Episode 161

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return (161)
3 weeks ago
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The sound of a whistle rang out.

To those running, it was the sound of hell approaching, and those chasing them could sense their anxiousness.

An escape from the prison of the Demonic Cult, a place from which no one had ever escaped from till now.

And this situation had to be resolved.

There was no telling how many people might die for this.

The entire mountains were on alert, and numerous demons were being moved in pursuit. The situation literally reached a point where the tension was palpable in the air.

“Damn it! If this continues to happen, my head will get cut off.”

Ma Jang-kang, who was carrying the helpless Dong Bang-gu, looked back, panting. It didn’t seem like the pursuers were right behind, but they were moving at such a slow pace it felt like they would be caught at any moment.

They haven’t even escaped from the mountain area yet.

If they had at least escaped from the mountain, then they could find another easier way out, but even that was difficult now, so the frustration was indescribable.

The three people, unable to find their way, just forged ahead.

Contrary to the thought of just finding an easy escape by running to the east, the mountain paths were so complicated and rough that one could get lost at the slightest turn.

Jang Sam-tae was deep in thought.

Now that he didn’t know the way at all, he couldn’t choose any way.

It was turning out to be difficult to even erase the traces they were leaving behind.

Should they just forge ahead?

No, that would get everyone killed.

As the tension increased, they began to break out into cold sweat without realizing it.

‘What do I do? What do I do!’

He glanced at Ma Jang-kang, but he wasn’t in a condition to think about anything. Because he had to find his way around while carrying a man on his back, and he had even less time to think than Jang Sam-tae.

‘I need to find a way out.’

Think about what could be done in this situation.


It was at that moment he heard a sound. Ma Jang-kang and Jang Sam-tae were shocked, holding their breaths and crouching.

They thought they had erased any possible traces, but they couldn’t look down on the abilities of the Demonic Cultists.

As they turned their heads expecting to see the tip of a sword, an animal passed by.


“Oh shit! You can’t tell the difference between animals and people….”

Ma Jang-kang cursed under his breath and frowned.

Normally, he wouldn’t be this surprised by something like that, but because of the situation they were in, he was being too alert and freaked out whenever he heard a sound, whether it from an animal or a person.

“Well, it can’t be helped right? If it continues like this, I think we will surely die ….”

“Should we just abandon this?”

“There is one way, but… It’s too risky.”

He knew things wouldn’t be good when trouble cropped up at the Demonic Cult.

However, they were unable to obtain any of the most important information exactly about how and why Dong Bang-gu, the second-in-command, was imprisoned.

Therefore, they couldn’t abandon the man, who knows the internal situation a bit too well.

“I don’t think he will last much longer….”

Ma Jang-kang was impressed.

Dong Bang-gu’s condition was far from optimal. It was so serious that they worried if he would last long enough till they found a physician to treat him.

Wasn’t it impossible for them to help such a person at all?

However, what Jang Sam-tae said wasn’t wrong.

Regardless, Dan Woo-hyun’s orders had to be carried out.

“I… put me down now.”

“You’re awake?”

“Cough! Cough! Hurry up!”

Dong Bang-gu knew his condition too well. There was urgency in his voice like he was feeling it would be cut short anytime.

Perhaps because of him shouting, Ma Jang-kang hurriedly put the man down.

“Cough…! L… listen now….”

“Do speak.”

“Go to the Cult Leader and tell him to never step back into the Demonic Cult.”

“Euk? What do you mean?”

“Just listen now!”

This had to be terminal lucidity.

His dying eyes were clear and his voice was getting a lot clearer now.

Although it looked difficult, it was clear that he had mustered up all the energy in his body to remain awake and speak.

Jang Sam-tae hurriedly approached and took his hands.

“The current… Demonic Cult… There is a person called the Black Wind Godly Demon who has seized control. All of the Cult’s captains have gotten their limbs cut and everyone else is worshiping him.”

“Does it make sense though?”

Dong Bang-gu smiled bitterly.

He couldn’t believe it either. But if he looked back on the long history the cult had, it wouldn’t be too strange.

The Demonic Cult was a place where the law of supremacy was followed.

If the person who took over the position of Cult Leader was much stronger than the initial one, many would follow that strength instead of building loyalty.

This was also the reason why most of those who endured with loyalty to Sa Dohak died, unable to handle the resistance.

Dong Bang-gu couldn’t bear the fact that people he once trusted and bestowed strength and power, bowed their heads, but he knew full well that this was how the Demonic Cult worked, so he just held back his bitterness.

“How strong is that man for you to ask the Elder not to return?”

Ma Jang-kang couldn’t understand it.

Sa Dohak was one of the Five Emperors.

He competed with Namgung Chun, the Sword Emperor, which meant that he was one of the two strongest warriors in the Central Plains.

So the opponent was someone even Sa Dohak couldn’t defeat?

But, Dong Bang-gu didn’t answer and wore a bitter smile. He couldn’t explain the strength of this new being.

And there was no time left for him to answer either.

“Let us go quickly! Let him know about the betrayal happening here and about the new cult leader!”

“…Are you alright?”

“I am going to die either way… I am just wasting time here, so just hurry on up now?”

Jang Sam-tae sighed at this.

What was he talking about, wasting time?

He was a human being who wasn’t even strong enough to hold a sword. But on the other hand, since he was an important figure fleeing from the Demonic Cult, they might need him.

“What is the point of saying all this…. You want revenge.”

“Haha… I request of you.”

Looking at Jang Sam-tae, Dong Bang-gu smiled.

The Black Wind Godly Demon was a human being different from the growth of human warriors. Even though it felt absurd to the ears to think of this revenge thing, he somehow felt reassured.

“If you keep going northeast, you will be able to escape the Thousand Mountains.”

Jang Sam-tae and Ma Jang-kang didn’t hesitate any longer.

Dong Bang-gu had already decided to risk his life.

They couldn’t convince him, and they couldn’t look down on the man who chose to die.

In that case, they had to accept his sacrifice and run ahead.

That was the best thing they could do right now.

Many in the Demonic Cult were skilled in tracking.

If one was asked who was the best among them, everyone would say it was the Hidden Shadow Troops.

They never once missed their target and for that reason, they were the most skilled trackers in the Demonic Cult.

Mun Ju-hak, the leader of the Hidden Shadow troops, was quietly looking at the person in front of him.

He didn’t even say anything, so it seemed like he was mute. First, the light in his eyes was sharp as a blade, giving the illusion of getting cut the moment one looked there.

“Haha… you are finally out in the open….”

Dong Bang-gu, who was sitting down, had a bitter smile on his face.

The Hidden Shadow Troops that were created after so much effort by Sa Dohak. And the reason such people even lived today was because of Sa Dohak.

But these people decided to betray and abandon them.

From the perspective of Dong Bang-gu, it was something that was tough to understand.

“Don’t you know? In the Demonic Cult, only the strong survive.”

“I know… I do know.”

Dong Bang-gu nodded at the words of Mun Ju-hak, who finally opened his mouth.

However, no matter how strong and proud one was, how could they immediately abandon their Lord, who had tried so hard to protect their lives?

Was the power of the Black Wind Godly Demon that fearsome?

Or perhaps they were jealous of the power he displayed?

It was unknown.

“Black Wind Godly Demon… is he better than the Cult Leader?”

“His strength is something no one can even speak of, and the mercy with which he treats his subordinates cannot be compared to the former cult leader.”

“Haha, former Cult Leader….”

The time it took for this new one to seize control of the Demonic Cult was at most half a day.

He killed the elders and the most influential people in the Cult with his overwhelming strength, so who could call his strength a lie?

Even Dong Bang-gu who was the first to be caught had no choice but to just watch the situation unfold.

Even the carrot he dangled was sweet too.

The payment to the deceased elders, and the captains were released free of charge.

And if there was someone who wanted to rise to a higher position, if they had the skills to do so, anyone was allowed to take the risk.

Even though he might be raising a thorn which would later stab him in the back, this new leader didn’t care.

But at the same time he was the ultimate leader and he held the power which would make it impossible for anyone to not bow their head.

And now, Mun Ju-hak was in the same position.

Sa Dohak’s bold nature to execute measures he normally wouldn’t have taken to protect the order and safety of the Demonic Cult, and the ultimate power of the Black Wind Godly Demon who brought a hundred thousand demons to his knees in an instant captured the heart of Mun Ju-hak.

“I will ask you one final thing. Where is the former cult leader now?”


Dong Bang-gu laughed.

When Sa Dohak left the cult, he thought it a good thing the man didn’t divulge his location to anyone. Otherwise, that place might have been in ruins by now.

‘Black Wind Godly Demon….’

Dong Bang-gu closed his eyes, and thought of him.

The sight of the Black Wind Godly Demon shimmering before his eyes was scary, but he was confident that if it was his Cult Leader, Sa Dohak, he could do it.

Even though he had to go on like this.

Although he would not be able to witness that glorious sight. Still, his laughter didn’t cease.

Because he knew that one day, the smiles on the lips of the traitors will disappear.

Because he knew that his leader had the means to do so.

He raised his head to look at the sky.

The moonlight above was unusually bright. The color slowly began to fade and before he knew it, the light was dimming.

“Cut… the neck….”

Dong Bang-gu collapsed with those words.

His breathing went still and his pupils dilated for a moment.

Finally, the moment when his body touched the cold ground…


Red blood spurted out of the neck as his head rolled around.

“Damn it….”

Mun Ju-hak frowned as he cursed. He didn’t want to let the man go in pain, so he cut his head off, but the discomfort wouldn’t leave his mind.


And he didn’t achieve his goal either.

“Chase the two that escaped. They must know where Sa Dohak is.”


However, it was too late now.

He’d ended up wasting too much time dealing with Dong Bang-gu.

‘This might have been a ploy of his….’

He blamed his own foolishness for realizing it too late.

At the very least he should have sent his subordinates forward first.

No, it was the fault of those who tortured him in the first place.

Dong Bang-gu wasn’t one who should have died, and he died in vain because he was tortured and proper treatment was witheld.


Mun Ju-hak gritted his teeth and threw himself ahead without realizing it.

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