Chapter 4 - Do you believe I’m the culprit?

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According to the Mayo Clinic, some experts see sociopaths as “hot-headed.” They act without thinking about how others will be affected. Psychopaths are more “cold-hearted” and calculating. They carefully plot their moves and use aggression in a planned-out way to get what they want.1

After that incident, Hansol’s mother got transferred to a hospital but died due to excessive blood loss.

The man—the culprit, was once again sentenced to imprisonment, but this time it was life imprisonment since he was charged with the murder and attempted murder.

When the police first investigated the knife, aside from the culprit’s fingerprints, they also discovered Hansol’s fingerprints on it, prompting the conclusion that Hansol should be considered a suspect. Professor Im, Hansol’s father, testified in his favor, and he was freed of all allegations.

Hansol received treatment for the left eye that the knife’s tip had grazed. Fortunately, there was no corneal damage. From that day on, Hansol gained the ability to distinguish between people’s truths and lies.

Raising his head, Hansol looked up at the building.

It had been ten years since that day. He hadn’t visited the place before because of the indistinct longing he felt towards his mother. Such feelings weren’t supposed to exist within Hansol. His father, who was currently waiting for his only son, didn’t possess such feelings either.

Step, step—

Hansol went up to the house he’d lived in.

Since it had been marked as a redevelopment area, no one would stop him.

When he arrived in front of the house, Hansol felt like he had returned to the time he was still wearing his school uniform.

“I am back,” he said.


He pulled on the doorknob and pushed the door slightly.

A mysterious buzz of excitement coursed through his body.

When he gripped the handle on the door, the thrill crept into every bone in his body.

It was the feeling that he kept buried deep in his mind for ten years while constantly receiving more and more intensive education.

Hansol stepped inside.

At that moment…

“… a corpse?”

The floor was covered in crimson red blood, and a woman was lying with her face down. Hansol rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was hallucinating.

He wasn’t hallucinating. The woman on the ground seemed to have been murdered at least a week before. The dried blood and smell were enough for him to understand.

’… Besides, that is the same place where mom died.’

The same guy couldn’t have been the culprit. He had been given life imprisonment ten years ago.

Hansol directly called for the 3rd team of the Hwajong Police Station. After giving them the address he was at, he informed them of the body found inside.

Hansol hung up when he suddenly realized that there was one thing amiss.

If the killer were smart enough not to leave any traces behind, Hansol’s traces would be the only thing the police would find.

Hansol’s footprints and fingerprints would be the only things they would find.

’… shit.’

And there was no alibi to prove why he came back to the house he had lived ten years before. Everything directed him to be the suspect.

Nothing seemed to be going right.

Hansol chose to stay still. If he could stay still, he might have a slight chance of proving that he was innocent. But why did the killer feel like the same person he crossed paths with ten years ago?

After around thirty minutes, the 3rd team of Hwajong Police Station and the inspection team arrived together. The 3rd team and the inspection team entered with latex gloves on their hands and overshoes on their boots to avoid damage to the crime scene. A photographer recorded the crime scene. While recording the scene, the 3rd team entered the house and saw Hansol simply standing.

The troublemaker of the 3rd team, Kang Woo-cheol, looked at Hansol.

“What is this, Doctor? Were you trying to tail a suspect without informing us?”

Hansol didn’t answer, nor was there any change in his expression. This only made Kang Woo-cheol want to rile him up.

“What would happen to the media if the genius profiler was put on a suspect list? This is exciting. Aren’t you looking forward to seeing what will happen?”

Yah! Kang Woo-cheol! Doctor is the one who discovered and reported the scene, we haven’t even derived any suspects, much less a list! Watch your words!”

Even with the senior detective giving him a warning, Kang Woo-cheol threw some more words at Hansol.

“But from what sunbae says, won’t Dr. Im be the suspect? Why did he visit the redevelopment area alone, and not some other person? Aren’t there cases where the killer once again comes to visit the site where he killed someone?”

“… Detective Kang Woo-cheol hyung. Then I will take the opposite stance. Where is the evidence that I am the suspect?”

At the calm voice of Hansol, Woo-cheol hesitated at the lack of evidence on his side. He had spoken because he thought Hansol might get riled up and yell, but it didn’t turn out to be the case.


Kang Woo-cheol scratched the back of his head and went over to where the senior detectives were.

It seemed like a busy scene. The body was moved, the area was being photographed, and everyone was desperately trying to find fingerprints or footprints.

“Uh… Doctor… you should come with us.”

One of the detectives spoke, and Hansol nodded.

“Can I use my own car?”

“That… Firstly, the investigation on the witnesses and those involved….”

“It isn’t like you are investigating suspects yet. I can assure you that I haven’t been here before today, I arrived just a while ago. However, if that is what you insist, we can go together.”

The detective was hesitant to be strict towards Hansol, who regularly helped them investigate serial killers, but seeing the man stay cool-headed despite being labeled a suspect was a surprise.

Hansol got into the detective’s car.

Quite strangely, Kang Woo-cheol then sat next to him. Kang Woo-cheol, who despised Hansol, was sitting right next to him. Even the senior detectives were shocked at that.

Yah, punk. Kang Woo-cheol, are you trying to mess with the doctor again?”

“Not at all. Do I look like someone who will always do such things?”

“You’ve done it often enough. Look after the doctor.”

“Since when have we been treating suspects so generously? He’s obviously a suspect right now.”

“The test results haven’t come out yet. Watch your mouth at least.”

Accompanied by the constant back and forth arguing, they finally arrived at Hwajong Police Station. As soon as Hansol stepped out, he was moved to the interrogation room.

The team’s lead detective decided to take over Hansol. Kang Woo-cheol clicked his tongue. If he were to be the one given a chance to interrogate Hansol, he was confident he could bring the truth from him.

“Dr. Im Hansol. I apologize for meeting you like this. I really am sorry.”

“No need. It’s only natural that I’m being investigated as I was the one who found the site. Let us begin.”

The detective looked into the one-way mirror and gave a signal. Several detectives were standing behind it, observing the interrogation room. He promptly started questioning Hansol.

“Well… Why did you go to the redevelopment area?”

Hansol decided to answer honestly, “It was the place I lived ten years ago.”

“Hmm… that’s right. I checked a copy of the residents at that time. However, when the average person comes to know the building is about to be demolished, they only look at the place and turn back. Doctor… ugh, I’ll be informal during the investigation. Im Hansol didn’t act like that. You went in. Was there any reason you had to enter?”

“I wanted to go into the house I lived in.”

“Why is that?”

Hansol contemplated whether or not he had to explain what happened ten years ago: his mother’s death and his father’s injury caused by a prisoner who broke out.

To return to such a place after ten years… from what he had learned from being educated, it wasn’t something ordinary people do. Anyone would feel suspicious of Hansol’s actions.

“No particular reason.”

Uhm… Wait a moment.”

The team leader briefly left the interrogation room. Outside the room, data was being brought in. It was basic information that the victim died a week ago or so and that any other details can only be known after further investigation.

After confirming the data, the team leader reentered the interrogation room.

“Im Hansol. The body was confirmed to have been killed a week ago. What were you doing that day? Please tell us about that day.”

Hansol had a unique memory. His brain would be considered dysfunctional by others, but it worked fine for him.

A week ago. Hansol’s memory immediately picked it up, “A week ago, I went to a program as a profiler.”

“A broadcast?”

“A documentary recording at KBC.”

“Do you have any contact information about the related PDs?”

“I am not someone to save contacts. But if you look at my call logs, you will find their numbers.”

“Uhm… I see. What times did the recording begin and end?”

“From about 2 pm to 6 pm.”

“Then what did you do in the morning?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

The team leader laughed when he heard that. Saying that he didn’t do anything meant he had ample time to kill the woman in the morning.

The team leader, who thought the genius profiler could be the killer, kept his posture straight and interrogated.

“What did you do after 6pm?”

Hansol recalled that it rained a week ago.

During rainy days, Hansol’s emotional state always strangely declined, so he never does anything. He did absolutely nothing in the morning. He went to the shoot, and once it was done, he returned home to review the case materials he was in charge of.

“… I looked over the data on some case files.”

“Is there anyone who can prove that is what Mr. Im Hansol did?”

“… I live alone. You can check the CCTV.”

“Then, we’ll get the CCTV footage of the building for that day’s record.”

Hansol, after hearing those words, smiled.

The team leader didn’t miss it, “Why are you smiling?”

Finally, Hansol’s expression had changed. Even though it wasn’t one he’d expected, a beautiful smile hung on his delicate features.

Hansol then asked, “Do you believe I am the culprit?”

“First, you discovered the crime scene and we are investigating you as a witness….”

“Don’t. Simply answer the question. Do you think I am the culprit?”


At that moment, Hansol’s left eye turned blue for a second, then turned back to normal.

’… lie.’

‘He thinks of me as the culprit.’

“I see. So, where will I be today? Locked up or at home?”


“It wasn’t clear what happened, and it isn’t known when exactly the woman was killed a week ago, so it’s something which directs that I get to go home.”


The team leader stuttered at Hansol’s words.

Although Hansol was being interrogated, he couldn’t be locked up. “Is this the end of interrogation?”


The team leader inhaled deeply and went out. What was being talked about outside couldn’t be heard inside the room. The team leader complained to the other detectives of his team.

“I don’t get it. Is he always that cold? I mean the doctor.” Kang Woo-cheol spoke sarcastically.

“You think you’re so skilled you can solve the case in one go?”

“That isn’t what I meant. Really. This feeling… have you ever encountered a man—a psychopath? It’s the same feeling I get when I meet those guys. Normal people don’t feel that way.”

“First of all, do all the research on Dr. Im Hansol. Kang Woo-cheol, you will only focus on the outcome of the investigation, and don’t even think about messing with the doctor.”

“Yes! Understood!”

“The interrogation ends here.”

“Will you let him go back home?”

“There is no evidence that indicates what happened, and there is nothing we can use to make him stay. Our hands are tied.”


The team leader returned to the room again.

Hansol looked at him and asked, “Can I go now?”

“Yes. We kindly request your continued cooperation until the results of the investigations are out.”

Hansol got up and opened the door of the interrogation room.

‘No one believes me. The killer must have minimized his traces, and they’re likely to be someone aware of the incident ten years ago.’

Angel’s Corner

It was said that Hansol’s actions weren’t what normal people would do. Well, yes, but I also think it’s the ideal response for that situation.

No challenge today! Instead, I’d like to ask you something else.

If you were Im Hansol, what would you have done when you saw a corpse inside your old house when you visited? What would your reaction be while being interrogated? 🤔

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