Chapter 39 - … already late

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Hansol thought of the name Choi Jinwoo.

If it was taken into account, the information he obtained so far, especially that nasolabial knot… there is a high chance that the man is from the Military, good with knots, and had something to do with Kay.

As Kay was the first to distribute the Bad Boy drugs in Korea, the name Choi Jinwoo may come out of his mouth.

Hansol contacted Team Leader Woo-jin.

"Hello, team leader."

[Uh, who? Ah, Dr. Im!]

It seemed like he was drunk after having dinner. Hansol calmly asked about the current status of Kay's investigation being done by the DIU.

[They said they'd share it with us, but I guess they aren't done yet since I haven't heard anything. heheh… really… shall I call them?]

"No, it is fine. Kay is a distributor, so he must have the identities of those who had done business with him. Please find out the personal information of those who have done businesses with Kay."

[Why? What did you get?]

"You will soon find out."

[if Dr. Im says so, I will believe it! Our Dr. Im is more like a police officer than a profiler. The tip is like a ghost…]

"I apologize for calling you during dinner. I will see you tomorrow."

[Yes, see you tomorrow! I might be a little late for work.]


After hanging up, Hansol hoped the name would pop up from Kay's mouth. If the name didn't appear, then Kay deceived people.

Or that it could only be related to the Kim sisters and Kim Dohwa case.

When he thought that far, he even thought of contacting the team leader of DIU's Team One directly but decided not to as they couldn't be trusted.

'My father, the DIU's Team One, and Prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon are somehow connected. The DIU's Team One arrested Kay so they could issue a statement indicating he said everyone's names except Choi Jinwoo. This is quite likely to occur.'

He wanted to look through the police files immediately to learn more about this person, but he could only do so in the office. He could connect from the outside if he wanted to, but he didn't want to risk being discovered. And if it was found that a hacker accessed police files on the network and stole material, their CIF team and investigation would be badly affected.

Military. E-cigars. Nasolabial knot. Choi Jinwoo.

The clues had to be fit.

The next day, Hansol went to the office an hour earlier, connected to the intranet, and started searching the database.

The first thing he searched was if Choi Jinwoo had a record.

When he searched for that name, around 100 formal criminals had occurred across the nation.

'… did father use an ex-convict as a murderer?'

Hansol's mind was saying no.

Im Jaemin couldn't have used a traceable ex-convict as his puppet.

Of course, to be able to kill three people, this person used to have to be a talented one. As if trained to do this.

'… then, is it possible for them to have served in special forces instead of a military?'

Instead, this was easier to track.

The fact that he gave the name Hansol may hint that he would be among the former special forces.

Choi Jinwoo must have committed a crime, thinking he wouldn't be abandoned, but unfortunately, he was thrown away after one murder and one attempted murder.

While thinking about that, Hansol went to the floor where the DIU's Team One worked, and the team leader was there with closed his eyes with a tired expression.

"… team leader."

Hansol called him in a low voice.

The leader woke up at it when he heard Hansol.

"Uh, Dr. Im, what is it?"

"Can we talk?"

"Ah, yes."

After stretching, the team leader went to a conference room with Hansol. Since his weakness was also discovered, the team leader had no choice but to accept Hansol's words.

"How was the statement from Kay?"

"He's slowly opening up. Surprisingly, he had no drugs or criminal records. It is said that his family is huge, but that was a lie cause he grew up in a low-income family. And he never even went to study abroad."

"Isn't he a member of a drug gang?"

"It isn't shocking. He's just a distributor selling drugs to others."

"Then did he speak about who was buying drugs or something?"

"Huh. The information in papers is burned. He isn't a gang member, but he gave names on where he bought it like others."

"If you don't mind, can I check the list Kay gave?"


The team leader seemed to misunderstand Hansol's participation in this. And Hansol calmly said that Kay was related to the incident with the CIF case and added that he had to check the list to know the link between Kim Dohwa and Lee Wanjae, which the list would give.

And the team leader thought for a while before he brought the list.

Hansol looked at it.

'Choi Jinwoo… this name has to be here.'

If it was Im Jaemin, this name should have already been used and thrown.

The list was a few pages long. He looked through each of the names, but the one he was looking for wasn't there.

As expected.

"If it is okay, would you mind giving me time with Kay? I have a few questions about the dating violence case."

"… Ahem. Because that is what CIF decided…. Even if CIF has authority. Well, will a schedule today work?"

"Yes. Please make it in the morning if possible."

"Come back after two hours. The suspect just recently fell asleep. You know… it is difficult for us if the human rights commission gets a whiff of this that we are pushing our suspects into a corner."

"Sure. I will be back in 2 hours."

Hansol nodded as he went to his CIF room. Meanwhile, Inspector Jung, Shin Dong-jin, and Kang Woo-cheol were in the office.

Everyone seemed to be having hangover drinks to get down their hangover.

"Did you have a lot yesterday?"

It was a soft voice, which definitely wasn't like Hansol.

Detective Kang Woo-cheol, who heard it, spoke.

"Well, well… the team leader said there would be 3 stops, but he ended with 2nd stop. The 3rd stop was a soup house… if I had successfully gone there, I would have never looked at soup for a while."


Inspector Jung looked at Hansol and asked.

"Dr. Im seemed to be working?"

"Ah. I went to the DIU to check the list Kay gave them."

"Is Kim Dohwa's name there?"

"No, but Lee Wanjae's name was there."

"Then Lee Wanjae's claims are false."

"Right. Kim Dohwa can clear the misunderstanding… oh, how is she doing at your house?"

"After the trial is done, she plans to receive psychiatric help. I also contacted the sexual violence counseling centre. Miss Dohwa's medical records and counseling records were helpful."

"Thank you.'

Inspector Jung waved her hand. She said a police officer should do this, and there was no reason to be thanked.

"By the way… the culprit who tried to kill Miss Dohwa hasn't been caught."

"Has to be caught soon. Maybe chose to hide."

"Doctor! Did you get something?'

As the attention of the CIF was drawn, Hansol brought up the name of Choi Jinwoo. He didn't speak about how he got to know this.

He said he got it by gathering evidence. Combining the other things, he expected to catch the culprit faster than expected.

"… good morning, everyone. Um…"

Team leader Woo-jin came to work late. It looked like he had puked just a moment ago.

"Team leader! We found the name of the culprit who tried to kill Kim Dohwa! Dr. Im found out!"

"Uh? How?"

"…. He found it by coincidence."

Hansol didn't like how Kang Woo-cheol put it, but he didn't say it out loud.

"If we found the name, doesn't it mean it is done? Browse the criminal list and roughly bring down the number of age….."

Hansol explained again. This was no simple offense, and it is probably related to the Kim sisters too. Considering that one murder and one attempted murder were done, the man had to be a professional.

And when he said that, he also added about being a former member of special forces, not a simple military soldier.

"Then, we should just track down Choi Jinwoo from special forces?"

"Right. But my prediction is… Choi Jinwoo is now a discarded card. Maybe dead."

"Why? This man was used twice till now, and he is thrown away this easily?'

"We are facing an opponent who is hard for us to get. If he keeps using one card, we will catch him by now. So he will only use it till he can and then throw them away when their value goes down."

If it was Im jaemin, he would make this decision. The prosecutor and police connected to Im Jaeimin would also want that.

"For now, we will investigate a former special unit member, Choi Jinwoo. Woo-cheol and Dong-jin, go ahead!"


Two hours have passed since then.

He went to the floor where the DIU's Team One was located, and Kay sat there with a sleepy face.

"You here, Dr. Im? Let's go into the interrogation room."

Kay was led into the room, looking tired.

"Mr. Kay, hello."

Despite having the real name, Hansol went with Kay. Although Kay had previously assisted the investigation, it was necessary to establish a rapport for him to emerge from his fatigued expression.

Kay spoke with a husky voice.


"I met Mr. Kay because I had something to ask."

"What is it? I finished my statement yesterday."

"When I checked the list, I saw a missing name."


Kay's pupils dilated, and he shook a little.

His body was showing that he had given a couple lies.

"Why is Choi Jinwoo's name missing? He must have bought Bad Boy recently."

Key frowned at the soft voice of Hansol. His whole body asked how he came to know.

"H-How did you know?"

"Would you like to make a statement against Choi Jinwoo and get a lesser sentence or be jailed for…"

"I will tell you!"

Kay spoke right away.

Hansol couldn't believe that this man was trading drugs without being detected until now.

"Where is Mr. Choi Jinwoo now?"

"… my house."

"Your house must have been searched?"

"Another house…"

"A different one? What kind of relationship do you have with him?"

Kay opened his mouth and confession that he met Choi Jinwoo at a club in Itaewon. And that Choi Jinwoo approached him, and they soon became close.

He stated that Choi Jinwoo proposed to him to buy and sell drugs. He did not use them, but he did recently purchase the most recent drug and stated that he intended to distribute them.

Usually, he was dealing drugs with gangs, but considering Choi Jinwoo's suggestions, Kay decided to start trading and sold only to VIPs.

'He is telling the truth.'

It wasn't a lie. Kay was telling the truth.

"Then this house…."

Kay gave the address, and Hansol left the room, saying thank you for his cooperation.

And he went to CIF right away.

"Kay knew where Choi Jinwoo was! I think we need to move right now!"

"Uh? Okay!"

The CIF team immediately left the office and headed to the address given. It wasn't far from the station. They thought they had him.

20 minutes later, they were at the scene.

They got in with the password Kay had given them.

"… Ugh."

Detective Kang Woo-cheol, who first entered, felt nauseous.

Hansol immediately realized.

Choi Jinwoo is dead.

Detective Kang Woo-cheol looked in the direction, which seemed weird.

The person they believed to be Choi Jinwoo was hanged and dead.

'… already late.'

Hansol looked and found a paper.

"Seems like a will."

Hansol picked it up.

[Kay is caught. And now I am dead. The pain…]

'It is meant to show he took his life knowing he was abandoned.'

"… let's search, I wanted to get him alive as much as possible, but we didn't even get a statement."

Hansol turned the papers and said, "I don't think it will be necessary. We have everything confessed here."


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