-Ryong couldn’t answer.

It was a question with an obvious answer. However, the reason he couldn’t respond wasn’t that he felt sorry for his juniors. It was because he couldn’t understand the reality of what was happening.

Nothing was lacking about the second-class disciples’ skills, yet they lacked confidence despite their efforts.

They no longer had any chance against Chung Myung with such a mindset.

Sama Seung spoke bluntly to the confused Jin Geum-Ryong.

“Your thoughts aren’t wrong.”

“… Yes?”

“That’s a monster. No, I would call him a monster cub. But if you leave him alone, he will become a real monster one day.”

“… Elder?”

“And that monster will block the Southern Edge Sect’s path again. Do you understand what I mean?”

Jin Geum-Ryong’s eyes went wide.

‘Is that possible?’

Jin Geum-Ryong had to admit that Chung Myung is incredibly strong for his age. But could he really become a hindrance to their sect?

Jin Geum-Ryong bit his lip in frustration.

Saying that Chung Myung would block the sect’s path was the same as saying that Jin Geum-Ryong would be unable to handle him. Whether it’s true or not, at least Sama Seung thought so.

His blood boiled inside.

‘Does that mean I can barely handle that child?’

This was an insult he’d never heard before.

Jin Geum-Ryong’s expression revealed the anger that he couldn’t hide.

Sama Seung looked deeply into his eyes and spoke.

“Geum-Ryong, you are a genius.”


“But how many people do you think get called geniuses? It’s not something I want to say, but there are at least ten men of your caliber in your generation alone. Maybe it’s even more than that.”

Jin Geum-Ryong tightly clenched his teeth.

Sama Seung coldly asked.

“Do you believe that you can be the strongest in the world in the future?”

Jin Geum-Ryong may be the most confident person in the world, but even he didn’t dare to lightly answer that question.

The title of ‘strongest in the world’ held too much weight.

When Jin Geum-Ryong hesitated to answer, Sama Seung narrowed his eyes.

“Master. Genius. This title may be enough to carry on the spirit of the Southern Edge Sect and lead our sect into a golden era. However!”

Sama Seung finally arrived at the main point he really wanted to say.

“Being the best in the world is impossible.”


“Those who compete for the position of strongest in the world are monsters, not geniuses. Only those who casually ignore common sense, crush down the laws with their power, and defy all reason with their talents can stand on that stage. Right…”

Sama Seung’s head slowly turned towards the center.

“Monsters like him.”

Jin Geum-Ryong’s shoulders trembled.

“Elder, I…!”

Jin Geum-Ryong was about to cry out and protest when he was suppressed by the elder’s cold voice.


It became difficult to breathe.

“He may be a monster, but he is still just a cub. Even a dog can bite a tiger to death if it’s just a baby.”

Jin Geum-Ryong understood the meaning behind Sama Seung’s words and stared at him in shock. As if to affirm Jin Geum-Ryong’s startling thoughts, a quiet and eerie voice penetrated his ears.

“Kill him.”


Sama Seung whispered with a ghastly visage.

“It’s still possible. He is a monster, but he can be dealt with now. You must kill him. If you don’t kill him now, we will never get another chance in this lifetime.”


“Don’t forget. People with talent don’t become the best. Among those called geniuses and prodigies, only one person can truly stand at the peak. Do it now! If you can’t kill him, at least cut off his arm!”

Jin Geum-Ryong unknowingly stepped back.

‘He’s lost his mind.’

It wasn’t because of what was said, but a certain sense of madness was glowing in his eyes. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem normal.

“Elder, think rationally….”


Sama Seung burst into laughter before grinding his teeth.

“Are you going to live in his shadow for the rest of your life?”

Jin Geum-Ryong shut his mouth.

Under the shadow? …Of that child?

Jin Geum-Ryong clenched his fist. His nails digging into the palm of his hand nearly punctured the flesh.

It was such a humiliating thought that he couldn’t bear it.

“The choice is yours.”

Sama Seung said while growling.

“You don’t need to take all the responsibility for this. You just made a mistake. Mistakes are common in spars like this. Don’t you think so?”

Jin Geum-Ryong looked at Sama Seung with fire raging within his eyes and spoke.

“First of all, let me be clear. I am not someone who can be overshadowed by a child like him.”

Despite those bold words, Sama Seung waited for Jin Geum-Ryong to continue.


He continued with a cold face.

“If that child’s existence will become an obstacle for the Southern Edge Sect, then there’s no reason to follow the rules.”

A sinister smile blossomed on Sama Seung’s lips.

“That’s right.”


Another disciple fell.

With this, eight have fallen to Chung Myung.

Chung Myung lowered his sword and looked at the Southern Edge Sect.

There were only two left, and he arrogantly stared at his remaining foes.

‘Not yet.’

It is too early for despair. There was something else Chung Myung had prepared.

“It doesn’t look like I’m getting to ten wins so easily.”

Of course, Jin Geum-Ryong would appear in the end, but it’s difficult for them to find someone to fill the final role. Who was going to come forward when they were all terrified?

‘It’s unfortunate. Do I need to be content with my current win record?’

It was then.


A man steadily walked out without saying a word. Chung Myung seemed shocked upon seeing who it was that approached the stage.


The person approaching smiled modestly.

“I know it’s too early for me to compete with you. But… our sect is suffering a great humiliation, so I can’t just sit on the sidelines and watch from behind.”


Chung Myung nodded his head.

This guy was surely worth it.

Lee Song-Baek.

Lee Song-Baek, who he had already met at the Eunha Guild, came to face Chung Myung.

“The Southern Edge Sect’s Lee Song Baek, a second-class disciple, asks disciple Chung Myung for a match.”

“Mount Hua’s third-class disciple Chung Myung accepts.”

The two stood facing one another with swords drawn.

‘What do I do?’

Chung Myung looked at Lee Song-Baek. Even though he was from the Southern Edge Sect, Chung Myung didn’t hate him. But…

Chung Myung lowered his sword after much consideration and gently closed his eyes.

‘It wouldn’t hurt to show him.’

If he could accept and overcome it, then it would be medicinal. If he cannot overcome this, it will become poison. It would all depend on Lee Song-Baek.


Lee Song-Baek screamed as he charged.

Chung Myung’s sword also began to move slowly.

Lee Song-Baek was someone that would grow by using the old methods of the Southern Edge Sect. The current Chung Myung could show him where to begin, but…

A little should be enough for Lee Song-Baek.

The tip of Chung Myung’s sword was aimed precisely at Lee Song-Baek.

And at that moment.

Lee Song-Baek, who was running towards Chung Myung, opened his eyes wide.

‘The s-sword!’

Chung Myung’s entire body was covered by the sword. No, the sword that stabbed toward Lee Song-Baek grew so large that it obscured his view of Chung Myung.

‘N-No, that’s not it either!’

Not visible.

Not being able to feel it.

The only thing he could see and feel was the sword aimed at him.

‘Is that True Unity with the Sword?’

A huge shock swept through Lee Song-Baek’s body before he could fully comprehend what was happening.


As blood dripped down, Lee Song-Baek stepped back and subtly smiled.

‘I saw…’


Lee Song-Baek fell to the floor.

Nine consecutive losses.

Now there was only one left.

Chung Myung turned to look at the Southern Edge Sect’s disciples. No, his gaze was aimed at just one person.

“Come out.”

Jin Geum-Ryong.

It’s finally time to pay for your sins, Southern Edge Sect.

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