Chapter 51 - Isn’t That Eye OD?

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Hansol looked at Yoon Seong-cheol and opened his mouth. No matter how he reacted, an opportunity for higher predators to prey was in front of him. That was Hansol’s attitude now.

“On this page, the money that Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol had taken from time to time is written. Should we calculate the amount? One, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand… ah. Isn’t this over 100 million won on this page alone?”

“That bastard made it up! I am not guilty! I only borrowed a little!”

Hansol’s eyes could see that Yoon Seong-cheol was lying. He was going to use a lie detector, but Hansol wanted the confession first. If a lie detector was added to the confession, it would be clear evidence. It would be a fantastic investigation if the tools for murder were found. Hansol was salivating because the prey in his grasp looked delicious.

“Uh… We did some research on your, sir. Have you always enjoyed gambling? You have a solid job… if I were a civil servant, I would never gamble.”

Yoon Seong-cheol was a teacher. He may have been a good person to the kids, but behind the scenes, he enjoyed gambling illegally. Because of that, he was constantly short on money and got his hands on the money from a loan, and when that didn’t work, he decided to use his job as credibility from the loan sharks.

“It is a hobby! It is not illegal! Do you know how many people around me do it?!”

“Aha. There are a lot of people around you? I have a good suggestion. If you can give us their names, we may be able to lessen your sentence for gambling illegally. How does that sound?”

Yoon Seong-cheol’s eyes went wide. The fact that he could have his sentence shortened was weird.

“I will not be fooled!”

“Fooled? When drug offenders get caught, they first cheat, and then they give the list of names of those they sold drugs to. As long as they have already committed the crime, there is no friendship and loyalty between them, am I right? Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol, first is… trying to assault me.”

“You hit me, as well! You were the one who put the handcuffs on me! You think I don’t know the law?!”—Yoon Seong-cheol screamed in anger. Regardless, Hansol didn’t care about it.

“Phew… actually, I didn’t know much as I was afraid. That moment was scary. I was afraid Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol would put a knife into my stomach. And I searched your jacket and found a knife; what was the purpose of it?”


Yoon Seong-cheol was at a loss for words. According to his plan, Hansol would suffer fatal injuries and have to be taken to hospital. Thus, the ledger would come into his hands. That way, the job would end perfectly.—Because that was what ‘he’ wanted.

“You seem speechless? One thing is for sure—if I had been stabbed with it, I would have been in the hospital, and you would have had the ledger in your hand and fled, right? The investigation would then turn difficult. However, you didn’t know I learned self-defence, right, Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol? Because that is a fact that even Im Jaemin, who asked you to follow me, didn’t know.”

After his mother was murdered, Hansol lived alone. Although he never felt affection for his mother, Hansol was interested in criminal psychology because of the aggression he felt during that time.

To become a profiler, one had to be trained in a police academy. It wasn’t something that could be resolved simply by getting a doctorate in place. A master’s degree or a higher one was the basic condition, and it was important to be physically fit. Thus, he learned to work out. And it went well with Hansol’s body too. Even though he was learning at a later age, he was able to show off outstanding skills.

“Well… That isn’t important. Now, let’s get into the story. Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol’s name is listed on this page, and when we turn the page, the victim left a note of resentment against someone. Who do you think it was for?”

“How can I know that?”

Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol seemed a little more obedient to Hansol’s words now. He seemed to have realized that yelling wouldn’t work anymore. Nevertheless, he didn’t know that he was caught from the start.

“If you don’t know it, I will read it to you. ‘He is trying to kill me.’ is the sentence. The victim felt threatened for his life. It can be inferred that despite being in the same field of illegal loaning for quite some time, he only felt this in recent times. As the page is full of Mr. Yoon Seong-cheol’s name and the next one says someone is trying to kill him, what do you think?”

“What about it? I never tried to kill that bastard. I didn’t kill him, but I was relieved to know he had died. Wouldn’t you be too? Should I feel sorry for the bastard who called and texted me dozens of times a day for borrowing a little money?”

“Ah, that is why this record came.”

In Hansol’s hand was a medical certificate. It was the record of Yoon Seong-cheol’s diagnosis.

The doctor in charge of him was professor Kim Hee-seob—A disciple of Im Jaemin, so he must have connected Yoon Seong-cheol to Im Jaemin.

“From depression to alcoholism to gambling addiction… so many.”—Thanks to the team members, he was able to quickly acquire information on Yoon Seong-cheol. If it hadn’t been for the CIF members, making a statement would have been tough.

Hansol continued the investigation while thinking about how grateful he felt to have such a team.

“Well, the name of the disease isn’t even important. Ah, it is important. Something new might come—Like you are mentally weak.”

“I-I am a patient! Of course, it will come that I am mentally weak!”

“Unfortunately, I see people who commit crimes and claim to be mentally weak all the time. Of course, the judgement will not be mine; the experts will give you treatment over the course of one month and do all sorts of analyses. That isn’t my thing. So let us move on. I have a question for you. Did you know that professor Kim Hee-seob is a disciple of Im Jaemin?”

Hearing those words, Yoon Seong-cheol’s hand trembled, and Hansol, who saw it, felt curious.

“Aren’t you curious how I know? If he talked about me, wouldn’t he have talked about his relationship with professor Kim Hee-seob, too?”

“He didn’t speak about you! Why do you keep trying to put the blame onto my doctor?!”

“There is no use saying that. He is already being chased for directing a murder. Of course, he seems to be doing well for a person being chased. Now, let’s continue. Professor Kim Hee-seob didn’t introduce you? So how did you get in contact with Im Jaemin? It has been months since that man went into hiding.”

“When I was about to jump off the bridge on the Han River because of Kwak Dong-sik, he stopped me! He is someone who saved me! But despite that…”

Hansol chuckled. Being kind was… inappropriate for Im Jaemin. His eye kept shining blue because Yoon Seong-cheol kept lying. Obviously, Im Jaemin saving him was a lie too.

‘The lie detector will have a field day with him.’

Hansol looked at the lie detector next to him. Yoon Seong-cheol must be brainwashing himself that he was telling the truth. Moreover, his hands were trembling, and he was constantly licking his lips as if his mouth was dry, which indicated that he was lying.

“I see. He saved you. What about after that? Did he teach you how to kill someone?”

“I did not kill Kwak Dong-sik. How many times do I have to say that his death had nothing to do with me?!”

“Then, give us your alibi on the day he died.”

“I am someone who doesn’t remember what happened the day before. I drink so much that yesterday’s things are not recorded in my mind. How can I prove I was doing something when he died?”

The estimated time of death was around 4:36 A.M. on 23rd November.

“What were you doing on 23rd November?”

“Drinking and sleeping.”

“So you bought alcohol on the 22nd, the day before? 22nd was Sunday, and 23rd was Monday… you drank despite having work the next day.”

More things to look into flooded into his mind—Did Yoon Seong-cheol really buy alcohol, and if so, did he buy it with cash or a card? And on the 23rd, did he go to school to teach?

“What time did you buy alcohol and at which store?”

“Haa, seriously. Let’s see. Do I look like the real culprit just because I am a friend of someone who directed the murder? Whatever he is, he saved my life, and I am doing it as a token of gratitude, but I didn’t kill that man!”

“As long as your name is in the ledger, we have no choice but to investigate you. We forgot to ask for your understanding.”

Yoon Seong-cheol frowned at those words. After hesitating for a while, he said, “…I bought alcohol that night.”

“What kind of alcohol did you buy?”

“No, do I have to say that too?”

“Yes. For us to refer to, you cannot miss a single thing. Did you buy soju, or did you buy four cans of beer of 10,00 won or…”

“I bought soju. I only drink that. Strangely, I get drunk by just a little bit of beer, so I bought soju.”

“How do you usually drink? If I drank two bottles, I wouldn’t be able to work the next day. I guess you don’t even have a hangover?”

As the questions kept coming, Yoon Seong-cheol frowned more and more. Also, Hansol felt like he was asking the right things. Hansol’s eye was blue at that moment.

“But… isn’t that eye OD1? It has been blue ever since…”

So far, no one had noticed. However, Yoon Seong-cheon, who was in front of him, noticed. Nevertheless, Hansol didn’t care and said, “You must be looking at it wrong. You can see that the reflection of the light is blue in my eyes. Do you have hallucinations because of your addictions?”

Hansol instead was trying to put pressure on Yoon Seong-cheol. And feeling unfair, Yoon Seong-cheon said, “No! It really is blue! Anyone can see that!”

“That isn’t important now. My eyes are auburn, just like normal people. Now, you seem to have misunderstood. The topic had gone elsewhere for a while… Let’s talk again. How did you get to work the next day?”

“What do you mean? I just went and taught the kids well.”

“I see. We talked for a long time. Let’s take a break. If you want to speak, we can give you time. I need to head to the bathroom.”

Hansol walked out, and Detective Kang Woo-cheol went in. Hansol asked the other members to check the card details of Yoon Seong-cheol and confirm whether he went to teach on the 23rd.

At that moment, Jung Yu-mi said, “That… Yoon Seong-cheol has been fired from the school for a long time.”

“..? Fired?”

Hansol’s expression changed instantly. He knew Yoon Seong-cheol was lying but thought it was only about teaching the children. Also, there was one thing that Yoon Seong-cheol didn’t know—The more he tried to stimulate Hansol, the more Hansol would corner him.

Naturally, now, he was salivating even more than before.

  1. OD is a term used for an eyeglass prescription. ↩️

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