Chapter 13 - Crisis, Opportunity, Crisis (4)

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“From now on, forget about your past! No one cares if you are a noble or a servant! One thing that sets you apart here is when you go into the battlefield as a warrior, you shall be a corpse or come back alive wielding swords! Get it?”


Upon arriving at the improvised barracks on the outskirts of the city, Professor saw the soldiers they were following were mentally training the new recruits.

‘That is bullshit.’

The troops on their way to the battlefield are anxiously trembling because of these words. It is close to a miracle that such soldiers face the enemies on the battlefield and wield their swords.

‘No, you also know that, so you are scared too, right?’

It is difficult to inspire courage in soldiers but easy to install fear.

You only need to put someone with authority on a high podium shouting up and swinging the sword a few times. If the one on the podium decides to cut someone’s neck as an example, then every other recruit would be too scared to even wield anything and probably desert the place right here.

“Huh, are you all mercenaries? Then I wouldn’t have to teach you any mental training. Position yourself accordingly. From left to right. Infantry, shield troops, archers…? If there is one, please take a seat on the far right.”

While I was watching the movement of barracks, a soldier who appeared to be a captain took over the group I was in.

“I know roughly what you people are thinking. Even mercenaries wouldn’t want to stand on such a dangerous battleground.”

At the man’s words, one of the mercenaries said, “Damn it, you bastard! You know it isn’t like we people are paid to protect the city. We are brought in here probably so we could die first.”

“Soldier. What is your name?”

“Eh! What? If you know my name, will you come back later to punish me? Then, I am your wife, you bastard! Nice to meet-”


The mercenary didn’t even get to finish his speech. His head, cut in one slash, couldn’t speak anymore as it fell to the ground.

Tuk. Thud!

The centurion-looking man ordered some soldiers to remove the fallen corpse and wiped the blood off his sword with a handkerchief.

“I’m saying this ’cause it looks like you misunderstand something. Whether you think this is unfair or not, this is a battlefield, and you are a soldier. It means that if you disobey, you will be judged according to the military law.”


“Answer me!”


“Right. I don’t expect much from you people. Keep your place and complete the assigned task on your spot. This is a normal request and your duty. The risk is high, but the Lord will pay a nice price once this is done.”


“It is good to see the change so quickly. From now on, I will select units for each position. Before selection, is there anyone who doesn’t have personal equipment?”

Most of them, including Professor, raised their hands. Most of them were mercenaries, so they did have self-defense kits, but the products delivered by the military are known to be better in quality.

“Even if it is forced conscription, I don’t plan to send you barehanded. There are supplies left in the barrack to the left. Pick what you need. Upon request, they will be placed in the front line according to your pick. If you need to do any necessary preparations, do it in advance.”

After hesitating for a moment, the mercenaries advanced toward the barracks. Their gaze fixed on the glittering spears in front of them.

Me? As soon as the centurion vanished into his own barrack, I ran as if someone was chasing after me. If I cannot avoid going to the front line, I need to move in the direction I can live as much as possible.

“Did you run like this because you were in a hurry?”

“Weapons… is it this?”

“Can you not see? The armor over there and the weapon in front were all piled up. Just pick the one which fits your well.”

He didn’t run for no reason.

It was said that the weapons here were useful to the regular army, but the weapons provided for the conscripts were surpluses, so these weren’t exactly made for us, but trash that soldiers didn’t need. If you don’t want to use the least useful thing, you will have to move faster.


[Old Shield: A shield that is cracked and broken after using for a long time. It is neglected care on it and has moisture on it]

[Crossed Chainmail: chainmail issued for Turan regular soldiers. Durability decreased sharply due to the improper maintenance of it + has the smell of vinegar.]

“Are you asking us to use this?”

“If you don’t like it, go in barehanded. Judging from your look, it seems like you became a mercenary to get food and shelter, but realize that those who come behind do not have the luxury of getting a weapon, too, so your decision.”

Looking back at his words, I saw men reaching out to their families by praying and saying stuff like, ‘I will come back alive!’. It seemed like the new ones coming into the battle for the first time were sent to take weapons from here. If they come, nothing will be left, so I need to find the right one that catches his…

‘Even so. How can these even be called weapons? And vinegar? Did someone soak it in or try to get rid of the metal? Anything made of metal here?’

I grumbled inside, but my eyes constantly examined the weapon. There was no status window telling me what weapon here was nice, so I had to rely on my eyes and experience to determine it.

When the other conscripts finished their tearful reunion and arrived at the weapons barracks, it was after some time that I got a useful weapon.

[Nobility training Shield: A shield used for sword training by noble families. Due to the strong impact, the central iron shafts twisted, defense efficiency -20%.]

[10th Captain’s Broken Shield: a shield given to the Turan regular army captain. It was repaired by a blacksmith with inferior skills. It is firm but has no handle to hold.]

[Kite Shield cut in two: the lower part of the shield was cut neatly.]

[Oiled Brigandine: the Brigandine armor for Turan’s regular army. By feeding enough oil, the defense was improved + it smells like spoiled lard.]

[Leather sandals: plain leather sandals.]

“Y-You! Why are you rummaging like this?”


“If you got your gear, jump out quickly! The White troops’ captain will lead you!”

‘Lead us? He’ll just throw us into the battlefield and stand in the black.’

Fortunately, the soldiers in charge of the weapons weren’t too interested in conscripts. Thanks to that, I could swipe out all useful shields into the inventory with only 4 spots open. It looked like they had thrown in a couple scrapes from noble families too.

‘Not bad. If it’s an item supplied to nobles, the basic durability is different from a shield used by ordinary soldiers.’

“Sort out now! If you don’t destroy the formation shown, you will not die! Trust your comrades next to you! Now!!!”

“Who makes eye contact with me will die! Do not turn your back on the battlefield!”

As if pushed ahead on the battlefield, the captains and soldiers just led them there with shouts. The smell of iron and the sour smell of sweat of nervous people.

‘Sergeant? Get out from ahead!’

‘Lieutenant! This doesn’t seem right! If we cut off that bridge now, the civilians on the other side will die!’

‘If we don’t stop that, then we all die! Do you know that if we lose more troops here, we lose control of this area!’

‘But! A lot of people like those before ones will be eaten alive!’

‘Jeffery, take part to the barracks.’

‘Let’s go. When communication is lost, you know what to do! This bastard sees one Mute and his dick shrunk!’

‘The protest of corpora Park will be dealt with military law later. Take him now! And blow it!’

‘Y-You mean it?’

‘If you cannot, I will do it.’

‘S-shot, you bastard! Stop-!’

The bridge that collapsed and the people clamoring by the waves were painted red from the other side. Professor had good eyes, and at that moment, it all felt so clear.

“Fuck. It is useless to bring such a memory up.”

Professor shook his head to shake it off when the memories of the past flowed in.

“Turannn!!! Defend!!!! Move ahead!!!”

“Forward! Forward!!”

The captain’s commander and the troops that followed, with pointed spears and shields on their shoulders, turned to the conscripts. If you don’t walk forward, you’ll be stabbed, they were saying with their eyes and guns.

‘This means civilians and F-rank mercenaries who cannot fight will be their meat shields, you motherfuckers!’

For now, they are fine, but they don’t have time to make a plan for the next battle. Sure, the first crash is to survive, and then what? Will you be able to run into the fight after the bodies, which took the attacks for you, no longer exist? No, will the mercenaries union stand behind, wait for me, and come to help? If not? I might have no other choice but to die like this…

“Uhhh! This makes no sense! I do not see a way out! No! There is a way! Professor, get yourself together!”

I slapped myself on both cheeks. I prepared everything I could with what I knew. If there is no place to step back, just do the best you can.

“Shield! Go ahead and remember!!! Move!!”

At the captain’s words, the conscripts with broken armors and old shields began to move. Mutes tend to focus on visible enemies, so we should attract their attacks as much as possible. Formation? Fucking shit. If this happens, the front-line shield, including myself, will not make it out alive.

“Moveee! Shield up!!!”

“Shields uppppp!!!!”



The orders came again, and the F-rank ones, with their standard shields, formed a formation and raised the shields.

‘Nice, now!’

The distance from the mutes was now close enough to clash within minutes, and the captain’s gaze had shifted from the soon-to-dye flesh shields to Turan soldiers. This meant that the spears aimed at our backs were all now looking at the enemy to subdue.

As soon as the regular soldiers behind the back raised the shield up and blinded their own captain’s line of sight, Professor began to dig the lower edge of the half-cut kite shield he had taken from the weapons barrack.

[Skill: Use trap installation]



- takealook : why are you digging ground all of a sudden?

- Guns_N_Blood : I don’t think this is right. Contact with the enemy has to be limited. We do not have enough time to dig a trench for that thing to fall!

“I know it too! Everyone option out there is shut down for me!”

Dig! Dig! Dig!

I slammed it down with all my strength dozens of times until the fragile palms looked scraped with blood flowing, but thanks to all that effort, I managed to dig in a small pit that even half of my body wouldn’t fit.




“Kuak! kuaK!”


“Be readyyy! Ahead!! Spears!”


“Please! Just a little bit more!”

The mutes were now getting close enough for us to hear their cries.

After inserting the tip of the kite shield obliquely into the front of the shallow trench, the other shields removed from the inventory were placed in the direction of supporting the slope. Then, I crumbled as much as possible between the slanted space and crouched down.

‘If this body collides with those things, not just arms but my entire ribs will collide. Fortunately, the current Mutation Blood isn’t fully evolved to be combat specialized. Even if these are strengthened ones, their essence was an 8 to 9 level for gene collection. The ability to judge and assess must be reduced by a lot. And if I can just get through the first wave, they will go ahead and charge for the troops, which I can then see in front of my eyes!’

This is the reason I didn’t even think about putting a sword in the inventory. There was no reason to set up for merit or a courageous act on this battlefield, so I should be shielding myself appropriately.

I thought that even if I blocked it ahead like the others, my body would not be able to withstand it. So I chose the shields, which can function like an armor to me. If I let the pressure be taken in by the shields dug to the ground, there is only one thing left for me to do.

One, hold the kite shield mounted at an angle so it wouldn’t be pulled up on impact. Two, pray that the shield’s durability will not break immediately as the monsters step on it.

“I can do it! I can do it! Come at me, you bastards! I am the one who survived more than 5 years in the wasteland!! I have overcome such damn crisis more than you can count!!!!!”

The land was shaking below the feet,



Finally, a huge shock shook Professor’s body came.

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