Episode 190

Linz Plains Giant Slalom (2)
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I was reading the enemy’s momentum near the vanguard of the 7th Guard Division.

I couldn’t understand what the Ostarica army was saying, but by the continuous angry shouts mixed with screams, it was clear that their army was being shaken by mere arrows and magic.

Seeing a number of soldiers next to them being scared to death while trying to flee must have made many soldiers march forward in sheer terror.

Even in such a situation, the Grand Duke of Ostarica must believe that victory could be achieved by pushing forward with numbers.

“What a fool of a Grand Duke. He should know well that war isn’t just a game of numbers, yet he insists on seeing everything only in terms of numbers.”

Seeing their wavering state, I contemplated how to inflict the greatest damage upon frontal collision.

When the distance between the enemy and us was reduced to about 20 meters, leaving less than 30 seconds before our spears would clash.

“Raise the attack signal, and let the military band send the signal. The entire army will charge with their spears aimed at the enemy’s throat. We start by tearing through the enemy vanguard.”

Upon that command, the sound of trumpets and drums spread quickly, almost chaotically lively, as the attack signal fluttered left and right three times in succession to relay the command.

“Everyone, aim your spears at the enemy’s throat! Charge with the resolve of becoming knights!”

“Those who are scared will either be trampled to death or will surely be stabbed by the enemy!”

“First, second, and third rows, lower your spears and thrust! Think of yourselves as boulders crashing forward! Got it?”

At those words, the soldiers, as they had been trained, ran at full speed with their spears aimed at the enemy.

“Die, you filthy Ostarican bastards! You’re not worth living!”

“I’ll send you to join your dead parents! You bastards!”

“Long live the Reich Empire! Long live His Majesty the Emperor! Hail Deus! You look like filthy homosexuals!”

Perhaps it was the result of relentless training, but the soldiers of the Reich Empire charged like berserkers stripped of fear, without any disarray.

Naturally, the Ostarica soldiers witnessing this from the opposite side felt an unbearable fear.

Normally, those who charge like this do so reluctantly under orders, their spear tips wavering and their demeanor restless.

But those charging at them now, fast as mad bulls, showed no hesitation whatsoever.

The soldiers and officers, witnessing a charge that completely defied their understanding, could only feel fear and dread, with some of the more cowardly ones even soiling their trousers.

A significant number of soldiers turned their eyes away from the horrifying scene in an instant.

“Shit, look ahead, you mad fucks! If you just aim your spears, you can live!”

“Snap out of it and point your spears where they’re coming from!!! You bastards!”

“What’s so scary about those charging at us?! They’re just mad dogs dying to be killed!”

The officers, using crude language in an attempt to calm their troops, shouted until their throats were raw, but the terrified Ostarican sosoldiers,ould not regain their composure in mere seconds.

Naturally, the outcome was that the Reich Empire’s soldiers, who charged without fear, inflicted tremendous damage on the Ostarican soldiers who failed to charge properly due to fear.

“The first and second rows have been breached, Battalion Commander!”

“Reform the formation! Start with reorganizing the formation! If we continue like this, our formation will collapse.”

“You madmen! If you retreat, you die! You will die.”

In the division placed at the very front of the Ostarican army, half of the soldiers in the first row and one-fifth in the second row were lost in a single charge.

The soldiers who died in this single charge amounted to 0.6% of the total force.

Though not many in numbers, the shock of losing 0.6% in a single charge naturally spread to all units.

General Peter Yaeger, commanding the Reich Empire’s army, naturally did not miss this opportunity.

“Given our superior physical condition compared to the enemy, a prolonged frontal battle would be advantageous for us. However, if the initial attack is successful, we must kill even one more of them to save even one more of our soldiers.”

Thinking this, I immediately issued an order to maximize the impact on the Ostarican army with a charge.

“First-row spear soldiers of the 7th Guard Division, wield your sidearms and sweep through the battlefield! Soldiers in the second and third rows, support the first row with your spears and fight! Use this momentum to break through at all costs.”

When the order was given, a staff officer next to me asked,

“General, would it be better to fully exploit our current momentum by deploying polearm troops and two-handed swordsmen to collapse their formation?”

“If our forces were similar to the enemy’s, that would be the right approach. However, today’s battle must be prolonged. Thus, it’s much better to inflict sustained, moderate damage on them over time. Rushing could put us in a disadvantageous position.”

“Understood, we will proceed as commanded.”

As the staff officer replied, dozens of messengers were dispatched to each division, and the military band sent the designated signals to each unit.

Following the order, the empire’s soldiers at the front mercilessly slaughtered the hesitating Ostarican soldiers with one-handed swords, maces, and axes, along with their spears.

One, two, three, four. The number of fallen soldiers continued to rise, and Ostarica’s soldiers couldn’t recklessly kill those of the Reich Empire, who were protected by spears.

“Kill those bastards! Don’t let them disrupt our formation like that!”

“It’s easier said than done. If we get close, they’ll stab us with their spears, and we can’t get through!”

“We must push through by any means! If we can’t, we will be defeated!”

Saying so, the Ostarican army commanders drew their swords and swung them in the air, shouting.

“We must stop the Reich Empire’s army by any means! From now on, anyone who hesitates will be cut down by me!”

“They’re human too! Human! If you stab them, they’ll die!”

“First and second-row soldiers, put down your spears and switch to one-handed weapons! Then fight back!”

The Ostarican army officers’ decision was accurate, but the Reich Empire’s officers’ response was very quick.

“Soldiers in the first row, retreat immediately!”

“Take new spears and rejoin the fight!”

“Well done. Now leave the rest to us.”

Upon that command, the soldiers who fought hard in the first row quickly retreated, and both armies started the formation-breaking fight again by reconstructing their spear formations.

“Reich Empire, you mad fucks! How dare you charge with spears like that?”

“Aren’t you afraid of dying?”

“Like horny bulls! Die!!”

The Reich Empire’s soldiers mocked the Ostarica Empire’s soldiers, who could do nothing about their wild charge.

“You guys call yourselves men, but you don’t even have the guts the size of beans… Why talk like that?”

“If I were you, I’d start wearing skirts and become a woman starting today. It’s much better than going to the army.”

“The Ostarican girls are really good at thrusting their spears into the air!”

Meanwhile, the Grand Duke of Ostarica, who received reports of all these events from afar, said…

“Damn it, General Peter Yaeger! How did he train his soldiers so that not a single one of them is afraid to stick their spears into a spear formation like that?! He is a devil, worse than Satan himself.”

Cursing like that was all he could do, and he asked irritably,

“Captain Matthias! Lieutenant Benner! Why are the soldiers of the Reich Empire so strong?! And what do you two know?! Damn it all! Why can’t the generals come up with a strategy!”

Matthias felt anxious that the attempt to make a new start in the Grand Duchy of Ostarica might be doomed to fail.

Max, Yaeger’s brother-in-law, sensed an opportunity and spoke with a serious expression.

“It’s our fault. We never imagined General Yaeger would sharpen his knife to this extent.”

“Ah, shit. Well, even if you were competent, it’s not like you could read that damned mad dog’s mind. Is there another strategy? Ah, other staff, listen to what these guys say and think about it before you speak.”

The staff officers felt disgusted for a moment, but upon further thought, they realized they couldn’t come up with a proper strategy in the current situation anyway.

They remained silent, resigned to the idea of using Lieutenant Benner as a human shield.

Indeed, the thought that a surrendered lieutenant was directly provoking the Grand Duke’s anger made them feel it was for the best, or even pity him.

“No matter how well General Yaeger has trained his soldiers, they are still just soldiers. We have more troops. Let’s continue as planned.”

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