Chapter 44 - We will announce the results of the trial

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After the hypnosis investigation, Kim Daehyun claimed he was mentally insane. He would have to undergo a mental examination because he claimed to be such from the beginning. It also takes a month.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Kim Daehyun started.

The prosecutor in charge of the case wasn't Kim Soo-hyeon. If it had been him… perhaps it would have again insisted on giving the suspect a minimum time.

Prosecutor Nam Hye-seok was in charge of Kim Daehyun's murder case and came to Hansol, who had taken the first and second statements despite being busy with the trial.

"Dr. Im, you did a good job with the data."

"I am glad it was of some use. Could it be taken as evidence? Especially the second statement… I was going to proceed with the hypnosis investigation, but I got a confession."

At those words, Nam Hye-seok nodded.

"I think it can be accepted as evidence since the suspect confessed. Right now, he says he is mentally ill, but… the trial will be scheduled after the mental evaluation, so it can be known at that time. What do you think would be the outcome of the test? From a profiler's point of view?"

Hansol said without much thought, "It should appear normal on intelligence tests, PCL-R tests, or other tests for underlying psychiatric disorders. I am pretty sure it should come normal."

"Right. But the problem is…."

Hansol could understand what Prosecutor Nam Hye-seok was getting at.

In Korea, the sentence for stalking is relatively small compared to other nations, and even for murder, the maximum time would be 7 to 12 years in prison.

Even with stalking, and murder to aggravate the punishment, it is expected that Kim Daehyun wouldn't get more than 15 years.

"Is it because of the sentence?"

At Hansol's words, the prosecutor nodded. He said he wanted to give a greater sentence as this incident shook the nation. In short, he needed Hansol's help.

"The sentence we have predicted he would get is around 15 years in prison… if he comes out a little insane, he would have his time decreased more. I want to make him get the maximum sentence. To do that, I came here to ask if Dr. Im would be able to attend the trial as a witness."

"Of course, I can do that."

Hansol recalled everything which happened during the hypnosis investigation. That stupid man. He didn't even know that he was falling into a trap.

Now, he was trying to receive psychiatric treatment, pretending to be sick. Hansol, guessing what the psychiatrists would draw, smiled.

And because the prosecutor asked him for help, he felt glad.

"Then I will see you in court."

Kim Daehyun's trial on the first day.

The cold November has arrived. As it was a case that drew attention as stalking and murder, reporters had gathered on the first floor of the courthouse. Hansol entered the room by moving through them.

As he looked at the materials over and over again, he wanted to be able to respond to any question that would be asked.

The suspect Kim Daehyun had a public defender. Looking at that, Hansol thought his father must be taking a step back.

There was no action by the prosecution to block the progress of CIF, and Im Jaemin didn't reveal his existence as if he was hiding somewhere. It was speculated that the next one would be found in the form of a Hanged Man card until the killing was made at 4 am… but there have been no movements so far.

The same was true of the fact that the Prosecutor wasn't Kim Soo-hyeon but from another team entirely.

'… eventually, my father will move.'

There was no longer room to think.

The judge sat down.

Just yesterday, the results of Kim Daehyun's mental assessment were out. And as expected, it was confirmed that there was no underlying illness. Kim Daehyun was going to face the trial at 10 AM, so Hansol waited.

The other trial proceeded quickly until Kim Daehyun's turn came. It was all minor incidents. And among them, the murder cases were all sentenced to lesser punishment with evidence of them being mentally ill.

Judging from the sentence, the results were on the side of the suspect.

'… this is why the prosecutor must have asked me for help.'

After an hour, Kim Daehyun's turn came.

Kim Daehyun entered with a slightly nervous look. It seemed like he didn't know the results of the test yet. Of course, there was no reason to tell him.

"Defendant Kim Daehyun. On October 2nd, you were accused of murdering the victim, Park JIhye. Counsel? Do you have anything to say?"

The public-appointed lawyer did not take the case seriously as the murder suspect was caught and determined, and the result of Kim Daehyun's mental assessment gave no holes for him to escape anymore.

However, as a lawyer, he had to do his minimal duty.

"Respectful judge. Although Mr. Kim Daehyun received the mental evaluation, he was brought up in a poor family and had a difficult life, switching daily jobs. As a result, he did not receive his compulsory education and grew up unaware of the correct social values. And we would appreciate it if you could take that into account."

Hansol saw Kim Daehyun's eyes go wide as he realized that his mental evaluation was normal.

And this was just the start.


Prosecutor Nam Hye-seok stood up.

"The defendant claimed that he murdered the victim, saying he was mentally ill, but the results of the assessment and emotional assessment all said that he was normal. And I will present the evidence for it."

"Submit it."

"Also, in his first statement, he was stuttering and acted insanely, but in the second investigation under hypnosis, he confessed to the crimes without even being fully hypnotized. I will submit the transcript of that too."

The judge asked for it to be submitted, and Prosecutor Nam Hye-seok gave it.

And the defense seemed to have lost its will.

Hansol could hear the reporters typing as fast as they could.

"This is unfair! I loved JIhye with all my heart!"

Kim Daehyun shouted about injustice being done. The judge asked him to be quiet, yet, the face of Kim Daehyun was full of dissatisfaction.

Prosecutor Nam Hye-seok said he would use Profiler Im Hansol as a witness, and the judge allowed it. And so, Hansol had gone into the witness stand.

"Mr. Im Hansol. It has been said that you are the profiler in charge of this case, am I right?"


"I urge you to speak impartially and only the truth in this sacred court."

"The defendant acted as if he had some underlying mental condition at the time of the first statement. After the first statement, he tried to get a mental assessment test done, but a questionable part led the team to a second interrogation."

"What was questionable?"

"While checking the past records of the accused, we found that he was guilty of a first offense theft. And at that time, the defendant had claimed to be mentally ill, to which the results were normal."

At Hansol's words, the judge looked at the evidence submitted.

"But it can be different now. It is ten years later, right?"

"Considering that the accused hadn't received any psychiatric help, we have decided to proceed with the hypnosis questioning."

"Please continue."

At the judge's words, Hansol spoke.

"During the hypnosis questioning, the defendant asked whether he remembered exactly how he started dating the victim. He said it was the 31st of October, a Sunday in 2018. It was even said that he remembered the time of confessing to the victim, which was 3:22pm. However, the 31st of October is Wednesday, and the victim, Miss Park Jihye, worked part-time at the convenience store."

Hansol looked at Kim Daehyun and then continued.

"I know that hypnosis is hard to adopt as evidence, but one thing I can tell for sure is that the accused was making a false statement trying to act like he was under hypnosis. Please see the second transcript."

"You did well. You can return to your seat."

Kim Daehyun trembled in his seat. Eventually, Hansol's words broke his mind, and he yelled and confessed, which echoed in the courtroom.

"Judge. I sincerely ask that you take the transcript as evidence. The accused is known to be stalking the victim as the stalking was considered a misdemeanor by the police. Despite the restraining order issued for the victim as a last resort, he approached and committed a horrific act of murder. In addition, under investigation, he tried to escape by pretending to be mentally ill. And it had nothing to do with the theft conviction of the past. Still, I ask that he be given the appropriate punishment for the fact that he has a previous record, that he had absurd the fact that stalking is a misdemeanor, and that he tried to get out of a murder case after claiming to be mentally ill."

The sound of the reporters typing could be here getting faster. Hansol, too, was curious about what the judge would do. And the judge's eyes were shining bright.

Prosecutor Nam Hye-seok continued, "Stalking isn't a grave crime in our society. I earnestly ask you to inform any further victims that stalking isn't a light crime and that it can be painful for the people involved and for the court to give proper punishment for the offenders."

The public defender had given up. He hadn't said a single thing all this while.

"… Hmm."

The groaning of the judge could be heard.

Hansol looked at Kim Daehyun. He was already in prison clothes, and he was closing his eyes, probably praying.

"Judge. Finally, let me just say one thing. The life of an ordinary female college student had disappeared due to this suspect. Life was taken. The kid was probably someone who would make this society shine, and she was taken away from us by death. Murder. Please give him the punishment he deserves."

"I will announce the results soon."

The judge thought for a moment and then said.

"Suspect Kim Daehyun, according to the prosecutor's words, caused a life to be taken away by murder. It was a case where one can see how ridiculously one knew the laws and values of the society, seeing how he acted in the past records. There, the victim was brutally murdered, and the evidence pointed to him. This is something that should never be taken lightly. Therefore…"

Silence passed for a while, and the judge said, "The suspect Kim Daehyun is sentenced to 20 years in prison."

Dang! Dang! Dang!

A clear sound.

Prosecutor Nam Hae-seok had a satisfied face.

He looked at Hansol and said thank you.

Hansol, too, nodded and looked at the frustrated face of Kim Daehyun.

Hansol couldn't hide his smile.

Hansol watched as the suspect clenched his jaw while being dragged by the police.

He waved his hand and whispered, "Goodbye."

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This chapter felt so short!

Haha. Goodbye to Kim Daehyun indeed. I'm curious about what his daddeh is planning, though. Why was his insane father staying silent for a whole month? Would the next Hanged Man murder case appear after this?

What are your thoughts? 🤔💭

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