Episode 679

What Is This Place! (4)
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The sound of footsteps echoed through the silent Mount Hua.

At first glance, there seemed to be nothing special about it, yet the manner of walking made those who watched catch their breath.

A murim robe, with its bright white design embroidered on the pristine, clear red silk.

Those wearing the robes, which incited panic yet also emanated a strange and intimidating aura, approached the gate.

Everyone who saw them instinctively stepped back.

‘White Red robe!’

The Evil Faction was free in its uniform.

Typically, the Justice Faction outfits its disciples in garments similar to those of their clans. This was to ensure that even if they left the sect and started to move alone, they shouldn’t forget where their actions and nature should stem from.

Conversely, the Evil Sect often didn’t impose such restrictions on their clothing or that of their disciples. Whether it be green, animal skin, or fur, they could wear it.

However, even within such sects, those dressed in clothes that symbolized their sect were considered the elite.

And the white-red robe of the Ten Thousand People Clan signified that the best of the clan were coming.

Clothing that was more feared by the Evil Faction than the Justice Faction. The disciples now stepping in were all clad in the same attire.

The sound of footsteps grew louder, and they finally reached the mountain gate, entering the hall without hesitation. As a dark and sharp qi emanated, those who were oppressed groaned and stepped back.

Yet, there were some who couldn’t back down.

“What is this!”

“These people!”

The warriors of the Nanman Beast Palace and the North Sea Ice Palace stood there, blocking the path. At the same time, the steps of the Ten Thousand People clan also halted.

There was no talk, just glares exchanged with hateful eyes.



Baek Cheon, who was watching this, contorted his face.

Baek Cheon knew it, too.

The most formidable enemy of Mount Hua was surely the Demonic Sect. Even now, when he thought about it, the Demonic Sect made him feel chills, the kind of chills that were enough to make goosebumps rise on his body.

And the enemy he hated the most to lose against was Southern Edge. No matter what happened, he despised losing to Southern Edge.

The one he wanted to face the most was Shaolin, and the enemy he was most excited to take down was Wudang.



The one he hated the most.

If he ever wanted to risk everything to tear the flesh and grind the bones, it would be the Ten Thousand People Clan. But now, those bastards had stepped onto Mount Hua on their own.

“This… how dare those bastards come here!”

The moment Baek Cheon grabbed his sword and wanted to jump.


Chung Myung, who was standing next to him, extended his hand and stopped him.


“Chung Myung!”

“…wait and see first.”


Baek Cheon closed his mouth tightly and looked at Chung Myung. The moment he saw the cold look on Chung Myung’s face, devoid of any emotion, he had no choice but to bite his lip and hold back.

If there was someone who hated the Ten Thousand People Clan more than Baek Cheon, it was Chung Myung.

Wasn’t Chung Myung the one who, without a second thought, tried to rush to the Ten Thousand People Clan with a sword when he knew Un Geom was in danger of dying?

But, Chung Myung was dissuading Baek Cheon?

“…damn it.”

Baek Cheon took his hand off the sword. His shaking hands showed how angry he was.

“Please state your business.”

“Stay back!”

The warriors of the Beast Palace and the Ice Palace bared their teeth and threatened the Ten Thousand People Clan. And the courageous people of the central plains began to add words one after another.

“How dare you Evil Sect people set foot in here without any fear!”

“It is the Ten Thousand People Clan! The Ten Thousand People Clan! Do you think Shaanxi is your land?”

A fox faking the prestige of a tiger.

There was no way a fox could hold the prestigious look a tiger had.

It had now occurred to them that no matter how great the opponent was, there was no reason to be afraid, considering the faces of those gathered around and considering they were all in
Mount Hua now. And the Central Plains people were all ready.

“Let us defeat them!”

“They will not leave alive!”

“I will make sure they get a taste of blood today!”

And then, they all stood behind the warriors of Beast Palace and Ice Palace and stomped their feet to threaten the enemies.

But then.


Came a strangely calm voice from the Ten Thousand People clan.

That made everyone’s heart sink.


A rabbit that heard the cry of a tiger from a short distance could not move.

Now, the Central Plains people could feel the reason for it.

They couldn’t even breathe. Even though they heard just a low voice, their entire bodies went stiff, and they couldn’t even blink.

Before they could do anything, the Ten Thousand People split to the left and right. And just one person walked in very casually along the path that was made.

The first thing that caught their eye was the silk footwear, which felt too flashy to be a man’s. But strangely enough, those shoes did suit the man a lot.

A long, pure white robe with the golden threadwork of a dragon that was wrapped around the gorgeous silk shoes.

The man was a couple of inches taller than a normal man, and with the long white robe, his body seemed thinner, making him look twice as tall.

The fingers that were seen through the sleeve were filled with ten colorful jewels.


Someone gulped and their gaze shifted to the face. The pure pale, white skin as if powder was applied to it, and those lips which were blood red.

The thick, dense eyelashes and the light-colored eyes beneath them made those watching feel so thrilled. A pure white crown rested on top of the perfectly shaved head without a single hair falling out.

An attitude that couldn’t be explained as merely an eccentricity.

With every step he took, the stone necklace around his neck clashed against the many others.

If an ordinary person were to walk around like this, everyone would laugh and ridicule them, calling them a clown. But not a single person there had the strength or confidence to even laugh, let alone say something.

It had to be that way.

It was such an odd attire, yet it brought fear and trembling at the sight of the man.


Someone said,

The Hegemony Lord, Jang Ilso.

The man with this outstanding presence was none other than Jang Ilso, one of the Five Evil Hegemons and the leader of the Ten Thousand People clan.


And so, Jang Ilso stepped forward.

The warriors, who seemed like they wanted to attack, began to step back or change their stance.

If they could, they would have run away, too. But the Hegemony Lord Jang Ilso didn’t allow that. The moment they confirmed he was right in front, their bodies froze.

It was as if they had stepped into a spider web.

The faces of the people began to turn pale.

The fact that the Ten Thousand People clan came to Mount Hua was alarming enough, but now even Jang Ilso showed up. Even after seeing the Ten Thousand People clan, no one thought that Jang Ilso would make a visit in person.

This was because he was too important a man to show up in Shaanxi, which was far away.

Finally, Jang Ilso stopped in front of the people. And then he looked around at the warriors of the Central Plains.


The warriors of both palaces gritted their teeth.

But those standing behind them didn’t even dare make eye contact with Jang Ilso and slowly turned their heads away.

The presence that Jang Ilso exuded was so overwhelming that no one would blame the other for trying to back out. From the moment he arrived, it was as if the entire Mount Hua was in his grasp.


A strange voice came out from Jang Ilso’s mouth again.

“Tastes like blood…”

The face of a person went pale at that statement.

This was the same person who had boldly declared that the Ten Thousand People clan would taste their own blood. Yet, Jang Ilso smiled brightly, as if he couldn’t care less about him, and acknowledged the existence of the person who had turned pale.

“Such odd remarks on a happy and beautiful day, right?”


“If not…”

His eyes scanned the surroundings.

“Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to get excited over just blood? What do you think?”

No one dared to respond.

The power of Jang Ilso didn’t stem from the clan. It wasn’t simply because there were so many people that he could be Jang Ilso. But because Jang Ilso existed, the Ten Thousand People clan was what it was.

The other sects of the Evil Faction had their history to uphold.

But not the Ten Thousand People clan.

The Ten Thousand People clan was created by Jang Ilso. The clan he founded single-handedly destroyed all the major clans in the realm and rose to the top ranks alongside the other Evil Faction sects.

Among the many in Kangho, he was considered among the greatest. Even the members of the Justice Faction, who were loath to acknowledge the warriors of the Evil Faction, had no choice but to recognize them.

Who would dare to speak against the words of such a man?

“Not so bad.”

Contrary to what the Central Plains people thought, a response came from behind them, causing them all to turn pale and look back.

As they saw a person walking towards them, they began to step aside to the left and right.

Through the path they had cleared, a man wearing a black robe walked out with an indifferent expression on his face.

“If that blood were to come from your neck.”

Jang Ilso’s bright eyes fixed on the person who had stepped forward.

A young man, not particularly tall, and who appeared young. He seemed too frail to pose any threat to Jang Ilso.


However, in Jang Ilso’s eyes, a flicker of something akin to joy appeared for a moment.

He lowered his head slightly and raised his arms to his face, then rolled the sleeves back with his other hand.

Jang Ilso, who was staring at the obvious goosebumps on the white forearm, looked at Chung Myung, the man from Mount Hua, with bright eyes.

“I get it!”

A bright smile appeared on Jang Ilso’s face.

“You are Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon.”


Chung Myung also smiled while looking at Jang Ilso.

“The one who will cut off that head of yours.”

At that moment, the shocked gaze of the Central Plains people fell on Chung Myung.

Was this man sane? Did he not know who the other man was?

It was none other than Jang Ilso, the Hegemony Lord.

Never mind elders of a normal clan; even the elders of the Nine Great Sects wouldn’t speak such words to Jang Ilso.

But this wasn’t even the sect leader of Mount Hua, but a normal third-class disciple who was trying to provoke Jang Ilso? This wouldn’t have been possible to protest even if Jang Ilso had decided to cut off the head of the young man.

But the reactions of Jang Ilso were so different from expected.

Jang Ilso, who seemed ready to shout out, lowered his arms and burst into laughter.


As he laughed heartily, they all wondered what was so funny, and silence fell again. Only the sound of Jang Ilso’s laughter spread around.

And Jang Ilso, who laughed unbothered, looked at Chung Myung with admiration.

“Such an interesting kid… no, I shouldn’t call you that. An interesting guy.”

And he grabbed his neck with his white hand.

“But it seems difficult for me to give up my head now. Come visit me sometime, and I will serve you nice drinks.”

“I have no intention of doing anything with a guy like you.”

“Fine, it is fine.”

Jang Ilso smiled.

“When I break their arms and legs, pull their chin out, and pour the alcohol in, everyone said it was delicious. So you don’t have to worry too much.”

He had a bright smile, yet the words that came out were terrifying.

However, Chung Myung smiled in a manner similar to Jang Ilso.

“You don’t have to worry, I will give you a clean cut.”

“Is that so? Hahaha. Thank you for that!”

The exact moment when Chung Myung’s words, sharp as knives, met with Jang Ilso’s, who responded in kind.

“Wait now.”

A heavy voice made them all turn to the side.

Before they realized it, the leaders of the sects in the Heavenly Friends Alliance, including Hyun Jong, had emerged from the training hall where the banquet was being held to the gate.

The moment they stood at a distance in front of Jang Ilso, the sullen silence that fell felt so profound that they could even hear the sound of a pin dropping.

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