Episode 215

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return (215)
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“How are you still alive?”

The Black Wind Godly Demon’s trembling gaze was only focused on one person.

Although he denied it, saying it like it wouldn’t happen, this dream-like reality made his spirit more vivacious.

“Well… you’re alive too, so why can’t the same go for me?”

“Blood Demon!”

The Black Wind Godly Demon uttered the name which came to mind.

As far as he knows, the only one who used the Advent Arts was the Blood Demon alone. If that was the case, did it mean that the Martial God was also revived by the Blood Demon?

‘Why would he do such a thing?’

The Black Wind Godly Demon, who was thinking carefully, looked shocked.

It couldn’t be the Blood Demon.

It was very difficult to resurrect the dead using the Advent Arts.

Also, since the body disappeared, the Blood Demon’s Advent Technique was used to bring it back to life by borrowing a new body, but the person standing in front of him was with the same visage as before.

This was something which could never have happened, and the Black Wind Godly Demon’s surprise couldn’t be described.

“Is it regret? Or is it simply a desire to achieve something which couldn’t be achieved?”

Dan Woo-hyun slowly approached again and asked.

Since even the Black Wind Godly Demon couldn’t grasp the meaning of that question, the corner of his lips twitched.

Reviving a dead soul through the Advent Arts was only possible if the soul still remained in this world.

A soul with an obsession with life, or an unfulfilled desire.

Based on this, it was a ghost and caused the soul wandering around the world to descend into the body.

The Black Wind Godly Demon narrowed his eyes and picked up the sword he had placed next to the chair.

“Maybe it’s both.”


After the violent collision, the sound of rushing winds was heard.

The sword of the Black Wind Godly Demon was so amazing that even the sound of the wind could be heard in tandem.

But the blade did not reach its target.


Through the use of the Blood Absorption Arts, he managed to acquire a new level of strength that surpassed his past level.

It was to the point where he thought that he would soon be able to catch up with the Blood Demon. However, the sword stopped in front of Dan Woo-hyun’s neck.

Dan Woo-hyun did not swing his sword.

It was blocked just by lightly lifting the sheath.

The Black Wind Godly Demon broke into a cold sweat at the thought that he couldn’t even get him to unsheath his weapon.

“A little better.”

“Ugh…! This guy! Why, why! Why are you blocking my path again?”


The Black Wind Godly Demon shouted loudly and swung his sword fiercely.

Every time he swung the sword, a storm was breaking out. The inside of the Pavilion instantly turned into a mess.

Sword qi flew in all directions, scathing the walls.

The inside of the Heavenly Demon Pavilion was broken and crumbled as if a natural disaster had occurred.

This is the fight of those who try to reach the highest point.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

However, the sword of the Black Wind Godly Demon didn’t reach Dan Woo-hyun.

The Black Wind Godly Demon, who had already faced the Blood Demon, had realized their helplessness, and glared at Dan Woo-hyun with bloodshot eyes, when he resorted to Sword qi.

The sword he was swinging grew sharper and sharper, and the wind blew even stronger, as if he was bringing out all his qi.

“Such an unpleasant wind.”

Dan Woo-hyun widened the distance by half a step. In an instant, the blade of the Black Wind Godly Demon passed right in front of his nose, and at the same time this small gap was created.

He swung the sword.


The expanding power engulfed the entire place.

Even the storm created by the Black Wind Godly Demon was cut off and diverted and instead brought down the pillars of the Pavilion, scattering all traces of it to pieces.

It was never a power that could be produced by humans.

Soon a violent sound erupted.

Due to the crumbling walls and slashed pillars, the ceiling caved down and the entire Pavilion shook.

However, not only the Black Wind Godly Demon, who was bleeding from the chest, but even Dan Woo-hyun, were still facing each other.


A small groan escaped the mouth of the Black Wind Godly Demon, but he seemed to have no intention of backing down.

The Heavenly Demon Pavilion began to crumble again with a tremendous noise. The remaining pillars also broke and collapsed, and soon the building completely collapsed.


It was the moment when the Pavilion which held the highest authority in the Demonic Cult for a thousand years, collapsed.

“Kuaaak… Sp-spare me…”


Sa Dohak, who was holding the last elder by the collar, struck him in the head, ignoring his pleas for mercy.

His head was smashed and his blood splashed and drenched Sa Dohak.


Nevertheless, Sa Dohak wasn’t satisfied.

As he stood, he glanced back.

The Demonic Cult warriors realized something unusual was happening everywhere and came running and when they saw Sa Dohak’s face, they froze like a stone statue and couldn’t move.

Sa Dohak was once their only leader.

If the Black Wind Godly Demon controlled their hopes using fear, Sa Dohak naturally showed the dignity of a person above him and subdued everyone one by one with his overwhelming strength.

Be it those that abandoned, or the ones who swore allegiance, no one dared draw the sword against him now.

Even more so when the corpses of the elders and the guardians were horribly mutilated and scattered all around.

“If you want to die, come.”

A chilling line from Sa Dohak.

Everyone trembled.

No one came forward due to the overwhelming force, and their complexion was as pale as a prisoner with the guillotine ready to fall.

“Hmph, these bastards don’t even have the courage to draw their swords.”

They couldn’t even say anything due to the cold gaze.

At that time.


There was the sound of thunder.

Not only Sa Dohak, but also everyone who was present turned their heads in surprise. Eventually, a sight caught their eyes.

They were afraid and opened their eyes wide.

The same was true for Sa Dohak. He couldn’t hide his shock to the point where he wondered if what he was seeing was real.

The Heavenly Demon Pavilion, which had been around a for a while, was now collapsing. And Sa Dohak stared at it for a while with an expression which made his eyes pop out. Eventually, he came to his senses and turned to Heavenly Demon Pavilion and began to run.

“Yah, you fucking insane shit!”

Sa Dohak’s cry rang out towards the collapsing Pavilion.

As Namgung Chun looked at the situation which was unfolding in front of him, he was confused as to whether it was a reality or a dream. This was because when the Heavenly Demon Pavilion collapsed, traces which looked like they had been cut with a blade were visible.

But what surprised him even more than that was…

The entirely collapsed Pavilion.

Considering its size, it was only normal for the people inside to turn up dead.

But the two people were standing still.

The person presumed to be the Black Wind Godly Demon was bleeding and looked to be in pain, but not a single debris could be found around him.

It was the same for Dan Woo-hyun.

One couldn’t conceal the surprise at this invisible barrier around them.

“Is… is he even human?”

Namgung Chun mumbled with trembling eyes.

Namgung Chun had seen many people and thought he had some understanding of Dan Woo-hyun.

However, the situation which occurred easily shattered all expectations.

This terrifying force was felt the moment he looked at the Black Wind Godly Demon.

It was something beyond his level.

And Dan Woo-hyun, who didn’t lose his composure even in front of the Black Wind Godly Demon.

The qi that was different from usual intimidated people and even looking at them made their hearts tremble.

“Yah, you bastard!”

At that time, a loud voice was heard.

When Namgung Chun turned his head, he saw Sa Dohak lunging at a frightening speed. His face was pale, probably because of the collapsed Pavilion.

Namgung Chun stopped Sa Dohak from approaching, dissuading him.

“Stop! Do not get close!”

“Look what this crazy guy just did!”

Namgung Chun broke into a cold sweat trying to stop an irate Sa Dohak.

He was utterly incandescent.

Since the Heavenly Demon Pavilion had existed for long, and was destroyed in one fell swoop, wouldn’t it be a disaster for Sa Dohak who once led the Demonic Cult?

But those complaints are something to be thought about later.

He grabbed Sa Dohak’s shoulder with one hand.

“Just be quiet and watch. It seems like something that we have never seen in our life will happen…”

“What do you mean?”

Sa Dohak frowned and looked at Dan Woo-hyun, but when he glanced in the other direction, he noticed a man bleeding.

Even at first glance, it was clear that it was the Black Wind Godly Demon. The moment he saw him, Sa Dohak was enraged.

“Th-that bastard!”

He ran out.

As if he wanted to punch him right away, the moment he was about to go closer and hit him.

There was a cold sensation that pressed down from the tip of his nose.


In that short time, blood spurted from Sa Dohak’s body.

At the same time, Dan Woo-hyun’s sword, which suddenly appeared next to him, was swung.


Eventually, the Black Wind Godly Demon took five steps back and Dan Woo-hyun was standing next to Sa Dohak, quietly looking at the Black Wind Godly Demon.


Sa Dohak knelt down and sat.

It was a moment that wouldn’t be strange to describe as in the blink of an eye.

Sa Dohak couldn’t even see the end of the blade wielded by the Black Wind Godly Demon. No, there wasn’t even any pain from being cut by it.

It was as if he had been struck with an intangible sword.

If Dan Woo-hyun hadn’t intercepted it, the cut would have been a little deeper.

“Stay back.”

Sa Dohak didn’t even flinch despite the voice he heard. He reached up and touched his wounded chest.

He felt the blood flowing and trembled.

He had no idea what just happened.

But, Dan Woo-hyun knew that? He didn’t even get scratched until now despite fighting this man who turned the Demon Emperor into this?

No, rather it felt like Black Wind Godly Demon was afraid of Dan Woo-hyun.

How could this be?

Sa Dohak looked at Dan Woo-hyun with a trembling gaze.

That was when Namgung Chun approached, pulling Sa Dohak away and stepping back.

“Just watch now.”

Sa Dohak couldn’t say anything more.

The Five Emperors of the Central Plains.

Among them, that man was by far the best.

That was Sa Dohak, but now, watching the two people in front of him, he realized painfully how helpless he was.

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