Episode 160

Chapter 6. Kill The Duoexini (4)
3 weeks ago
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Preparations were complete.

Yumir had the ability to supply magic power to others. With the power of this ability, I received magic power from both Yumir and Hyeon Se-rin(Doul).


“Are you okay? You said you’d do it tomorrow.”

[A lucky chance came.]

“Lucky chance?”

[Yes. I’m in perfect condition now. Ready to fight whenever. Thanks for worrying.]

I patted Yoon Iseon’s shoulder, who clung closely to my side.

“Oh, no! I’m fine! I’m helping the Goblin, and we’re going to defeat Duoexini, and you said you’ll protect me, so I won’t get hurt!”

Yoon Iseon spoke rapidly, her face lighting up.

“I’ll be the bait to lure Duoexini. The Goblin will handle him. Then… Duoexini will be defeated?”

[If everything goes according to plan.]

It was a bold statement, but this plan—this tactic—couldn’t fail.

[Once Duoexini enters here, he won’t be able to escape.]

Originally, I developed this tactic over six months, intending to kill the main character in the future—a very special ability I thought about and developed.

‘I can’t rely on anyone else.’

The basic technique, designed for a 1:1 battle, didn’t allow for help from others.

Using it while merged with Doul was out of the question.

Even Yumir opening a space and entering was not an option.

I might be able to use the buffs they had set up beforehand for a short while, but after that, I had to face Duoexini alone as the Goblin.


‘If I lose here, it would be a huge blow to the Goblin’s reputation.’

Even if my other stats were relatively poor outside of the Goblin Bat, there’s something called ‘class’ before discussing stats.

I have fought many battles over the past six months.

I never lost.

For the peaceful world the Chief was creating.

[I’m sorry to involve you.]

“Huh? No! It’s okay. We’re doing this to deal with a vile villain! And…”

Yoon Iseon clenched her fists, rubbing her back.

“I had also been harmed by Duoexini and could have turned into a demon. I was fortunate to receive help from the Goblin, but like other students, I might have become one.”

Yoon Iseon clenched her fists.

Her anger towards Duoexini, though veiled by tension, was the reason she, as the student council president, had opened this place for me.

“Please ensure his defeat. So that a being like Duoexini never appears again.”

[Of course.]

There was no need for more words for one who had chosen the path of a hero to feel an unspeakable anger towards absolute evil.

[He’s coming.]

A signal came from outside.

I glanced at my reflection on Yoon Iseon’s Taeguk Watch.

Not a Dodjirider or a suit-wearing Goblin, but a Goblin in a black durumagi and black hanbok.

Wearing a gat gave the impression of a yangban, tying a topknot suggested a peasant, and letting my hair be wild and disheveled made me resemble a rogue.

Truly, a Goblin from traditional and oral culture.

And in this form, I could exert my full power as a Goblin.

No unnecessary magic power was expended; only the true form of a Goblin was necessary.


The window shattered.

From outside the gym, a black figure burst through the second-floor window, landing in the stands and spreading his arms wide upon seeing me.

“Aha, who is this! I was curious who was making such a racket, and it’s a trap by the Goblin!”

[Come down, Duoexini.]

“Uahaha, hahaha! Kahah…! Wait, just a sec. My stomach hurts. It’s so funny it’s giving me a stomachache.”

Duoexini quickly jumped from the stands to the gym floor.

“So, it’s the Sejong Education Institute gymnasium. Hehe, did you manage to open the gym door with the help of the student council president? What about his speech?”

[The student council prepared hard for the practice, but you ruined everything. Is there a problem with taking revenge personally, on behalf of the public, and even nationally?]

“Kuhuhu, ah, of course, revenge is necessary. Well, if you have the strength for it, that is.”

Duoexini faced me, stretching his arms out to the sides.

“Has it been about six hours? It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, has it? I’m not sure how much strength you’ve regained in that time, but you seem almost dead now.”

[If it seems so, you’ll know when you fight.]

“Bluffing has its limits. Tch. You think you can win because I lost to you twice, but I’m going to give it my all now.”


Duoexini took off his mask and set it down below.

Like a sandbag dropping, Duoexini’s mask hit the gym floor with a thud.

“I’ll show you my full power, Goblin. Today, I will defeat you and ensure the Secret Society can no longer hinder our righteous cause.”

[If that’s what you think, let’s see you try. Sinchiljoejong.]

“What? Kuhuhu, you figured that out, too? Impressive. But… you made a mistake.”

Duoexini licked his lips and grinned wickedly.

“To know our name, which we haven’t even officially announced yet. Hehe, that means… one of our ‘Chilseong’ has colluded with the Society!”


That was not it.

It was a spoiler from the original work’s second part.

“Who is it? Haha, it doesn’t matter! I’ll just kill you over and over until you spill the truth!”

[Do you think you can win against me after losing twice?]

“Of course!”

Duoexini spread his hands to the sides, and crimson bubbles expanded in all directions from his palms.


The bubbles stuck to the gym walls, filling them in an instant, and began wriggling like flesh.


“Ah, this might be a bit too much for a girl. But it’s necessary to prevent the Goblin from escaping, so please understand.”

Duoexini chuckled and bowed to Yoon Iseon.

“Yoon Iseon, the student council president. Since you’ve received a message on your Taeguk Watch, I guess you see me as that kind of person, too. You are…yes. The seductive devil, ‘Pakseuryeon.’”

[You really can’t name things.]

“What… did you… say?”

Typical of a villain like Duoexini.

They had pride in naming demons.

[Yoon Iseon. The Golden Priestess and Doul will come to your rescue soon. Use your abilities to protect yourself.]

“Go, Goblin, sir…!”

Yoon Iseon clenched her fist toward me.

“Yo, you must win! After you win, I have something to tell you!”


That was a death flag.

But it didn’t seem to matter that much.

[Ah, I’m looking forward to it.]

There was no way I would lose to something like this.


I slammed the Goblin Bat down.

Standing in front of Yoon Iseon, I placed both hands on the handle of the Goblin Bat and set the tip on the ground, taking a deep breath.

[Duoexini. A devil who calls himself Duoexini. What is your name?]


[Let’s change the question. Which ‘star’ did you come from?]


Duoexini’s body began to twist.

Simultaneously, red bubbles rose from his body, and pieces of flesh popped in and out.

Thump, thump.

“Eek, eek…!”

Yoon Iseon stepped back in fear.

Despite my standing in front of her, Duoexini’s body had enlarged so much that it was visible next to mine from Yoon Iseon’s perspective.

“Which star? Star? What concept is that? Can you define it with human concepts?”

[Don’t try to play word games. Demon.]

“Demon? No. I am not a demon. I am not just any demon, but ‘Duoexini.’”

[…Gone mad with gukppong.]

“Gukppong, no!!”

Red mist began to rise from Duoexini’s inflated body.


Simultaneously, bubbles burst from within.

It was like a gas explosion, revealing something about 2 meters tall from within.

“This country needs change. It must be filled with people who have patriotism and are willing to sacrifice and dedicate themselves to the country. And… create a world where all other countries are subservient to this one.”

[Alien, of all things.]

“Alien? That doesn’t matter. I am a citizen of this country, live here, and have decided to root myself here.”


The giant, emerging from the torn flesh, was emaciated like a mummy.

Its entire body was wrapped in red bandages, and its fingernails, sharp like blades, were poised toward me.

The pressure it exuded felt almost like that of an S-class entity or perhaps even beyond.

“This country must become strong for this planet to survive.”


Demon wings spread out from its back.

Wings that appeared to be a fusion of machinery and life unfolded.

It resembled a monster from a sci-fi alien manga, a primitive lifeform from an immense space war, or an extraterrestrial being building a civilization on a planet beyond Earth.

“When the world is unified under one language, where every living being speaks Korean, and this planet is known not as Earth but as Korea—”

[Not nationalistic fervor, but delusional intoxication.]


Duoexini’s body stiffened.

[I don’t care whatever ideology you espouse or brought you here. You created demons and caused the deaths of hundreds of Koreans.]

“…It was for the hero known as The Golden Priestess—”

[Because of Duoexini, hundreds of Koreans died.]

“No, no…! Those people were, yes, traitors who deserved to be weeded out…!”

This assertion was incontestable.

[I will execute you.]


[The crime is creating demons that led to the slaughter of hundreds of Koreans.]


Gripping the Goblin Bat, I allowed my imagination to soar in my mind.

And that imagination became ‘reality’ with my magic power and special ability.

[There is a fitting execution ground for a villain.]

The magic power within me caused the imaginings in my mind to materialize here.

My magic power radiated outward, becoming tangible.

[Come forth.]

A very special ability that only I, not born of this world but from another, could manifest.

[To the Chamber of Truth.]

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