Chapter 35 - Can I meet you once?

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Since Kim Dohwa's whereabouts were being searched by the Drug Investigation Unit, CIF had no choice but to hide her in Inspector Jung Yu-mi's house and then carefully take her to their office.

Hansol and Jung Yu-mi took Kim Dohwa to the interrogation room.

Kim Dohwa had previously been wary of Hansol, but her way of conversing seemed to have softened her defenses, particularly her trust.

'… it looks like I have cleared the walls. Then it will be easier to unravel the clues about this case.'

"Kim Dohwa, are you doing good?"

Hansol lightly greeted her.

Kim Dohwa had gained some weight in the few days they hadn't met. He thought that she may be at ease in Inspector Jung's home. Her face was also reflecting that she was in great condition.

"Yes! How are you? Inspector Jung brought me delicious things every day! I wanted to call her unnie1… but she said not to…."

Firstly, Kim Dohwa's identity is protected, but she is still a criminal in the drug case. And keeping distance from her was the right thing.

"Right. We have much to talk about today, so let's take it slow."

"I am ready to speak anything!"

Seeing how she was being confident, Hansol almost laughed.

'… can I laugh at this?'

If he was his usual self, he would just listen to it, but now he almost laughed?

Hansol stopped at the unfamiliar feeling in his heart.

"There are some parts which can be easily overlooked with the cooperation of Miss Dohwa. I want to ask how Lee Wanjae usually trades drugs."

"Lee Wanjae… are you asking me if he is really a middleman in trading?"

"Ah. I think you misunderstand something. Miss Dohwa, I am asking if Lee Wanjae is an intermediary seller and knows how to deal."

Kim Dohwa looked slightly upwards, and with a bit of embarrassed expression and anger, she said, "Lee Wanjae called someone Kay."


The words of Kim Dohwa were being recorded.

"Yes. He called him Kay. I don't know who Kay is. However, they usually call each other. I saw the messages they exchanged."

"And what was written in there?"

Kim Dohwa opened her mouth excitedly as if trying to use this chance to clear the misunderstanding.

Kim Dohwa revealed that Kay and Lee Wanjae talked about numbers. She said if Lee Wanjae sent 9:30 as a test, the answer would be 10:00.

"At first, it felt weird. I was wondering if it was time or not. But Lee Wanjae disappears and reappears during that time. So I felt sure. The place where they would trade was fixed like that."

"And then, do you know where they trade?"

"At first, I thought he was having an affair, so I asked a lot, but he would never respond properly. You know that 5-star hotel called Mara hotel? A meeting at the VIP of Mara Hotel… he always says something like that."

"Then have you ever followed him?"

"I did try to follow him once… I failed because I got caught by Lee Wanjae several times. It seemed like meeting Kay was important to him."

One new piece of information. Lee Wanjae and another drug seller might have had a deal in the Mara Hotel.

In general, there were many cases where they got caught with outdoor transactions, so they made a schedule beforehand with a fixed time and known place through SNS.

However, Kay and Lee Wanjae didn't take that. They were a bit safer and more detailed.

"What is Lee Wanjae's personality like? Is he meticulous?"

At those words, Kim Dohwa shook her head.

"No! not at all! A full fake. That is why I managed to catch him having a conversation with Kay. When one does drugs, they tend to turn violent… and it is actually something he said a lot, and I felt my esteem drop…."

"Hmm…. I will ask you since we are on the topic. Why did you decide to drop the lawsuit against Lee Wanjae? The Police were also paying attention to the dating violence incident. This is something not only the Police, but the media are paying attention to recently."

Kim Dohwa seemed a bit taken aback by the question. Her eyes widened as if she was caught.

'… will you tell the truth?'

Hansol was staring intently at what Kim Dohwa would say.

Kim Dohwa showed a worried expression as to whether or not to speak.

When people are nervous, they do many things without realizing it. In the case of Kim Dohwa, she strokes her fingers or fiddles, something Hansol didn't notice before.

"That… actually… saying this outright isn't going to hurt me, right?"

Inspector Jung Yu-mi looked at her and patted her on the back while still having a stiff facial expression.

"Right. Miss Dohwa, you can talk comfortably. There will be no harm to you. You are a victim, and you need to have courage. No backing down anymore."

"Actually… a person sent by Lee Wanjae's father came to visit me. He said he would give me 100 million won, saying that the bastard shouldn't be punished for dating violence because his son is already being punished for a drug case."

'… what? Why is she lying?'

Hansol's eyes glowed blue and faded.

What she said right now is a lie.

Inspector Jung Yu-mi saw it as something which could be trusted.

"Miss Dohwa."

Hansol called for her in a low voice, which startled Kim Dohwa.

Hansol would have to lie by saying he knew Lee Wanjae's father in advance, so she should speak the truth. Kim Dohwa now would know that her remarks had decreased Hansol and Inspector Jung's trust in her.

The more she tried to lie, the faster the conversation had to be turned. Kim Dohwa had to tell the truth. That is how she stays essential and trusted.

"Lee Wanjae's father is always behind the scenes. However, Lee Wanjae is treated like a child in the family. Lee Wanjae's father didn't send anyone, did he?"

At that moment, Kim Dohwa's eyes widened, wondering how he came to know.

"A-actually… I didn't think anyone would believe me… so I lied. I'm sorry."

'… this is the truth. Kim Dohwa is scared now. It is the result of constant gaslighting. The inability to make the right judgment.'

Inspector Jung Yu-mi comforted her.

Tears began to form in Kim Dohwa's eyes. This woman needed some serious mental help.

"So, you were forced to take drugs, and Lee Wanjae gave it to you. As such, it feels like Miss Dohwa needs help. If you can tell me honestly, CIF will help you get psychiatric treatment."

"I… My parents don't know that I am living like this in Seoul. They think I am doing well here… so I cannot go to prison. My parents didn't raise me this way. I just met the wrong person… Until then, I was living a rightful life without making a mess of anything…."

Kim Dohwa listed each and every incident in her life. And Inspector Jung constantly comforted her. Hansol confirmed that there was no lie in it.

'… she now has opened the door to her heart. Not a single lie. She did indeed live rightfully. It is a positive sign that she is telling the truth.'

Even after that, Kim Dohwa spoke everything about Lee Wanjae. She was in tears then, but they could get the statements about Lee Wanjae and Kay.

"W-well then what do…."

"The dating violence case was turned to the Drug Investigation Unit, and they will ask for your cooperation. There are also statements we secured on our side, so even if you stand in court, you will have proof. The Drug Investigation Unit thinks Miss Dohwa was the intermediary, but we will catch Kay."

Then, tears burst from Kim Dohwa's eyes as if she had just cried.

Kim Dohwa couldn't speak as she continued to cry. Inspector Jung reached for her to ensure all the emotion blocked inside would flow.

"First, please stay with Inspector Jung for a while. Let's do the best we can. And don't let the Drug Investigation Unit find you, nor you should take a sniff of drugs."

"… thank you, both doctor and inspector."

Kim Dohwa smiled.

"No. Of course, that's what we should do. So today, Inspector Jung will take care of Miss Dohwa."

"I understand."

Inspector Jung took her and left the room.

Hansol walked out, and Woo-jin was waiting with a serious expression.

"Ha… the Drug Investigation Unit kept asking me why I didn't hand over Kim Dohwa to their side and where I am hiding her, those f*ck*rs. They keep saying they won't cooperate with us."

"Hmm… is that so? Ah, I guess we need to ask Detectives Kang and Shin to find someone called Kay on the drug dealers board."

"I learned about Kay through your conversations and requested an investigation into him. When I went to the Drug Investigation Unit and questioned them about Kay, they asked how I knew and refused to say anything. They seemed to be trying to annoy us."

Team Leader Woo-jin put a cigarette between his fingers and touched it nervously.

The most crucial thing is to solve this case with the cooperation of the Drug Investigation Unit. They would only be able to solve the dating violence case, show that Lee Wanjae is a drug dealer and that the Bad Boy was used in the Kim sisters' case if they worked together.

"And you may have heard, the person called Kay seems to be holding a hotel room and making a deal there. To know something about the person… we might have to research the Mara Hotel. It would be nice if we could investigate Lee Wanjae."

At Hansol's words, Woo-jin shook his head.

"How can you coax that team? On what conditions do I ask them?"

Hansol spoke to Team Leader Woo-jin, who looked worried.

"Shall I meet the head of the drug investigation team?"

"Hmm… you want to meet him?"

"Yes. I will personally meet and get the request for cooperation."

"He won't listen to my words. Do you think he might listen to yours?"

"… there will be no other choice."

"Then I'll make an appointment for you. By when do we need it?"

"Tomorrow afternoon, anytime before that."

Hansol showed the most reassuring smile he practiced.

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