Chapter 26 - Who Wrote This Assessment?

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"Kim Jiyeon confessed despite not revealing the accomplice. Besides the confessions, we have nothing to prove. We were told she had a heart attack, but there were no symptoms. And Miss Kim Jiyeon's lawyers are from the best firm in Korea…." Inspector Jung said as she was drinking alcohol.

Hansol thought the same thing. Although they obtained a confession, it was a question of whether it would work or not. Not just that, if they insisted on mental and physical weakness in a situation where she was attending psychiatry, the other doctors on the case would be inclined to her.

As a result, if they won't get solid evidence, Kim Jiyeon and Kim Jiyo would be left untouched.

This was because they only had a black box video that showed two people doing arson, but the scene where they set the fire wasn't directly filmed. Moreover, there is a high chance Kim Jiyo was on the run.

'… it cannot be done with Kim Jiyeon's confession alone. I need to get some conclusive proof.'

It is challenging to catch solid evidence in a situation where the scene of an incident has been long damaged. Even if they obtained a confession, it was made under the pressure of the Police. It would turn favorable for the firm.

'.. the only way to keep Kim Jiyeon from getting out is to play with words and figure out her state of mind. One month of theory plays a role.'

If the suspect claims to be mentally or physically weak, they will have to be examined by several psychiatrists.

They will examine the patient's condition during the trial through recurrent therapy and counseling, and data will be reported. Doctors can determine whether or not they are truly weak during this process.

If they are mentally or physically weak, the culprit will go to a psychological treatment center along with a sentence. If not, then just to general prison.

Detective Kang Woo-cheol said as he munched on the food, "so, are the doctors who will check Kim Jiyeon have been decided?"

"It's obvious that they will be from our country, right? Teacher Kim Hee-seob… well, someone like him will surely join."

Hansol felt a moment of displeasure when he mentioned the same.

Kim Hee-seob… a person related to his father, Im Jeamin.

Hansol thought that his father was up to something. It was the same with Professor Kim Hee-seob, who joined the board of doctors. Hansol was accustomed to it. They always have something up on their sleeves.

'… what is father trying to do?'

Indeed, his father had a different view of the world. Hansol still didn't understand what kind of world his father lived in.

He only knew that his father's world was tainted with criminality. The crime itself is the end of his father's world, which began after the villa event 10 years ago. This world of his father might die if Hansol discovers the link to it.

After a month and two weeks, Hansol attended the trial of Kim Jiyeon. It was because he was curious about how the medical assessments she received during this month would be.

"Take a seat everyone."

When the judge arrived, he requested everyone to take a seat. And the reporters interested in this crime, where 20 fires were set in two weeks, sat with their laptops on their chairs, ready to jot down the judge's comments.

Hansol looked at the judge with cold eyes. A case of heart disease and no evidence of the crime. There was the CCTV video, but it was after and not during the crime. Kim Jiyeon had depression and impulsive disorder at first sight…

The case was unfavorable to the Police. Since even with the culprit's confession, the case has a chance of falling.

The judge spoke with a solemn voice.

"Defendant Kim Jiyeon admitted to the crime. This was confirmed by the CCTV but the circumstances at the time of the crime wasn't clear. There is a heart condition, but there didn't seem to be any other physical condition. In addition, the defendant claimed to be mentally and physically weak and as a result of one month of treatment , depression and impulsive disorder has been confirmed. In May 2020, the accused confessed to the crime, but there was no evidence of it, and cannot be regarded as suspect. Mental illness and other factors are taken into account and the defendant claimed that she made a false confession under the pressure during the Police investigation. The accused has no criminal record prior to the crime in this case, and to make a fair judgement, we remove all charges placed."

The courtroom was in a roar. It turned out that the reporters, who were listening to the judge's words, were also shocked. This was expected. Although there was a CCTV video, it wasn't taken in as evidence, and the only person convicted isn't a convict anymore.

"No… does this make sense? How can she be released?"

"Did the law firm put nice money into this?"

"It smells fishy to me as well. But how much money might she have saved if she had worked as an accountant at a firm? If there were casualties, it would have cost much more… Is there someone behind her?"

"Quiet everyone! We will move to the next trial."

Hansol sneaked out of the room.

'Is this really possible? The medical records need to be looked at. It could have been manipulated. Until we get proof, Kim Jiyeon… no, rather, should the Prosecution file for an appeal?'

Everything was uncertain.

Hansol had a feeling that the prosecution wouldn't go for an appeal.

The prosecution would not consider filing an appeal because the person is an accountant of a company, had a lawyer from a prominent firm, and her mental condition was regarded exceptionally seriously. Everything appeared to be jumbled.

Hansol wasn't angry, but the other CIF members and the Team One of the Violent Crimes Unit didn't like this.

"Does this make sense? What is the Prosecution going to do now after we investigated like fucking dogs?! Are they really sure about letting that arsonist go around freely?" Detective Kang Woo-cheol yelled.

Team Leader Wo-jin had a cigarette in his mouth, thinking if he had to light it or not. Inspector Jung, who had been with Hansol while on this case, had a dark expression.

"What do you all think?" Hansol asked in a low voice.

Detective Kang Woo-cheol yelled up at it. "What do we think?! This is crazy! No, the Prosecution should go and file appeal right away. Are they going to let her walk out without any charges? I brought that CCTV and even found out that Kim Jiyo, related to the case, is missing, and if that is not enough, I even think that her running away should be taken in as evidence. How can this case end like this? It feels like we are being spit at for the work we did!"

"Right, and the lawyer she has aren't some normal ones but those… you know. How can a person who creates trouble in society have such a backing and money? Does it make sense that an employee of a company avoids going to prison despite the mess she created?"

Team Leader Woo-jin took out the cigarette and said, "I came here to smoke. but I don't feel like it."

Kang Woo-cheol asked. "What do you think, Doctor Im?"

Inspector Jung looked at him with an angry expression. Hansol, on the other hand, seemed to have a calm expression.

"Well. If this goes on, the media will report that there was a problem with the Police Investigation. It will be a battle between the Prosecution and the Police again. We always end up clashing. Who wrote this assessment? Aren't you curious? Kim Jiyeon was just being used to this situation. There must be definitely someone else who was doing this."

"Um… I will ask again whether we ask the Prosecution to file an appeal."

"Will they listen to us?"

Hansol asked Inspector Jung to come to him, then Hansol showed a bright screen. Articles were written with the tone that the Police were being unfair to ordinary citizens.

And there were more articles like that could be seen.

"Look. These are the articles of criticism pouring in after today's trial. The arrow is at the Police. So… this person who made this judgement knew that Kim Jiyeon was indeed an arsonist, but made sure to be on the Prosecution's side. The Prosecution and the lawyers of that firm are on the same side."

Inspector Jung sighed. She felt like there was nothing the Police could do.

Hansol shook his head, but many things weren't enough to place Kim Jiyeon in the courtroom again, especially without knowing the person who was connected with the prosecution and law firm.

"… so I really want to catch Kim Jiyeon."

"But Doctor Im, we didn't have any conclusive evidence. Kim Jiyeon's passbook was missing, and we checked the bank too for details, but she is saying she confessed under pressure, and the lie detector said she was being honest. We need conclusive proof… and we cannot find real evidence after all this time, right?"

Conclusive evidence.

Evidence of the moment Kim Jiyeon committed arson or evidence she left on the scene. Something was needed. Simply securing CCTV isn't enough.

Hansol shook his head.

The site was damaged, and the Police line was also removed. The family of the person hurt in the incident protested in front of the National Police Agency, saying this was unfair, but the Police could do nothing.

And finding Kim Jiyo is crucial in this situation…

"Inspector, what do you think is the important thing to get through this situation?"

"Hmm…? We need solid evidence, but we cannot find what the Team One of the Violent Crimes Unit or the forensic couldn't find. The arson didn't happen in a pattern either. They just happened wherever it was possible…."

I believe we must locate Kim Jiyo as soon as possible. If Kim Jiyeon was granted this, Kim Jiyo, who mysteriously vanished, had to be used in some way to get this decision out. Perhaps she is at a crossroads on the path between life and death. CIF must locate Kim Jiyo."

Detective Kang Woo-cheol and the team leader came in after a smoke.

"Doctor Im and Inspector Jung, have you resolved something?"

Inspector Jung sighed.

"Your stress must be down now that you smoked a little? Phew. There is a riot in the press right now. I think the Chief will summon you soon… was the confession obtained through pressure or the Police are useless…. Such articles keep coming up."

"If we don't have conclusive evidence, there will be no appeal, and the freed Kim Jiyeon may disappear with Kim Jiyo…."

"Right. I know that too. However, it is bizarre. I thought things would be easier for us now, but I was wrong. No, the Prosecution and the law firm seem to have joined hands. And that was how Kim Jiyeon got out. Doctor Im, what do you think?"

Hansol closed the file and said, "The prosecutor in charge of this case is Kim Soo-hyeon of the 30th training Institute. And the lawyer of the other firm, Lee Jae-hyuk, is also a member of that same training institute. Both of them are from the same place. They have that one thing in common."


"It means they might have made some kind of deal. But would a simple prosecutor and lawyer go hand-in-hand? Did the Chief of the Prosecutor let this happen? Forget that. How could an ordinary person even hire a lawyer from such a huge law firm? Who wants this case to go this way?"

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