Episode 214

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return (214)
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There was a time when the Black Wind Godly Demon was always stubborn.

A time when the Demonic Cult didn’t even exist, this land was a place where the smell of blood never ceased. No one could create power but those with more ambition and strength than anyone else gathered together and shed blood.

This land was a place for people of Murim, and it was a living hell where those who didn’t know how to hold a sword didn’t even approach it.

It was in those places that this guy made his name.

It wasn’t just about showing strength to achieve one’s desires.

At first, the reason was to end this bloody hell and turn it into a land where people can live like other places.

At that time, he defeated all those who put weight on his shoulders and as he began to make a name for himself, the number of people kneeling before him increased one by one.

It was around that time that he came to know Cheon Mu-kwang, now known as one of the Three Heavens.

At that time, Cheon Mu-kwang was weaker than him and his loyalty was strong.

There was a rumor during that time. Rumor about the man that was the Martial God, who appeared in the Central Plains.

A person who defeated many powerful people and upturned the world with blood.

Martial God, Martial Supreme Godly Demon, Chaos Ghost, and more.

There were so many titles in front of his name that they were impossible to count.

It was around that time that he learned about the Blood Demon.

And it was the Black Wind Godly Demon’s mistake to be interested in him. After conquering the land, he started the Demonic Cult and thought that his strength was the best in the world.

Having conquered the place which was as a living hell, there was no way his pride didn’t soar high. The Black Wind Godly Demon moved with his subordinates to conquer the Central Plains for the first time in the history of the Demonic Cult, and the biggest goal was to defeat this so-called Martial God and cut off his limbs and head.

To prove he was the best.

There was no one who could stop the advance of the Demonic Cult…

It held many great warriors, but they couldn’t unite into one force and there was no one to lead them. A situation where there was no other option but to be defeated, and the force of the Demonic Cult was high, and it seemed like it could round up the entire world.

And then, they faced each other.

The person who was leisurely sitting in the middle of the path at the moment when numerous Demonic Cult warriors were about to step into Sichuan through the road of Cheong-hae.

The red eyes shining brightly to prove that he is a mortal, and the face not losing composure even in the face of the countless demons and the Black Wind Godly Demon.

He still hadn’t forgotten the sight of him fiddling with the sword he had laid down neatly while looking at the approaching demons with a bored expression.

It was the moment when the Black Wind Godly Demon, who was confident that he wouldn’t lose, was scared by someone he had never competed with for the first time in life.


The Black Wind Godly Demon let out a long breath and leaned back.

When he thought about that time, he still felt terrible.

Half of his strength was lost at once and he suffered internal wounds. All of those things happened because of just one person.

The Black Wind Godly Demon tried to surpass the Blood Demon due to the hatred for him, but even now, he was in fear of the Martial God.

‘The Blood Demon I saw when I opened my eyes was surely strong, but…’

The Black Wind Godly Demon, who had been worrying about something, sighed.

Now that he thought about it, what was the point of this?

Now his only goal was to build up his strength to kill the Blood Demon who humiliated him.

Even if this Central Plains had to be stained in blood again!

At that time, although no one announced, the door to the room he was in opened. He saw someone entering this wide room.

Step step-

The sound of footsteps broke the quiet silence in an instant.

At that moment, the Black Wind Godly Demon’s eyes shook greatly.

The hand, which tried to kill the person who dared to approach with permission, stopped as if it had turned to stone, and not even a word could be spoken.

It was obviously dark inside, but the darkness didn’t pose a problem for him to reveal the appearance of the opponent.

“Why are…”

The one he thought he would never see again. The one who taught him fear and terror for the first time in his life.

A thousand years back, he was revered by all warriors.

The Black Wind Godly Demon’s hand began to tremble. Right now, he couldn’t tell if this was a dream or reality.

No, he tried to come to his senses thinking this was mere hallucination, but the more he turned conscious the more he realized that this was reality.

“It’s been a while. Has it been a thousand years since I have seen your face like this?”

Dan Woo-hyun’s voice brought him back to reality.

The Heavenly Demon Pavilion has been quiet so far. It didn’t change so much that it didn’t look like something was happening inside.

But Namgung Sohye, looking at the place, had a serious look on her face.

The place where 100,000 demons gathered.

Since there were just three of them in such a place, it seemed like she was worried that someone would happen. Finally, unable to stand it, Namgung Sohye said, picking up her sword,

“We can help….”

“Don’t make promises you cannot deliver.”

Kwon Mujin shook his head at her words.

There was a sneer on his face.

It was clearly a laugh at her and this made her frown.

And another voice chimed in,

“Right. If we go, it will be pitiful if we end up making them think of us and not fight properly. Is there anything we can even do?”

Jang Sam-tae mumbled as he constructed a bonfire.

As the day was setting, it seemed like he was trying to make dinner for those who would come. Namgung Sohye looked amazed at their relaxed nature.

“Why do you think the Manor Lord brought us?”

“That… if he needs our strength…?”

Kwon Mujin and Jang Sam-tae shook their heads in response to Namgung Sohye’s answer.

It was clear that she is a woman of strength but she lacked the ability to read situations.

“How foolish!”


“Think about it, you idiot! Is your grandfather or your elder just any warrior? I mean, you are a great warrior. Plus, the Manor Lord! What are these three people doing that will require your strength?”

Of course not.

Namgung Sohye also knew that, but then why did he bring them here?

Just like before, they could leave the manor to them and go.

Namgung Sohye couldn’t understand. And then Jang Sam-tae tapped his chest like he was frustrated.

“Oh my, this is frustrating.”

He pointed to Somi who was sleeping due to the arduous journey.

“We came along to act as babysitters for that child. If something unexpected happens, then the Manor Lord expects us to protect Somi.”


“You didn’t even realize that?”

“N-no, how could I know that?”

“The answer is so obvious! Anyway, don’t worry. Even if you die, Manor Lord will exact revenge.”

Namgung Sohye touched her trembling eyebrows.

When she thought about it, it seemed like what Jang Sam-tae said was right. That it was because of his love for Dan Somi.

However, that was just the kind of treatment that made her angry.

“If that was the case, can’t he just not bring Somi?”

“You have no idea about how parents feel.”

Kwon Mujin sighed.

“Wh… what?”

“It is a very long distance from Yueyang to here. Wouldn’t it make him anxious to be away from his child for such a long time?”

“Do you get it now?”

“I don’t know!”

In the end, Namgung Sohye, who was criticized by two people, went into the hut with a red face.

The two chuckled.

“I am worried about the future of the Namgung family. Truly.”

“Don’t be like that. Because she is still young and doesn’t have enough experience.”

Kwon Mujin smiled as he looked in the direction where Namgung Sohye went. She will get better with growth, and at that time, he caught Jang Sam-tae’s odd look.

Kwon Mujin frowned.

“What else?”

“Do you like her?”


Jang Sam-tae’s mouth moved as if he had discovered the weakness.

Kwon Mujin looked at Jang Sam-tae.

Really, sometimes he wanted to rip out this bastard’s tongue.

He lived in the same place with him and if it wasn’t for Dan Woo-hyun trusting him, he would have killed this guy several times over already.

“We are done. I will only lose if I keep talking to you.”

“I said nothing wrong…”

“Then you should really die.”

“Don’t you know that I die two to three times every day?”


In the end, it was Kwon Mujin who gave up.

There was no benefit to talking to this guy. The more he spoke, the angrier he got.

Unless you rip out the bastard’s tongue.


Right then.

An explosion which had never been heard before was heard from a distance.

They looked away in surprise.

A huge pavilion located in the center when looking down at the Demonic Cult.

At first glance, the Heavenly Demon Pavilion, the Heavenly Leader’s residence, was now completely collapsing.

Everyone held their breaths as they looked at this.

How intense of a fight must this be for that large building to collapse at once?

“That is…”

Ma Jang-kang gulped and looked at that.

Before he knew it, he was dripping with cold sweat. It felt a lot more fearsome.

Jang Sam-tae watched the scene until the end, not taking his eyes off and his lips were trembling.

It felt like his insides were being torn.

None of the forces of the Murim sects which controlled the Central Plains could even set foot in the Demonic Cult’s base.

However, that person, Dan Woo-hyun, not only stepped in, but also destroyed it, the symbol and pride of the Demonic Cult.

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