Episode 216

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return (216)
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The Black Wind Godly Demon regained his composure and slowly increased the force. Someone has to gain the upper hand, since such a standard was irrelevant to martial arts.

It is a strange place called Murim where anyone could kill. The moment you think you are afraid of the opponent, you have lost. Which is why you face the enemy with confidence.

The Black Wind Godly Demon raised his sword.

He still had many skills left, and the enormous amount of qi he had absorbed using the Blood Absorption Arts was now reverberating in his body.

There is no reason to lose.

Now, kill this guy, absorb his strength, defeat the Blood Demon and return to being a demon stronger than anyone else.

He expanded his qi further by deciding that he would definitely achieve it.

“Give up. Now and then, you will not be able to proceed any further.”

Dan Woo-hyun mumbled as if reading his mind.

At the same time, in a place where not even the sound of the wind could be heard, a peculiar wind arrived and enshrouded Dan Woo-hyun.

It was as if a part of nature called the wind had turned into the limbs of Dan Woo-hyun.

Although embarrassed by this odd thing, the Black Wind Godly God laughed, excited.

“Fine, let us bring an end to this. You and me! Who is the stronger one!”

“This is absurd.”

Dan Woo-hyun shook his head and sneered.

So far, countless people have said the same thing.

However, just by looking at the fact that no one could surpass him, it was clear that the title of Martial God wasn’t a lie.

But the opponent is the Black Wind Godly Demon.

Even though he was revived using forbidden arts, he became stronger than before, not weaker.

“Do not look down on me!”

The roar-like force erupted without stopping. It is such a powerful force which frightens not just Sa Dohak but also Namgung Chun.

He kicked off the ground and moved ahead. Immediately he closed the distance and swung his sword.

It was incredibly strong for a sword swung with one hand.


But Dan Woo-hyun, who still hadn’t drawn his sword, raised his sword sheath and parried the move from the Black Wind Godly Demon.

The blades which flew one after another offered no time for respite. Countless battles took place at close range.

Kang kang!


The land-shattering collision created the illusion as if a quake had erupted.

Because of the roar and the collapse of the Heavenly Demon Pavilion, even the demons who were coming couldn’t approach and maintained their distance.

No one could get close, not even Sa Dohak and Namgung Chun.
“You! Pull your sword out of its sheath!”

The Black Wind Godly Demon groaned.

They had clashed cleanly more than ten times. And still Dan Woo-hyun didn’t even consider drawing his sword.

Not only did he block every attack but he didn’t even move half a step from where he stood.

What is this person?

But, that situation turned into a chance to increase the strength of the Black Wind Godly Demon.

At one point when they were clashing without cease, they suddenly released their swords and stretched their legs out.

However, the swords were still moving freely.

“Air Sword!?’

“This is shocking…”

Even Sa Dohak and Namgung Chun were able to do this, Air Sword, but unlike as the Black Wind Godly Demon demonstrated, they couldn’t move their body separately and use a different martial arts.

Air Sword is a technique which requires a tremendous amount of internal qi and great control of the mind.

Therefore, it isn’t at all easy to use Sword technique while using other martial arts at the same time.

However, Dan Woo-hyun’s response was even more surprising.

His sword that was flying through the air was easily maneuvered and the flying sword was dodging attacks too. The movements of the Black Wind Godly Demon were so quick that even Sa Dohak and Namgung Chun couldn’t see it.

Kwang! Bang!

Eventually, the Black Wind Godly Demon retrieved his sword and stepped back. An enormous amount of Demonic qi gushed out and engulfed Dan Woo-hyun’s entire body.

A powerful blow from which no mortal would be able to survive.



However, Dan Woo-hyun remained unscathed.

The self-defense qi which protected him from the surroundings showed no sign of shattering. Instead, the Black Wind Godly Demon, who was attacking violently, lost his balance and collapsed.

What is this?

“A solid defense can quickly become an offense. Have you forgotten that too?”

Dan Woo-hyun looked at the Black Wind Godly Demon with a look of melancholy.

It felt entirely different from when he first encountered him. Like he had lost interest… but this is the Black Wind Godly Demon, who was standing up again.

He even let out a small sigh while looking at him.

“I know your strength.”

“Ugh… right… don’t joke… not yet…”

“I was trying to see how strong a person who has been brought back could get… in the end, it is clear that even if the body has been changed, the limit is always there.”


For the first time, Dan Woo-hyun drew the sword.

The Black Wind Godly Demon felt as if his entire body was being cut by the sharpness of the sword that was drawn so naturally.

“A waste of time.”

“You… you!”

The Black Wind Godly Demon felt something odd.

It was a warning that the sword shouldn’t be drawn.

The ominous feeling pierced through from his head to his toes.

But it was too late to avoid it, and there wasn’t sufficient strength to block it.

‘In that case, I will fight back with all my might!’

The Demonic qi of the Black Wind Godly Demon roiled up.

Like one who subdued the Demonic Cult in an instant, he possessed tremendous strength and finally, he looked at Dan Woo-hyun and was about to swing his sword.

But their eyes met.

“I remember something that guy once said.”

“That guy?”

Although the others might not know it, the Black Wind Godly Demon knew who Dan Woo-hyun was referring to.

“The Blood Demon… Actually, it felt like he wanted to die.”

Saying that, Dan Woo-hyun swung his sword.

The blow, along with the wind, crushed everything in front.

He tried to respond by bringing out his qi, but the Demonic qi of the Black Wind Godly Demon was scattered as if it had been purified and dissipated.

The Black Wind Godly Demon looked blankly.

This attack couldn’t be prevented or avoided.

The moment he realized it, he felt it again.

This feeling is quite different from when he was attacked by the Blood Demon.

‘Right, the Martial God is the Martial God.’

Although the Blood Demon is strong… this was fundamentally different from the power possessed by the Blood Demon.

The man called the Martial Supreme Divine Demon, or rather, the Martial God, presented a death not much different from the past.

He looked at Dan Woo-hyun with death right around the corner.

He saw the smiling face of the man.

In the eyes of Namgung Chun and Sa Dohak, it was a sword which couldn’t exist in this world.

The power which spread all over. At that moment it wielded the destructive power several times that of a single blow which destroyed several thousands of demons.

There wasn’t even a trace of the Black Wind Godly Demon to look for. There was no one left standing there.

Even the remains of the Pavilion had vanished.

Just a sheet of land in the shape of a fan.

Maybe even less.

The trees and fences surrounding the Pavilion, as well as the countless palaces beyond, were wiped out without a trace.

If this was truly a scene enacted by a person, all warriors would be frustrated.

Namgung Chun and Sa Dohak especially, didn’t want to believe it.

Although both of them were among the strongest men in the world, they didn’t have the power to alter land.

Just how absurd were the things this man can do?

“Martial God…”

Namgung Chun mumbled and gulped.

Anyone who has truly reached the point where such a thing is possible is a person worthy of a legend.

The person who thought that all the stories were exaggerations because of the absurdity it sounds.

Wouldn’t that all be possible if this man was the Martial God?

“Just who are…”

Namgung Chun asked with trembling eyes.

A descendant of the Martial God?

At first he thought so. This was because that felt like the most reasonable guess. But no matter how great his martial arts skills were, he could never achieve such strength at such a young age.


“You insane bastard!”

Sa Dohak shouted.

He rushed to Dan Woo-hyun’s side.

He was huffing and then stopped as he threw a tantrum with yellings.

“I said it was alright to fight no matter how much you had to, what would I do if you just do that to a mountain just like this!?”

“Aren’t you the one that said anything will do fine?”

Dan Woo-hyun was impressed with what Sa Dohak was getting angry about. The goal was to kill the man and it was achieved.

Moreover, Sa Dohak had said that since he had no intention of returning to the Demonic Cult, the fight could simply take place.

But, isn’t this too harsh?

Let’s say that the destruction of the Pavilion couldn’t be avoided.

Since the space was too narrow for such heavenly warriors, it was expected to go down.

But not only did they take down the Pavilion, but also destroyed the surrounding land. This was no longer a question about whether humans could or couldn’t do this.

“But still, this is…”

Sa Dohak looked around and trained his gaze elsewhere. Countless demons all stood there blankly, with blank expressions on their faces, unable to say anything.

“This is too much!”

“Don’t we just have to fix what is broken?”


Sa Dohak could only sigh.

With eyes that said he wanted to kill Dan Woo-hyun, he grabbed his shoulders.

“The place you removed didn’t only hold the secret treasures of the Demonic Cult, but it was also the place where the finances are managed. Of course, all the money for reconstruction is gone now… you want to pay for it then?”

At that moment, Dan Woo-hyun’s eyes changed.

He, who didn’t move a muscle till then, was now shocked.

He turned his head to avoid Sa Dohak’s gaze which was looking at him too intensely.

“I didn’t do it.”

“You did it!”

“The dead guy did it.”


“It is what the Black Wind Godly Demon did.”


There were so many people watching the entire situation, and he is denying it?

Sa Dohak was dumbfounded by how shameless he was. But, Dan Woo-hyun’s shameless expression showed no intention of changing.

“This is so insane…”

Sa Dohak let out a long sigh.

It is true that he tried to crush him, but Dan Woo-hyun didn’t mean to inflict such serious damage.

All he had to do was catch a couple of people and kick them. What sins have the others in the Cult committed?

He sighed again and turned his head to Dan Woo-hyun.

“If only I could at least get some amount for repairs…”

“He’s gone!?”

However, before he knew it, Dan Woo-hyun had vanished.

There was no sign of him sinking into the ground or rising up to the sky.

“Ah, I am feeling dizzy! For real-!”

Sa Dohak’s angry cries blanketed the Heavenly Demon Cult.

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