Chapter 10 - Crisis, Opportunity, Crisis (1)

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Swish! Swish!

As the sun began to set in front of the city gates of Turan, many people lined up to enter the city after finishing their daily work. At the same time, even though seated, a bulky man, whose head was the same height as those standing, was scribbling something down.

“Let’s see, near the west side of the big blue line, the Forest of Notum is about here. There are wheat fields on both sides along the road, and the gates… should I mark them like this?”


<[Region Information Update - New Area: Turan City, Northern Rodrik]>

“Ah, I see.”

What I am doing now is storing local information in the system, called mapping. The system didn’t even provide us with the basic map, but one can register it by recording their own path or buying a map from a store. Of course, buying one will be more convenient, but it is more accurate to do it as we move, and whenever I have time, I do it since the only map I get through my level is just a vague design of the land.

“This turned out pretty good? This much… I can just buy some paper and make one map later.”

The map registered with the system has rough outlines, roads, and main points for reference. When I first mapped the character I raised before, only this level got displayed with circles, city, and dotted roads, so this is fantastic quality. It was the effect of the high awareness I acquired from the start and the artistic characteristics such as [Twinkling Eyes].

“I think I can draw better… should I erase it and try from the start?”

- Soygaybar : professor, didn’t you just say you didn’t have time?

- Jokass : he said he is busy. Didn’t he say this game is worth every second?


“I am feeling restless too. But what can I do when so many have to enter the castle?”

I lifted my head, which was looking down, and looked at the people.

“The child Mandy is pregnant with….”

“I can live no matter how….”

“Pass! Next! Please move!”


The effect of [Mental Weakness] is like being terminally ill. Regardless of my will, the information acquired through increased cognitions gets shoved into my head.

‘What? did the cow give birth?’

‘Can live somehow?’

‘Move fast? Why is the guard in a hurry? Suspicious!!!’

The alarm constantly goes up in my head at any information it gets. Still, I have learned to separate the crazy stuff from informative stuff based on the conversation of the people, and I know the useless data is as huge as a boulder!

The mapping was the same. If I constantly looked around, my head would explode. Anything is good, so focus on one thing to take in less pain.


As soon as I raised my head, I first closed my eyes to ease the pain.

“Concentrate, anything to focus on. Uh… right, let’s make plans for the future.”

- takealook : didn’t you already do that earlier?

“The more detailed the plan is, the better! Let’s check if I missed anything!”

I tried to erase the hand-drawn map on the ground and then removed my hand as I rubbed the ground with my foot.

“Now, let’s start with the big ones. First, what do I aim for?”

At this level, having goals makes no sense. Like the event I received a while ago, I’m unsure what to do or how to respond to a sudden event. However, the ultimate goal is the clearing, which can be considered even now.

“I can only think about clearing it… but it is tough.”

- Speedwagon : it is difficult. To think of clearing the world and the character clear limit too, the timing of clearing those all is a bit of a problem.

- takealook : it makes no sense to think about clearing at all

- Highwaynachoman : if I had to choose between the two, it would be the long-awaited one

The main story for World 3 takes place for about 10 years, from 121 to 130 in Solar Calendar, and the method of clearing is divided into two directions.

A long-awaited quest—first, creating a character and clearing the [Awaited Quest], which occurs according to a set origin, and seeing the character ending.

Take my character as an example. Since he is [son of a fallen knight family], the route corresponds to rebuilding his ruined family and ending it with a cry in front of the family grave. It is easy and fast, and there would be no scenario that calls for destruction.

However, in this case, the player does not intervene in the flow of the world till the end, and humanity will perish, so he cannot receive permission to move on to the next world. In a way, since it is an easy-mode play, the audience preference will be lower, and the streaming revenue will fall.

The second is to mobilize all possible means to raise the capabilities of the entire human race and to clear the extinction scenario head-on.

In this case, the rate of change that is recorded along the clear, and various benefits are given depending on it, such as being able to meet surviving forces of the next world. Suppose the character’s long-awaited quest gets accomplished while proceeding to the final destruction scenario. In that case, the player’s character will be remembered as a past and will appear as an NPC in the next world.

In my case, it will be right to take the direction to clear the Character Quest. But the reason I am worried is…

‘Things like fallen family and stuff need a minimum of 5 years in-game to reach a conclusion, and the path I took till now looked too peaceful.’

Right. The wheat fields were amid harvest, the farmers smiling, and the neatly paved roads were maintained right. Isn’t this a good scenario?

In the early days of World 3, the 121st year was a battleground for rulers who forgot about the crisis 70 years back. The nobles started to drain people of their blood for their own well-being and invaded neighboring estates and kings, encouraging conflicts in the name of the throne.

As a result, the security of the estates went down, the forest was infested with bandits, and the plains got filled with groans of ghouls who looked hellish. It is a common scene around the year 121 to be hit by arrows. The era of wars when noble families had vanished, and new ones had been established. A perfect time to do the family-related long-awaited quest.

‘But the fact that the road is neat and organized means noble wars are done. If the road can be maintained like this, it should be around 124 ends or something like that. The time seems too vague?’

If I could only know which year this is, there would be fewer things to worry about. I asked the NPCs around me who were lined, but maybe due to my messed-up appearance, they didn’t even want to look at me.

If this is the 124th year, it is a little too late for me to go after the character quest. As mentioned before, it will take 5 years to get it done, and even if the family I belonged to is small, the destruction begins on 127th in earnest.

World 3 destruction scenario: [massive attack of the beast species called Mutation Blood.]

From the year 124, when the era of the war finally ended, the warlocks began to move, and in 127, the warlocks turned more active.

‘Well, the security isn’t good, and the ghosts with ghouls start overflowing.’

If we assume that the year now is 124, then I need to start moving in earnest. Characters who focus on diplomatic features need to inform the nobles still drunk on the concept of conquest to unite the forces and turn to combat forces to defeat even one more warlock.

According to the research in the community, every time the warlock is killed, one less mutated corps will appear.

Also, during the period of [Experimental Mutation Blood] and [Transfusable Mutation Blood] can be seen around the battlefield, they had to be caught at all times. If they miss it, their mother, which absorbs its magical properties, will produce even stronger ones, and the difficulty will increase significantly.

‘Will I be rebuilding my family at this time when everyone else will be struggling for the sake of mankind? It is easy to get stabbed in the back with a knife.’

In that way, the moment the 129th year of Solar reaches us fighting the Mutation… the third destruction comes

“In the end, depending on the starting point, what to focus on is different no matter how I look at it. 124 years has passed for sure.”

- Speedwagon : why bother asking us when you made up your mind?

“Because it is frustrating. So frustrating.”

124 (estimated) age of warlocks rising. And I am weak and frail, making it impossible for me to leave a mark. The combat power is lower than normal people, and the more I plan, the darker my future looks.


I sighed.

“I don’t know. One after the other. Let’s take it slow. First, let’s get some good equipment from Turan. There is a saying that the faster you try to move ahead, the more you step back.”

Seeing the castle gate approaching, I sighed again.

“Uhu, so we passed….”

The inspection of Turan wasn’t much tough, and the northern front line, ah, was it called the Moludic Castle now?

Anyways, Turan is slightly inland than the Moludic Castle and serves as a supply depot for the two warring cities. As outsiders, as much as mercenaries, it is essential to enter and exit by answering legal questions.


‘Professor. No last name.’

‘No last name, huh… looks like a fallen noble to me. Why are you visiting Turan?’

‘For a living. I plan to work as a mercenary.’

‘Good, a strong man like you is always welcomed here. With not enough people on the battlefield, we need as many as we can. No need to know the gender and race, but what’s your age?’

‘20 years old.’

‘Professor… 50 years old… looking quite young though.’

‘No, it’s 20 years old! Twenty!’

‘Huhu, that is a funny joke, but I am busy, so don’t kid with me. Did I hear it wrong or something?’

‘I am 20. It is because I have a unique body structure.’

‘This man! Don’t you know that if you do not answer rightly in Turan city, you will be punished according to the law? Now, don’t hide the age and say it!’


‘Tsk! Catch him! Seeing him lie to such a simple question, he must be hiding something.’

‘W-what! Don’t put that on me!’

It took me a little over 30 minutes to get through there.

“Ahem… cheer up, man.”

“We are sorry. We didn’t know it was a thing.”

They did say that, but they practically dragged this fragile body right away. And as soon as the guards caught me, the flesh in the captured area began to release blood.

‘W-what! what happened? The charges weren’t even said. You tortured the man!’

‘Ah, no! I was just tying the rope, and suddenly the blood—’

‘This is what I was telling you! I have a unique body!’

The guard who saw that had gone pale. As they can see, my body looked fragile, and my face looked old due to that.

They suddenly looked sympathetic to me, even those who were suspicious before. Even though they didn’t want to believe it, now they all had to, after seeing the blood dripping on the floor.

I was about to leave after they wrapped the herbs and bandage around the hand that the guard gave when their captain reached out.

“What now?”

“No, I just wanted to give something.”

What now…

When I looked behind, the guards, too, were glancing to the side. What is this? Were they smiling?

The guard looked slightly embarrassed as he turned his head and coughed several times.

“We think a lot differently of you now that we know what happened. With this terrible condition, you’re surviving the tragedy of your family and training your body to keep going. It would have been impossible with a will normal people have. I managed to meet a good man after a long time. I want to shake hands.”

“Ah… yes… well.”

Well, I can’t tell him this body has looked like this since the character was created.

I reached out to the guard, who gently touched my hand like a fragile stick. Well, a favor is a favor… but… I feel bad for some reason! Behind there! That man! Stop making a happy face!

“Did you say you came here to be a mercenary? You did well. Turan is always out of people to work. If you cannot find a job in the city, visit the Silver Cry Inn. Can you see the road straight ahead from here? Look to the left and keep walking, and you will be able to find it. It is the largest mercenary union in Turan, so there will be work of people like you.”


The captain looked at me with warm eyes and tapped my arms.


“Cheer up!”

“Do not lose to that curse, boy!”

“Never give up!”


Instead of saying anything, Professor just waved his hand.


<[Information update: The Guards of Turan’s affinity towards the player has increased.]>

- Nuru_is_Druig : wow! You man! After the troll, now even the guards got charmed by you!

- Jokass : such a great performance. The faces of the guards are must watch

- Speedwagon : I need to record it. There’s such type of attacks?

+Player ‘Soygaybar’ donated 500 Shillings.

- Soygaybar : lol we lol find a weird way out lol

- Highwaynachoman : handicapped preferential treatment. I never even imagined. Respect!


It was the first time I was happy due to the favor of another NPC. No, this is the second one. Notum, too, showed me a kind of favor.

And a thought crept into the mind, ‘Maybe this no-good ugly character actually has a bizarre way to charm others?’

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