Chapter 14 - Crisis, Opportunity, Crisis (5)

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Thud! Thud! Stomp!

“Kuaaa!!!! Ackkkk!!!”

As I felt the shock was heavier than I had imagined, I became sure.

‘It blocked!!’

The shock was indeed there, but there was no sense of clinging or pulling, proving that the enemy didn’t notice me down here.

‘The mutes attacking right now are a mix of too many things, from humanoid types to the body of beasts. There is bound to be a difference in the running speed, then. Those pushing now are probably the quick-footed ones. Once all of them are swept away, there will be a little time before the next group arrives, and I can fall back!’


Instantly, a bloody lump of blood rushed through my throat, even though most of the impact was just me being pushed to the ground with the shield.



Perhaps because the shield’s endurance had worn out, the claws of the beasts would puncture through the weak areas of the assembled shield, cutting through my eyelid. Rather than a searing pain, I was perplexed by the toenail’s impact.

- Speedwagon : … this much can be handled

- Holli : he might die at this rate… please!

- Highwaynachoman : What are you talking about? He is still alive. A contract is a contract!

- Holli : what nonsense is that! This isn’t just a game! If he dies in this realistic game, he’d feel more than that in real life too…!

- Guns_N_Blood : contacts and trust sometimes weigh more than their own safety.

Ugh, shut it!

“System. Chat off.”


I immediately turned off the chat with the system IU. As I put the broken shield aside, I could feel a strange calmness on the battlefield.

‘1st wave… already passed.’

My vision was becoming crimson as blood flowed down from the cut eye. For a brief moment, I felt alone on the battlefield, but then I saw a group approaching us from the rising dust.

‘They are slow. They are mostly bipedal soldiers captured in the cities. They will be able to think to a small extent than the beasts which came first. No, with or without intelligence, they will not take my body!’

I needed to step back now, but my legs wouldn’t move. That was how hard they got rooted to the ground.

‘What is this? Did the damage build up in my body without even realizing it?’

No. If there was such a shock for my legs to turn like this, there should be a visible scar on the shields. And my body is in poor condition. But why is this happening all of a sudden….

Ding- ding-

At that moment, Professor could see a flashing red light in the corner of his vision. This is a signal from the system UI, which was turned off.


[Talent: Honorable Soul: ‘My colleagues in Silver Cry are definitely waiting behind me. This scale… is not a size where few mercenaries who act alone can stop it. They’d even be seated a little ahead of the front like before. I put them in danger. I cannot leave this place! If I keep this position and constantly weaken the monsters breathing through, the mercenaries will be able to deal with them!’

/The honor engraved on your soul has chosen to reject your retreat thoughts and stands up for the comrades!]

“…now I am so lost that I cannot even laugh at this.”

From the moment I picked up this trait, I knew I would get punched by this at some moment, but not this dramatically!

It felt weird. Obviously, my organs inside were hurting, but strangely, my head felt clear. What do I do? Ah, the blood. I think the cut was deeper than I thought. Did I bleed too much?




My blood was dripping, and my blood pressure had dropped, so I was feeling excitement and tension, which had risen to my head. As the tension was relieved, the clenched body felt a bit released. And I thought of one thing in this dazed state. What can I do to live?











My abilities are limited. At first, the collision made the shield’s durability fall further low. Seeing my arm supporting the shield, I knew it wouldn’t last long. My right shoulder looked dislocated, and my internal organs were damaged more than expected.

My legs seemed tied to the ground due to the effect of the trait I had, but the injuries didn’t seem too serious.

[Honorable Soul] is why I cannot move from here, right? Even though it results from a trait, it is what I should eventually activate. Out of all the options available to me right now, the only way I can help my comrades is to retain this position; thus, my decision is set. If I can figure out how to keep my body from getting contact damage while supporting the comrades, I’ll be able to proceed in their direction.

I need to find a way to move using the condition. As I raised my head, I could see the next wave approaching.

While looking at the rear, one corner of the left wing, I saw a few familiar faces. The mercenaries are really doing… I think, screaming, calling me?

Next to them is a unit under the centurion in battle. No need. They will never open the way for me to move. Then, how about the right side? It has already been broken through. It didn’t even look weak. Was it because level 7 monsters came? I need to move away from the right not to get dragged in.

Mid is noisy compared to others. The battle looks intense. Who will win?

As I focused my gaze, more and more scenes began to appear. The crushed teeth of soldiers could be seen. A frightened young soldier was clutching the blood-soaked forearm. A man riding a white horse and swinging the sword without break at the forearm hurt…?

Wait. What was that?

I saw something I shouldn’t be seeing here.

In an instant, I regained my thoughts, and the feeling of time behind me disappeared. White horse? A knight with a large sword on it?

I saw a horse with a snow-white body, a black mane that stood out even in the most chaotic fight, and a knight with a one-of-a-kind sword.

A character comes to mind as I’m looking at this unbelievable scene… but there is no way she is here… right?


At that moment, the claws of the beast, which suddenly jumped out of the crowd, went for the knight, and the helmet was thrown off, displaying her blonde hair. The knight’s face hidden inside was beautiful enough to make people turn even on the battlefield.

The knight who took down the beast using the sword, which flowed as smoothly as a wave, raised the sword high and shouted.

“Do not be afraid!!! Warriors of Rodrik!!! May the knight’s knights be with you! Who are you!!!!”

A clear yet deep voice, like the goddess of war, fell between the soldiers. The eyes of soldiers, which were drenched in fear, exhaustion, and pain, were soon filled with confidence, and it felt like something possessed them as they heard the woman’s voice.

“Shields of Rodrik! Answer me! Who are you!!!”

“S-shields of Rodrik…”

“Shields of Rodrik!”

“You take the vanguard position for the family, the nation, and mankind!”

Thud! Thud!

The soldiers struck the shields and spears to the ground to cheer.

“What are you fighting for?”

Thud! Thud!

“Family we left behind!”

“A life waiting for me!”

“For the life which is yet to be born!”

“Right! As the noble warriors of Rodrik, we have all pledged to pick the swords before we die! Pick your weapons! Head ahead! As always! Our sun rises from the bosom of the hometown!”

“We die on the battlefield!”

“We die on the battlefield!!!!”

“We die on the battlefield!!!!”

“We die on the battlefield!!!!”

“We die on the battlefield!!!!”

What’s coming out of the mouths of the knights is an oath one takes before the actual war begins. It was a chant of Rodrik.

“All troops! Come ahead!!”




The mood did change. No, it wasn’t just the mood. The cry of the soldiers who were in despair and groaning at pain now looked at the enemy.

[Battle Hymn] that boosts the combat power of the subordinate units up to 250%.

[Knight’s Knight] raises the HP, stamina, and defense of all allies within a 400m radius by 3lv against enemies of Rodrik Kingdom.

And the ultimate hero unit specializing in command and war, along with large-scale buffs such as enhanced versions of [Strong Will], which is said to be the highest knight skills, and [Indomitable].

[Sun of Battle]

Charlotte de Agat. She and the knights were facing the left front from the outside of the front line, which meant that the battle on the left would end in no time.

Because the right wing had collapsed much faster than expected, the army was under pressure.

‘The war against the Mute had just begun. Now that the two cities ahead had collapsed, Turan is at the forefront. Fortunately, Turan is a busy trading city, so one wouldn’t have to worry about supplies, but behind are cities with too much distance between and lower war preparations and walls. It is important to win the battle, but it is also important to maintain the fighting power of Turan.’

In that aspect, the battle on the right side had collapsed right at the start of the war. The side that deals with possibly being infected are a situation in which sacrifice is forced. It was necessary to end the battle as quickly as possible.

‘I have to make the war situation advantageous from this side!’

On the left wing is Charlotte, one of the hero units at the end of the game. With her in there, the fighting power of many had been increased, and she is known to come with Knight’s Templar.

In addition, thanks to the structure that I put up, the mutes that I was trying to avoid would break down the balance and slip to the side, and thanks to that, a couple could be taken down.

Under normal circumstances, the vanguard should be the most dangerous situation, but we ended up having Charlotte and the Knights Templar on our side. The enemy cannot be seen after the second wave as this looks like the last, so if we manage to encounter the enemy first and crush them, we can pull down the protruding left wing and encircle the Mute in the battle.

The problem is that I am a soldier, not a commander.

If you cannot lead, make it so you can.

Fortunately, thanks to Professor’s hard work, he had one more thing he could use.

‘My legs can move now…!’

His legs were moving, something he didn’t dream of. It proved that Professor was in a state with no significant effect, even if he moved from his position.

Professor picked one of the best shields he had, which was buried into the ground for defense during the first wave, and joined the Silver Cry group.

“Oldman! I guess you know how to handle it! To be surviving at the monsters which rushed in like tornado!”

The mercenaries who gathered together in the form of a circle and crept head patted Professor on the shoulder as they showed their delight.

Waldorf was there with a large shield and short one-handed sword. He limped yet smiled, looking at Professor.

“You did well. Now go back and rest. Uh! We slowly keep our circle stable and step back!”


Waldorf, leading them, frowned as I asked them to wait.

“Oldman. You seem to be mistaken that we came to save you, but you realize that you aren’t the only one we have to protect. I got everything I need for it, so you need to get out from here and be safe.”

‘As expected, it is a matter of risking lives for the men of the union. He is so fast.’

But he cannot step back now. There is no such thing as moderation in this game, and he knew he would regret this moment if he decided to let them pass.

“I-I know. But I think you left something important.”

“What? Oldie, did you get hurt on the head? What nonsense is this?”

“It seems like the shock touched his brain. Well, sometimes the first timers on the battlefield do go through such things.”

“Ugh, we should probably let someone take care of the kids.”

As they were all worried, Professor smiled.

Many people value him after looking at his physique, especially in a mercenary guild, but these people really cared.

“No, you really left something important. A major way to stop the enemy on the front line and gain a terrific bonus!”

And if you want to talk to a mercenary, it is always done by speaking about money first.

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