Episode 164

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return (164)
5 months ago
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Lower District Yueyang Branch Leader, Ack Chun-jin clutched his stomach and rolled on the ground.

The sight of him gasping for air and groaning looked pathetic.

He desperately hoped that someone would step up to save him from this but all his subordinates had either collapsed or were too shocked to move. And the surroundings were such a mess that it was hard to think one person did this.


“I knew you people trade information but… You should have realized that there are some pieces of information which cannot be carelessly sold to others.”

Ack Chun-jin slowly caught his breath and shook his head.

He struggled to remember whose information he had recently sold. But he couldn’t remember much because this was a place where many people came for information.

At best, it was just a business of selling information, and it was quite natural for the Lower District Sect so they never thought karma would bite them back like this.

In the first place, they didn’t sell information which indicated things going wrong.

“Cough cough! Just… who are you….!”

He coughed violently as he looked at Dan Woo-hyun.

He didn’t know that such a skilled warrior even existed in Yueyang.

“I was told that you sold information, but you don’t even know the person involved in this…. You must not have a knack for this then.”


At the ridicule from the man, Ack Chun-jin swallowed a pained groan and lowered his head. He received his information from his subordinates and the women.

And sold it, and when he gave orders to his men, they brought information they thought was solid, so no one remembered the information unless they thought it was the most important.

It was as if all the hard work they did had come back to them as a poison, and Ack Chun-jin’s face turned red.

“Jumun Family Sect.”


Only then did he realize who this man was.

The large man who suddenly settled down in Yueyang a year back.

And one sudden day, the name of Hunan’s Dan family was engraved and people have been speculating that they were the ones who were solving the problems of Yueyang.

Because they couldn’t gather information in such detail, Ack Chun-jin even gave up on it and only passed down the information he roughly knew of them to the Jumun family.

‘Does this mean that the cause of all this is that?’

But there was unfairness in this.

“I… I did sell it, but the information I gave wasn’t that much. Please trust me!”

“Of course.”

Dan Woo-hyun nodded.

It didn’t matter if the information sold was a lot or not. He didn’t like the fact of information regarding the family going out.

Didn’t it mean that someone was looking into their front yard? Just how uncomfortable was that?

“There is just one way for you to live.”

It was the only hope for him, who was on the verge of death. And his pale, half-dead countenance came to life.

He nodded right then with the hope to get through this.

“Anything! I will do anything! Ask for information and I will give it to you. If you want a woman, I will provide you with the best.”

“There is no need for that.”

Dan Woo-hyun’s eyes met Ack Chun-jin’s.

For a moment, Ack Chun-jin felt like he was being sucked into darkness. His mind went blank and a dizzy feeling gave him goosebumps and fear rushed into his brain.

He wanted to lift his head but even that felt impossible with the strength leaving his body.

“Where is the Lower District Sect Leader?”


Ack Chun-jin’s face went blue.

Dan Woo-hyun in front of him was like an otherworldly being, a person more scary than death itself.

However, the Lower District Sect Leader was like a benefactor to Ack Chun-jin, and in a way he feared that person more than he did Dan Woo-hyun.

There is no place in the Central Plains where the Lower District Sect Leader cannot see.

And if it got out that he had betrayed the Sect Leader then he would be killed.

“I… I don’t know! I really don’t know!”

“It is said that the Sect Leader is quite good at concealing his appearance. Still, I expected you to know of….”

He could even hear a fearful gulp.

Ack Chun-jin took a deep breath.

The amount of money that the Lower District Sect earned each year was truly enormous and his skills to gather information were so great that the Sect was considered one of the top three information sects in Central Plains, so many sects targeted them.

As such, the Sect Leader vanished, even from his own men, so unless it was a high-ranking one, no one could contact him.

“I really…. Really…”

“Yueyang is one of the best visitor’s spots in the Central Plains. Many people come every year to see Dongting Lake, and it is a place where money is made in lump sum. Of course, since there are a lot of things to handle and a good amount of money is handled, surely the Sect Leader must have hired someone he can trust in here.”

Ack Chun-jin’s gaze faltered.

This wasn’t a problem which couldn’t be solved by not realizing.

It was like Dan Woo-hyun knew everything about their Sect right from the start.

Dan Woo-hyun held Ack Chun-jin’s face in his hand. The moment his hand touched the skin, it felt like the lightning had struck his entire body.


“I will ask again. Where is he? The Lower District Sect Leader.”

At Dan Woo-hyun’s cold words, it felt like thunder burst his ears.



“Save… me…!”

The Beggars Union branch leader of Yueyang.

The beggars held their breath and hid themselves due to the cries which came. They didn’t even dare to check out what was happening. Just hearing the screams made them feel like they were in hell.

“Hoho, this is seriously…”

Namgung Chun, wearing his mask of the Gentleman Sword, clicked his tongue and looked around.

The number of beggars around was two hundred. And it seemed like it wasn’t just those of Yueyang, but those from the nearby counties had joined in too.

Well, since it was a deliberate attack during their meeting, wasn’t it natural for everyone to be there?

Seeing the fallen ones made him feel bitter but also filled with pleasure.

Namgung Chun thought to himself ‘I will have to control myself too….’

He mumbled it several times, but the boiling blood of a warrior wasn’t making it easy for him.

“Haa, haa….”

At that time, the person who appeared to be the Branch Leader gasped and raised his baton.

Even though he felt the strength of Namgung Chun, who destroyed over a hundred people, the reason he didn’t seem like giving up was because of his faith.

“Who are you! Committing such evil deeds! Are you doing this after knowing what this place is?”

“I know about the Beggars Union.”

Knowing that and then coming here means that he was confident in his skills.

And this man knocked out more than half of two hundred or more disciples, and even that would be hardly enough for a man who barely took a breath.

“But, it is only a third ranked one who is being a branch leader… Is this what the Beggars Union has come to?”

“You! How dare you curse our Beggars Union!”

Namgung Chun smiled as if he looked at the Branch Leader in ridicule as he shouted loudly.

“Dog Fighting Formation….!”

The moment he was about to speak of the formation, which was on par with the Shaolin’s Hundred and Eight Arhat Formations, the form of Namgung Chun suddenly disappeared and reappeared right in front of his nose.



Before he had time to think, his neck was grabbed by an outstretched hand.

“Be thankful that this old man came here. If not, all of you would have died.”

He whispered into the Branch Leader’s ears, who was panting and unable to breathe.

“I am warning you… if you sell information about the Hunan Dan family one more time, things won’t end like this.”

Only then did the Branch Leader understand.

At best… was he saying that they could cut down one of the branch leaders, just for this?

He wanted to scream like he couldn’t even get it, but as he looked at the mask worn by the person in front of him, that was when reality sunk right into his bones.

He was able to realize it.

An old man in a black mask was walking down the street in a leisurely manner.

The moment he entered the quiet alley, where no one seemed to be looking, all the eyes could be felt.

The old man, well maybe Sa Dohak, ignored the gaze and stepped into this small inn in the alley.

Inside, there was this server and someone who appeared to be the owner, and their eyes shone as Sa Dohak stepped in.


As the server was approaching quickly and was about to bow. There was a flash of light like lightning as something swept past.


And the server’s head was cut in half.

It happened so swiftly that no one really realized it.

And the moment the blood began to bloom, the owner, realizing this situation, stood up and took out the sword he secretly hid in the ground.


But, before he could pull it out, his head fell.

“Tsk tsk… such intense killing intent. You have to at least hide it when you smile.”

Sa Dohak clicked the tongue and looked at the server.

There was a dagger in his hand.

The intention was probably to catch the enemy off guard until he got closer and swing that poison dagger.


“Who is this!”

Sensing the commotion, the assassins appeared and shouted.

Anyone who knew where this place was, wouldn’t dare do something like this. It would have been better if the Murim Alliance tried this, but there was no one who had caused such a ruckus in the Assassin Pavilion.

Because the Assassin Pavilion pursued their enemies even more fiercely than the Tang family of Sichuan and repaid them several times more. Sa Dohak looked at such people. He counted, one, two, three up to around twenty.

At this point, he stopped.

“A lot less than I thought. It would have been a little more fun if the Assassination Emperor had been around.”

“You! You have a death wish!”

“Stop saying those noisy and unfunny things and come back! It’s been a while since I’ve seen blood, I feel a bit sore.”

Sa Dohak’s face, which was hidden beneath the mask, contorted. The opponent was a murderer and nothing more. And he knew that touching this place meant one thing.

A war against assassins.

Dan Woo-hyun must have sent him despite knowing that.

“Wasn’t this your fault in the first place? You stepped into someone else’s house without permission and tried to kill someone.”

Actually, there was no need to go this far, but Dan Woo-hyun was trying to use this chance to eliminate any risk factors.

Those who are likely to harm them, or Dan Somi, to be accurate.

As of today, the Yueyang branch of the Assassin Pavilion will disappear.

Dan Woo-hyun said so, and Sa Dohak moved.

No one will escape that fate.

Sa Dohak put his sword on his shoulder and turned his head.

Demonic qi boiled in his body.

“Let us hang out sometime. Hahaha!”

With a monstrous laugh, demonic qi spread insanely in his surroundings.

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