Episode 64

1 week ago
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“Yes, I am Anonymous90.”

Seeing Lee Eun-woo so readily admit it made me feel a bit flustered.

“So, you’re Anonymous69. That means you’re the infamous Sex God in Bamboo Forest, right?!”

Moreover, the reaction I’m seeing now is unusual for a typical community user.

Normally, if someone unintentionally reveals their identity, they would be displeased or deny it.

But Lee Eun-woo in front of me seemed rather happy with this confrontation.

“To think we’d actually meet in person?”

“Wait a moment, why do you think I’m Anonymous69?”

When I asked what her basis was for making that judgment, Lee Eun-woo chuckled as she placed her hand on my chest.

Startled at her sudden approach I hastily stepped back, and she seemed to like that reaction, licking her lips.

“Ah, your reaction is delicious. So cute. You seem like a freshman, mind if I speak informally to you?”

Is she insane or something?

Why do I feel like I keep meeting weird people after entering this University?

“You must taste good. I want to eat you up.”

“E-e-eat what?! I’m a human being!”

“Huh? Maybe eat me??”

Seeing her make such bold sexual jokes, I could see why she was a devout follower of the Sex God’s jokes.

“No. Stop talking nonsense. Why did you even think I was Anonymous69?”

Lee Eun-woo, placing her hands on her hips, shrugged at my words.

“Because the only people who would come looking for me about the Bamboo Gorest are followers of Sex God.”


“I guessed it right, didn’t I? Seeing as you only comment on posts related to the English Literature Department, it seemed exactly like something you would do.”


“I thought I made a logical inference. Even though they were hidden in the Bamboo Forest, the person involved must have felt a tickle on the back of their neck and couldn’t just let it be.”

My head throbbed, and a sigh escaped. And the subtle yet continuous touching of my body made it clear that I needed to set things straight with her right away.

“It’s not me, you know?”

“Shy, unlike how you are in the Bamboo Forest, eh? Those types often harbor a lot of sexual desire inside.”

Wow, I really didn’t see this coming.

Really, one shouldn’t judge people by their appearance alone.

At first glance, she seemed like the diligent student type, but talking to her now, her sexual desire was overflowing?

This wasn’t her first time doing this.

Lee Eun-woo, once again placing a hand on my chest, was nonchalantly pressing down on my nipple with her thumb, showing she wasn’t new to this.

“Ah, just stop!”

As I angrily pull away, those around us began to stare.

She’s coming on so strong because she thinks I’m the sex-crazed Anonymous69, isn’t she?

“What’s going on? Are they fighting?”

“Are they breaking up at the festival?”


Voices of people around us started wondering. Because of my recent shout, attention was now focused on us. I was sighing as I looked around.

I pointed towards the back of the tent.

“I’ll explain over there.”

Talking about Anonymous69 and the Sex God here would be quite the spectacle for all, wouldn’t it?

Lee Eun-woo followed me with a suggestive smile. The thought that I was entering a tiger’s den crossed my mind, but since I was stronger, I figured it shouldn’t be a problem.


Lee Eun-woo, with a flushed face from drinking, leaned against a tree that was behind us.

The timid character seen at our first meeting had vanished without a trace, and before me she was now a woman displaying her charm.

Removing her glasses like some ordinary action, yet it felt like an explicit trick at seduction.

“I’ve never done it in a place like this. Doesn’t it seem too naughty? I’ll try to keep my voice down.”

“I really want to kill you right now.”

I sighed deeply, pressing on my forehead. I wasn’t sure where to start explaining to her, but first.

I needed to make something clear once again.

“Are you a virgin? Usually, those who post such things in communities are normally virgins.”

“I’m no virgin.”

“Ah, why get all shy now that we’ve come this far?”

Is this the composure that someone older has?

She smirked, but her gaze kept drifting towards my lower body, making me feel as if I was butt naked in front of her.

“If you’re not the Sex God, then who are you? There’s no one else who would come looking for me about the Bamboo Forest.”

While she continued to flirt, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity before revealing my identity.

“Why did you want to meet the Sex God at all? No, why did you make a false accusation only to reveal your identity?”

Did she finally think we were getting somewhere?

She traced down her finger near her jaw and said,

“To sleep with them.”


“I did it to sleep with him. You see a guy who’s obviously full of sexual desire but is a virgin, blatantly asking to be eaten up in his post every single day, and you think I’d just ignore that?”


“I am now an assistant teacher in the University now, you know? It’s a bit much to mess with the new students in our department, and it’s hard to meet people my age with similar tastes.”


“So, looking at the active period, it seems like I caught a guy in his first year who knows nothing about sex and tried to have a sex friend.”


Such people actually exist then.

Earlier, she said the shy ones have these untapped sexual desires within.

Seeing more of it, I could tell it was more about herself. Despite the timid appearance, inside, there was a sexual desire exploding from her.

“What did you think would happen by responding like that?”

“It was fun in its own way. Like instigating a liking? If it worked, great; if not, unfortunate then.”

Then, she took another step towards me. Slyly inserting her knee between my legs as she whispered.

“But it was the right way, wasn’t it? And it was a jackpot.”

“Keep your distance. How many times do I have to say it for you to understand?”

I push her away too many and speak of my intention.

“It’s not me.”

Perhaps it’s because I’ve denied it so much. Now that she was starting to take it a bit more seriously, I hesitated for a moment before telling Lee Eun-woo.

“I’m not Anonymous69.”

Thinking about it.

I was just the Admin. It’s not like I was making money or gaining any benefits from it.

Just moderating the app, that’s all.

“I’m the Administrator of the Bamboo Forest.”

I casually reveal a truth that’s surprisingly not too heavy to hear. It was something that shouldn’t be discovered by people like Seo Yerin, but it wouldn’t really be a big problem for others to know it, right?

“The Admin?”

Lee Eun-woo looks at me with a bewildered expression, not expecting this in the least.

She opens her mouth dumbfoundedly, stammering, as if trying to say something, but can’t seem to get the right words out.

“Don’t get weirdly obsessed with Anonymous69. They’re not the person you think they are.”

First of all, she’s a woman.

“Don’t try to probe each other’s identities for no reason. I came here today to teach you a lesson. Don’t mess around threatening to reveal identities in an anonymous community.”


“Like this. Someone you’ve never met before could suddenly show up. If it had been someone truly deranged instead of me, it could have been dangerous for you.”

Even if there’s minimum discipline in a university community.

Still, you never know when and where some weirdo might pop up to attack you.

“If you write about today’s incident in the Bamboo Forest, or if word starts to spread about it, be prepared for the consequences.”

Regaining her composure, Lee Eun-woo takes a deep breath, leans against the tree behind her with arms crossed.

“What can you even do? Thinking of deleting posts and blocking to stop this? You’re just an Admin.”

I looked at Lee Eun-woo, who was wearing a smirk, and let out a heavy sigh.


I took a step forward and warned her, looking down at her from head to toe.

“Should I send a record of our chat to the professor in charge of your course as to what you’ve been up to?”


“Should I post it as a notice? If you reveal my identity, you should think about getting exposed too. Should I spill that Anonymous90 is a crazy bitch who can’t act her age and tries to lure freshmen to a hotel for sex?”

Isn’t there a famous saying?

When you gaze too long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes right back into you.

Well, even if the real meaning is different, it was a sentence that could still be used here anyway.

We were holding the same card called ‘expose each other’s identity’. The only problem was that the card on this side was the ace of spades.

“You’re going to graduate school and working as a teaching assistant, right? Do you want the department students to whisper every time they see you?”

It wouldn’t matter if it was me, I would one day graduate and just shrug it off. Of course, it would only be her loss, though.

“Ah, no… I, I didn’t plan to talk or anything…!”


I slammed my hand against the tree trunk above Lee Eun-woo’s head. Her being on the shorter side made it just the right height for me to intimidate.


Only now did the timid appearance I first saw re-emerge. Looking down at Lee Eun-woo, who was trembling, I gave her a smile with a sense of victory.

“Feels shitty when rumors spread that you’re obsessed with sex, doesn’t it?”

I am sure of this.

“I’ve experienced it once already because of you.”

When the festival started.

Because of the rumors that I was a sex freak, I had to endure strange looks from those all around.

“Shall we see how far we can go? Who benefits from a fight to the death? A woman, who, instead of acting her age, becomes obsessed with sex? Or just an ordinary university app administrator, who is going to graduate from the university and not become a teaching assistant?”

Even as I spat the words out in a rush, I was clearly convinced that I had nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of.

It seems she feels the same as she looked up at me with a tearful face and replied,

“Ah, no, I didn’t mean that I was going to do anything…!”

“Don’t speak informally with me.”

I gritted my teeth and warned her, trying to take control of the situation, and she gulped before continuing,

“I, I, I wasn’t saying I would expose you or anything. I was just asking.”


“I’ll keep my mouth shut! I’ll write that everything I posted in the Bamboo Forest was just my imagination!”


“So… Please, I beg you. I still have to attend University. If a conservative professor like mine finds out about this, it’ll be a huge problem for me.”

Appearances and inner selves differ.

When I first saw Lee Eun-woo, if she had seemed like a frivolous woman from her appearance, this kind of threat wouldn’t have worked on her.

But the fact that she had to fish for men anonymously meant she was crafting a certain image at school.

The one with more to lose was bound to be scared.

“Let’s not create a situation where we both end up embarrassed.”

I step back and take a deep breath. The cool air made the heated atmosphere feel refreshing.

After seeing Lee Eun-woo write in the Bamboo Forest that the sniper targeting Anonymous69 was a result of her own delusion, I was about to leave when…

“Excuse me?”

Lee Eun-woo called out to me.

I wondered what more there was when she hesitantly asked,

“Am I going to be the second administrator?”


“Oh, no. It’s just that I heard that if you find out the identity of the Admin, you become another admin…”

Come to think of it, Yu Arin had written something like that.

“Being an admin as someone who’s a graduate assistant? Just quietly go about your uni life and leave.”

“Ah, yes, I understand!”

Though I said that, Lee Eun-woo looked somewhat disappointed.

But since it wasn’t my concern, I left her alone and returned to the English department’s stall.

‘One problem solved for now.’

Though she was a bit troublesome, I felt a sense of accomplishment that it was somewhat resolved.

‘I should go home now.’

Since the stall wasn’t operating anymore, I decided to sneakily pack my things and head home, and so I stepped into the tent.

“Kim Woojinnnnn!”

For some reason,

Seo Yerin, who was heavily drunk, suddenly stood up from her seat and called out to me.

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