Chapter 123 - Source Of Blood (4)

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I let out a deep sigh and called him, his words had many meanings.

“Hehe. Don’t like it?”

Was he really asking me that?

“If we have blood, aren’t we related?”

“Does that even matter?”

“It does. Distant relatives, siblings…”

“The later generations got divided into two and if we count them like that, you have dozens of years of generation gap. What is the problem with that?”

“The start of the family is…”

“Brat. Since ancient times, to strengthen the bloodline, distant bloodlines would unite in marriage.”


“As with the bloodline of the Blood Demon, any faction and sect from the direct lineage is connected with those who inherit the blood.”

There were no words which could be said as wrong. However, I had no intention of marrying for convenience only to strengthen the bloodline.

Moreover, did he think those two women would even accept it?

-It would be a blessing If they don’t try to kill you.

Short Sword giggled with her reply.

But this was a serious situation and she was having fun. In reality, this was a problem which Hae Ack-chun would cause for us.


“Something else to say?”

“Before we talk about this strengthening of blood, aren’t the two ladies the problem?”


“I don’t know how to convince them that I possess the Blood Demon Sword.”

“You bastard, do you think the rules are here for nothing?”

“But they have different positions in the sect.”

In the first place, their goal was also to be the sect leader, Blood Demon of the Blood Sect.

However, if they were suddenly asked to just turn into spouses to a man in order to strengthen their bloodline, what would happen?

“Can you be sure they will not turn into our enemies?”

Baek Hye-hyang was known to be rebellious and she would surely become my enemy and Baek Ryeon-ha wouldn’t be much far from her.

It was because, to Baek Ryeon-ha this would be a backstabbing move.


As if he understood the meaning behind my words, Hae Ack-chun touched his chin and frowned.

Did he realize the seriousness only now? After deliberate consideration, Hae Ack-chun spoke to me with a serious face.

“Do you think that I chose you without even that much confidence?”


“Right, brat. My disciple walking down the path of Blood Demon, do you think I would abandon you for her?”


Hae Ack-chun’s true intentions shocked me. I thought he made his choice to revive the ties to blood but he was determined to not lose his position.

-That crazy old man is more shocking than we thought. Wonhwi he seems to care for you.

I didn’t respond to Short Sword’s words.

‘Damn it…’

Not because he was loyal to Blood Sect, but because he wanted to treat me nicely. And I wanted to repay him.

I wanted to live up to his expectations. It was then he continued.

“Huh, you kid. If you were just a disciple I would have scolded you, but now I cannot do that, so let us take a step back.”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you think the reason I brought up the topic of marriage was to strengthen the bloodline? As you said, the problem with both the women can be solved.”


“You are bound to run into both of them and uniting is the way to avoid bloodshed.”


This wasn’t a two way but a three way battle that would break out internally and it would cut off the troops of the Blood Sect. If that happened, it would be difficult to rebuild the sect.

And both the women should be aware of this.

“Even though there are rules as you said, the Blood Stars next to both of them who served the two for a long time will become variables.”

“There could be a fight.”

“And the one at most disadvantage is you.”

Wha Hae Ack-chun was talking about seemed to be a composition of each faction. And surely the First Blood Star and Fifth Blood Star would side with Baek Hye-hyang and then Third Blood Star and Sixth Blood Star of Baek Ryeon-ha wouldn’t stay still.

-You are the most disadvantaged.

Right now.

There was a teacher and Fourth Blood Star on my side but we were outnumbered. Most of the troops were raised for Baek Ryeon-ha by me and this fight wouldn’t be fair at all for me.

In this situation, if I trusted the law then I would be overturned in a moment. For all I knew, I would be stabbed in the back.

“I guess we need forces.”

“Yes. In the current situation you have to get Gu Jae-yang or Yu Baek under you.”

The Third Elder and Second Blood Star. The two who hadn’t sided with anyone as of yet.

“Since they promised to follow the one with Blood Demon Sword, you will have to contact them and bring them to our side and take a step back”

“…I understand. But what do you mean by taking a step back?”

I wondered what we would be bargaining for. To that, he held out the plaque and said.

“I will find out whether you are the direct descendant and not. If you are one, I won’t bring up the story of marrying one of the two ladies.”

“What do you mean?”

“if your mother is from the Flying Moon Order, you will end up taking a step back.”

“Doesn’t that mean that I should get married to one of them?’



This was stupid, I would get roasted alive!

“Teacher. If I am from the direct descendant I wouldn’t have to marry them, so what is the point of Teacher doing this?”

Hae Ack-chun mumbled with a pouting expression.

“Huh. This is why I hate guys with brains.”


I almost got fooled and he mumbled.

“Fine. If so, then not two people. But let’s proceed with one person.”

“With one?”

“I am not going to force you to do anything. Just contact them.”

“…Who would that be?”

“Lady Baek Ryeon-ha.”


How could I not guess this?

“Lady Baek Ryeon-ha is the last remaining blood relative of the previous sect leader. A person of integrity. And in the current situation, she will be most sympathetic to you.”

“…What do you mean by sympathetic?”

“Do you think this old man doesn’t know anything? You can tell just by the way the young lady treats and looks at you.”

I wonder why this quick witted person was alone then. Doesn’t this mean he had a problem too?

“Teacher. I took the Blood Demon Sword that I was supposed to bring to her. Do you think she will be happy with me?”

I had said it before too, and to that he said.

“If she refuses then I will not speak of it again.”

There was a strong sense that he would do so. It was a situation that would take our breath away.

If Lady Baek Ryeon-ha were to accept the proposal of Hae Ack-chun then wouldn’t it mean that I could escape from marrying her?

-Oh my. What about Sima Young? I liked that there was nothing about her like that fox or Baek Ryeon-ha.

At Short Sword’s words a thought emerged in my mind. A way to keep the man from talking about marriage.


“Are you going to accept it? Or you won’t accept it? Just say it.”

“Is it fine if I say something?”

“Huh! Brat. It is useless to use your mind now.”

“It would be better if you listen though.”

At this he frowned at me and asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Miss Sima likes me.”

“Miss Sima? Sima Young? Why bring her… Ah!”

Hae Ack-chun was startled.

It was because we were the only 2 people who knew about her identity and knowing that she was the daughter of one of Four Great Evils, he had been cautious.

Hae Ack-chun shouted as if it was ridiculous.

“Have you completely lost your mind!”

“Teacher, your voice.”

She might have been listening from outside, so he approached closer and whispered.

“Yah! Four Great Evils! Do you know what they mean?”

“…I know.”

“Do you know why they do not belong to a sect or faction?”

Of course I knew.

They didn’t have the title Evil for nothing. the ones who could not be controlled by anyone so no warrior would even touch those mad men.

“What did you do for that child to like you?”

“…I did nothing.”

Hae Ack-chun clicked his tongue at my answer.

“That child is the daughter of one of Four Great Evils. If you touch her carelessly, something bad will happen, so keep your distance and do not have any affectionate moments.”

“I always kept my distance.”

“Then why does she like you!”

“How would I know her heart?”

“Enough. If that is the case, don’t meet and give her some space…”


“What now?”

“Miss Sima kissed me earlier.”


It looked like I was throwing bombs at this man. He covered the forehead as if he had lost hope. I felt bad at Sima Young for using her as my shield, but I had to.

Hae Ack-chun shook his head.

“What kind of man…”

He couldn’t finish the words as there emerged a rumbling outside and someone knocked on the cabin door.

“I think we should postpone the talks.”

The owner of the voice was Do Jang-ho. When I opened the door there were members of the sect gathered and Hae Ack-chun asked.

“What happened?”

“Three large ships are approaching from ahead.”

“The villages?”

Hae Ack-chun had to be speaking about the 18 Villages of Yangtze River. They were the number of villages with rulers on the river

Made up of warriors they were known to be evil like the Green Forest bandit warriors and had no ties with Blood Sect.

And once someone moved into Yangtze river, they would have to cross paths with them

“The fog has lifted a lot, yet the vision is unclear. I think it could be them, so we should prepare just in case.”

“We talk later then.”


Me, Hae Ack-chun and Do Jang-ho hurriedly went out of the cabin and the members of sect were already on deck waiting

Sima Young too was there and she ran away with a red face on seeing me.

-She must be embarrassed. So cute.

Even though she was the one who did this to me?

I tried not to be conscious of her, but she was making it difficult for me. Hae Ack-chun, who noticed it, called me.

“Come here.”

When I moved with him, I saw the lights of ships from far.

“Can you see the ship’s flag?”

“It is dark so we cannot see the top of the mast.”

If one could see the mast, they could check the flag but with darkness around it was difficult to know. And Do Jang-ho shouted.

“Tap the drum and be prepared.”


At that, some members hit on the drums on the boat to warn members

Bum! Bum!

-Why are they hitting?

If it was a merchant ship or transport ship, it was so we didn’t bump into each other. A signal for when the night was dark and fog was thick.

Otherwise, we could collide.

Everyone on the ship already had a tense face.


Bum! Bum!

Arrived from the other side. And Do Jang-ho smiled.

“Thank god they responded.”

If the sound which came back was a flute and not a drum, then the horn would have been blown to signal the war. Or maybe a direct clash too.

“Huh! What are you so afraid of?”

That was what he said but even Hae Ack-chun wanted to avoid a fight, considering how bright his expression was now.

And the captain of the ship said.

“Move the ship to starboard.”


At his command, the members of the sect moved in order and changed the direction of the sail.

Before long, the ship turned little by little to the right and the ships which were approaching moved to the left in order to avoid a collision.

And as we got closer to moving our own ways.

“Fourth Elder!”

Came the cry. Along with a familiar voice too.


Hae Ack-chun frowned and strode to the side of the deck.

I followed him too.

And when he looked on the other side I saw a woman in white robe wearing white veil and one in black in front of them all.


The woman was none other than Bloody Hand Witch.

At that time, a woman approached Han Baek-ha and pulled up the cotton veil.


That woman was Baek Ryeon-ha

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