Chapter 129 - Four Great Evils (3)

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From the fingertips till the toes, everything felt so tense.

The man in front of me was one of the 12 people known to be the best and strongest in the central plains.

Wicked Moon Sword, Sima Chak.

-Can you deal with him? He is too strong.

‘I don’t know. This is something I am not sure about.’

Even if we all joined forces, we were all too afraid.

‘It was widely known fact that Sima Chak’s strength was ranked within higher ranks of top 5.’

-In the top five?

Short Sword was surprised as she asked.

I didn’t know anything about the rankings but this was all. Just as there existed a difference in martial arts between Blood Stars and the Elders, there was a higher and lower even among the top 12 warriors.

What did one think was the reason why the Four Great Evils could not be touched by anyone?

Because three of them were in the top five.

-They are monsters among the monsters.

Weren’t we able to see him use internal qi to control things?

The internal qi alone had reached the level past humans.

In a way, it was no exaggeration to say that we were confronting those who could be called as the Supreme within the Murim world.

-Why fight a monster like that? Just run.

I would if I could.

I was the one who he targeted and if I did try to run away he would come after me. It was then, Iron Sword’s voice rang in my head.

-Wonhwi, wouldn’t it be better to talk about the true feelings?

‘True feelings?’

-I and Short Sword talked like it was a joke till now, but until when will you hit the wall and close your heart because she is the daughter of that man? Don’t you also have feelings for Sima Young?

I couldn’t answer his words. I had died in the past because I was betrayed by those I trusted.

After returning, I made up my mind to not share affection with anyone and to trust no one.

In the meantime, I met Sima Young. She was in a sense, a very dangerous woman.

The daughter of one of the Four Great Evils.

It was difficult to approach her easily due to the fear from the identity. So I tried to keep my distance and stay in my lane with her. But no matter how much I tried to keep her at bay, she would always get too close to me.

I saw her staring at me with worried eyes unable to even move due to her blood points being sealed.

That was how much she liked me.

-Wonhwi, given your second life, doesn’t it mean that you should live the life the way you want instead of being this careful because of the past?


The life I wanted to live?

With the advice of Iron Sword, the wandering thoughts that remained in the head vanished.

It seemed that the instincts to remain cautious with each move had tangled me. Now I had to live the way I wanted to.



Wicked Moon Sword, Sima Chak pulled out his sword from the sheath.

I pulled out my sword, but I could feel the sharp qi cutting into my skin. It felt like death was right in front of me.


Taking a step forward, I looked at Sima Chak and added.

“Can I say something before we start?”

Sima Chak didn’t answer it as if he was thinking if we should or shouldn’t.

“I like your daughter too.”


My words caused a little havoc.

Everyone was staring at me with surprised faces. It was because I had boldly declared that I liked a woman, against not someone else but one of the Four Great Evils, Sima Chak!

Hae Ack-chun looked at me with a face which looked like this was absurd.

[Hey! Are you deliberately provoking him? If one is at that level, they will not be shaken even when the emotions are used…]

[I mean it.]


Wrinkles emerged between the forehead of Hae Ack-chun. I was rather relieved because I decided to not hide my feelings anymore.

Tears welled up in Sima Young’s eyes. It wasn’t because she was sad, but happy that I decided to finally talk about this.

On the other hand, Baek Ryeon-ha’s eyes looked rather confused.

It was that moment.


A sharp feeling.


At the prospect of being cut, I raised my sword and blocked.


At that moment, the qi had already collided with the body as it pushed me back. Hae Ack-chun had to catch me in order to stabilize me.

My palms were already aching and the qi had been pushed quite into the body, even the Blood Demon Sword was trembling.

It was then, Hae Ack-chun told me.

“A good thing. Now he will burn you properly.”

At those words I turned to Sima Cak, I was sure that he would kill me now.

-He has no intention of marrying his daughter to you.

I couldn’t even hear the words of Short Sword as I was too focused on Sima Chak’s sword.

It was surprising that he was still this adamant.

“There is nothing to be surprised about. It would have been impossible even for the previous sect leader.”

Seo Kalma took the stance with the sword ready to form. The nervousness was right there, but the sense of war and fight made their bodies tense.

“It has been a while since the great war.”

Do Jang-ho was also ready with both hands clenched. Judging from the unusual stance it looked like he was going to get serious from the start.

“Get ready. Blood Demon.”

Hae Ack-chun said with fists clenched.

In response, I too held out the sword.

“Such insolence.”

With his short words, Sima Chak moved first. There was no such thing as giving up the first attack because everyone was eager to land the first hit now.


I thought he was going to target me from the start, but the target was Hae Ack-chun.

“Kuahahaha! Nice!”

When he entered the battle, Hae Ack-chun greeted Sima Chak with a cheerful smile.

As he swung the fist stained in blood, the wind turned crimson as it moved.

Sima Chak’s sword moved in a gentle curve.


Dozens of fists that created afterimages like shadows were swept away by the trail of the sword. Hae Ack-chun’s form was pushed to the side regardless of its own will.

At that moment, Sima Chak stabbed the heart of Hae Ack-chun with the sword energy on left hand

‘This is bad!’

But it didn’t reach because Seo Kalma used his long blade to cut off the attack.

Sima Chak pulled out the sword and immediately pushed the sword to stab Seo Kalma.


Seo Kalma tried to push him back. However, unlike the start, Seo Kalma was clenching his teeth to endure the force of the attack.

After he had been pushed back three steps, he decided to change the path of his long blade despite blood dripping down the mouth.


Sima Chak blocked the sword and at that moment, Do Jang-ho’s sword aimed for Sima Chak’s back.

Sima Chak stepped onto the ground.

Bang! Kwak!

The wooden board on the ship cracked with pieces soaring high. Do Jang-ho tore them apart to move, but that gave the chance for Sima Chak to move.

“How dare you!”


Seo Kalma cried out for Do Jang-ho to look up. Suddenly, Sima Chak soared into the air and kicked him right in the chin.



Then, he swung the sword in all directions like a whirlwind, scattering energy toward Seo Kalma and Hae Ack-chun. This was an unseen move.

“Damn it!”


Both of them had to unfold defense techniques to prevent getting wounded. At that moment, they spread light footwork and I took this chance to move at a height higher than Sima Chak as I slashed my sword down.


Sima Chak snorted at my attack and caught the blade of the sword with his two fingers.


It was a ten star internal qi attack but he caught it with bare hands.


When Siima Chak applied a little qi into his hands, he made the Blood Demon Sword bend. It seemed like he was trying to deflect the force from the attack.


At that time, Hae Ack-chun flew into the air and landed a decent blow at the right rib of Sima Chak.


I didn’t miss the chance and aimed my kick for the head. At that moment, Sima Chak’s sword changed its direction and tried to slash the fist of Hae Ack-chun and my feet.


I used the sword as a support and turned the direction of the kick so that my feet would be used freely but, Hae Ack-chun couldn’t avoid the attack of Sima Chak.


His sword pierced the muscle in his left arm


The sword which dug a little into the skin stopped and Sima Chak’s eyes lit up.

At that moment, Hae Ack-chun’s fist struck Sima Chak in the ribs.


“Quite good.”

As soon as he said so, Sima Chak’s body got thrown back and Hae Ack-chun tumbled before landing.

“Let’s take his hand!”

Do Jang-ho flew up and tried to cut off the hand of Sima Chak holding the sword.


But he fell and swung the sword to lightly block the blows as it bounced the attack off.



Blood gushed out of his mouth as his sword rebounded.

“The old man is strong.”

Just then when Do Jang-ho rebounded, Seo Kalma’s long blade aimed for Sima Chak’s throat.

In the end, Sima Chak let go of the sword and struck the long blade down like lightning.


As the long blade was pushed down, Seo Kalma’s balance was disrupted, but instead of falling he turned and used that force to hit Sima Chak in the shoulder with a kick.

But, Sima Chak’s sword sliced the ankle of Seo Kalma.



Not missing the chance, he blocked Sim Chak’s sword.

“Such a troublesome man.”


He blocked the sword of mine and I was pushed back by force but my form turned in an upside down state as I descended.


The wooden floor smashed, and it felt like my stomach would tremble.

-He is a monster.

-He seems stronger than most of the Eight Great Warriors.

He was a monster on an entire different level.

My body hurt like it would break but I endured the pain and dragged myself out of the broken cabin. When I emerged Hae Ack-chun and Seo Kalma were attacking him at the same time.

It was fierce.


The ground was a mess with wooden pieces all around.

‘Is he really human?’

The attacks of two Elders from the sect and he alone was able to handle it without moving a single step.

On the other hand, Seo Kalma was the one moving too much, and this displayed the difference.

The opponent was someone we couldn’t touch.


Sima Chak’s sword pierced the joint effort of the two people and stabbed Seo Kalma in the shoulder.


Sima Chak held Hae Ack-chun in check and Do Jang-ho arrived swinging the sword to which he responded by pulling back.

Thanks to this, no one was more hurt


Do Jang-ho and I moved our swords at the same time. Sima Chak defended the sword of Do Jang-ho and then caught mine with his fingers.


Do Jang-ho’s sword was starting to bend and he moved for my sword. With this, both our swords were entangled, and our attempt failed.

Without missing this chance, Do Jang-jo was kicked in the chest.


The aftermath didn’t affect me, but Do Jang-ho was pushed towards me and the both of us moved. It was then, he stopped clashing with Hae Ack-chun and threw himself back along with the swords of ours he held in his hand.


Like a spear, our own swords came for us.

‘I am dying.’

All the nerves in my body turned sensitive as if I was really on the end of my life.


Do Jang-ho tried to push me away to a safe place but at the speed the weapons were targeting us, it wasn’t possible.

‘I cannot die.’

In an instant, my head felt like it was going to explode.

As if the flames were running out of control, the Heavenly Authority point on the body shone red.

‘Blood Guard Sword’

I grabbed the shoulder of Do Jang-ho who was trying to push me and moved to rotate our positions and that moment a crimson light shone from the floor like waves.

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