Ep.1: Prologue

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How strange.

I thought I was dead, but strange words blinded my eyes.

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One shoulder was completely numb, and the spear through my stomach pinned me to the ground.

But what was this before my eyes? This text.

What did it mean? What was it talking about?

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“To the left!”

I could hear my subordinates’ cries in my ears. It seemed like there were still a few survivors, but not for long.

Elder Goo Jong-Myung of the Mount Hua Sect, known as the representative of the ultimate martial artist.

“You only need to scout. The Lord himself will act.” An easy mission – I only needed to reconnoiter the surrounding terrain and then return to the sect. I didn’t believe a word of it, but I had no choice: all sorts of terrible things waited for those who didn’t follow orders.

But I didn’t think Goo Jong-Myung would be here.

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Honestly, I was frustrated. If only there was a chance—No, if only my martial arts were better. In the end, I acted foolishly because I lacked power.

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Life is so damn hard. Which is why I was unconsciously trying to ignore it – But what are these characters which keep appearing in front of my blurry eyes? What was it trying to say?

At that time, I really had no idea.

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…The start.

Before the meeting with the Supreme Pavilion Master.

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