Chapter 15 - Crisis, Opportunity, Crisis (6)

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“Major… major merit….”


Waldorf, who came out of the battle position, walked ahead and grabbed me by the collar.

“Ugh, oldie. We’re good, okay? We’re already good in here. What did I tell you when you went here in the morning?”

“I know, I know that….”

“You know? Yah~ so you are saying this even though you understand? If you are going to gamble, go clear your own pocket. Do not put someone else at stake. Get it?”

’… the first battle seems more fierce than expected. It looks like everyone wants to get back safe, right?’

Gamble… I am sorry, but this game is shit. To see this through to the end, I have to scrounge my own and other people’s money.

“Gamble? It isn’t really that. I am human too, and I am not asking to head-butt those crazy monsters head-on….”

As Waldorf placed his knife close to my neck, he wounded me.

“Our lives are on the line.”

“Are we really mercenaries?”

This man seems to be a mercenary in his own right, but I also lived as a mercenary in World 2, even for a bit.

It is pretty clear what it takes to convince a mercenary.

“Is it not our custom to run the gauntlet of danger at the very brink in search of the tiniest treasures? Earlier, we were all in the same position with the mutes. However, things are now different, right? Can you not see the knights over there grinding up over those mutes? If the battlefield was a gambling house until the last wave, then the one standing right now is us scamming the gambling house itself! This is a play we can enjoy! Everyone knows that those who remain in the front until the end of the battle earn more than those who fall behind, right?”

First, what can be defined as the life of a mercenary? Gold.

“Even so, there is no way the knights stand on our side—”

“Take a look around. My memory is hazed, but it seems like we can see a couple friendly faces from yesterday? And no one died, right?”

“… because we are all lucky here.”

“Not a single comrade died in the battle! Did the knights come down to save us and ensure the crisis didn’t come? Do you really think it is all luck? The eyes of Gundar-Pasa are upon us, maybe? And you are getting out of such a battlefield?”




When the name Gundar-Pasa came up, the God of Mercenaries and wanderers, everyone turned back to listen as they stroked the thumb of their right hand with the left. It is often like a prayer to god asking for a blessing.

Second, what could make the most powerful mercenary tremble? Superstitions.

“… you might be right to some extent, oldie. However, I am the head of the Turan Mercenary Guild. Now that we’re still a lot, they’re treating us well. However, once we are weakened, they will pressure us into signing an unjust contract. The risk of it—”

“Ah, for real! I might just drag myself out here with how much you are saying. Ugh, come on! Just tell me you are scared! The moment you see those mute bastards running to us, did you feel weak and your balls shrink?”


“… what?! You bastard?!”

“I mean, we’re all mercenaries who risk our lives to make money, anyways. Why are you arguing so much? The situation is good, it’s profitable, and it’s not dirty.”

“… Hah! Look at you speak.”

“Your body is a mess, but it seems your mouth has lots of energy.”

“Must have been the effect of drinking.”

The mercenaries, who were preparing to retreat, began warming up one by one, breaking their necks. Mercenaries are people who have huge pride doesn’t like being questioned, and there is an opposing view among the public that they only work for the sake of money.

“F**k. Fine. I do not know what you are trying to do, but I will go there even if I have to get dragged around!”

Third. What mercenaries with immense pride live and die is always based on provocations.

“Tch. Seeing that you came back alive from where you were brought to die, it seems like you’re on to something. I will listen this time, but what more can we do here?”


[Information Update: ‘Silver Cry Mercenary Guild Group’ temporarily follows your orders.]

I smiled as I read the notification.

‘Finally, a small horde which moves the battlefield has come to hands.’

“Ah, that. Actually, it isn’t something special. Maybe we don’t even need to fight?”

Professor walked ahead and drew a line with the shield he was holding, and he looked at the second wave, which was a short distance away.

“Loosen up the circle, make a defense line between us here, and make as much noise as possible.”

GG has many negative features. No, not many, but almost everything!

However, just because they are negative does not mean they are useless. In the twilight period, in the case of [Old Age], which is a typical trait for characters to be of age 60, all the physical abilities were reduced by 30%, but a special skill called [Wisdom of Elderly] was provided.

In the case of [Incendiary Maniac], a fire attribute affinity and resistance, [Cannibal] has additional attack power against humanoid enemies, and [Mental Weakness], which cannot be controlled, has a wide range of information acquisition abilities.

Typically, useless information covered my thoughts, which was annoying as it brought headaches. However, when I first came to the battlefield that needed information from various angles, it was more helpful than anything else, excluding the headache part.

Maybe it was because the adrenaline surged from the wound, or perhaps it was just more manageable than before.


I grabbed my throbbing head and scanned the information around.

’… None. No, flags, no trumpets, or no shouts were being yelled by the command line which came either.’

Since all the battles were happening in haste, no one had a strategy. At best, the knight captain gave orders to the soldiers.

However, the army in the middle, where the captain commander is now located, is in a state of disarray as they were being attacked from both sides, and the right wind had already collapsed. There is a high chance that the focus will be on the battle, and I decided they can judge rightly for themselves.

‘The lack of control on our side… means that captain who should give the order got killed.’

The knight captain commander, Charlotte de Agat, didn’t just push for us. A hero unit like Charlotte is no joke, right? She is strong, the defense is high, and so is her insight. Seeing that the captain got annihilated, she came here to prevent the soldiers from retreating into the castle. Right now, even the mercenaries were out here trying to ensure they ended this so their family could be safe, right? And if the left side decided to retreat, then the mid army would get swarmed by three sides.

And being tied to one place is always a frustrating thing for those of her combat level.

‘If she is of 7th or 9th rank, the knights, including Charlotte, will collapse at the constant barge of enemies.’

Here, my mercenary friends and I come in.

“Yah, yah! Is this for real?”

“I am telling you! Don’t talk and do it!”

“No, we are making a daily schedule for how many people we have! Can you not see the other side almost being wiped out? If we enter this time, we will all die! What are you doing trying to get the attention?”

“Ah, just believe me! Come on, louder! Knock harder!”

Kang! Kang! Kang!

“T-this way!”

“Ahhhhh!!! You monsters!!”

It isn’t reliable. They can decide to not do it.

However, the thing is, the system had confirmed it. The mercenaries will not fall despite the damage.

Unable to take their eyes off the mutes approaching, their hearts are pounding so much as they begin to make noise again.


“Kuaaa! Kuaaak!”


“Okay!!! Oldie, they are flocking here! What do we do?”

Professor looked behind and at the primary unit of the left wing, which was quite far from them. The mutes of the 1st wave are almost done.

‘Let’s believe with her. She isn’t a normal hero, but the Dauh of Battle. She must be 100 times more aware of this situation than me.’

“Enough! Stop the noise! From now on, my left line will move 10 steps to the left, and the right line will move 10 steps to the right! Widen the gap in the middle!”

“What? Widen it? Do you want to let them pass? You insane-”


Professor moved behind the mercenaries.

They have to come, those beasts have to come…


Professor could hear the sound that he was desperately waiting for.

“Here they come! All five steps left and right, just run in the direction you take!”

“No, you should at least tell us what this is!”

“Uhahaha! Look behind! I told you! There is no need to fight!”

Waldrof and the others turned their heads at the bright laughter of Professor.


“Move outttt!!!”


“Winged knights-! Kuaakl!”



“Move! Get out of my way!”

“Uhahaha! With those people there, why do we have to fight? Just turn the plate over to them!”

I wanted to go support the mid-army, which was collapsing right now, and if I left the left line, it seemed like they would get ripped off. In such a situation, what will the knights here desperately want?

‘Well, because of me, the front line will move ahead to counter the enemies, so wouldn’t they want to come ahead and get rid of the enemies who are concentrated on my unit?’

Mutes? Even if they are strong. Charlotte and her knights, while benefiting from her buff, will be able to pass through them without much effort. Regardless of the number and combat power, just sticking together will bring us victory.

‘If there is a difference in combat power on our side, we need to throw the bait!’

And so I called for the mercenaries. As a result, the low-level mutes rushed to us, and the camp spread out, enough for the ones behind to pass through.



All the mutes which came to the left side were coming at us.

“For the king!!!!”

“For the king!!!!”

“Break through!!!”


The Knight’s Templar had broken through the mercenary people who had widened the distance with the mission to do damage to their enemies and were moving ahead. Ah, this feels so nice!

“Hehehe! Look. What did I say? Wasn’t this a perfect scam? Easy, right?”

Waldorf and the other mercenaries just looked at the mutes which were being killed and looked at my face.

“Did you… expect all this?”

“Expect? I just thought the knights behind me should be frustrated with the situation. And the knights are already crazy to swing their lances and swords, so if we gave them a good situation, they would act how we want them to. And the distance between them and us is long. Also, they have enough speed to come to our side, so it was clean shot we delivered to them.”

In the original Lance Charge, it is normal for the knights to return to the edge of the battle area and hit the enemy’s rear or flank. But if the enemies are scattered like this and approached straight ahead, no flank would work, right?

This is why I deliberately moved ahead, created enough distance for them to accelerate, and put the mutes in one place. Did I lay out this plan? I just gave a situation the people with horses cannot help but come.

Waldorf, who was listening, was shocked.

“And you thought all of this in a brief moment? Even when you just finished your first battle and got injured?”

“Hehehe. I tend to use my brain a bit.”

Actually, this is a fight I decided to get involved in because of Charlotte being here and swinging the sword amazingly.


“Wow. Already done.”

I could hear the sound of the knights returning to their positions after the battle was done. Well, they are low-level mutes. The one ahead will follow the one behind without thoughts. Thanks to that, it seemed like the Lance Charge worked fine.


Returning knights slowed down in front of us. A blonde knight with a halo on the back was looking down.

“Who among you is in charge?”

“Ah, that will be me, Waldorf Torpic, Master of Mercenary Guild Silver Cry…”

“Mercenary Guild. I see. Nobody is wearing military armor, then all of you must be mercenaries. So, you’re saying that you are the one who led them here?”

Topric was a bit conflicted at this. If he looked closely, he can see at a glance that the person wasn’t an ordinary one. And if he said ‘yes’ here, the merit of oldie will come to him. It will be a lie that he didn’t like, but…

[Hehehe! What did I say? A total scam! Easy, right?]

Standing next to the guy who was silent and just smiling, he also laughed.

It was the knight who blew up hundreds of monsters, along with ten or so knights, who had to risk lives to catch them.

A guy who can read the battlefield in an instant and persuades the mercenary at the same time.

‘Ah, fuck. I never thought I could get such a catch.’

“… caterpillars should eat pine needles alone.”

“Um? What did you say?”

“Ah, I was talking to myself and for what you asked, I am the captain of theirs, but it is this big guy here who made the plan and placed us there.”

“Um?… then your name?”

“Ah? Ahh. Professor. I have no last name, just Professor.”

“No last name means…you are from a noble family. Someone seemed to know a little bit about strategy here, and that someone was you.”

“Ha, yes…”


The knight is actually Charlotte who held the sword on the throat of Professor who was smiling awkwardly.

“Then, you know what you did. Without a separate command or order, you moved those belonging to the military with your own thoughts without getting permission and led the evacuating soldiers to conduct a strategy on the battlefield, almost causing chaos on the front line. Under military law, your crime is serious. Do you admit your sins?”

Hearing the words of the knight who put the sword on the Professor’s neck, Waldorf ran ahead without realizing it.

“W-wait! Miss knight! You have misunderstood something! This friend sensed that-”



At Charlotte’s words, the knight next to her blocked Waldorf’s way.

“Professor with no last name. do you admit to your sins?”



Charlotte raised her sword high as Professor answered.

Tak! Tak!

She tapped the left and right shoulders of Professor with the back of her sword.

“Sins are forgiven by merit. From now on, by the authority of the King’s Knight, I, Charlotte de Agat, am appointing you as the temporary captain of the thousand men in the left wing.”

“I accept it.”

“Well, good. Narik, the thing you brought earlier.”

When Charlotte called the knight next to her, he threw a horn attached to the horse to Professor.


[Item Acquisition: Turan Army Advance Trumpet: a horn provided to the captain of each unit. This item is usually used only when going out, and it symbolizes the authority of the commander./+ cracked and broken. It seems to have received a strong shock./ + there is a lot of blood. it seems that the previous owner of it didn’t return it in good condition.]

“Here is an Advance Trumpet. This is enough to prove that you are their commander.”

“It is more than enough.”

“Good. From now on, the knights and I will take down the mutes near the defense line.”

“Then we will block the back and open the sides.”

At the immediate answer, she smiled.

“Huhuhu. Professor… you are worth remembering.”

“You exaggerate.”

“Then, trust me.”

With those words, Charlotte and the knights turned their heads and began to move to the middle.

And the mercenaries who had been too shocked to reach turned to Professor.

“W-what happened here?”

“You-what did you…”

“Hehehehe, what the hell?”

Ah, I shouldn’t be laughing like this. I am called a captain of thousand men, but in modern terms, I am like a commander, so I shouldn’t be laughing like-

“Heheheh! What was that? The scam is amazing! Come on, we don’t have time! Just because I sounded the trumpet alone doesn’t mean the idiots behind will follow! Let’s set the mood together!”

There is no time to get drunk on one achievement. Professor immediately picked up the trumpet that Charlotte gave and blew it.


“Gather!! From now on, I control the left wing! All troops! Make a huge turn around the leftmost column and move! From now on, we hit back of the mutes who are aiming for the middle troops!”

After the battle was done at the command of Professor, which raised his strength a little with this, the soldiers of the left-wing, began to move in a roar.

“Waldorf! What are you doing? Do not get stuck to the left!”


“Normally, if you start these things in the front, everyone will follow you! Go ahead and line up with the others who are dominant like you and turn around into a defense line!”


Waldorf hurriedly took the mercenaries following the orders of Professor and stood to the far left of the line.

“Eh, are you all ready?”

“Brother, are you doing this?”

“Do not talk too much and do what our youngest tell. Keep the pace. One, two!”

Step! Step! Step!

The sound of the mercenaries moving in line with stationed ones caught the ears of soldiers.

“Calm down!! Those who disobey the orders will be governed through military law! Even now, the middle troops are being killed by those monsters! Get your minds straight and stick with the plan!”

One by one, the mercenaries began to cling to each other and the clumsy footsteps turned into more confident unified ones.

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