Chapter 42 - Jihye looked at me and smiled

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Hansol's thoughts were fleeting.

He, like other profilers, had to go through the papers in front of him and delve deeper into the suspect.

Hansol sat down as soon as he exited the questioning room, glancing at the mountain of documents that met him. He needed to write a statement while checking the documents.

It was also something Hansol enjoyed.

Inspector Jung Yu-mi promised to assist him.

"Ah, Doctor. I learned something while looking into Kim Daehyun. It is said that the victim had filed several reports of stalking. Reports were still open."

"So, how did the police respond to it?"

Stalking is currently considered a misdemeanor in Korea. While the number of offenses such as dating violence and stalking was growing, they were still penalized as misdemeanors. Even if they sought legal justice, they only received a limited penalty.

Inspector Jung Yu-mi also expressed her concern and said, "That…."

"It seemed to have gone too far. Then, as time passed, Kim Daehyun's obsession grew into a delusion. This incident may have been avoided. It was something that could be settled before the victim was tormented for two years and eventually murdered."

"… right. But, the victim filed a complaint a lot later. She had gained confidence to file a complaint, and a restraining order was issued…."

"Of course, it couldn't be preserved. There must have been a way to isolate the suspect from society… it isn't just about restraining order."

Inspector Jung Yu-mi let out a long sigh. Unless the law was changed, this would continue to happen.

Hansol continued, "At best, he would have been punished with a fine of not more than 100,000 won, detention or a minor for continuous harassment under Article 3, Paragraph 1, no. 41 misdeamonr punishment act. It would have continued like that. it wasn't a case of criminal offense, so at most, a restraining order would be the most severe they can do."

"Right. Even after reviewing the documents, it was discovered that the police dispatch merely confirmed that the victim entered the property and did not bother to check to see if the suspect was there. The victim was young, and it appeared that she was more reliant on her boyfriend."

"The more a real boyfriend appeared there, the more Kim Daehyun was stimulated. The delusion grew bigger. His love was getting in the way, this megalomaniac was growing. If the attachment isn't formed and the social skills are low, attachment gets expression this way."

Hansol, who had been in thought, then continued.

Apparently, the first statement didn't look enough.

"We will do another attempt to get a statement again. Even if we stop here because the suspect is insane. I have to write what was fine."

"Right. We will look at the documents and let you know if there is any special condition."

Inspector Jung Yu-mi sat beside Hansol, examining the other documents. Hansol created the report based on the recordings.

Despite the fact that the phenomena he demonstrated as difficult to hear or hear were crushed by the suspect's strong reaction. Hansol was able to recall all the suspect stated.

'I didn't even have to use my ability.'

"Ah, Inspector Jung. The victim's body was turned to the National Forensic Service, right?"

"Yes. We should have the result by now."

"Okay. Let's see if we get some evidence from there."

Hansol gathered the things that could be used as evidence at the scene. A saw was used to disassemble the body, chemicals such as preservatives, scissors to mess up body hair…

'I will have to contact J… there is a high chance of her being sexually assaulted, but it is necessary to distinguish whether it was done while she was alive or dead.'

Hansol immediately texted J.

— How far has Park Jihye's autopsy been done?

— It isn't too bad. And looks like she died early.

— Signs of sexual assault?

— Odd as it may be, no. The body is clean except for the head and body being separated. Ah, and I should include that the hair was randomly cut.

After hearing Js words, Hansol searched for papers with similar cases.

Had there been a twisted sexual desire, it would have likely led to sexual assault.

So, does this suspect truly feel his love is pure? Did he make the victim's body that way because he believed it was pure? First, it didn't appear to be necrophilia. It seemed premature to pass judgment.

Team Leader Woo-jin, who walked over, spoke to the CIF team.

"Ugh… that bastard is a complete whack. Even if you ask additional questions he keeps repeating the same words. That they loved each other. Dr. Im, if things go on like this, we won't be getting any words from him until he gets treated for several years and he might claim to be insane."

"Ah, by the way, did someone take a look at Kim Daehyun's drinking?"

The sentence would work if the suspect, Kim Daehyun, was drinking. What if, as a result of psychoanalysis, megalomania and other mental disorders come into… he would have to be sent to a treatment camp before releasing out to the world.

And then there will be another victim when that happens. It had to be stopped.

"The alcohol concentration measurement, it was found that he had nothing. Well, he is completely out of his mind. How the heck did he live his life for him to claim his love for someone this way? The more I see him, the more I don't understand him."

Detectives Kang Woo-cheol and Shin Dong-jin too added a word.

"Same here. Team leader."

"Ugh…. The punishment for stalking should be tougher. The punishment is low and even if the police are contacted in stalking, they will only accompany the victim till the house and come back. Shouldn't the police also be punished for not taking this seriously?"

"Well, a reporter managed to get a whiff of this and has sent an article about the police booth which handled this. Already, the internet is calling for stiff punishments for stalking. The petition for the Blue House is also being circulated. But every time something like this comes up, even if a petition is presented, the legislation merely changes on paper; what is the point if we can't alter it right away? It's not like our country is increasing sentences like the United States or other countries."


"The reporters are waiting in the press room. I wonder if something can be said. First, let's make sure that our team is strictly aware of everything in this case. This case has been the number one searched in all the internet sites. As the article will spread, people will start to aim for us and try to do something to our name. especially with Dr. Im's face all well known… I don't have to put it out, right?"

Hansol nodded. And with the autopsy results not out yet, he didn't intend to speak about it to them. And Hansol did refuse any interviews requested of him from the start.

"Dr. Im, but the suspect, does he have a criminal record?"

Inspector Jung asked, reading the suspect's details.

"What kind?"

Hansol took the file she was reading.

About ten years ago, which meant around 2009. Kim Daehyun was caught by the police robbing. It was a criminal offense.


What caught Hansol's eyes was that Kim Daehyun claimed to be mentally and physically weak when he was caught in the act.

Hansol moved to the next stage. The suspect claimed to be mentally and physically weak, but his psychological and physical weakness wasn't accepted due to mental evaluation. But since that was his first-time offense, I was confirmed that he received a low punishment and was released.

'It is believed that mountains and rivers change in 10 years… how did a person who was normal at the time come out like this as a result of his analysis? His living surroundings couldn't have changed much.'

Reading the file, Hansol reported to the team leader.

"Team leader, while analyzing the records, we checked the past criminal record of the suspect. At that time, he claimed that he committed a robbery to infirmity, but the result of a mental evaluation said he was normal, and the sentence wasn't commuted. However, because it was a first time offence, he received a lower sentence."

"… So?"

Team Leader Woo-jin was curious about what came next.

"It was a record from ten years ago, but the environment probably shouldn't have changed drastically during that time. It wouldn't be a change that came from his surroundings. At present, it isn't possible to determine whether the suspect actually has megalomania or if he is acting."

With Hansol's ability, everything the suspect said was true. But even if it is true, what if Kim Daehyun has been acting without any disorders?

Even if the story he said is true, what if he intended to commute the sentence by creating a mental illness by showing an ill attitude?

"… I request a hypnotic investigation."

"So… Dr. Im thinks that the suspect is now telling lies? I don't understand."

The team leader tilted his head. Hansol once again explained everything steps by step. Woo-jin nodded as he finally understood what Hansol was thinking.

"Okay. Then, let's proceed with the request."

"It will be good to try it out. Of course, if the suspect has a strong control on his body, he will not be hypnotized and will find a way through it… not a single record of the past can be left out. As this is a case with media attention on it, we need to make sure that the suspect gets the maximum sentence."

"Good, good! Then let's do it that way. Let's look through the files first!"

'… I will make it impossible for you to escape.'

This was Hansol's promise. Hansol remembered a movie he saw one day. The most unsuspecting person walked out in a scene where everyone led each other to death and murder. Somehow, the movie's main character and Kim Daehyun overlapped a lot for Hansol.

Two days later, the hypnosis began.

Hansol decided to proceed with the hypnotic investigation. When Kim Daehyun entered the room, he looked around very nervously.

It seemed like he was a bit taken aback at the clean room, unlike the interrogation room.

"It is fine."

Hansol smiled and asked him to sit. Kim Daehyun mumbled while lying back on the chair and staring at the ceiling.

"What are you thinking now?"

At Hansol's low voice, the man stuttered.

"M-my Jihye…."

"Ah, come to think of it, don't you have that necklace?"

"T-the police took it… evidence, data…"

"Oh my… that is the most prized possession of Mr. Kim Daehyun. Well, chamomile tea is known to be good for mind and body, try having this to calm down."

Hansol handed the tea, which was prepared in advance. And Kim Daehyun drank it right away.

"Now then, let's get started. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to be nervous about. Just tell me what you think and see."

"Yes, yes…."

Kim Daehyun's eyes were trembling. And his hands and feet too. Perhaps he was scared of revealing the truth under this investigation.

Hansol thought and hypnotized him.

"What do you see?"

"I see her. Running towards me."

"Where is she running?"

"I am following her."

'Pretending to bait her. But still true.'

"Can you see her expression? Can you see Miss JIhye's face?"

"… Jihye is looking at me and smiling. She has the brightest smile on her face. Like the first time…."

At that moment, Kim Daehyun sobbed. And Hansol noticed it right away.

Kim Daehyun wasn't hypnotized.

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