Chapter 47 - Then it has to be checked

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As soon as he arrived at the Prosecutor's Office, Hansol went straight to the office of Prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon.

As Hansol entered, the secretary asked about him.

"I'm Im Hansol, a CIF Profiler from Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency."

Hansol greeted her politely.

"I came to see Prosecutor Kim. Is he inside?"

"… Ah. He is, but could you please wait a moment? It is the first time someone from the police department came here directly."

She clearly intended to say, 'How dare the police come to visit the prosecutor?'

"There is something I need to tell him in person. I will wait."

Hansol ignored her intentions and sat down. The secretary glanced over at him as she entered the room.

A few seconds later, Hansol heard them speaking about letting him in.

Hansol entered the Prosecutor's Office and greeted Kim Soo-hyeon. He was a man with a striking look in his eyes. He could be mistaken for a detective or a gangster if he hadn't been a prosecutor.

"Hello, Prosecutor Kim, I am Profiler—"

"You don't have to introduce yourself. I know you quite well. Please sit."

Prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon seemed hostile towards Hansol. He was acting as if he had superiority over Hansol despite this being their first meeting.

"What brought you here? You are a profiler. You cannot perform an investigation on your own."

There was obviously malice within his words.

An average person would take a step back, but Hansol didn't.

"Ah, it's just that it has been a while since you gave CIF a case to investigate. So on behalf of CIF… well, no, I just came."

"Do you think a prosecutor will come to meet you and just mess around like this? Do you think prosecutors are a joke?"

"It seems like the prosecutor thinks a profiler is a joke. Ah, by the way, isn't it normal to have tea? The staff here must have no manners, and you must have no hands."

Prosecutor Kim frowned at Hansol's attitude.

"I have no intention of having tea with you. And my staff will not do it. Tell me what the—"

"You know Im Jaemin, right?"

At the sudden question of Hansol, Prosecutor Kim immediately went silent for a few seconds.

Contrary to Hansol's expectations, the prosecutor's expression was somewhat filled with irritation.

"Of course, I have known him since we have worked together. It isn't like we were together only once or twice. It's not like you were unaware. Doctor Im Hansol, are you wasting my precious time just to ask something like that?"

'… I expected him to be more embarrassed, but he seemed proud to be entangled with that individual in the past.… What can be his trigger?'

Hansol smiled as he pondered. What should he say to warn this man?

"Then you must know who I am?"

"Professor Im's son? It is annoying that this precious young master keeps taking my time."

"Precious young master… I'm not worth it for that nickname. I am the murderer's son. Now, of course, I am a profiler for the CIF team. Well, you seem to consider being the son of a murderer and being a profiler as two separate things?"

Prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon pushed the documents he was looking at with a more irritated face.

"Profiler Im Hansol. What are you really trying to say to me? Is it about Professor Im's story? Or are you dissatisfied with my investigation orders? I don't understand what you want."

Fierce energy was coming from both sides. It felt so tight that any wrong word could break the mood.

Of course, the more brazen this prosecutor came out, the more excited Hansol was. It had been a long time since he felt this stimulation.

"There isn't anything that I want. You are the prosecutor who frequently gives instructions to the CIF, so I came to meet you directly."

"Now that you have seen my face, why don't you head back?"

"No. Since I came as a guest, I should be treated as one, and then I will leave."

"As a guest? What kind of hospitality is given to an uninvited guest?"

"It cannot be too difficult to give me a cup of tea."

Hansol smiled, and Prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon smirked at it.

"You are so different from Professor Im. It makes me wonder how he could have such a child."

"Comparing a murderer to a normal person is quite weird, don't you think? Listening to you speak like that makes me think you've known my father too well. Besides just investigating, it seems you have a personal relationship with him."

"There is nothing personal. It is just because we were involved in public relations too many times that I am acquainted with Professor Im. If they were personal relations, I wouldn't have issued a warrant for him."

Hansol narrowed his eyes. This man indeed issued the warrant. But of course, his father ran away before that warrant was issued.

But what of before? Who told him that the police were coming to arrest him?

It is simple if you think about it. The prosecutor who issued the warrant had worked with his father, which was the most possible explanation.

Because Hansol was well aware that Kim Soo-hyeon, several more prosecutors, and even the law firm were connected with his father.

Where does Hansol have to flick for the prosecutor to jump?

"Right. Is the investigation into my father going well?"

Hansol had met his father not long back, but he pretended to ask.

"The investigation is being done by the police. The Prosecutor's Office is where orders are issued. Shouldn't you be asking the police about this?"

"Ah, right. I have something I have been meaning to ask since I came all the way here. How about handing over the investigation of Professor Im Jaemin to the CIF?"

His words implied that he knew their past cases were related to Im Jaemin. Hansol wondered if the prosecutor would notice it, so he waited for him to speak.

However, Prosecutor Kim burst into laughter.

"Ah, seriously. Look here, Doctor Im Hansol. Can a profiler come to a prosecutor and ask this and that? It is my responsibility to lead the investigation into which team. You aren't involved even in this investigation… Do you think prosecutors are a joke? I am in no mood for this."

"Is there something that you cannot give?"

"Why are you asking me that? Doctor Im, do you understand what you are saying?"

The words of the prosecutor were turning harsh. Hansol felt the joy in this.

"Well, I think Prosecutor Kim knows better than me why I am asking it. Am I wrong? I've heard I am on the wrong side, but am I?"

"How am I to know? Do you mean to claim I have a connection to Professor Im? I did hear that you have no friends or workers around you. Seeing you talk like this, I can imagine why there are no people around."

Hansol just smiled and continued.

A conversation that he liked having.

"Why are you getting so agitated? I just want to reclaim the honor I lost because of what my father did."

"Look. Dr. Im Hansol. Do you believe it is appropriate for a family member to undertake the investigation? Do you realize that if a suspect has a blood tie with a member of the investigation team, they will be excluded from the investigation and will not be granted rights to participate since they will not have a neutral ground? If I had been a profiler, I would have studied the fundamentals of criminal law. Do I really need to teach you that now?"

There was no way Hansol didn't know that. He just threw the bait. The more he looked at the prosecutor's reaction, the more interested he was in playing with him.

_How would the prosecutor react if driven to a more extreme situation?_Will the frown on his face deepen more? Would he jump up? What would he do as a prosecutor?

Hansol enjoyed such kinds of things.

"I know it well. Even if I am meant to be excluded, can it not be passed to my team?"

"Ha… seriously. I cannot because you are on that team. Do you understand what I am talking about? Are you just here to pick a fight? Huh? Are you bored that there's no special case given to your team? Should I just give you more cases now? Would you rather run around analyzing cases all day long? Can't you see the papers I have piled up in front of me? I need to read and evaluate everything, and I'm losing my mind trying to figure out how many sentences I have to give each. Are you messing with me right now?"

Prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon approached Hansol.

However, Hansol said nothing. Ahh, he was thinking of giving one more push.

"We're meeting face to face, Prosecutor, since you're the one who gives us cases. Am I mistaken?"


"The team leader of DIU's first team must be currently busy, right?"

"Why are you saying that now?!"

Prosecutor Kim Soo-hyeon's voice turned louder.

Amid that, Hansol was drenched in pleasure. Is this why murderers torment people?

"I will leave since you are busy. I will call you for dinner next time. See you then."

"There is no need for me to have dinner with you. Get out of my sight right now."

"Haha… you're still angry. But aren't your words too harsh? Earlier, you acted like you wanted to grab my neck."

"Are you seriously doing this?"

Before he could call the secretary, Hansol stood up with an expression that he did everything he had to.

"You don't have to call her. I'm done with my work. We asked for an early investigation into father. He might think of me as his son, but I don't think of him as a family anymore."

Prosecutor Kim will surely relay that Hansol was here. So Hansol deliberately ensured these words got into his father's ears.

"Does that no longer count you as the son of a murderer?"

"My, my. Why are you doing this? He isn't a murderer but the director of the murder. He didn't touch them, right?"

"That, that… let's not fight."

"Well, I will prove that I am a good person through investigation."

Hansol walked close to the door, and the expression of Prosecutor Kim turned more comfortable as he sighed.

Hansol added before opening the door, "However, strange rumors are going around these days. A rumor that Im Jaemin personally reported a murder. Does the prosecutor know?"

At that time, something changed in the face of Prosecutor Kim.

"How can I know?"

"Ah, I was just confirming. The next thing can be confirmed at our meal together. Goodbye."


After Hansol came out of the office, the staff and others were all nervous. Maybe they heard the prosecutor shouted. Even if the people on the other side of the door were scared, he didn't care.

'Hmm. Should I stop by the National Forensic Lab?'

Hansol got into the car and drove to his next destination.

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