Episode 163

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return (163)
3 weeks ago
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“The Assassin Pavilion?”

“Right, the Assassin Pavilion, that’s right.”

Sa Dohak shook the blood off his hands. Even though it wasn’t even a half-hour interrogation, he succeeded in getting the assassin to open his mouth. It was a situation which made him realize just how amazing the torture techniques of the Demonic Cult were.

“I heard that it is a place where the worst of the assassins gather. Of course, they are the best assassins in the Central and Western regions.”

“Interesting. And they are targeting this place?”

“Maybe the information has leaked?”

From the moment they started this matter, they weren’t thinking about concealing themselves.

But this felt too fast.

Thanks to this, they managed to meet the unexpected assassins here.

“It looks like they are enraged too.”

“There is no proof that the request was made by the Jumun family….”

“What kind of proof? You know at a glance.”

Namgung Chun laughed at Sa Dohak’s words.

Since there was no confirmation that it was the Jumun family, he said this out of fear of being caught, but Dan Woo-hyun and Sa Dohak had checked the location.

Of course, even though Namgung Chun said that, he knew that the Jumun family was the culprit behind this.

It was too obvious, as there were only a couple places in the Hunan region which could afford such a large number of assassins from the Assassin Pavilion.

“I am glad Somi didn’t wake up from this, but… I am anxious that something like this will happen again.”

There was no rule saying that those who attacked once wouldn’t attack again. There was always Sa Dohak and Namgung Chun by Somi’s side, but that wouldn’t continue forever, so they wouldn’t know when something bad was going to happen.

Of course, there were other things to be worried about too.

Namgung Chun looked at Dan Woo-hyun.

If something were to happen to Dan Somi, he would never remain still.

If he collapsed, there was no one who could stop him. And that was the scariest thing.

However, it felt like Dan Woo-hyun didn’t seem to care.

‘What are you thinking…?’

Namgung Chun sighed at this.

“I don’t like this…”

“Me neither!”

“More than the other things, I don’t like the fact that our information is being leaked to a place we’ve never even heard about. Just where is the information going to?”

“Quite a lot to be honest. Merchants.”


“Lower District Sect and the Beggars Union. It is the Beggars Union, but it doesn’t give out information unless one is part of the Murim Alliance, but for money, wouldn’t it work hidden in the shadows?”

Sa Dohak glanced at Namgung Chun.

Since they were speaking about the Beggars Union and the Murim Alliance, which are part of the Nine Great Sects, he was speaking like he wanted to tease Namgung Chun a bit more.

Namgung Chun coughed! And then cleared his throat.

“The Lower District Sect and the Beggars Union… and the Assassin Pavilion.”

“Yes, from what I know, there is a branch for the Assassin Pavilion too.”

The Demonic Cult also has trained assassins under them.

As such, he had information about this. In addition, Sa Dohak and the Assassin Pavilion had bad ties which made him want to wipe them out when a chance presented itself, and he even collected a good enough information on them.

Which he was using on this day.

“For matters like this, it is best to move quickly. It would be a waste to give these people time for no reason right?”

Sa Dohak stood up with a smile.

As if he made up his mind, a smile appeared, as if he read Dan Woo-hyun’s thoughts.

“I will head to the Assassin Pavilion! I will make sure they repay the debt!”

Dan Woo-hyun nodded at those words. There was no need to stop him.

If one had to destroy it, it didn’t matter who goes there.

“Then I will head to the Beggars Union. If I were to send you…”

It couldn’t be overlooked.

Namgung Chun wanted to say it, but he held back.

Also, he was a member of the Justice Faction at some point and he helped them too. Since he was close with the Beggar Emperor, he was worried about Dan Woo-hyun going there and causing a rift between them.

“But will you be fine? If you touch the Beggars Union, that old beggar will not stay still.”

Sa Dohak recalled a person and looked annoyed.

The Beggar Emperor, the leader of one hundred thousand beggars and one of the Five Emperors, was famous for going around and destroying things whenever he heard that someone was disturbing the Beggars Union.

Although it was said that he wasn’t that openly appearing now, there was a high possibility that he would get into a fight with him.

“Don’t worry. I just have to gently calm him down.”

Namgung Chun smiled. Dealing with beggars was something he did since childhood. Wouldn’t it be okay to just keep this matter from reaching the ears of the Beggars Union leader and other people from the Justice Faction?

It was at that time that Dan Woo-hyun spoke.

“Then Lower District Sect…?”

Actually, it was the weakest one.

Of course, to Dan Woo-hyun, they were just people who sold his information, so he looked up.

It wasn’t even past peak hours.

“We will finish it tonight.”

The two people nodded at those words.

It was better to move swiftly. These people knew it wasn’t right to give the other party time to defend themselves.

Dan Woo-hyun was standing in front of the red light district. Just smelling the women’s strong scent floating around made him feel dizzy. Men staggering around drunk by entertaining themselves in this district while being held in the arms of women.

Such a mess.

But Dan Woo-hyun walked the street quietly.

The gazes of the people around could be felt.

In particular, the gazes of women.

Dan Woo-hyun had a good appearance, and women were blushing here and there. But not a single of them could even get Dan Woo-hyun to look at them.

After walking as such, he stopped at one place.

The largest place in Yueyang.

A building with a total of three floors, making it taller than any of the surrounding buildings.

The red lanterns hanging on the walls and the seductive voices of women around was enough to make a man lose his confidence.

Dan Woo-hyun slowly opened the gate and went in. There was a gate keeper but he didn’t stop him.

They just judged him to be a regular customer.

Dan Woo-hyun looked at the customers drinking on the first floor, and noticed a staircase on the right end leading up.

And he slowly walked there.

However, before he could walk up the stairs, several of the men who were guarding it came and blocked his path. The man’s sturdy body intimidated the opponent.

The men looked down on Dan Woo-hyun and opened their mouths.

“You cannot go up there.”

“Why not?”

“This is a place for special customers only.”


Even after answering, he didn’t step back and just stood there, and the people watching from all over stood up one by one.

Dan Woo-hyun, who was surveying the scene, smiled very lightly.

“Then, from today onwards, I will be a special customer.”

As soon as he said that, Dan Woo-hyun’s fist hit the man in front of him in the neck.


The man collapsed without so much as a groan escaping his mouth. Everyone looked at the scene in terror.

“You bastard!”

“Insane bastard!”

The guards stood up and shouted all over the place. The customers too were all startled and ran. Although it was common for fights to break out on the staircase, what was happening now was different from usual.


The entire place’s guards had swapped forces.

There were now people charging there with swords.

Dan Woo-hyun, who was looking at this with a sigh, threw another punch, and another man flew back with a harsh sound.

The person who was knocked back had crashed into a colleague’s arms and fell back on a table.


The table broke instantly and a crashing sound was heard.

After witnessing the first hit, those who were running went stiff at the sight of Dan Woo-hyun hitting mercilessly.


Dull sounds came from around.

The fight was so overwhelming that it can be considered as a fight between a child and an adult. The men on the first floor were subdued literally in the blink of an eye.

Even the customers watching all had blank looks, unable to comprehend what had happened.

This was because Dan Woo-hyun’s hands just moved so swiftly.


Dan Woo-hyun leisurely walked up to the second floor.

He saw the men above.

They had already guessed that Dan Woo-hyun was skilled and wouldn’t leave him alone.

What was this place? Although called third-rate warriors, this was the Lower District Sect, who occupied the Central Plains for a long time.

No matter how much he was a martial arts warrior who suddenly appeared, he couldn’t let this ruckus continue.


The men rushed in, one couldn’t tell if these were cheers or screams. Their eyes were full of killing intent, as if they wanted to kill Dan Woo-hyun right away.


With a harsh sound, the jaw of the first rushing man turned.

Everyone held their breath because they couldn’t even see Dan Woo-hyun throwing the jab.

“Normally the owner will be at the top….”

Dan Woo-hyun said and continued walking. Rather than checking each room on the second floor, he walked ahead and threw a couple jabs and kicks at those who got in his way.


Those who got hit, fell down unable to shout.

Considering that the initial number of people was close to fifty, more than half of them had already been killed.

As Dan Woo-hyun slowly climbed the stairs to the third floor, the men stepped back. It was because they came to see how helpless they were.

They had their pride as a warrior, but they also saw their fallen colleagues and now they were too scared to even try anything.

Also, of those who remained, there were at most four of five.

They didn’t think they could take this monster down.

Meanwhile, Dan Woo-hyun stood in front of the room at the end of the third floor, and looked at the men stepping back. And he could feel the presence inside and a whimper came out the door, as if those within were frightened.

With a slight movement of his foot, the door broke.


The door shattered entirely without a trace of it left.


At the center of this room was a man sitting at the main table, looking at Dan Woo-hyun, his face pale.

The way his gaze shook now indicated he was in fear.

Dan Woo-hyun took a step into the room.


Assassin needles were thrown. The assassin needles poured out as if it was prepared beforehand, which was similar to the Sichuan Tang family’s Ten Thousand Flaming Flowers.


Dan Woo-hyun just stood there without a single needle touching his body. It was as if all the needles had just deflected away from his body.

And the lips of the man trembled, lightly.

The shadows who launched the assassin needles appeared hastily upon realizing that the opponent was too swift; they knew they couldn’t act recklessly now.

Seeing that Dan Woo-hyun dusted his clothes off and then stepped ahead. With that one step, the sharp weapons which had fallen on the ground, now all turned to dust.

The eyes of those watching, all went shocked.

But it was the words of Dan Woo-hyun that pushed them off the edge.

“Is it you? The one going around selling information about other people?”

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