Chapter 130 - Four Great Evils (4)

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The sword that shot towards me like a spear was thrown away by these red waves.

Sima Chak outstretched his hands towards the flying sword. Then, as if the sword was alive it got sucked back into his grip.

Sima Chak swung his sword at the red qi wave around him.


The air shook with a crescent moon haze as the red qi collided with the sword, deflecting into the ship.


“T-the ship!”

The members of the sect who watched this clung to the railings for balance. After a brief moment, the ship finally stabilized.

The aftermath of the collision was nothing short of amazing. The bottom of the ship was split in a fan-like shape with Sima Chak in the center.



Hae Ack-chun, Seo Kalma and even Baek Ryeon-ha were looking at me with shocked eyes.

Do Jang-ho turned to me.

“Lord Blood Demon. What was that just now?”

“I too don’t… Cough!”

Just as I was about to answer, my heart pounded loudly and my head was about to burst with immense pain.


The body felt weak as my knees touched the floor.

“Blood Demon!”

Along with Do Jang-ho being embarrassed, I could hear the words of Short Sword.

-Your Blood Demon Flame is gone. N-nose bleed!

“Ugh… ugh…”

Even if she didn’t say it, I could infer it from the hot water running down my nose. My body was not listening and looking at the red dot on my palm, it had turned blue which meant I was done with the time limit.

“Will you be fine?”

I waved my hand at the question of Do Jang-ho, but honestly I wasn’t fine.

-What is it? It was a skill which the Blood Demon possessed.

The voice of Blood Demon Sword echoed in my head. After that, I exercised with the points on the back of my palm and trained the techniques. Even my innate qi was close to exhaustion making me feel powerless.

-It seems like it was because you went past the limit of the body. It had to be because you forcibly pulled out more than you should. So, how did you do that?

I didn’t know. I just had this strong desire to not die.

It was as if the power of the Heavenly Authority had resonated with the thought in my head and tried to save me.


But the body felt too heavy.

And if I did fall down now, if I was letting myself step back. I would be pushed back even more. I raised my head and looked at Sima Chak.

The man was also squinting his eyes with a strange expression.

“Just a moment… to recover.”

Do Jang-ho nodded at the words and he stood ahead to protect me.

‘Phew… phew….’

I closed my eyes right then to practice cultivation and I could feel a warm energy rise from my chest and move through the entire body.

I need to recover somehow.

“Kul, kul, there are so many reasons to live.”

Thud! Thud!

Hae Ack-chun clenched both fists and clashed them, not caring about the injured hand.

And his arms from shoulders to fists, turned crimson.


More steam erupted from his body.

It seemed like he was trying to make sure we had enough time.

“Haa… That is good. Hae hyung. Let’s see this till the end.”

Seo Kalma held the blade with both hands and made a diagonal move. Then, a sharp sense of slash surged upwards.

He was a man in Super Master level and he too must possess some hidden cards.

“Let me do my part.”

Someone walked into their fight

“Blood Hand Witch?”

She was Han Baek-ha.

She had only one arm, but even that was stained red as she took her stance.

Her condition didn’t seem so good, but now even a single person was a boon and so neither of the two Elders stopped her.

“Wicked Moon Sword, let’s try again!”

Hae Ack-chun flew like lightning which didn’t make sense to his huge body. Following him, Seo Kalma and Han Baek-ha jumped.


Sma Chak’s hand moved fast.


Sima Chak’s eyes shone.

His sword did pierce the chest of Seo Kalma but instead of backing away the Elder attacked with the blade in hand.

So did the others. They didn’t care about the wounds; they only wanted to land a fatal hit on Sima Chak.

‘These people…’

When the three of them seemed ready to throw their lives to kill him, Sima Chak had no choice but to get serious about this.

He glanced at his daughter.


In the meantime, Sima Young was looking at Wonhwi.

He understood at once that raising a daughter was kind of useless, but he still felt shocked.

The Blood Sect was a Force of Evil and he knew it as a place which didn’t care about methods, yet not a single person had attacked his daughter until now.

‘So it’s different from what he said.’

Sima Chak had heard something from First Blood Star.

He had informed him that his daughter could only enter the sect after being brainwashed.

If that was the case then they all should have threatened by using her, but no one did it.

‘I should have heard this side’s story too.’

Sima Chak was a man with a brain, but was an equally emotional and battle loving figure.

It was a kind of tendency with the title he got. And there were stories he heard and he thought that his daughter was being played. That was the reason he had decided to kill So Wonhwi who supposedly seduced her.

But the more he saw, the more it felt wrong.


When the anger which had been burning had turned cold, the reasoning returned, but now he was in a full scale fight.

‘If he didn’t deceive me and these people didn’t harm my daughter then there is no need for the grudge to exist.’

Then he could just take his daughter and ask what happened after dealing with them. However, it was difficult to deal with them now.

Each of them were weak but it was difficult to subdue them with them putting their lives on the line.

In particular, the strongest was Hae Ack-chun.

‘Ghastly Monster. This guy is so annoying.’

Though not all, the body was close to an Invulnerable Body, but the technique of making the arms turn stronger was even more dangerous.

In addition it felt like the more they fought the more stronger their movements had become.

‘He isn’t far from me.’

Sima Chak truly admired him. If this man managed to attain a little enlightenment, then he would become a new Great Warrior.

‘It would be impossible to subdue him first.’

Then the answer was clear

Han Baek-ha, who seemed weaker than them. A warrior close to the Elders but not so with the arm lost.


Sima Chak lightly teased his sword blade and with lightning fast movements he aimed for her.

It was so fast that the two Elders would not want to intervene, but then a new variable popped up.


He Ack-chun didn’t block or avoid the sword which moved like a sharp net and collided with him whether or not he was cut by the sword.

Hae Ack-chun managed to pass through using his two muscular arms as shield and raised both of them which were dyed red.

“Take this!”

It was the Diamond Blood Body, a technique Hae Ack-chun had created. The pressure of this technique was as huge as a mountain.


Before he could even reach the target, the floor was littered with cracks from just the impact.

‘This cannot be stopped.’

Sima Chak focused his qi on the sword and raised it. The moment the sword and the fists collided something unexpected happened along with a roar.


The place which was already split in half had now crumbled down to the center.


“T-the ship is collapsing!”

“Everyone, jump down!”

It didn’t just happen once, the ship was now unable to bear the fight happening on it.

The main reason was that the upper part of the ship was split in half when So Wonhwi and Sima Chak fought a moment back.


Along with the cry of Short Sword, the axis of the ship I was sitting on shook and I woke up from the middle of the cultivation.

Because it was such a short time, the symptoms were only a little recovered.

However, because of the healing effects, the stiffened body felt relieved to some extent.


The ship was splitting and collapsing making it tough to even balance.

-Jump down!

Like Short Sword said, if I didn’t jump down right now, then I would drown along with the ship wreckage.


Then someone entered my eyes. Sima Young

With her blood points sealed he couldn’t move and was being sucked down.


I didn’t even have to think before I jumped for her.

The ship was splitting down and there was nowhere to land safely but I headed for her by stepping onto the air.


Sima Young’s body had already disappeared with the debris of the ship and I followed her into the water.

When I opened my eyes the only thing I could see was my vision turning blurry in the water.

So I began to concentrate all the innate qi within my eyes and I began to see things clearly little by little.


The body of Sima Young was sinking down at the bottom of the water, I began to move my feet quickly as she looked to be in pain.

‘Be patient a little more’

I grabbed her by the waist and began to swim for the above waters.

‘I need to release her blood points.’

Tak! Tak!

In order to release the points, I focused innate qi and pressed the blood points but I was pushed back.

The qi used by Wicked Moon Sword was too strong for me to overdrive.

So it felt like I just had to carry her up.


Air bubbles were escaping which said that she was running out of air.

I kicked at insane speed.

‘Damned wreck!’

With the pieces and wreck of the ship all around, swimming up only made it tough especially with the Blood Demon Sword.

Still, thanks to the internal qi I was able to move.

-The upper left corner

Iron Sword told me and I looked to see the small wreck falling down and we passed through as we moved up the water.


Sima Young however seemed to have inhaled water, as she looked unconscious.

“Miss Sima! Miss Sima!”

Damn it!

If I had innate qi, I could have solved this mess by now. I tried to swim with her in my arms but the headache was coming over again.


The after effects of letting the will of the Blood Demon go past the limit and now my body was not listening to me.

“D-damn it!”

If I run out of energy here, then we both die.

‘I need to at least get Miss Sima out…’

It was the moment when the crisis was looming over us.



With the pain taking over my head, I soon passed out.

The middle of the river.

There was someone running on water like it was flat land. It was a footwork technique, Crossing Waters which was spoken of in legends.

Swish! Swish!

Everytime the toe touched the water there was a ripple and the person using such a thing was Sima Chak.

With Sima Young and So Wonhwi who passed out in either arms.

“You brat! Wicked Moon Sword! Put the Blood Demon down right now!”

From behind were high pitched screams. This was because Sima Chak was running to a place which had nothing to do with the ship.



Hae Ack-chun, who was standing on the ship, had jumped into the water, intending to catch up with Sima Chak.

But how could a swimmer catch up with someone who was running on water?

It would take too long.

Sima Chak was running on the water and he glanced at So Wonhwi

“What do I do with you now?”

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