Chapter 6 - Oh, Happy Day (6)

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There is a saying that life is unpredictable.

That means the current misery could become the future’s joy…

“This… is my character?”

But this was more than just misery. They say you never know what might happen, but the future of this trash is more than crystal clear.

Glass Body and Weak Mentality. A character that can’t become a Warrior or even a Mage. The only option left was a social-type character, but…



- Soygaybar : Now this is GG! Always so exciting!

The finished character crushed the last bit of hope I had left.

The ideal warrior of my dreams. The character looked like a true warrior, which looked about 1 million light years from a social type.

- Speedwagon : You’re seriously screwed.

- Highwaynachoman : LOLLLLLLL I’m dyinggg

- Mukaba : Your appearance was your last hope and look at him LOLLLLLLL

- Holli : Uh…. Are the looks really that important? Everyone’s making it sound like it is…..

“Yeah. It really is.”

As if he had given up, Gyosu started explaining with empty eyes.

“Like that hipster oldie always says, GG is obsessed with being realistic. Think about it. Imagine a nicely dressed, good-looking man walks up to you with a smile and says, ‘May we talk for a moment?’ Then imagine a character like mine going, ‘Hahahah! Oi! Let’s talk!” Which do you think would have better results?“

- Holli : Oh.

“Exactly. Of course, traits are the most important, but appearance also greatly impacts the gameplay.

I cut out a lot of details to shorten the explanation, but appearances were important in a lot of parts of the game. Like he just said, it affects the results of talking to NPCs, and it was one of the biggest things that affected relationships.

While Holli quietly realized the importance of appearances, Speedwagon seemed to realize something else and started talking to me.

- Speedwagon : That’s not the problem right now.

- professor :?

- Speedwagon : The trait Glass Body. Durability is permanently set to 90.

“Yeah, and..?”

- Speedwagon : If the durability is set to 90 no matter what, it means the durability will be even lower when it’s spread out. You’re already big, so your durability for each must already be low. But it’ll get even lower the bigger your body gets.


- Holli : :0

- Blood_N_Guns : That means….

- korekorekorekore : It’s not just glass; it’s really thin glass LOLLLLLLLLL

- Speedwagon : The approximate difference would be like a normal glass pane to a glass microscope slide.

- Jokass : Ah, this body? This is what you call ‘balloon muscles’. Don’t touch them. It hurts.

- Highwaynachoman : Your touch makes me feel like I’ll explode~ actually explodes


I didn’t even have enough energy to feel sad. My character… is complete trash.

The character creation must’ve been completed. I was looking at the tall figure when I spun around, and suddenly, my field of vision was a lot higher up.

<[Character Sync Complete]>

<[Our savior, please save the Gedroits Continent….]>

- korekorekorekore : Goddess : This….. is the savior?

- 朝樂氣多際 : The future of GG is dark indeed

As the snickering chat slowly glided away, my consciousness felt like it was floating. I made a firm determination for myself.

‘One month, I’ll play for just one month, then quit!’


The bright light faded, and I stepped onto firm land with my new body.

I took a deep breath, then let it out.

Ahh~ This fresh air. It’s been a while!

There was wind. It wasn’t an aggressive, sand-filled wind, but a cool, light breeze. The green leaves in front of me blew around gently in the wind, and the small chirps of birds tickled my ears.

A beautiful scene that I could never see outside. I was finally starting to feel that I was inside the Game of Gedroits.

“Well… I guess it started.”

I think I received all the stress I could handle for a year just from making the character. No, now’s not the time. If I don’t pay attention, I’ll be a goner in seconds. Concentrate!

- Highwaynachoman : What are you gonna do first?

- 朝樂氣多際 : He needs to farm a bag, of course.

- Jokass : What’re you talking about? Look at him. He needs to start working so he can buy a Stoneskin spellbook.

“Can you guys quiet down a bit? I already have a headache from the sync, you know.”

The first thing I needed to do was check my condition. First is the body. Although it was dirty, tattered, and basically just rags, you could tell it was made from a pretty expensive cloth. The shoes were dirty too, but even then, they managed to keep a shine.

’[Son of a Fallen Knight Family] you say… It must have been a nicer family than I thought.’

That was terrible news for me. If it was that great of a family, then it also meant the enemies that destroyed it were also that much stronger.

- Jokass : Are you sure that’s still in puberty?

- Speedwagon : It said he was 20 on the character sheet.

- Soygaybar : 20? How is that thing a freshman college student? He looks like he’s already seen one too many battles for his day.

Looking at the position of his vision, I looked a little over 190 cm. When I swung my arms around, the muscular limbs made big whoosh sounds that my warrior character heart liked very much.

If only he wasn’t 90 durability.


“Aghhhh! What the heck!”

I swung my arms widely to stretch and warm up, but as soon as the end of my fingertip hit the tree on the side, I sprained my wrist.

“Aughhh, w-what is this? Did I just sprain my wrist because I hit that tree a little? Is this for real?”

- Highwaynachoman :‘Handmade Trash Character’

- Soygaybar :‘Artwork Made from Skill and Luck’

- korekorekorekore :‘Masterpiece’

These guys were enjoying it.

“Shut up! I’m serious right now! I need to check things out before I do anything. Inventory!”



Name: ???

Profession : Undecided

Race : [Human]
Gender : [Male]
Title : [Son of a Fallen Knight Family]
Age : [Puberty(20)]

+Traits : [Curiosity], [Magical Aptitude], [Sparkling Eyes], [Glass Body], [Honorary Soul], [Weak Mentality]

+ Log
+ Log
+ Item : ㅁ / ㅁ / ㅁ / ㅁ
+ Item : ㅁ / ㅁ / ㅁ / ㅁ


When I said the word, a translucent window popped up. This simple text box was the information window that the game provided. This game’s inventory differed greatly from the other games, and it only showed the information the players knew.

Like now, when you just started, it didn’t show you any information. From the name, job, and goal to the year, date, or time. It didn’t tell you anything.

“Let’s see… I should have some basic items, even if it’s a random start. Splint, please give me a splint!”

Seeing that all four inventory spaces were full, there was definitely something in there. I scanned my battered clothes with my bloody hand and found a piece of rolled-up cloth.

<[Contaminated Bandage x 4 : Bandages made to stop bleeding and prevent infections. But contaminated due to poor maintenance.]>

“Bandages. Not bad, but there are only 4 of these? I guess this can make do.”

There were enough bandages, so now all I needed was a sturdy stick to tie them to…


“Owwwww! That hurts! It freaking hurts!”

I pulled hard on the branch to break it and ended up with a bloody, splintered hand.

<[ Item : Contaminated Bandage x 2 ]>

I wrapped both hands with the bandages.

Sprained right hand. Bloody left palm.

What I’ve done since starting. Stretching. Breaking a branch.

“This isn’t right. This… this can’t be right! It can’t be! I can’t even break one small tree branch! How can I save the world with this body!”

- Soygaybar : LOLLLLLL Don’t tell me you were going to try clearing the world with that body.

- Jokass : You are still an innocent child, professor. You still know how to dream.

- Speedwagon : Change your mindset. Don’t think of it as the body you knew. Pretend you’re wearing delicate glassware gloves.

“Glassware… you say…”

I sighed as I looked at my huge muscular body, which looked like it would be full of strength.

With that sigh, I also let out all my hopes and dreams, making me feel much better. Think of it as a 24-hour stealth mission. Sound means counteraction. Softly. Slowly.

To make a splint, I decided to use my weight instead of my strength. I used the rest of the bandages, wrapped my arms and legs, and slowly climbed up the tree. After firmly positioning myself on a relatively thick branch, I carefully started shaking my body.

Cr— Crackkk!

“I, it worked! It’s breakin-gaaaaaaaah!!!”



<[Collected : Sturdy Branch x 3, Left shin sprained.]>

“It wasn’t even as tall as my waist!”

I looked at my current condition. Right wrist sprained, left leg sprained, and left palm splintered. 2 of my 4 limbs were utterly useless, and one was hard to move freely. And all of this happened while I was trying to get a branch for a sturdy splint.

I picked up the sturdy branch on the ground.


Item: Sturdy Branch

- A branch broken off of a tree that can be seen anywhere. It can be used for a kindle or a cane.
+ Player Knowledge : ‘The wood grain is good, and its strength is okay too. I could use this as a weapon.’
One Handed Blunt Weapon / 3 Attack / 45 Durability


Player Knowledge was exactly what it meant. It wasn’t knowledge gained from observing this world; it was knowledge you already had. I had a side job as a blacksmith on the World 2 dual-wield warrior I had. That must be why I have this knowledge.

“45 Durability? It’s half of my body?”

Since my body is 90 durability, if someone had the strength to break 2 of those branches at once, they could fold me literally in half.

“Hah, wow. I’m not even mad anymore….”

I wrapped and tightened the bandage on the wood.


<[Improvised Contaminated Splint x 2 : Made from unprocessed wood and contaminated bandages. It won’t help with healing, but it will prevent the sprained area’s condition from worsening.]>

“Well, that worked out eventually.”

2 of the 3 branches I got by spraining my leg were used as a splint for my arm and leg, and the other one I used as a cane.

My arm and leg were wrapped with a splint and bandage. With my ragged clothes and a makeshift cane, I looked just like a wounded soldier.

“Let’s go to a village first.”

This was what happened just from existing. The second a wild dog appeared on the road, I would feel the pain of being eaten alive while waving the 500 thousand Shilling account bye-bye.

My entire body hurt so much that my head was shaking, and my painful headache was so bad I couldn’t think.

“Let’s hurry.”

Thunk, drag.

Thunk, drag.

Gyosu slowly limped his way towards the castle wall he saw in the distance.

Finally, his adventure has started.

Angel’s Corner

Yow, my guys! I don’t know if you’ve already noticed, but some sentences suddenly shift to third-point-of-view. Yeah, it’s just how it’s written. I thought of changing those to first pov for consistency, but, meh, it has its own charm, I guess. The author & translator decided to do it that way, so I gotta abide.

Anyways, our warrior-looking with a body as fragile as glass, Gyosu, is finally starting his adventure to death for survival!

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