Chapter 36 - The answer I was hoping for

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"Doctor Im, do you know who's leading the DIU1 for this case?"

"Yes, I know."

The team leader of the DIU's Team One, Oh Jae-suk, is in charge of the drug investigations on Kim Dohwa and Lee Wanjae's case. It has been a few years since he took his post. And all of his team members always follow his lead.

Hansol did a background check. He accessed their database and checked the achievements of Oh Jae-suk. And he could see that the Prosecution who commanded the team was Kim Soo-hyeon.

It was also established that most criminals arrested by the DIU's Team One were regarded psychologically and physically weak, receiving just one year in jail, two years of probation, and a minor fine.

It was the part in which the connection between the DIU and Kim Soo-hyeon was revealed. Clearly, the Police and Prosecution had been turning blind to this. If they had brought this up as internal corruption and the media got wind of it… no, even if everyone closed their eyes, people's trust in the system was already bound to break.

Accusations of internal corruption. It's a situation where the speculum can be broken simultaneously, and people can be replaced.

And that was in Hansol's hand.

"When is the appointment? Team Leader Oh Jae-suk says he is busy. And what do you think of the fact that he would have to meet with a profiler?"

"Tell him that it isn't just about the two drug-related people, but there are other things. Ah, by chance, if that doesn't work, you can tell him I want to talk about Prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon."

"Okay. I will go and meet him. Ah, I don't know if the team leader is even there."

Team Leader Woo-jin went out. In the meantime, Hansol played in his head what he would have to do.

It has been a long time since he did this.

After 20 minutes, Team Leader Woo-jin said that when he returned and told Hansol's message about wanting to talk about Prosecutor Kim, Team Leader Oh's expression changed.

He then added that the meeting was scheduled for 3 pm tomorrow and said the CIF team was working hard.

As Hansol was taking care of the dating violence case, Detectives Kang Woo-cheol and Shin Dong-jin were trying to find Kay.

"Ha… senior. About Kay, this one seems to be getting away with things, right? We are supposed to meet at Mara today. However, he said he had a schedule that wouldn't work for him, and he bailed. Has he already noticed that we are the police?"

Thanks to the name 'Kay' from Kim Dohwa's statements, the team was able to search for Kay's records and his offenses and even found out that he was someone who never got caught.

The primary transaction was scheduled to be in Mara Hotel in Itaewon. Evidence showed that he was making transactions in rooms in the Mara Hotel.

So they reached out to make a deal for the Bad Boy drug, but Kay bailed them. He kept canceling the meeting.

"He must have noticed that we are the police… ah, we need to catch this guy so the other two can be dealt with correctly and prove that Lee Wanjae is the intermediary in dealings."

"Any drug offenders around?"

"Do you mean to ask if I know some drug offenders? Will the people I put in jail for that reason want to see me again?"

"Well. That is one thing. Hm. How do we catch this 'Kay'? Since the trade happens in a room, evidence is bound to come only after the transaction…."

"I think how we make the trap is important. We dig a trap to catch Kay so that even the DIU's Team One doesn't know. The question is, how do we trap him?"

Both detectives sighed.

They could not get anything other than his name because of Kay's cautious attitude.

"How about using Kim Dohwa as bait?"

"… Kim Dohwa as bait?"

"If we use that she knows Lee Wanjae as bait, wouldn't Kay come? Then we will be able to raid the site too."

"You know that raid is out of the question, right? That is DIU's responsibility. If we go ahead and do it, it will be disastrous for our team."

"But they aren't cooperating."

"Ha… that is the problem. I wish there was a way to solve it."

"I am hungry. Let's head back, senior."

"Okay. Let's return. We might find a way if we go and talk there."

Hansol said he would be okay with the afternoon schedule, so he had time in the morning. He was reading the things he couldn't read before.

It seemed like it had been long since he had time to read. Ever since he joined CIF, he had always been busy.

Hansol was grateful for this time.

Then 3 PM arrived shortly.

Hansol met with Oh Jae-suk, the team leader of DIU's Team One, in the conference room.

"Hahaha… the Genius Profiler wanted to see me alone. These days, profilers are often getting involved in Police work."

"Even if I am only for cooperation, I would say that I am close to an unofficial Police Officer."

"Yeah. Well, I am in a hurry, so what about Kim Soo-hyeon?"

Team Leader Oh Jae-suk seemed a bit angry. He spoke loudly as if he was asking for a fight.

Hansol smiled.

"You really seemed to be in a hurry."

People are typically terrified of the truth being revealed when driven to a corner. They purposefully pretend to be unafraid by using their voices or standing tall and confidently.

Hansol knew that very well.

'As expected… let's see how far this will go.'

"I found an interesting record. Surprisingly, Kim Soo-hyeon of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office orders the investigations of the DIU's Team One. Isn't that amazing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Team Leader Oh Jae-suk, think with me. The Prosecution and Police are intertwined. The Prosecution orders the Police to investigate the case assigned to them, and the Police catch the criminals accordingly. That is the first one. Then, both offices benefit from it. But let's think of another thing."

"What is wrong with the Police taking command from the Prosecution and arresting them in the course? I don't get it."

"Then it is, of course, good. But what if only one person, Kim Soo-hyeon, meddles in the situations of DIU's Team One and CIF? And he never appeals against the offenders who have been caught. Not a single one was associated with death. Normally, this would be plenty for people to notice, right? Even if the culprits were drug offenders, they were viewed as mentally and physically weak and condemned to the bare minimum. And not one of them was sentenced to death. Why? Specifically to drug cartels? Did they both decide to keep their eyes closed and let the criminals pass?"

As Hansol spoke calmly, Team Leader Oh Jae-suk looked at Hansol with a blank expression, saying he was at a loss of words.

After a few seconds, Team Leader Oh Jae-suk opened his mouth to see if he could speak, but Hansol continued.

"It's bizarre… CIF… Prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon is in charge of investigating the case assigned to CIF. But even when we catch the culprit, he cannot make them stay. That is weird, right? This never happened before CIF formed. The attempted murder case, which huge boost to the formation of CIF, was not dealt with in this way, right? What do you think? Or should I change the way I question? What do you think about prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon? Or, if that is not enough, should we talk about another law firm?"

"I… there… so…."

"A case involving a Prosecutor and Law Firm. Exciting, right? If internal corruption is leaked to the media… all the insiders will be separated, right? And the profiler accuses the insiders of turning blind eyes. I will turn into a great person. Right?"

At Hansol's words, Team Leader Oh Jae-suk closed his eyes. It felt like every wrinkle on his face was deepening. And he seemed pretty displeased with the truth being out.

"What I found out is more than this and enough material to support the media story. How is it? Besides, Lee Wanjae's father even gave bribes to Police… a Police Officer taking money to get a drug dealer out… very captivating, right?"

Team Leader Oh Jae-suk shook his head and said, "So what does Doctor Im want from us?"

"What I want is simple. Cooperation. You know? Lee Wanjae is an intermediary dealer and was suspected of dating violence. Evidence of dating violence has been obtained. It was a case that didn't have to be snatched from ours and turned into a drug investigation, right? Even if the drug was involved, there was no need to change the case, but you all tried to silence this case, right?'

"Phew… right. I get it. I get where you are going with this. Cooperate with CIF. As for dating violence, CIF can have it… I will also investigate Lee Wanjae being an intermediary and ensure to get the other…."

"The answer I want to hear is that if you want you to live your life like this, I would need the help from Prosecution. Of course, prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon would agree, right?"

Another deep sigh from Oh Jae-suk.

Hansol was well aware that as long as the corruption was done, there was only an answer he would get.

Team leader Oh Jae-suk will have to contact Kim Soo-hyeon and consult with the father of Lee Wanjae, who is trying to get Lee Wanjae on a minimum sentence.

"How long can I wait for the talks? From now on, we will continue the investigation of Kim Dohwa and Lee Wanjae at CIF. Lee Wanjae and Kay…"

"… you know Kay?"

Team leader Oh Jae-suk's expression changed.

"Did you think we wouldn't know about this 'Kay'? The link between Lee Wanjae and Kay. It is important. The intermediary and the distributor above them. If the dots are connected, would Lee Wanjae be given simple probation? The real punishment would come from there. The rumors of a son from a good family. At least his father tried his best to get him out, but that is all it will be."

"… right. Okay. I will cooperate to catch Kay. Is that answer enough?"

Giving up, Oh Jae-suk said.

The answer Hansol wanted was out. And he clapped.

"That is the answer I was looking for."

"But… a profiler which only cooperates with the Police… no."

Team leader Oh Jae-suk seemed to be trying to bring up the story of something. But the more he talked, the more disadvantaged he would be, so he went silent.

"Then, for now… let's deal with the dating violence case. Thank you for the valuable time."

Hansol bowed his head and went to CIF.

Team leader Woo-jin asked as if waiting for Hansol.

"What did team leader Oh say?"

"Kim Dohwa and Lee Wanjae case, we are in charge of it from now. We'll gather evidence and prepare for trial."


  1. DIU → Drug Investigation Unit. I shortened it because… it sounds better. — Angel ↩️

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