Chapter 29 - Eyelids (2)

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The next day…

Clean my body with the collected rainwater. Chew in and gulp some tasteless calorie bars with a trainee mindset.

With a calm mind, approach the connector.

“… How many minutes left?”

“18 minutes and 47 seconds left.”

“… It would be perfect if I look at the chat room once and then enter.”

Finally, this moment has come.

It was unknown how my character survived, but the time arrived when leveling up to ‘professor’ bathed in blood, sweat, and tears came back to my senses.

+Player ‘professor’ had entered the chat room in Area 47

- Jokass : !!!

- Noru_is_druig :!!!

- Highwaynachoman :!!!

- Soygaybar : P-professor! You are back!

- professor : gd everyone. How have you been?

“The atmosphere here never changes.”

It felt so nostalgic now; I had adapted to this world.

- Jokass : Well, u have arrived

- professor : why?

- Soygaybar : We were discussing the funeral procession for you.

- professor : Ugh, that’s a high joke level

- Holli : Umm… for real

“What the f**k?”

No, who are these idiots for treating me like a dead person? There is no way this good-natured high school girl Holli could lie…

’No. Would things have worsened if I had been with those crazy men for more than a few days?

Umm… this is my negligence. I have been unraveling the reins of those crazy idiots all this long. I feel a bit of responsibility for this chat room.

- professor : Well, we can greet as we slowly get into the game. Was there any special thing happening while I was away?

- Speedwagon : there were a lot

- professor : Oh, nice to meet you. I couldn’t log in for a few days because I was back to farming.

- Speedwagon : lol

- Soygaybar : why is there a speech difference from when you talk to us?

- Jokass : look at your face in the mirror

- Soygaybar : what do you mean!!

“Still, everyone seems to be having a good time without me.”

Based on the number of people in the chat window, it seemed that most of those who came had gone due to no broadcast. The others endured, and I returned after four days.

- professor : So, what is the special thing?

- Speedwagon : 1. Dome paid attention to your character. Came to the chat room and copied all the play log and conversation contents.

2. After a long struggle, the master of Area 47 finally succeeded in casting abusive language at soygaybar. The intensity was 8 out of 10, and it was pretty creative and amazing profanity too.

3. Princess Levitt visits Area 47 chat room. After driving a huge fandom, she left with the words that our broadcast was being wasted and that new routes are always welcome. It took a while to get rid of the bad guys.

4. It is said that an old-time large-scale underground shelter that was utterly preserved was found in Area 45, seems like all the groups that had made a name for themselves in Wasteland had gone there, but the ones who came out were said to be others.


The 1 and 3 made sense as my play style was unique. Number 2… it is what was bound to happen. 4, the rumors were spreading in the Wasteland, but this fast?

Hearing the story come from an unexpected place made me a little nervous. How long was it known?

- professor : what about 4? I had never heard of such a huge event

- Jokass : you probably didn’t hear it because you were out yesterday. The entire community was in an uproar

- Mukaba : a three new members strong unit that cleaned up the variants that filled the underground, dealt with both Raptor and Dome, and leisurely grabbed the treasures! The name… what was it?

- Speedwagon : Hepburn, V, and I. judging from the names, they should have used the first letter of something. Firstly, all three of them now have heavy bounties.

- professor : uh, how much?

- Speedwagon : Raptor: dead or alive, V and I are 1.5 million, and Hepburn, their leader, is 3 million.

Dome also has the same price and wants them all captured.


- Jokass : Do not be fooled by money, professor. Not ordinary people like us. Judging by the achievement listed above, they are no different than Terminators. You wouldn’t be able to pick bones if they jumped in.

That’s me.

I was a bit confused, but thinking about it, there was nothing to worry about. Surprisingly, my fake name was revealed, but nothing else was known. No matter how many flying and creeping bounty hunters are, they cannot find anyone in this vast Wasteland with just pseudonyms.

‘But it is a bit strange to be known in such detail. The Raptors went in all flashy, but no one knows about Dome except the Raptors and us… ahh.’

Those monsters.

A group of Raptors came out looking like beggars despite going in like gods of violence. Raptors, who appeared like a loser, exposed the people of Dome, who similarly suffered the same damage, to protect their strong image and announced the existence of a third party.

‘They must have secretly leaked information to the Community by ordering someone to do it. It isn’t that they are incompetent, but there was someone who could deal with Dome and Raptor! Well, something like this.’

It seems rumors have been inflated thanks to that needlessly, but what is this? If you cannot get it, make sure the other doesn’t too.


Hearing the built-in alarm ring inside the connector, it seemed like I had run out of time.

- professor : the broadcast will start soon

- Soygaybar : Ah! Cool!

- Numb3rtree : woah~ I have been waiting for you! Glass body professor!

- Speedwagon : No matter how much I looked, he seemed to live, but I couldn’t figure out how

“Right, I am curious too. Shall we start?”

[Welcome. Gyosu Park. For the world, the world beyond. Would you like to access Gerdoit’s Game?]

Hearing the familiar system voice, I exhaled.



As a dazzling light approached. I clenched my fist. Now is the time to return to the wretched Professor full of pain and stress.

Beep- beep- beep

As soon as I came in, I noticed the system beeping in red light. Other than that, nothing was visible.

‘Synchronization is definitely over, but my body doesn’t seem to move, and my five senses are all paralyzed. The only thing I see and hear is the system.’

Even now, countless red dots and sparsely mixed blue dots are blinking under the minimized system window.

’..let’s see the good news first.’

I’m the type to eat or get delicious things first.


[Information Update - Honor Acquisition [Commander of the Immortal] You led your troops in a desperate situation and overcame the defense of the battlefield. Many have witnessed it and commended you for your judgment and courage! / Charisma +2, Heroic Points +10]

‘Great. From stats to heroic points, I got the heavy ones.’

The Heroic Points, to explain simply, is an indicator of how much the world GG recognizes this player character.

And it was said that the system of GG isn’t operated by one hue rule but a multi-composite program where all living things and environments move in parallel with individual programs. Simply put, NPC A does not follow other programs but is filling the program A has to do.

So, all the surroundings and rules of this world are oriented in the direction that NPCs perceive, from NPCs knowing that the sun rises from the east to NPCs understanding that seawater tastes salty. This indicates that if NPC’s perspective can be changed, so can the world.

Heroic Points represent that part. It is an indicator of how heroic an NPC considers a player based on the player’s actions.

The Heroic Points is the power of [Protagonist Correction] which is often found in movies and novels that accumulates when one takes heroic actions, and it spreads around. The more people believe that one is a hero, the less likely he is to die in reality based on the belief that a hero can never die.

‘I cannot do a thing with just 10 points, but this is something I need to build up steadily until the end of the game.’

For a first time, this is good.


[Information Update: A friendly relationship has been established with hero unit Charlotte de Agat/ ‘Stay alive. If not for what you did, I would have had to cut down the people who stood beside me with my own hands. I have heard about you from them so hold on until we get to the temple, please!’/ current relationship: Comrades who shared a life.]


Charlotte de Agat. Rodrik’s first knight and one of the most preferred companions as she goes all the way with the name of Sun of Battlefield.

It is difficult to build a friendly relationship with a woman called the Ironclad Woman, but only one thing can make this young lady, a knight, go weak.

[Comrades who shared a life] is a fairly close one. If this goes well, I could recruit her as my colleague.

‘This is good next…? What is next?’

None. There were no more blue messages.

‘What? What about war rewards? Command rewards! Mercenary promotion! Where did all of they go?!’

There were all the unusual things, but I didn’t get a single basic reward! And when I saw the flashing messages at the bottom of the system window, I began to turn anxious.

’… Well, I have to check everything so let’s just check it once.’

I took a deep breath and then scraped away the flashing red messages.

- Information Updates:

[Warning- ‘Mutation Blood’ infection rate 94% (delayed due to trauma)]

[Warning - Right wrist, left wrist, left ankle, right knee, right ankle, left knee, waist, neck restrained.]

[Warning - 30% blood loss (During enhanced mutation blood)]

[Injury - Right foot amputation (regeneration by Mutation Blood regeneration enhancement 32%)]

[Injury - Spinal Injury (Nerve Paralysis. Mutation Blood regeneration enhancement 45%)]

[Injury - damage to the right and left eyes (Regeneration due to enhanced Mutation Blood left 99% and right 42%)]

[Injury- 45% loss of liver (regenerating by Mutation Blood 88%)]

{New Talent! Dull Neural Acquisition: your body has been exposed to extreme pain and stimulation. Your whole body’s nerve threshold has risen absurdly, and you can now ignore even the slightest among of pain / Skill: Pain Reduction (Weak) Awareness, -1}

[Forced Task - Wizard’s subject: You were caught by an evil wizard for some reason. Be careful! He will not regard you as a living creature!]

[Acquisition of Mutation Characteristics - Extreme Regeneration (Glass Body + Blood Regeneration Enhancement - Mutation Blood Epidermis Enhancement): the Train of Mutation Blood has penetrated into the body, making the injuries recover easily. Your body recovers quickly, but it is still delicate./ Durability fixed to 129/Natural Recovery increased by 5000%/ regeneration using blood in crisis x4/ Death if not replenishing blood consumed by excessive regeneration.]

[Acquire Mutation Traits - Mother’s Call: Cells of Mutation Blood had entered your brain. You hear mother’s call from deep beyond consciousness and cannot refuse.]

[Characteristics Conflict! Mother’s Call vs. Mental Weakness: ‘Come here, child. Offer me your body.’ ‘What? What is this unknown feeling rising from the depth of the heart? Dangerous!’/ Doubt planted deep within your soul doubts the seduction of the cell that has taken over every nerve. The effect of the attribute ‘Mother’s Call’ is reduced by half.]




Oh my…

What in the world is this?

So, let’s summarize this. I am pretty much hurt. Cuts, breaks, bursts, and my whole body had to be tied up. This is a mess. It must have something to do with the changing of job to [Wizard’s Subject].

‘145 hours in real-time. 725 hours of in-game time is about a month. During the month, my body maintained a 93% infection rate.’

Not knowing what was used by the infection stopped with a slight movement in my character’s brain. The result is mutation characteristics. The body is under the control of Mute cells.

‘Spine injury, restraint is supposed to prevent the movement of Mute cells. Even if they don’t have the brain, they will still try to fight.’

Conclusion. I am a subject for a wizard. The subject of the experiment is probably a human infected with Mute. Shit.



With a strange sensation that filled my right eye, I opened my eye to try and get my vision back.

‘Information! Anything is good, so I can infer from the current situation…’

I looked around immediately and was shocked at the scene.

“Insane bastards…”

The room was so thick with blood stains which were red and black, and almost all of the space was filled with objects, except for tools like rusty hacksaws, daggers, and blood-soaked parchments. It was my body. The parts of my body that were being regenerated even at this moment filled up the walls, cupboards, and desks.

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