Chapter 11 - We can further narrow down the Suspect

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Hansol opened his mouth.

“First, let’s determine the suspect. This is a redevelopment area, so people who know of this would be minimum, which means there is a high probability that the people living near this place are the only ones who would know. And the people who invested in the company where Woo Jin-hyung works. There is a high probability that it could be someone who fits both the above mentioned. And if we can narrow it down, the results would be easy to check, right? First, let’s do an investigation among those who fit the mentioned category. It is important to note that the suspect has a very sophisticated personality. If he managed to clean the site without leaving a single drop of blood, he should be well versed in anatomy.”

“Uh… well, the range will surely narrow down if you look into what you said.”

“If you can secure Woo Jin-hyung’s customer list and determine the people who are living within 5kms of this area, a rough idea of possible suspects would come out. But we need to be careful… since the suspect seems meticulous, he must have already gone into hiding. If not… just a possibility, he could live his life like any ordinary person. The odds are half and half.”

As soon as Hansol was done explaining, Team Leader Woojin and Lieutenant Jung contacted the remaining members at the Police Agency and asked them to collect the information.

“Let’s look around the site a little more.”

Team Leader Woojin wandered around the site with a disgusted expression.

As they all speculated, the suspect did have a delicate personality, which made them try harder to find any traces he might have left behind.

In the previous case, they almost missed Professor Im Jaemin because they missed the cat’s fur. They didn’t want the same thing happening in this case.


“Huh?” Kang Woo-cheol looked at the corner and exclaimed.

Lieutenant Jung, who heard that, approached him and asked, “What is it? Did you find anything?”

“There is a stain here. But it seems like….”

Lieutenant Jung also looked at the place Kang Woo-cheol was pointed to. It wasn’t a stain of something splattered or something. Five lines were drawn, and the blood seemed to have been erased. Lieutenant Jung squatted as she smelled it. It was the smell of blood.

“Doctor! We found something!”

Hansol walked towards them. And then he looked at the place where Lieutenant Jung pointed, and he, too, squatted to smell it.

“… this suspect, too, made a mistake. At the time of the murder, the victim must have awakened once or more. And I’m sure that the victim ran to the corner thinking he could escape. These five lines are the marks his nails made. Let’s take a picture and get the scene analyzed.”

At the end of those words, Kang Woo-cheol brought a camera to take pictures for evidence.

Lieutenant Jung, too, helped Kang Woo-cheol.

Kang Woo-cheol certainly changed his attitude towards Hansol. In the beginning, he could never get himself to trust the doctor, but in the last case where Hansol was considered a suspect, he came to trust him. His attitude took a 180-degree change.

It was comfortable for Hansol. It would have been unpleasant for him if someone from his team would constantly be suspicious of his actions. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

Hansol walked around the room, thinking that it was fortunate that Kang Woo-cheol opened his mind a little. The killer ended up leaving a trace. For now, there could be a few more clues out there, including the traces of fingernails on the corner.

“The first autopsy results from the National Forensic Lab are out. What drugs did the victim take?”

“Alcohol and sleep-inducing drugs were detected at the same time.”

At the words of Team Leader Woojn, Hansol looked around the room and asked again. “Did the report mention anything about alcohol on the victim’s clothes?”

At the question, Team Leader Woojin handed the report over as he said.

“There was no alcohol or drugs detected on his clothes. Only blood was found.” Listening to that, Hansol continued to think.

“Then, we can narrow down the scope of suspects even further. The victims wouldn’t have been drinking alone two weeks ago. Anyone who watches the news might know this, but the stock market crashed two weeks ago. Because of that, many people began to feel angry. Do you remember that?”

“Me! That day, even my friend said that he was at a loss!” Said Kang Woo-cheol while raising his hand.

Hansol nodded his head and continued his reasoning.

“Of course, then even his Yeouido Securities company must have suffered damages. His own stock and even his customers’ stocks must have taken damage. There must have been a lot of complaint calls. Then the scenario must play out like this ‘I need to have a drink with an important customer. It wouldn’t be someone our victim had gone drinking with once or twice, which was why Woo Jin-hyung comfortably drank and talked with the suspect.”

The CIF members looked at Hansol with admiring eyes. At that time, Kang Woo-cheol raised his hand.

“… if so, what about the suspect’s mental illness? You mentioned schizophrenia and OCD or something!”

“The suspect would have noticed that a few stocks were stable when the entire market collapsed. He must have thought that the financial man in charge had deliberately done that.”

“Isn’t that too simple of a way of thinking? That’s too childlike.” This time, it was Lieutenant Jung who asked.

Hansol looked at her and explained.

“This is still a profiling process. Everything is just speculation. What happened is still unknown to us. I only try to think from the suspect’s position as much as possible.

I am confident that the victim must have met with the suspect at least three times, and instead of being in a relationship of client and analyst, they must have turned into friends. The suspect must have killed him after intoxicating him with alcohol.

He knew that this place was a redevelopment district. And he was aware that the corner room had no windows but a light. In other words, the traces of the suspect can be found by securing the route that victim Woo Jin-hyung took that day and securing a list of customers and people who lived in Pyeongimi.“

Team Leader Woojin, Kang Woo-cheol, and Lieutenant Jung were at a loss for words.

Mental illnesses were always speculative, but everything else Hansol said was reasonable and irrefutable.

Hansol, who was still scanning the room, spoke.

“And there is one thing that was missed. Look in front of where I am standing. There is a mark here that looks like something lying had been dragged. The police missed this trace. It wasn’t even there in the primary data. Footmarks, as you can see… 80cm marks can be seen even with all the dust around. The tools used in the crime were probably placed on a table. The suspect must have placed it on the table, the item which he cherished.”

Kang Woo-cheol quickly took pictures of the place where Hansol showed. Hansol’s mind was reconstructing the day the crime was committed.

The suspect himself would have drank a little less than Woo Jin-hyung, who was disappointed in the stock market drop. In such a state, the suspect who brought Woo Jin-hyung to this place must have administered some kind of drugs. Woo Jin-hyung would have trusted the man, and the suspect must have visited the crime site several times and even took his sweet time looking for the tools too.

However, there was one thing. How did he manage to get all the blood out? And the victim, who woke up despite the alcohol and drugs, went to the corner and struggled. How did the suspect bring him under control?

’… Hmm. If it had been me, I wouldn’t use violence. Instead, I would use a stronger drug. Like morphine…’

“Team Leader Woojin. Was there morphine among the drugs in the victim’s body?”

“Oh shit… how did you know? Ecstasy and morphine were detected together!”

“Ah. I expected this much.”

“How did the suspect get his hands on morphine? Did he know anyone working in hospitals?”

“… well, there is a chance of a terminal cancer patient among the people the suspect knew. The drug could have been taken off them. It could be that the patient died, leaving the suspect alone. Whether parents, siblings, or other relationships. He had a fallout.”

“Then the ecstasy?”

At Kang Woo-cheol’s question, Hansol stared blankly at the room and then answered.

“Maybe a druggie. However, I guess this is the first offense he committed, and he planned it very thoroughly. This wasn’t a crime on impulse. The crime scene is too neat to consider that. Like a serial killer’s murder scene, except for a few mishaps here and there. People are addicted to crime scenes… could be a Drama Mania. It could be his first time dealing with this drug.”

“Doctor, one minute!”

Team Leader Woojin answered his phone.

Hansol went silent, but he didn’t forget to look around the room.

Meanwhile, Team Leader Woojin hung up the phone call and looked at Hansol.

“Doctor! The investigation team found that only three people lived around here and were clients of Woo Jin-hyung!”

“… three people. There are two possibilities, they could either be accomplices or one of the three committed the crime alone. What could have happened?”

Lieutenant Jung felt strange at Hansol’s playful tone.

It felt as if the person investigating the case found the crime scene remarkable.

’… is this another aspect of antisocial personality disorder? No, I shouldn’t be prejudiced.’

Lieutenant Jung thought so and looked at Hansol. Hansol had a slight smile on his lips.

None of them responded to Hansol’s words.

Hansol turned around and spoke, “No one has an answer. This is a single crime. This can’t be a crime with an accomplice.”

The others were confused at Hansol’s words, which held confidence. “Doctor, aren’t you being too confident?”

“Kay, then let’s continue with speculation. About the possibility that the three didn’t join in on the crime. First, a patient around them was serious enough to get morphine. Would you need another person after having that in hand? Team Leader Woojin, please convey this as well. Ask them to investigate the relationship with people around those 3. Simple stuff, hospital payment details. Oh, maybe a look at their stocks. They could have had trouble paying the hospital properly. We can assume that the suspect is in debt to the hospital.”


“And the second one, only one person could have a mental illness. We have to look at their medical records, especially focused on OCD. The keywords for this case are OCD and morphine. No one would clean a crime scene this neatly. Something must be there. I gave you a lot of things to think about. How much of an answer did you get from what I said? Let’s conduct a thorough investigation of the three. And we can proceed further.”

Everyone nodded at Hansol’s words.

Hansol walked slowly around the room once again. His gaze was at a place where the bloodstain was erased roughly.

The suspect tried to be thorough but ended up making a mistake. And would eventually get caught by Hansol.

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