Chapter 9 - Oh, Happy Day! (9)

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- professor : of course, I should let her go.

- Soygaybar : ?? have you lost it?

- Nuru_is_druig : there should be a degree to what can be joked professor

- Jokass : don’t talk too much, do your best to win the troll’s heart. Hurry!

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t get rid of these ruthless trolls in the chat, so he tried to talk to the community for the sake of an idea, but then this happened.

‘No, are these idiots even sane? They want me to take a 4-meter-long troll to a city?’

Surprisingly, most of them said YES.

- professor : friends, no matter how much I think about it, you are like 3rd dimension humans, please think rationally
That is a troll! A troll! Even if you have a little common sense, you know I am losing my soul here! Saying that she is my comrade and taking her to the city?
Do you think this would be nice? Do you think it would be a nice sight to see my body being cut into pieces by those guards of the city?

-Jokass : professor do not be so narrow-minded. It isnt a monster but a friend! It is also in the position o tank that will take charge of the vanguard position! Which you need! And look at your status. Legs that cannot even run there with force and arms like dried squid which would break any moment!
You are the most weakest one in the world right now! You mean that kind of guy who is weak as hell throws away the power which wants to roll at him? just because it is a troll?
professor, racism isn’t nice. Evil man!

-Speedwagon : well, I think the premise itself is wrong. It is unlikely that Notum will be incorporated into the face. One you get to the city, all lies will come out right? And the group which had fed Notum must also be in the city.
I am not sure what is going on with Notum liking professor, but it is not that favorable for me to take the troll only to leave a negative impression on the people and especially when we are not sure how useful it will be.
One more thing. This isnt what you expected. Plain trolls turn red on their backs and stomachs during heat. I known that they carry their cubs on the shoulder

-Noru_is_Druig : teacher everything you said is right. Reasonable! Logical! All right! But are we going on some academic research for some grand purpose? No! we are here to play!
Fuck man look at that!
That huge chest! The affectionate eyes! Strong body! truly a symbol of strong woman!
This is Notum! She literally means to carry you on your shoulder all the way! After the world turned to a mess, I learned to fire guns, and what difference does men and woman make?
A strong woman is no longer someone who goes after distorted ideas of sex! This is the real deal! What? A cub? Good. A friend turns to an oppa and oppa to father! If it is maternal love, then it is standard! Push for this, professor! Get her!

-Guns_N_Blood : I am going to say a word when it comes to power augmentation. In original combat, immediate power is important, but how well you maintain the power is important. From a supply point of view, Notum is not good. A horse a day for work? How could this poor professor provide that?

- Holli : that… what is with you people?

- takealook : Leave it alone. If u catch fire with useless things on the internet, it doesn’t stop until u get a sentence that starts with “your mom-.”

Buh, brutal. The chat window was now full of all kinds of jargon coming up. They were flaming. I am a streamer, so I just needed to know the direction…

Both opinions in the chat had validity.

The lack of fighting power right now was beyond serious, and it isn’t strange if I died. Perhaps, even if the princess who had lived in the tower all life long walked into a back alley, she would last longer than me. In that regard, having Notum is surely a strong ally. Look at her size, the impression, the shiny tusks. This is walking chaos. The pickpocketers in the city, the back alley thuds, and the merchants trying to cheat would all be solved with Notum alone.

The downside is that, as I said before, the friendship with Notum is too vigor right now. Once I get caught that I was lying, she will definitely crush me.

The scale of the weight of what I pulled is too much this time, and there is very less chance for Notum to actually feel emotions for the opposite sex.

In the first place, GG survived until after World War 3 because they moved the whole server somewhere in the deepest part of the earth to avoid charges. This is because it is an illegal game that was opened by diving to escape the law.

Could there be a thing like a break in such a game?

Doesn’t it just make sense to look at the status of fellow characters with dubious figures are favorability?

In conclusion, the moment Notum really goes into heat, I am done. Being dragged into the place of trolls is worse than the game ending.

That can never happen. There seem to be a lot of viewers who expect it to happen, but I just want a faithful deal of all. Damn you fallen, shitty people.

Anyway, the conclusion was that taking Notum is risky, so we decided to separate.

And I saw sweating a lot as talking to Notum is tough. But it wasn’t soo difficult to convince her.



‘Let’s stop… I can go alone…’

‘Is that so? No long till stone net. Get horse and take big small man.’

‘Not, that isn’t what I meant. This is entrusted to me by iron man.’


‘If Iron man hears that you came to castle and picked up a horse, he will think I failed. I will be sent down as a food to wolves.’

‘S-send to wolves… who… die…. Human, you live…’

‘Right. Right! So why don’t you drop me off and wait in the forest?’

‘Uh… stand alone… you go weak…’

It was hard to understand what she was saying, but she let me go. The problem was a system message suddenly came with the effect of purple smoke bursting as Northam turned her back.


[Information update: Hero unit / Notum / failed to recruit colleague.]

“Hero unit? That one?”

The purple effect happens when something goes wrong, such as a negative situation, failing a quest, or entering the wrong side.

- Jokass : you really have no luck. It was practically being fed into your mouth. What did I say?

- Soygaybar : ha, for real, you ask for advice and not even follow it.

- takealook : I know most of the hero units, was there anyone like that in a unit? Does someone know?

- Speedwagon : I just looked it up and there is an article about Notum

- takealook: famous one?

- Speedwagon: it is fine. Not a hero unit but a free money earner. A talking troll found in the Northern Frest of Rodrik. It’s known to make money in the beginning if it is caught and sold to a circus or arena.
Since there was no information about the hero unit, this information just opened up saying about the favorability with the companion and stuff.

- Soygaybar : really? So, then professor is the first to find Notum?

-takealook : and he kicked out the possible unit too

-Duru_is_Druig : ah, I thought so. I didn’t think he could kick her, she is a prosche~

- Speedwagon : found one more. This is a post about Notum, but the combat power is known to be the same as plain trolls. If you sell her to the slave market, they will take her fast, and she doesn’t seem like a high-quality hero to me

Difficult times are what make a hero. The seven worlds of GG are all on the verge of destruction, and many heroes travel everywhere.

They are called ‘Hero Units,’ but since the game’s difficulty is high, many events cannot be cleared by one or two, so heroes are attracted to make a unit to clear the game as soon as possible.

Notum, whom I just let go, is one of the so-called fellow events, with just one of many stellar heroes.

“Tch. Well. That’s a bit unfortunate. I did think it was weird, but Hero Unit sure is unexpected.”

-Jokass: forget it man. It isnt a man’s role to feel pity for lost things

-Guns_N_Blood : even a hero unit cannot change the real situation. Even if you accepted her, you lacked the capacity right now.

“… it cannot be helped. Either way, I have to grow fast, or I’ll miss every opportunity that comes my way.”

Pondering over the uselessness of this character, I was startled to walk towards the end of the path.



Ding! Ding!

“Oh shoot! Hey! Hold on. I’m turning off the chat! System chat off!”

About 20 minutes after separating from Notum, I reached the city gates. As I got closer to the wall, the things that caught my eyes increased. The color of the eyes of the man who was canning around and all the people who looked at me is triggering a mental breakdown for me!

[Information update: Curiosity: you are full of curiosity about the world. Recognition +1/ Sparkling Gaze: you who understand beauty! You pay close attention to everything and try to look at beauty. Recognition +1]

<Information Update>


You are full of curiosity about the world.
Recognition +1

Sparkling Gaze

You, who understand beauty! You pay close attention to everything and try to look at beauty.
Recognition +1

“What… what is with this?”

Even the good characteristics I knew were popping up. Of course, awareness increases the observation ability, and it is a really good stat in finding out objects and dangers around, but not this time since it’s coupled with mental breakdown…


“Ackk! F**k, this is so annoying! I hate it! I am heading back!”

When everything around looked suspicious, or everything was something to be wary about, the mental breakdown was fast! Even with my eyes open and concentrating, I cannot stop thinking about it!

“Phew, phew. Let’s get rid of the annoying things first. Status window? Except for the information update, everything else needs to be manually checked. Turn off the chat too.”

Doing so, I closed my eyes and managed to escape from the irrational windows that wanted me to lose mentally!

‘I knew it would be hardcore, but I didn’t expect it to be this much. It is beyond imagination. I wasn’t even sure what this character is.’

Still, he seemed like a ranker, so I decided I should put up with it to some extent.

The first growth direction he thought was the growth of the ‘Memorize Specialized Wizard’ wizard is already a difficult one to raise, and they have to go through a casting process. So, I was planning to raise the character as a memory type who doesn’t need to waste time with casting. If that is the case, I will be free from any mental clutches, and it will be possible to use a shield to cover my fragile body and utilize the best of my character.

‘But there aren’t great magic towers near the Rodrik. At least there is the only one which is quite far from Memorize is think.’

“Huh. uh… it hurts… f**king shitty character….”

My head was constantly throbbing, and the pain in my body was continually coming up.

As I took my shoes off, I could see the soles of my feet already peeling out the skin and pool of blood inside. I heard the rumors that the glass body is the worst trait a character could have, but this is too much. It damn hurts. It hurts like shit. It would be a miracle to get through the day with such a body.

I’m simply going to die. If I come across a thief or a wild dog, that’s where this body ends.

“… let’s just get into the city first. I cannot do anything until I fix this body. I need to register as an F-rank mercenary as soon as possible and improve my body by doing chores. How much was the Iron Skin spellbook? Around 4,000 Shillings? Maybe 5 Shillings excluding the food and the lodging expenses per day for washing dishes in the inn. This can’t be done. Are there any decent places in Turan city? I think there should be something to do a bit in World 2. I need skills such as Combat Breath that add additional durability like ‘Road of Malacca’ or True Blood Point’s Iron Blood, which might bring me a civilian-level body. Right. I hope to see that happen. I need to somehow get into the city first to get a solution!”

As I closed my eyes to search my thoughts, I found something.

Without realizing I smiled.

Right. Let’s just admit it. This game is fun. As difficult as it gets, a sense of accomplishment rises within me after overcoming those challenges. The feeling that I am doing something fills me from head to toe.

‘Right, let’s just pretend like I got tricked this time. The real start is when I enter the city!’

Encouraging myself like that, I slowly opened my eyes and turned to the system.


- Soygaybar : man!! Open the chat!!! Bang! Bang! Knock!

- Holli : this… you turned off the chat!

- Speedwagon : right. If the player’s name is grayed out, the chat cannot be seen.

- Highwaynachoman : lack of communication! Stream reform!


“F**king game.”

With the other effect of his mind being touched, he turned cynical in an instant. He thought it would be better to avoid the expectation that he could survive a month by staying sane.

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