Chapter 50 - Now, Shall We Talk About This Page?

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“Aren’t you going to let go?!”

“Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol, I apologize.”

Hansol took out the handcuffs from his jacket and put them on Yoon Seong-cheol’s wrists. Nevertheless, that made the man resist even harder.

“I am not Yoon Seong-cheol.”

’…A lie.’

Hansol’s eyes were telling him—The person in front of him was Yoon Seong-cheol.

“I know that you are Yoon Seong-cheol. So there is no need to deny it. You must have worked so hard waiting here. How many days have you been waiting?”

“I am not Yoon Seong-cheol! And how do you know I have been waiting?”

“Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol, where did you get the information that I am a profiler of CIF and that I would be visiting the victim’s house to acquire the books? You acted quite fast. You wouldn’t have come to visit me if someone hadn’t told you beforehand. Get in the car first.”

Hansol pushed the man into the back seat despite him protesting. Before starting the car, Hansol looked back and asked, “Im Jaemin—did that person tell you?”

“Our doctor isn’t such a person!”

‘Another lie. I think Im Jaemin told him to follow me. As expected, my father wants to prove he is above me. But what to do? I guess he doesn’t know that I am the one who is above him.’

“Our doctor… you seem quite friendly, huh? For example, you were a patient of Im Jaemin in the past.”

“Ugh… aren’t you going to release me?”

“If I let you go, you will run away, right? Let’s talk. That way, Seong-cheol will be comfortable, and so will I. There will be no good conversation if you rush at me.”

Hansol’s voice sounded creepy, and Yoon Sang-cheol, with his arms behind him, kicked the seat with his feet. However, even that was funny to Hansol. As long as his hands were suppressed, it didn’t matter what he did with his feet. Hansol had nothing to fear.

“You are quite dirty, Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol. I have a question for you. Who told you that I would be visiting here today?”

“Fuck! I found out while waiting here!”

“There are countless people who visit this place. Also, isn’t it strange that you very easily came to pick the one who was going to the victim’s house to acquire the book? Do you have superpowers? Otherwise, you couldn’t have figured it out. However, you see, I don’t believe in such things. So it would be nice if you started to speak.”

Nevertheless, Yoon Seong-cheol didn’t answer. Ironically, the more he stayed quiet, the more it stimulated Hansol’s interest.

“H-how are you sure that I am Yoon Seong-cheol? You never saw his face.”

“Right. How could I be sure that it was you? Well, Mr. Kwak Dong-sik died without any clues. Hopefully, it could end as a perfect murder. Are you curious? How could I guess that it was you who attacked—at once?”

“I am not Yoon Seong-cheol!”

Hearing that, Hansol’s eyes shone blue.

’…Another lie.’

He had confirmed it twice. Also, to be honest, he wasn’t actually sure and called him Yoon Seong-cheol instinctively, but he didn’t think it would turn out to be true.


“It’s strange. No matter how severe the relationship between father and child is, the voice can be heard. The voice I heard from the payphone which was called to report; the voice of the one who reported—Hearing that, I knew who it was.”

“Then you should be suspicious of the doctor! Why are you suspecting me?!”

Pfft. Why would I suspect someone else?”

Yoon Seong-cheol didn’t answer Hansol’s question. Things were getting worse by the minute—The more he spoke, the worse the situation was turning. Yoon Seong-cheol shook his head to get through this. From the moment he mentioned the name of Im Jaemin from his own mouth, it didn’t seem like he could escape. He wasn’t sure now.

“Well, whether Mr Yoon Seong-cheol is related to Im Jaemin or not doesn’t matter much now. In particular, the expression of our doctor means you are quite close—Someone who is trusted by Im Jaemin or at least someone who thinks he is trusted. However, did you know? Im Jaemin never gave his trust to even his wife or child.”

That was why his wife had to die like that. And his son, Hansol, was constantly assaulted in the name of education. How hard would it have been to live hiding his true intent? Poor Im Jaemin. It is hard to believe that he is still behind the scenes wielding power by wearing the mask of a nice human being. It made him wonder what the people around Im Jaemin thought of him.

“What nonsense are you saying! So now, you will hold me?! If you hold me, do you think the doctor will come?”

“No. I am not thinking about that at all… ‘avoid excessive self-awareness’. Don’t you know those words? Why will Im Jaemin come for you?”

“Because the doctor cares about me… “

Yoon Seong-cheol shut his lips as he realized his mistake. However, it was already too late.

“If you keep showing your closeness with Im Jaemin, it is good for me. Also, the job of the profiler is to analyze the psychology of the criminal. Since you came to see me, I will directly take you to the police station.”

“No! No! Don’t you know that I am innocent till proven guilty?!”

“Haha… obviously, I do. This is no coercive investigation, and according to the principle of presumption of innocence, it is impossible to establish a criminal as a criminal. However, there’s one odd thing—Why did you come to pick up the ledger? If you weren’t at a disadvantage, you wouldn’t have even come here, would you? And… Why did you attack me? Because I was assaulted, I will report it, and I have only handcuffed you in self-defence. Anything more to say?”

“Fucking nonsense! This is forced! Release me right now!”

Hansol smiled and started the car. And all the way to the police station, the man kept cursing. Of course, Hansol didn’t care. Before arriving at the office, Hansol called Kang Woo-cheol and said he would be bringing in the lead suspect in Kwak Dong-sik’s case and asked him to come down.

Naturally, when he arrived, Detectives Kang Woo-cheol and Shin Dong-jin were waiting and grabbed the man in the back seat and began to go in. Yoon Seong-cheol turned back and continued to curse Hansol as he was being dragged.

Hansol, too, mouthed—See you later. After that, Hansol went to the CIF office. Team leader Woo-jin asked if Hansol knew any information about the suspect who arrived here and how he managed to catch him. Hansol said that he went to get the ledger but was attacked there, and thus, he had to subdue the man and bring him back.

“Still… wouldn’t it be a huge deal if that man told the Human Rights Commission that he was forced to come here?”

“You don’t have to worry. Evidence can be found now.”

“You have evidence?”

“First, it was Im jaemin who reported to the police. Also, Yoon Seong-cheol knows Im Jaemin—So close that he calls him ‘our doctor’.”

“He cannot be charged with murder just because he knows someone who directed the murder, right?”

“There’s also the ledger. Yoon Seong-cheol’s name appears the most in that. He borrowed the money and paid him back; this process was repeated many times despite the high-interest rate. This is enough motive for murder. The money he owes must be greater than what he borrowed.”

“Hmm… but there has to be clear murder evidence.”

“Let’s talk with him first. We will conduct the questions, take a direct confession from his mouth, and run a lie detector test. Confession alone cannot be evidence of coercion investigation, so the lie detector test will make it credible.”

The team seemed a bit troubled at Hansol’s words about the investigation process. Inspector Jung Yu-mi cautiously asked, “Aren’t we pushing him to be the culprit?”

Hansol laughed at the words and opened a page in the ledger.

‘He is trying to kill me.’—It was a single statement, but it was also a sentence which showed that Kwak Dong-sik, who had nothing to fear, was scared of something.

“This one sentence is a hint? Who? Who threatened him? The man who fearlessly lived by giving out the loan? His ex? The child? If not… one of those who borrowed money from him? What do you think, inspector Jung?”

She pondered for a moment and said, “Because the ex-wife and the child both had alibis and were not angry with him… it is most likely one of those who borrowed the money.”

“Besides, we need to note that the victim is also part of the countdown. When did this start? Who was he affiliated with?’

Right—It was related to Im Jaemin, who found the body in the shape of the Hanged Man. Everyone knew that.

“I think you are aware now to some extent that this has to do with Im Jaemin. Yoon Seong-cheol is connected to that man. If it were enough, then it should have ended with him just mentioning the name of Im Jaemin. However, he borrowed money from the victim—that too, a large amount, and he wasn’t able to pay it back. Im Jaemin extended a hand to help him. If this is the case, doesn’t the scenario fit so perfectly?”

Everyone went silent after hearing that. Hansol was right.

“Still, we need to investigate the others too.”

“Let’s take a statement of all those written in Kwak Dong-sik’s books. Get alibis, as well. However, you will see that none of them will fit as well as Yoon Seong-cheol.”

“Okay. Kang Woo-cheon and Shin Dong-jin will start making the calls. Inspector Jung will be on the other side of the interrogation room, and Dr. Im will be in there.”—Team leader Woo-jin instructed. Hansol was happy. In a way, did his father give a death sentence to this man? He was happy to think that his father, who would have dreamed of a perfect little murder by making the Hanged Man shape after killing the man with a head wound and adding a block of cement to the leg, would never be caught by Hansol.

“Has the suspect calmed down?”

“He is screaming. It seems like the investigation will be difficult like…”

Detective Shin Dong-jin hesitated. Nevertheless, Hansol shook his head.

“It’s fine. We will proceed with the investigation. On the contrary, the truth comes out more easily in states of emotional instability.”

“Can you do it? I am a bit worried.”

Hansol nodded at Woo-jin’s words.

“Don’t worry.”

And then, he entered the room. The anger was as clear as crystal on Yoon Seong-cheol’s face.

“Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol. As we are now at the station, let’s speak nicely.”

“I won’t! I will report all of this to the Human Rights Commission! This investigation is being forcibly conducted!”

“This wasn’t coerced. First of all, I will ask you about the assault against me. Why did you attack me? What was your purpose?”


Hansol held the ledger and shook it.

“Was it because of this?”

Hansol smiled brightly.

“Don’t worry. Mr Yoon Seong-cheol’s name appears quite a lot here.”

“Kwak Dong-sik, that bastard…”

“Now, let’s move on with the fact that the assault on me was because of this book.”

“Who said that? No!”

“Then why did you attack me when you saw me for the first time?”


Yoon Seong-cheol’s eyes fluttered.

Hansol opened the book. Yoon Seng-cheol’s name was written all over the page. The borrowed money was different, but the traces of him borrowing money from day to day were clearly written. Finally, Hansol said,

“Now, shall we talk about this page?”

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