Chapter 14 - Hanged Man

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Kang Woo-cheol moved discreetly so the prosecution won’t notice his movements and acquired some unexpected information.

After returning to the National Police Agency, Kang Woo-cheol pondered for a while whether or not to convey this surprising fact to Hansol. However, he felt that this information was crucial to investigate the case and turned over the documents and informed Hansol, who was waiting for the investigation of the second suspect.


Kang Woo-cheol gulped nervously. Hansol didn’t miss the expression he was making. He knew right away that Kang Woo-cheol was nervous. He looked at him blankly, wondering what it could be that was making him so anxious.

“Yes, Detective Kang.”

“It isn’t much… but while digging around for those three people, I found one thing in common….”

“Why are you hesitating like that? This isn’t like you.”

Kang Woo-cheol stopped hesitating at the sharp voice of Hansol and continued.

“Detective Kang, please tell me what it is.”

“Well… all three have in common that they went to psychiatry.”

Hansol smiled as if he noticed what came next.

“I know what the next story will be without you telling me. Detective Kang is so hesitant. It is of Im Jaemin Psychiatry, right?”

Hansol’s father ran Im Jaemin Psychiatry. Kang Woo-cheol was hesitant to discuss it because of this, but Hansol was cool with it.

“Uh… hmm… yes.”

“From now on, whatever it is, even if it is related to me, speak without hesitation. Detective Kang and I are now criminal investigators. That means disclosing all information.”


’… he’s a softer type than I thought. He only pretends to be strong.’

After Hansol saw Kang Woo-cheol, he filled in the information about the three suspects.

[… there is a record of them receiving the treatment at Im Jaemin’s clinic.]

Hansol was reminded of a previous incident, the incident in which his father was a mess. Starting with the case 10 years ago and the case which resulted in at least two victims.

The common point between both cases is that a psychopath took part in the murder, and the other is that it was a planned murder that didn’t leave a single trace.

As Hansol wanted to think about the connection between the two crimes, he heard footsteps coming in.

A sound that stimulated his senses. Among other senses, Hansol is sensitive to sound.

“I-It is quiet here today?”

It was the voice of Prosecutor Seo Jae-dong, who was in a stylish brown suit that looked dull and achromatic color.

Prosecutor Seo Jae-dong looked around and fixed his gaze on Hansol.

“Doctor Im, don’t waste your time here and come over to the prosecution for advice. Even if you were here, I am sure that you wouldn’t be able to find the culprit. We are already making great progress in the investigation.”

“Ah, I see.”

Hansol answered in a dry voice, to which Seo Jae-dong said, “One week. Our prosecution team will catch the criminal in just one week and give an official briefing. The whereabouts of the culprit are still unknown, but we are out looking for them. But here… the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, which is made to investigate the special cases, is so quiet. Isn’t everyone busy? Or do you have nothing to do? Or is there nothing to do?”

Kang Woo-cheol was furious at those words, but Inspector Jung Yu-mi stopped him.

“Why, Detective Kang? Will you hit me?”


“Will the briefing by the prosecution be quick, or will the announcement of the results of this special team, which only has three suspects, be sooner? I am so excited. Right, Doctor Im Hansol?”

Hansol looked up at him and smiled.

“Prosecutor Seo. Shall we place a bet?”

“Ha, bet? Did you just say a bet? The prosecution is bound to win. We have the data, and the investigation is over.”

“I will ask you one thing. If the investigation is done, you should be busy, so why are you wandering here like this? Maybe to check if the CIF team has one more piece of information than what you have? Or you investigated the three suspects but couldn’t find a single thing? Was it that?”

Prosecutor Seo Jae-dong’s expression hardened, and his stylish suit looked faded.

“Let’s go, that bet. Its duration is one week. The prosecutor’s office will catch the real culprit, and the police will be sucking their fingers in the end.”

“Prosecutor Seo? Do not regret not cooperating. All I can say is this: thank you.”

Hansol pointed to the door, meaning he’d like the prosecutor to leave. The man then hurried out of the door. Prosecutor Seo mumbled, ‘such bastards are everywhere,’ but Hansol didn’t make much of it.

Kang Woo-cheol was watching this with his mouth open.

“I… but. Doctor. Can we really catch the culprit in a week?”

“Yes. A week is actually already long. Now, let’s analyze the data that you secretly brought us. If anything is suspicious, please tell me. You did tell us that the three of them went to Professor Im’s clinic. We should check it out.”


“Now, let’s fight like Doctor Im said! Come on!”

Team leader Woo-jin clenched his fist.

Hansol scanned the profile of the second suspect once again.

[ Second suspect: Lee Man-soo (34)

Im Jaemin’s psychiatry and medical records were confirmed.

He is an exceptionally skilled person with outstanding grades, which made him be referred to as the ‘Dragon from Gaecheon’ in the Pyeongmi. It has been confirmed that he worked at the Yeouido Securities, but he quit for not being able to match the aptitude and for relaying the company’s details to Nertube and others. It has been confirmed that he had a good relationship with the deceased victim, Woo Jin-hyung, and the two were senior – junior in the same college. ]

Hansol found the Nutube ID, which was also written, and entered it.

Lee Ma-soo uploaded his activities almost every day till yesterday. Hansol played the most recent one.

There were two more hours left until Lee Man-soo was brought in for questioning. In the meantime, watching a video wouldn’t be a problem.

[Everyone, many people got bit yesterday, right? Ha, indeed, even I was bitten. I couldn’t even sleep a wink last night because of it. Thinking about what temperature the Han river is…]

Lee Man-soo was speaking fine. Even Hansol admired how free-flowing the words were.

Every 30 seconds, he would skip a little, and Hansol would listen more. It was unavoidable since the video was moving slowly. How people inadvertently reveal their psychology in the words they use. Although Lee Man-soo stopped working in the stock market, he was still talking about stocks.

It’s been a while since he watched.


Faintly loud music. And Lee Man-soo’s expression changed. Until a while ago, he was laughing a little, but now it felt like someone had cursed him.

[Everyone, did I tell you that I like this music? Personally, I prefer Mozart. I have said it a dozen times, Mozart is a musical genius. That is why I like Mozart. Why? He and I are similar. I mean, I am the Dragon of Gaehceon. In today’s world, it is hard to get a good start, but I am given the title of Dragon. And there is no way I wouldn’t like a genius like Mozart. But why do I play this over Requiem? Maybe the lyrics? The lyrics judge the sinners. When it comes to stocks, there are certain necessary evils. I want you to judge those people. And this song talks about it. What do I think of the people in the stock market? I think that I want to judge them and the institution and the investors. Don’t you think the same? This is why I play this music every now and then.]

’… frankly, Lacrimosa. If he left that on the scene and then erased all the prints….’

The suspect in this case is a person who thinks of himself as a judge. Although he regards himself as a judge, he committed an act of murder in a room with no opening to avoid revealing his identity. It was a planned murder, so the person tried to avoid making mistakes as much as possible. If it wasn’t for the Luminol, they couldn’t have even recognized the bloodstains on the floor.

If Lee Man-soo was the suspect, there is no way he would openly mention the lyrics of Lacrimosa that was on the wall. Especially if he said it in his videos. One guess could be made; the criminal knew that Lee Man-soo would be on the suspect list and played the music which Lee Man-soo had in his recent video when criticizing the investors and marketing. This was an obvious trap.

’… prosecutors can claim that Lee Man-soo is the culprit. We need to investigate the witnesses for more details, but at least with this video and the evidence around, Lee Man-soo cannot be nailed as the suspect. It is more likely that he isn’t the suspect.’

Inspector Jang Yu-mi approached.


Hansol took off his earphones and looked at her. She handed him a material that had something marked.

“I was looking at the file and noticed something strange.”

“Let’s see.”

She looked at the picture of the body when it was first discovered.

“I… it might feel a bit strange that I suddenly brought up an occult story. I know this because I like tarot cards. Among the Tarot cards there is a Hanged Man card. From a man hanging upside down to on the card, persisting in patience and pain… well, it’s a card which has such a meaning.”

“Okay, keep talking.”

“The round circle made of blood around the victim’s body, Woo Jin-hyung, seems to have been deliberately done. As you know, the first time blood flows from the body, it won’t move so smoothly but rather spread around, so it cannot be like this. But once the blood begins to dry up, it can be used however one wants. As soon as I saw this, I immediately thought of tarot cards… is it strange?”

Hansol immediately looked for the Hanged Man card she mentioned among the Tarot cards. A man hanging upside down on a cross with a gentle face and a smile. His hands and feet were bound, and his head glowing as if he had attained enlightenment.

It looked similar to how the victim’s body was found. One more thing to connect.

‘Lacrimosa and Tarot cards…. An occult man. Is he obsessed with religion but laid the body so that anyone who knows the tarot cards would notice?’

“Doctor, isn’t this getting more confusing? My guess may be useless, but the culprit was obviously trying to show the Hanged Man card. What could this mean? Is he saying that he endured it for a long time?”

“… 12th one.”


“In Tarot cards, Hanged Man is the 12th card. Like this.”

Having said that, Hansol quickly found information about Woo Jin-hyun and showed it to Inspector Jung.

“The seat number where the victim Woo Jin-hyung sat when he was alive was number 12.”


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