Episode 217

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return (217)
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The Blood Demon, whose eyes were closed, felt a strange sensation, and opened his eyes.

For a moment, his eyes lit up brightly and he stood up in shock.

“What… what happened?”

Seeing that, Man Hu-ryang was shocked.

“The Black Wind Godly Demon has died….”

“What… what do you…?”

“That guy died just a little while back!”


When the Blood Demon stamped his foot, a raging qi surged out.

Man Hu-ryang and the subordinates, who had been lying beside him, were all knocked back.

“How is this happening?”


No matter how much he thought about it, the Blood Demon couldn’t understand it.

He was the Blood Demon, who knew the strength of the Black Wind Godly Demon better than anyone else. Because it was none other than him who raised him up from the dead.

Even if the famous people called the Five Emperors were gathered, it would be impossible for them to kill that man.

So who killed him then?

There was only one answer.

The Blood Demon’s eyes turned to Man Hu-ryang.

When he stretched his hand out, Man Hu-ryang, who had fallen a distance away, was sucked into his grasp.


A groan escaped his mouth as he was grabbed by the neck.

Bang! Bang!

He was caught in the hands of the Blood Demon and struggled like he was going to die at any moment. His face turned red and he felt like it would explode.

“Other than me, there is only one person who can kill him! After he regained his strength! And you reported that Dan Woo-hyun was in Hunan, isn’t that right?”

“Ugh… kuak… sorry… Lord… we… were sure… there is a similar… person…”

“Damn it!”
The Blood Demon threw Man Hu-ryang down.

A mistake of Man Hu-ryang?


Actually, all of this could be his own mistake. The problem was that he was standing by as he felt so confident about the Martial God never initiating the first move.

The Blood Demon narrowed his eyes and thought.

What made him change?

That arrogant one who only moved when someone aimed for his throat, had attacked first? This was something which couldn’t have happened considering the fact that there was almost no such thing in the past.

The Blood Demon grabbed his throbbing head.

No matter how many times he thought about it, he couldn’t fathom the words or actions of Dan Woo-hyun.

‘To dive in first… Dan Woo-hyun?’

The Blood Demon was lost in thought.

What made him change?

The situation around? Namgung Chun?

Or was it something else?

Whatever the reason was, the Blood Demon didn’t like this.

‘There is no meaning to the Monkey King if he doesn’t play in the palm of my hand…’

The Blood Demon’s thoughts were getting deeper and deeper.


The people gathered together were quietly looking at Dan Woo-hyun.

Jang Sam-tae was smiling, wondering why he felt so good while Namgung Sohye, on the other hand, had a smile in her eyes.

“This is sooo delicious.”

Even though it was late at night, Dan Somi stayed up without sleeping. Dan Woo-hyun tore off the golden brown roasted wild boar flesh and handed it to her.

“Thank goodness. It was worth catching.”

“Hehe, you went to catch this? Somi can eat any food.”

“In a place with such beautiful scenery, one has to eat delicious food.”

People nodded in agreement at those words.

It was a nice place.

The mountains were nice to look at as they had no sharp points, and they also liked the wind and scent of the mountains.

But, it was noticeable that the dozens of the Heavenly Demonic Cult buildings that were visible before had vanished now, turning the scenery empty.

Of course, no one said anything.

“But you know, when Somi was sleeping, there was this bang! A ka-boom noise! And even the ground shook! It felt like an earthquake!”

“Earthquake? I don’t know anything about that.”

“Dad is of dull senses.”

“Is that so?”


The two people smiled brightly and talked a lot. However, the others couldn’t help but laugh hastily.

This was especially true for Namgung Chun and Sa Dohak, who were sitting staring blankly off to one side.

‘Who broke that?’

‘The earthquake… Somi…’

There was a mountain of things they wanted to say, but they couldn’t speak it because it felt like one wrong word and they would vanish like dust.

“Kuahahaha! Have this, Manor Lord! I seasoned it myself!”

Jang Sam-tae smiled brightly and brought the meat over. It was well-cooked wild boar meat, stir-fried with various seasonings and although it looked spicy, it naturally stimulated the appetite.

Dan Woo-hyun nodded, picked up a piece of it with chopsticks and ate it.

“It is alright.”

“Is that so? I heard that Sam-tae devoted himself to the Manor Lord? Hehehe.”

He went to his side and sat next to Dan Woo-hyun, flirting with him.

Dan Woo-hyun felt very bad for the guy, but ignored him and cut the wild boar meat into large pieces.

Finally, the moment has arrived. Nom! Jang Sam-tae put it in his mouth.

Jang Sam-tae chewed on the meat for a while, looking pleased.

“Hehe- I’m the one who made it, but it still tastes good to me!”

He looked like he had achieved the world.

He took a sip of the liquor he brought separately and got into the mood. So it looks like only three of them were in a good mood and the others were keeping an eye on Dan Woo-hyun.


At that time, Dan Somi took a large piece of meat in front of her and brought it to Dan Woo-hyun’s mouth. Her smiling face was full of happiness.

Dan Woo-hyun smiled and opened his mouth gently as if he had no choice. Just as the meat was about to pop into his mouth, Jang Sam-tae intercepted it as if it was only natural.

“Haha! It’s even more delicious because Somi is… kuak!”

Jang Sam-tae was laughing brightly when he suddenly grabbed his stomach.

Since he wasn’t beaten, people looked puzzled at his unexpected behavior.

However, Jang Sam-tae’s gaze was on Dan Woo-hyun.

His eyes were wide open and his gaze didn’t subside easily.

“Was it delicious?”


Jang Sam-tae, who couldn’t even speak properly, broke out into sweat. It felt as if he was doing something bad to Dan Somi, and if he nodded he would be treated badly by Dan Woo-hyun.

All he could do was break out in cold sweat.

At that moment.



Jang Sam-tae, who was hit in the stomach at a speed so fast he couldn’t even see it with his eyes, began to cough and expel everything.

Dan Somi looked at the scene in horror.

Namgung Sohye, Ma Jang-kang, and Kwon Mujin all frowned.

Namgung Chun and Sa Dohak had already stepped back from Dan Woo-hyun.

As if they had expected this to happen.

“M… Mister… are you alright?”

Dan Somi rushed over and patted him on the back.

“Had too much… tsk…”

“When I see that guy sometimes, I really lose my mind at how immature he is.”

“Hehe, people usually grow, right? It might be like this now, but soon he will grow and I believe in that.”

Listening to the two people’s conversation, Kwon Mujin, Ma Jang-kang, and Namgung Sohye broke out into a cold sweat.

“Mister Jang, come here! Somi will look after you!”

Dan Somi sat a little ways away and patted her knee. Jang Sam-tae saw this and suddenly got up and walked towards her briskly.

He sat down next to Somi and carefully laid his head on her lap.

“It feels like I am being healed….”

The pain of being hit by Dan Woo-hyun a little while ago seems to have vanished completely. It felt good as if he would fall asleep.

Something came up to him with quick movements. When Jang Sam-tae glanced at it, there was this pure white cat; wasn’t that Baek Myo which Somi was looking after?

It wandered around, narrowing the distance, and before he knew it, it was in front of his nose, making eye contact with him and staring…

“Shh- go away.”


Baek Myo let out a small cry.

It was unclear if it wanted to speak or if it was just crying, but for some reason, Jang Sam-tae just didn’t like this cat that was obstructing his view.

The moment he tried to wave his hand again.



“Baek Myo?!”

Jang Sam-tae screamed out.

“Tsk tsk, I don’t have a single day of peace!”

Sa Dohak clicked his tongue and turned his head to Dan Woo-hyun.

His expression was calm as if he wasn’t thinking about what happened down there in the Cult.

“That guy… the Black Wind Godly Demon.”


“Is dead, right?”

Sa Dohak asked with a strange look.

He didn’t know where the guy came from, but no trace of him was left, and he couldn’t tell if the guy ran away or died.

“Dead. I have a feeling.”

Namgung Chun and Sa Dohak were impressed by Dan Woo-hyun’s words.

What was even more surprising was that someone was blown away without a trace and he still had some sense left.

“Anyway, what is that martial art? I have only heard that it is a martial art which I have never seen before considering how long I have lived.”

Namgung Chun asked with an expression which said he couldn’t hold back his curiosity. A martial art skill which blows away about a dozen pieces in an instant.

Such amazing destructive power which simply cannot be thought of as a simple attack.

It was the martial arts of the Martial God, but he couldn’t be sure of it. But Dan Woo-hyun just smiled.

“Martial arts… what? I just swung it.”


“Hehe, nonsense…”

The two people looked puzzled.

If a simple swing of a sword by a person can possess such force, is there still any need to learn martial arts?

“If you achieve the ultimate goal, one can move the qi of all things with ordinary hand gestures.”



Sa Dohak and Namgung Chun too didn’t understand his meaning. However, how on earth did he manage to jump over that huge wall to reach this level?

Even if they could jump over a few walls, would they be able to attain the same strength as Dan Woo-hyun?

He shook his head at the question.

Maybe Dan Woo-hyun didn’t want to show himself because he had that kind of strength.

Sa Dohak opened his mouth with a faint smile.

“I have something more to say instead of that…”

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