Chapter 38 - Eyelids (11)

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Midnight. A half-destroyed mansion in a city occupied by monsters. Something huge rose from the deep well, located inside the underground.


A form that walked out of the well began to stretch its body, which had been tense while sleeping in the well. Because of its large body, the well felt congested.

“Um… still, I cannot just give up.”

Personally, I had a lot of bad feelings for the mages who imprisoned me and tested me here, but I have to admit.

[Water Mana friendly system.] was something I felt grateful about.

Professor looked down at the well he had come out of. He did come out of the deep blue waves, but he longed to go back in! It looked so cool! Now, just go in and come out a second later.


“Ah, I really cannot get this out of my mind.”

Right, I will be honest. I am addicted to water, and this was worse than drugs. There is even a warning on drugs saying one would die, but this was pure temptation with no danger.

Especially for a person who lived a devastating life like me, suffering from a bursting body all day long, the well was nothing less than a fountain.

Professor slapped himself on the cheeks and decided it was time to stop and pack his belongings. It was past midnight, and there were 6 days left. For the time being, he had to calculate the journey time to the next city because delays were no longer allowed.


The clenched fist had strong power. It was all he had hoped for, but it had grown sufficiently. Finally, the light of day began to shine, shedding some light on the gloomy character in his game.

Professor began to pack his things and brought a cloth made of ripped curtains.

+[Count Curtain/ Durability 115 + Dried Fish (Salt + Spices) x9]
+Bottle of Blood x5
+Dirty Cloth x2
+Introduction to basic water-based magic of Dorman Baldanis x1
+Tarmaline Anesthetic Solution (1/2)
+Small magic circuit (unstable)
+Minor magic stone fragment.
+345 sil.

“The curtains are about the same level as my body. Again, the durability level is so abstract.”

Of course, it was made of high-quality and durable fabric, as it was the Count’s curtain. It was bound to be tough and strong enough to not tear at impact. However, in the end, it was an object that could be easily cut down with sharp objects.

‘Glass body like mine. Extremely weak to shock, but the pulling force was enough to withstand it. There must be some things I don’t know yet.’

This was the so-called compatibility difference. Just like how leather armor was resistant to hits but weak to slashes, this trait included in the glass body, thankfully, has extreme regeneration and must have something stronger in nature. It should be something.

I put the mute’s blood I had prepared beforehand in case I needed it, wrapped it in a cloth, and picked up the damn book.

[Introduction to basic water-based magic.]

It’s the book I found in Roman’s room. Judging by the meticulous notes and explanations, it seemed that he was trying to give that to me. Still, I was really glad to be able to find it while the affinity with water mana had just reached 100%.

Finally… the magic circuit I found while searching Roman’s room filled with junk…

[Very unstable.]

This will explode.

Looking at the small hole in the middle, it seemed that it would work if a magic stone were placed. Without the research funds, he could only make it with cheap items. And when combined with a low-grade magic stone, even if it lacks power, it can be used as an explosion when needed.

I carefully packed and tied up the items I had acquired, and put on the Count’s clothes that I found in the room that fit my figure.


‘Should I wear this or not…’

A noble-styled garment with fashionable embroidery was worn as a vest, with all sleeves ripped and picked in the center. The bottom piece of clothing looked like shorts, which puffed up at my thighs and were tight below my knees.

At first, it reminded me of nobles’ clothes that looked like rags from old times, and I wondered if this character doesn’t get to wear anything normal…

[Do you really need to wear clothes? You are going to have to fight on the way out.]

“It is the bare minimum when it comes to being human, you parasite.”

Even if it was a game character, it was being aired for people to watch. I am finally going to be able to fight properly, so I wanted to do it right. Ugh, if it were me, I would immediately turn the broadcast off to curse at the community.

After getting dressed in something like that, Professor looked around the room he had been living in for the past few days. The bathtub was moved from the room where he was first confined. Well, a lot of primitive exercise equipment was made thanks to the infection growing within his body.

Something felt strange.

[Ah, it might be because of me. Seeing this, I feel like I am leaving my home.]

‘Um? Isn’t your home where your mother is in the North?’

[I was created in this experimental building. So I was born right here.]

Great. Another useless piece of information.

Finally, Professor tied the cloth tightly on his back and silently opened the exit to the underground lab.

It was now time to test the achievements.

When I opened the door and stepped outside, everything felt eerily quiet, with just the bright moon shining down on the mansion.



‘Too many level 8 humanoids. No special features are visible. There don’t seem to be many Mutes infiltrating… Most are roaming the city then.’

A mute in a ripped shirt and dirty pants. The city must have been captured, and the civilians couldn’t escape. The mutants that filled the city would be full of innocent victims.


As I cautiously approached the back side, I could hear a small knock. A figure of a man, like black smoke, entered my mind.

[Shell. Was it that person, or was it that person that you knew?]

‘What kind of nonsense are you doing again?’

A lump of black smoke flew in front of me and sat on the shoulder of the mute I was aiming for. He’s a guy that existed only in my head with no form, but now he was jumping out and moving at times when I needed to concentrate the most. Annoying as fuck.

[Right. So not someone you know. He is not really helpful to you, as he is still alive. Then why are you mad? Is it simply because you are a human like him? Well, I wouldn’t get angry if Shell decided to pick a knife and go for the people’s throats.]


How do I explain this? I’ve been dealing with this guy for a few days now, and I’ve learned that when he comes out like this, it’s more comfortable for me if I respond nicely. If I didn’t answer his question, he’d keep talking until I did and then ask it again and again until I wanted to smash his head.

‘I don’t know.’

[You don’t know? You just vowed to kill the culprit who made people like this, yet you don’t know why?]

‘Ah, I said I don’t know! It would make sense if they had a reason to kill me in the first place! This is like being mad when someone punches you in the face! Why? Because you don’t like being hit!’

[Ah, there is no reason for you to be angry. I understand.]


‘Damn it! We took our sweet time!’

They need to be blocked. If that monster screams, there’s going to be an all-out war.

I was thinking about how to do it for a while, but my body moved instinctively. If the mute turns this way, I’ll put pressure on its neck like I’m hugging it with one arm while covering its mouth with the other arm and pulling it in the opposite direction to suffocate it to death.


[… choke?]

[Uh…um… when we go outside, it gets suffocating…]

It was just strangling, but I moved stealthily in the darkness as if I were doing it instinctively. Similar to picking grapes without any resistance.

-Soygaybar: Why assassinate those species in the first place?

-Jokasss: It’s because the balance isn’t right. It would be normal if he had grown with the training, but he had developed in an unusual way, so it is impossible to say how much strength is required to take down the opponent.

-Mukaba: In an escape mission, I saw a mana class knight destroy the houses in the city

-Heungandumpling: The houses were made of clay and wood. The knight is said to have blown up a stone wall of the underground research building that was strong enough to withstand the entire mansion. No mana, just pure strength.

-Speedwagon: For the time being, it appears that we have no choice but to assess the combat power of the enemy’s level. I can guess that the combat power of a top-tier knight with a bare body will be the same.

‘No one knows for sure.’

Professor roughly tossed the mute’s blood-gushing body in a corner and looked outside the alley. Fortunately, it was handled before making a loud noise, so the others were still quiet.

‘The Count’s mansion has to be in the center of the city. Turan is a complex city made of narrow alleys except for the central road reaching the Lord’s castle. If I move carefully, I might be able to move undetected to the outskirts of the city.’



Professor frowned as he ripped apart the body and head of the mute that noticed him. Even if he could move without making a sound, he would be noticed due to his large build.


“Eik! Damn it! I wanted to end you nicely.”

“Kieeik! Kuak!”

I walked around the alley assassinating mutes for almost 30 minutes before being caught.

‘It appeared a little strange, but it turned out to be a hybrid of a chicken and a snake!’

As he approached the city’s outskirts, more and more high-leveled monsters began to appear. It was probably placed this way in case humans attacked to retake the city.

The monster I encountered was lurking in a market-like alley. Some sort of hybrid species consisting of a humanoid body and a chicken head. Without giving it any thought, I walked up to it and wrenched its neck.

“Kiiik! Kikk!!!”

“Shit! Please… die!”


When I smashed the struggling one with my entire body and pulled off its lengthy neck, the other mutes in the area heard the disturbance and came running.

“Shit! I wanted to do it smoothly!”

There was no need to be quiet anymore. Professor began sprinting with all his might. His soles were feeling hot, but he couldn’t afford to worry.



“Fucking diseases! You are too much!”

The monsters that earned their living off the cheap, bloody items on display in the neighboring stalls started running to me as soon as I walked into the area.

Professor, who took something like a slimy pocket from his waist, swung it at a nearby mute.


The mute’s head ripped out as he got hit in the head, but his pocket pouch was fine.

“It works! If this holds true, there is a possibility of winning the fights to some degree.!”

The pocket pouch was a Black Jack that Professor had secretly collected during his days as a test subject. He crushed it and kept it inside the pouch.

[Item: ‘Meat’ my Black Jack!]
Description: A weapon made by putting finely ground iron powder and stone chips in a pouch made by weaving mute’s skin and tendons. Using tough and resilient materials, it can withstand strong forces well, but I don’t think it should be used in front of many. / One-handed blunt / ATK 38 / Durability 186 / Additional effects: 40% chance to stun the target.]

It was a good product created after many failures and setbacks. It was a weapon made by removing the mute’s camouflage to prevent the iron powder from leaking out, inserting the interior parts in it, tying the front and back, wrapping the mute’s skin, and tying it with tendons. It was so well made that it felt like it had to be given a unique name.

-takealook: So which one is the real monster?

-Noru_is_druig: ??? This is insane! You can actually get out of this situation.

+Player Holli has left the chat room

-Soygaybar: Professor’s broadcast isn’t for all.

-Jokasss: Couldn’t it… be made more decent? Other than the functionality, doesn’t it look scary?

-Speedwagon: After all, this is a nation of scumbags.

-Huengandumpling: To swing something like that. If I met someone like that in a psycho gang, I might run away, leaving everything behind.

-takealook: When making that one, Professor took out the Mute’s intestines, and I felt terrified. He looked like a madman while making it.

“Shut it! Do you think I have the luxury to care about all of that?!”

Professor looked at the weapon in his hand. The semi-dry hide that was glued together and attached to a bundle of tendons surely looked grotesque while blood trickled down.



“Wow! This is it! Fine! This is good! It would have been great if this was used for its intended purpose!”

As Professor saw the head of the mute explode, his mouth filled with regret. His initial goal was to use the Black Jack, a weapon forged from the corroding hacksaws aimed at the skulls of the mages who touched him, to escape.


Professor handled the mute rushing for him and used the Black Jack.

[‘Meat’ my Black Jack: Attack power 38/ Durability 78]

‘It is lowering down.’

The biggest benefit of weapons and flails like the Black Jack that are made from body fluids and connected with a string or chain is that the part between where it is held and where it hits can be used to generate centrifugal force, but most of the reaction impact is spread out into the air when it hits.

He had to use this as a backup weapon because the spears and knives he already had and that were all over the city were already losing their power.



‘But it is almost over. If I go over the wall, I can somehow escape!’

From the way the sound of the impact changed, it seemed like the things that were put inside were already starting to come out little by little. Professor put the broken Black Jack into his bag and left the alley. He had been hiding well in the alley, but now he would have to go through the main road in front of the castle gates.

Thud! Thud! Thud!


“Right… It’s him.”

A big guy wandered through the mansion. Seeing the people gathered around the half-broken gates and dozens of level 7 mutes, Professor cleared his throat. He knew it would be dangerous to climb up the fortress wall because it was full of strong monsters. It seems he had to break through.


“Huhuhu… right, I’m scared. With this soft body, I have to fight with those freaks.”

[Then… why are you smiling?]

At those words, his smile got bigger, and Professor’s tense body straightened up as if he were about to run ahead. It was well calculated. A body that could be used conspicuously. If that much force was used, it was likely that something in his body would be crushed, but when you have to do something, you have to do it.

“As I said before…”


The seams of his clothes began to get ripped on the thighs, which had swollen to the limit, and his body began to convulse.

“I don’t know either.”


From where his body hit the ground with all its strength and shot out like a cannonball, blood poured out like a fountain.

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