Chapter 0 - Prologue: And Like That, The World Was Destroyed

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There are a lot of unbelievable incidents that happen in the world.

For example, You flip a coin ten times, and it’s heads every single time.

For example, How the post-apocalyptic movie ‘Edge of Life,’ which had an extremely low budget and a bunch of unnamed actors, would have an unexpected boom in popularity, and the bunker house the main character lived in would become the next hot trend.

For example, How the number one video game company in the world gets so pissed off by the constant attacks from hackers and thieves that break into the server rooms and steal computers that they decide to pour in crazy amounts of money to create a secret server room in a secret location that is the scale of a nuclear bomb shelter and earn the prize as biggest fools of the year from everyone across the world.

For example, How a mad scientist got involved in a pseudo-religion, created AND spread a deadly virus that could destroy the world—and how nobody can stop it.

The world I am living in right now was created just like that.

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