Chapter 128 - Four Great Evils (2)

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Four Great Evils.

It was a title referring to four of the 12 Great Warriors within Murim.

The rumors of their deeds had spread not just to the warriors but the central plains, scaring off kids.

The Four Great Evils were considered the weight of life too light that they killed people for daily training and it was said that there could be no one as cruel as them.

When I actually laid my eyes on him, I went speechless. To tear off the arm in a moment.


Han Baek-ha the Bloody Hand Witch, who seemed like a person who would never blink an eye, had tears in her eyes.

She looked scared.

[Wicked Moon Sword.]

Hae Ack-chun’s voice sounded in my ears. He too seemed to have noticed from the shout from Sma Young.

But not the others–

“Who are you! What are you doing!”

Angered at how Han Baek-ha was treated, Seo Kalma urged him but Sima Chak didn’t even look at him.

“Are you ignoring me!”

Seo Kalma shouted and threw himself toward the person.


He didn’t even give enough time for Hae Ack-chun to stop him as he moved by unsheathing the blade and moving like lightning before he struck at Sima Chak


Indeed, he was worthy of the title of Four Elders, who were known to be the strongest like Blood Demon.

The force he unleashed was as huge as a mountain. It felt so intense that I was even afraid to stop.

However, Sima Chak simply stomped on the floor of the ship.


The wooden boards on the floor cracked and bounced up.

Crack! Papak!

Seo Kalma tried to use his blade to cut down the wooden boards and continue again. But it didn’t seem like he could continue with the same force.

SIma Chak lightly moved his body to avoid the blade and stabbed his sword into the chest of Seo Kalma.

As an experienced warrior, Seo Kalma managed to change the direction in order to block it.



Just at that moment, with a sharp metallic sound, Seol Kalma’s form flew back.

His long blade was trembling as if something was wrong and his face was stained in tension along with him breaking out in cold sweat.

‘Is this the gap between us and the Four Great Evils?’

The person felt so strong that everyone knew that this was too much.

Seo Kalma could not deal with this person alone. Sima Chak just placed his hand behind his back and scanned the people present.

The look was so intimidating that it made my heart pound at a high rate.

Thud! Thud!

Due to the only absolute force being met head on, the entire ship was drowned in anxiousness and everyone went alert.

‘I never expected it to be like this.’

The force unleashed by one person was overwhelming.

Seeing this I was sure now. How much control did the Leader of the Murim Alliance exert when fighting me?

One of the 12 Great Warriors was so determined to fight that it made me scared.

-Strong. Like a sharpened sword.

Blood Demon was evaluating the opponent as strong, despite him sensing the person for the first time.

All the warriors couldn’t take their eyes off the man.

“Father! Please stop!”

At that time Sima Young ran to him. She was trying to do something and everyone couldn’t hide their wonder.


Sima Chak however didn’t seem to care at all, he just stroked the hair of Sima Young and hugged her with a soft smile.

“My child”

“Father… Did you come out of the place for me?”

“Don’t you realize it? I had to catch my tomboy.”

Sima Young rubbed her face against her father’s crying. And raised her head as she said with her eyes.

“I missed you.”

“Who asked you to leave the house then?”

“Because father was not letting me go.”

“There is nothing this father cannot do for the child who stole the sword and ran away from home.”


The Heavy Sword which Sima Young was holding was actually her fathers?

I did think so, but these words confirmed my doubt.

When the intimidation was still strong on us, Sima Young being there had calmed us but everyone was curious about the true identity of the father and daughter duo.

Baek Ryeon-ha immediately ran for Han Baek-ha and using the blood points method she stopped the bleeding by hitting a couple points on the left shoulder.

This was time to just watch.

“M-My lady…”

“Save your words.”

As Baek Ryeon-ha was trying to move her, Sima Chak asked in a cold tone–

“With whose permission are you, woman, saving that wench?”

Baek Ryeon-ha trembled as she bit her lip and replied.

“I heard that you are the father of Captain Sima. Then, you are a person who has ties with us, so be generous with us, Senior…”


Before she could even finish, he snorted and flicked something with his finger, making Baek Ryeon-ha scared into using a defense technique. She blocked something but it didn’t stop touching her.


And as it hit her chest, she was pushed back and what was on the ground was an iron ball. Even the sight of it was small. And Sima Chak pointed the fingers towards the head of Baek Ryeon-ha this time.

“Did you think you could survive scorning my daughter?”


“You stay still.”

Despite her dissuading words, Sima Chak didn’t release the fingers.

In that brief moment, I moved and hit the flying iron balls with the Blood Demon Sword.


When the iron ball hit the sword my body staggered back at the force it held. It possessed monster-like force to the extent where I wondered if he was even human.

My body moved back five steps.

-Insane. Why did you step forward?

I knew that I had moved to confront the man. And now I was the Blood Demon.

What would Sima Chak think if I, who was the leader, kept hiding behind the work of his subordinates?


And if not that, I had often heard from Sima Young.

She would often talk about her father and she mentioned him having a high contempt for hypocrites, cowards and weak people.

If I, the leader, chose to hide behind the subordinates he would hate me, so I had to address this issue before he reached a conclusion.


Without letting go of my sword, I placed my hands together and took a bow.

“So Wonhwi greets the Great Senior, Wicked Moon Sword, Sima Chak.”


At my words, everyone around me trembled.

Everyone seemed to have predicted that he would be someone strong but no one imagined him to be one of the Four Great Evils.

“Wicked Moon Sword?”

“Fo-Four Great Evils!”

Hae Ack-chun had already noticed his identity, so he wasn’t too surprised. On the contrary, it seemed more of a shock since I mentioned it.

[Teacher please do not step out.]


No matter how strong Hae Ack-chun was, the wound on his hand wasn’t healed yet. And if he decided to fight again here, it would most likely be serious or it would be difficult to save his life.


Sima Chak raised his eyebrow and then looked at Sima Young who was in his arms.

It was as if he was asking her, but Sima Young stared at me in surprise.

“You knew?”

I nodded at her question and spoke to Sima Chak.

“I am Blood Demon, their leader. If there is something which bothers you, please tell me.”

My heart was pounding but I tried to look as calm as I could. I was nervous about how Sima Chak would respond.

But his eyes were so cold!

‘Damn it.’

More and more anxiousness.

At that time, Sima Young moved further into her arms and added.

“Father. Blood Demon is a good person who helped me when I entered Murim and he even helped me get used to everything.”

She was the one who could even talk positively about me. In a way, she was the only person who could control her father too.

“I really wanted to introduce him to father.”

“I am not interested in others.”

He cut off Sima Chak’s words coldly and asked me.

“You are Blood Demon?”


“You are different from what I heard.”


I was puzzled but the man glared at me as he added.

“It wasn’t enough that you seduced my naïve daughter that you go and talk about marriage to another?”


I was speechless at this.

I wondered where he had been watching us, and it seemed like he heard what Han Baek-ha had uttered. Marriage wasn’t something I even brought up!

-Wonhwi. It is said that there is no one more terrifying to a man than the father of the woman he is with. Be careful.

Iron Sword warned me.

I was already in a state of confusion so what should I say? Well I had to explain it.

“You have misunderstood it. The topic about…”


Before I could even complete my words, iron balls were thrown at me. I tried to stop them but then someone not in my way and grabbed them.



The shadow of the giant which covered me was Hae Ack-chun. His body was red with gushing steam.

True Blood Diamond Body was being used.


“Even if you are Wicked Moon Sword, I will not forgive you for being rude to Blood Demon.”

Seeing Hae Ack-chun, Sima Chak smiled.

And he put his hand in his sleeve and snapped them as iron balls moved for Hae Ack-chun at great speed.

Hae Ack-chun didn’t even move from the place as one hand knocked off the balls.

The iron balls hit by Hae Ack-chun flew like cannon balls and pierced the wooden structures around.

But that was the beginning as Sima Chak continued to flick his fingers.


Hae Ack-chun would beat the fists out and the iron balls he touched would bounce off.


The great thing was that he didn’t even move a single step back. Unlike me who got pushed back Hae Ack-chun didn’t.

And it seemed like there were no more balls to throw, Sima Chak’s eyes lit up.

“It is unreasonable to say that your martial arts can ever be compared to the others.”

He praised Hae Ack-chun. One of the Four Great Evils praised my teacher.

“Can that arm withstand my sword?”

“Huh! If you want, we can try.”

Hae Ack-chun seemed riled up. Sima Chak, moved his hand and the sword in the sheath around Sima Young’s waist moved to his hand.


Sima Young was surprised to see this


This was my first time seeing this. Apparently, the sword entered into his hands.

I heard of such things being done when the body had peaked on internal qi. Though, I was seeing this for the first time.

Everyone who thought of it to be a mythical story were speechless and Sima Young blocked his path.

“Stop it father!”

“Get out child. We need to uproot the buds before they grow to trees.”

At her words, Sima Young’s expression darkened.

She must have never thought that her father would decide to take things this far, biting her lip it looked like she had made up her mind.

“Then kill me too! Because I have decided to live and die with the Blood Demon!”

At her words the man turned me with his glaring gaze.

“You have to live and die with him?”


This was like fanning the flame that was burning the house.

-More like pouring oil on it.

When Sima Young was angry, trust me, she looked exactly like her father.

Seeing this man’s face strained like a devil, it was like he had lost his reasoning. And he took a deep breath as he uttered.

“Then I must kill him to get you home.”


Kill me? Did I hear this right? What kind of a parent would kill a man just because she said she likes someone?

“Father if you do that…”

At that moment, Sima Chak’s hand moved like lightning.


Sima Young’s blood points were sealed.


She was immobilized on the point and Sima Chak, who made Sima Young unable to interfere, looked at me and uttered.

“There is no one in the world whom I cannot kill If I want to.”

I could feel the killing intent rising from him. This man was really adamant on killing me. And I heard Hae Ack-chun

[… run away. Jump from the ship or anything. That monster really wants to kill you.]


Hae Ack-chun’s words weren’t helping me. Thinking of what happened before taking this time, I thought that if Sima Young was with us, we would have a chance to convince the man.

But I never thought he would come like this without giving us a chance to talk

‘Is there some other way?’

What kind of escape would there exist from a ship in the middle of the river? I tore the hem of the clothes and tied my hand holding Blood Demon Sword.

“What are you doing?”

When Hae Ack-chun asked, I smiled as I said.

“How can I be a disciple who abandons his teacher? Whatever happens, we will do it together. Even if I die, I will never resent you.”

“You brat…”

“Teacher, everyone will listen to your curse.”

At my words he clicked his tongue but unlike his usual self, he was slightly smiling, feeling proud huh?

I stepped ahead–

“Fourth Blood Star, Second Elder. Would you risk your life with me?”

At my words Do Jang-ho sighed and drew the sword of white leather.

“We don’t have another choice.”

Seo Kalma too tied his blade to the hand with a cloth.

“You surely know how to act like a Blood Demon.”

Although he had a tense face, his eyes were bright.

I said, looking at Sima Chak.

“I cannot just die now, so this junior of yours will risk his life and rebel against you.”

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