Chapter 25 - What Is With This Man?

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In the end, Kim Jiyeon had no choice but to admit and accept it. However, the identity of the accomplice wasn't revealed until the end.

However, the investigation didn't stop there. This was because another person was next to Kim Jiyeon in the black box video. To reveal the hidden face, they zoomed in and compared it with Kim Jiyo, but they couldn't find any evidence to link it to her.

Detectives tried to persuade Kim Jiyeon several times that her sentence would be reduced if she named the person, but she didn't speak about it.

In any case, one of the two arsonists was apprehended. And the other person's arson will land them in jail.

The Violent Crimes Unit and CIF were greatly praised for catching one of the two.

The National Police Agency finally held a briefing. At the press briefing, they said that it was possible because the special-case-handling team played a significant role and emphasized the crime arrest rate in Korea to 97%.

[Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, _ special-case-handling _ team… did a great job. '20 arsons in 2 weeks.'… it couldn't have been solved without their help.]

Team One of the Violent Crimes Unit didn't like how CIF was credited for the most work, but they didn't say much because it was true that CIF had put so much effort into it. Team Leaders Woo-jin and Lee Jae-woo were called by the Chief and were praised. Then, agency cards were handed over.

"Let's have a party. Let's enjoy ourselves. Team One will take a day off tomorrow, and the CIF will take a day off after that."

"Really? Wow. Are you giving us the agency card?"

Team Leader Lee Jae-woo was happy.

The Chief nodded and said, "Instead… After the day off, the investigation will continue with your team to find the other one. Don't forget to cooperate with CIF if needed."


"If possible, don't have the party separately. Just do it together."


Both team leaders walked out and went to the smoking area. They each smoked a cigarette and talked about it.

"However, is the other one really Kim Jiyo?"

Team Leader Lee Jae-woo asked Woo-jin with a confused expression.

"Isn't Doctor Im a genius? It has to be Kim Jiyo if he says it. He is surprisingly good at catching criminals. He looks like a human with a lie detector on his body. He is better at knowing the truth and lies. What an intriguing human being."

"Right. How does he create traps with words? No matter how good one is, it is difficult to lay the verbal trap with such emotions and make them fall for it. Kim Jiyeon is one thing, but she is protecting the accomplice by not speaking is… wow."

"As Doctor Im said, Team Leader Lee needs to dig deeper into Kim Jiyo. What do you think will come out? We have a dinner party tonight because we did well, so there is no need to investigate right now."

"Then, should we call the convenience store owner here or simply send Woo-cheol out? Woo-cheol will scoff in my face, but he needs to go and talk."


The two went in after smoking.

Lee Jae-woo called Detective Kang Woo-cheol.

"Ya, brat. Woo-cheol. Go to the Gohan University and that store where Kim Jiyo works, and ask around how she normally is. Okay?"

"Ahh… I heard the entire thing! We are having a dinner party tonight! Do I have to go and do this before a dinner party? And… I was the one who brought over that black box video!"

"Enough, just go. The dinner is at 19:00. Think of this as warming up for it."

Detective Kang Woo-cheol grumbled and got up.

As he was about to leave, Hansol caught him.

"Let's talk for a second."

The black box video immensely helped arrest the culprit, and it was achieved with the help of Detective Kang Woo-cheol. If it wasn't for that, Kim Jiyeon wouldn't have been taken in, and the case would have stayed unsolved.

Hansol wondered where Kang Woo-cheol managed to get it from.

"How did you get the black box video?"

Woo-cheol shrugged and answered the question.

"When I went to the site, I discovered that there was only one delivery vehicle on a narrow road. It was parked despite having said delivery on the way. Then I knew that we could get something from it."

"I see… I missed something. Without Detective Kang's help I wouldn't have been able to capture Kim Jiyeon. Thank you for the help with evidence."

'What is with this man?' Detective Kang thought.

He never imagined the cold-hearted man, Hansol, would thank him. At that, the hatred he had for Hansol slowly subsided a little. No matter how cold and emotionless he might seem, he was still a human.

"I understand. Then, I need to go."

"Yes. I'll see you at dinner."

Detective Kang went to the convenience store where Kim Jiyo worked.

Going there, the first question was whether they were selling disposable lighters. At that, the owner tilted his head and said he often fired the part-timer students each time he checked the stocking of lighters as they were weirdly out of stock several times. But he never once doubted Kim Jiyo. He said he hadn't seen a part-timer as diligent as Kim Jiyo.

"Um… I see. I understand."

"Why Jiyo? Come to think of it. She said she was quitting work because her graduation project was up, so I waited…."

"Ah? Miss Kim Jiyo is quitting? Then she quit already?"

"I think she will be at work till this month. At least that was what she said…."

"Thank you."

If Kim Jiyo finished the project, displayed her works, and left the town, then there is a high chance of her starting fires in another town.

Detective Kang had a feeling. For some reason, it felt like this was a plan of the remaining one to commit another crime and get her sister out.

Detective Kang went to Gohan University Painting Department. Kim Jiyo said that she was trying to focus on her work, so there must be a place where she was working without disturbance.

So he questioned students about Kim Jiyo, whether they knew anything about her, a fourth-year student.

"Uh? Kim Jiyo? A 4th year? And currently on a graduation project? I am also in the same year and I… sorry, but it is a name I am hearing for the first time… hey, do you all know of Kim Jiyo?"

"Kim Jiyo? Who is that?"

"In the Painting Department, there are a total of 12 people this time. However, there's no one named Kim Jiyo, maybe you heard it wrong?" The students who were in the room said.

Detective Kang wasd perplexed by their answers.

'Kim Jiyo didn't go to Gohan University? Then did that mean that the documents have been tampered? Wouldn't that come under the forgery now? Then Kim Jiyo's information…'

Detective Kang thanked the students and went back and called Team Leader Woo-jin.

"Team Leader, we have a situation. I came to know more about her in the Painting Department. All the 4th year students are saying they don't know anyone named Kim Jiyo and that such a student doesn't exist."

[What? Then, go to their house right away! I'll send you the address!]

Detective Kang's hands were sweating. This was a fight against time. If this was all a lie, the girl must have run away the moment she heard her sister was arrested.

As soon as he got the address, he put it in the Map app and followed the path. He walked at first but after awhile he decided to run.

Bang! Bang!

He knocked the door and then shouted, "Miss Kim Jiyo! Is Kim Jiyo here?"

A few people close by who heard him opened their doors at the noise and looked at him.

"Miss Kim Jiyo!"

"Ahh… there is no Kim Jiyo in that room."


An annoyed neighbor came out and said, "it has been for some time now, people have been coming for someone called Kim Jiyeon and Kim Jiyo… the two don't live there anymore. Hmm. When did they move…?"

"… they moved?"

"Ah, it has been a while since they moved. It was last year…"

"…! I understand."

Regretting, he went back to the National Police Agency.

As soon as he returned, he reported everything that happened. Of course, this was also delivered to Team One.

They also looked bewildered. They were the ones who were assigned to confirm that the two lived there. They said that the neighbors were out at that time so it couldn't be guaranteed.

"Phew.. escaped? Then, Kim Jiyo is missing for now?" Team Leader Lee Jae-woo said.

At that time, a detective ran to them and called for Hansol.

"Doctor, Kim Jiyeon is suddenly starting to claim that she is physically weak and mentally unstable."

"Weak? Are there any hospital records? Without that, they wouldn't bring this up."

"I did check when she claimed that. We found that she had been receiving psychiatric treatment regularly. Depression, antisocial personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and insomnia… and…"


"I thought they would hire a public defender but they hired an attorney from Han&Park!"

"… shit."

Han&Park is the best law firm in Korea. A place that makes innocent people into criminals or vice versa. Money was what mattered to them. However, Kim Jiyo and Kim Jiyeon were struggling to live in Seoul. Did they have the money to afford a big law firm? This case was turning more and more absurd.

"I understand. We have to start with the mental test."

"Kim Jiyeon wanted you, Doctor Im, to be there."

'Is it because we are kin? What the hell is the identity of the sisters who are shrouded in secret? Kim Jiyeon's statements of lies and truth. Was I too confident?'

Hansol's eyes grew cold.

"I understand. Let's see how this goes."

"Uh, Doctor Im, will this be fine?"

Team Leader Woo-jin approached and asked with a worried look, but Hansol's expression didn't change.

"It will be fine. The priority would be to catch Miss Kim Jiyo."

"Yes. Let the CIF cooperate in this."


'… Kim Jiyeon and Kim Jiyo, I will catch both of you.'

In their noisy drinking party, Hansol quietly had one glass. He wasn't the one to drink alcohol, but he decided to take a glass because everyone was enjoying it. When Hansol titled the glass, Inspector Jung said she felt lonely because Hansol wasn't drinking like them.

Then, she asked, "Ah, Doctor Im. About Shin Jong-tae of the Woo brother's case last time, he was sentenced to prison for 15 years. At the same time, it said that an appeal was placed saying that it was unfair since the Woo brothers had ordered it."

"… they did order it, but he did that, and he is complaining that it is unfair? There were evidence that he did it."

"It is true. Uh. He's not admitting his sins and is complaining. Doctor, this case of the Kim sisters and the case of Shin Jong-tae too… you were most involved—"

"No, it is fine. I have to go to this length to ensure that people do not speak ill about me again."

It was a voice mixed with laughter, but Hansol's cold voice lingered in her ears.

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