Episode 161

Chapter 6. Kill The Duoexini (5)
3 weeks ago
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A golden circle formed in the air, streaming green magic power from it, engulfing the gymnasium.


“…Solar Platina!”

“I’m here too.”

Entering the gymnasium through spatial movement, Yumir and Doul brought relief to Yoon Iseon.

“That, it’s Sir Goblin!”

However, her relief was short-lived, for the Goblin protecting her had suddenly vanished.

“He was aiming his Goblin Bat at Duoexini and then vanished!”

The demon, Duoexini, disappeared as well.

Yoon Iseon stared, dumbfounded, at the unbelievable scene unfolding before her.

“Uh… can you see this?”

“You won’t be able to. Not the current Yoon Iseon.”


Hearing their words, Yoon Iseon felt her heart sink.

It appeared they were seeing something she couldn’t, as they pointed towards the gymnasium with complex expressions.

“How should I explain this? A reversed world? Or a world inside a mirror? Perhaps another reality created by abilities?”

“A world of digital illusion?”

“Probably not digital. More likely, a space created by magic power.”

Doul approached Yoon Iseon and lightly waved her hand.


At the sound of something breaking, Yoon Iseon turned her head to see a severed arm fall lifelessly to the floor.


“Right now, this gymnasium is swarming with demons. Every piece of flesh here is a demon, and that’s where they’re born.”

“These demons need purification too…”

“Impossible. They aren’t humans; they are pure demons born from evil.”


Both Yumir and Yoon Iseon were shocked, surveying the wall of flesh chunks.

Red blood blossomed like flowers amid rock crystals, and human-sized chunks began to emerge.

Thump, thump.

Bubbles burst from the pulsating mass, and torn flesh revealed a crimson figure rising from within it.

“You might never have faced them before. These are pure demons born in Pandemonium, essentially the offspring of Duoexini.”


“Duoexini must have released these demons while planning a surprise attack on Goblin. He likely intended to ambush you, Yoon Iseon.”

“…But now.”

“Duoexini didn’t realize. The power of Goblin.”

A single space.

Two worlds.

Yoon Iseon couldn’t see it, but she sensed it through Yumir and Doul’s gazes and movements.

Inside the gymnasium, there was another gymnasium where Goblin and Duoexini were fighting.

“It’s a technique known only to the executives and board members within the Secret Society. Goblin using it to this extent suggests he somewhat ‘trusts’ you guys.”


Doul extended her leg sideways, cutting like a blade.

A green, magic-powered slash swept through Duoexini’s offspring, bisecting the baby demons.

“Solar Platina. These demons weren’t once humans, nor were they infants. What sustains them?”


Yumir stretched out her hands, conjuring golden blades.

“These beings feed on humans, correct?”


In keeping with the role of the Golden Priestess, instead of summoning red ropes to restrain the enemy, she wielded golden twin swords to ‘slay’ them.

“They make no distinction between ability users and ordinary people. So, don’t hesitate to kill them. What happens if Goblin captures Duoexini, but his offspring remain outside?”


“We’ll find out when we get there. But.”

Doul slashed her sword horizontally.

A demon attempting a surprise attack from behind was cleaved in two, tumbling to the ground.

“To prevent that from happening, we need to fight well now, right?”

“Of course.”

Yumir’s eyes began to glow with a golden light.

“Does this mean it’s acceptable to kill these creatures before Goblin emerges from this ‘parallel world’?”


I swung the bat down with force.

As I cloaked the bat in green magic and struck, Duoexini, in the midst of dodging, was hit in the leg by my bat.


[Avoiding the bat alone won’t suffice.]

My bat was now swirling with Doul’s magic.

A sharp, cutting power capable of slicing through anything spiraled around it.

[It covers a pretty wide range.]

Holding the end of the bat, I twisted my body toward Duoexini and swung hard.


Turning sideways as if sliding, I channeled all the centrifugal force into the bat.

“This is crazy!”

Duoexini retreated with one hand and foot on the ground.

Blood flowed profusely from its other arm, continuously bubbling crimson as it attempted to regenerate.

Its leg, shredded by the green whirlwind, oozed blood from its red bandage-like skin.

[You won’t get away.]

I couldn’t let it regenerate freely.

I closed my left eye, then lifted the cover over the eye of the Goblin mask and opened my eye wide.

[Sun’s Eye.]


As soon as my vision turned gold, a beam of golden magic power shot from my eye toward Duoexini.


The golden magic power from my eye grazed Duoexini’s ankle.


Duoexini, attempting to leap into the second-floor stands, crashed through the fence and tumbled into the seats.

The landing failed, and the ankle touched by the golden laser began to burn in golden flames.

Like a vampire vanishing in sunlight, Duoexini’s severed body parts instantly bubbled up and disintegrated upon contact with the golden magic.

“This, this…!”

[Is this why you’re obsessed with Solar Platina? Because you think Solar Platina has the power to kill you?]


I lightly jumped and landed in the second-floor stands where it had fallen.

[To be killed by the national hero Solar Platina of South Korea, or perhaps you wanted a more spectacular death. Too bad. You’ll die in a quiet place unknown to anyone.]


Duoexini’s remaining arm swelled immensely.

A pillar-like growth emerged, transforming into a rifle-like end aimed at me.

“No, no…!”


From Duoexini’s arm, blood-red bullets sprayed in all directions.

It was an attack to keep me at bay while also a desperate attempt to escape this space.


I lightly swung my bat around.

Green magic power began to swirl around me, causing the bullets flying toward me to spin with the wind and fall helplessly to the ground.

[Originally, this place wasn’t meant for your execution, but the target for execution here is ‘a threat to this world.’ The condition has been met.]

“What, what…!”

[The absolute evil condemned by the whole world. A condition that can isolate him from the world. There are many restrictions, but if there’s a ‘reason,’ anyone can be brought here.]

I aimed my bat at Duoexini again.

[The world has defined you as an evil that shouldn’t exist. Everyone living in this world rejects you. You are a clear evil.]

“That, that’s not important!!”

Duoexini, ranting madly, charged at me.

“I must make this country an empire! We must repay a hundred, no, a thousandfold, what we suffered at the hands of the great powers before! Don’t you feel the spirits of the countless ancestors who died on this land?”

[That doesn’t sound like something an alien should say.]

“You, traitor…! A fool who doesn’t know loyalty to the country…!”

[What? Crazy.]


I swung my bat with all my strength, infused with Doul’s magic, toward Duoexini.

“Kr, ugh…!”


Duoexini raised one arm to block my attack, but an explosion erupted from the bat.


The flesh pillar that blocked the bat instantly fell apart, and Duoexini, struck in the shoulder by the bat, tumbled down below the stands.


I opened my Golden Sun eye again and burned the fragments of Duoexini that had fallen around us.

The magic power imbued with Yumir’s strength, the power of the Solar Platina, has the property of annihilating and disintegrating the fundamental magic power of demons.

“How, how…! How can someone as weak as you…how…!”

[The amount of magic power isn’t everything. If you lack something, just borrow the strength of others.]

Even if my magic power was terribly low.

Even if I didn’t have the ability to eliminate demons.

[Whether you’re an S-class demon or an EX-class alien, that doesn’t matter to me now.]

Magic power surged from an S+ class spirit.

I wielded the power to purify demons like an EX-class protagonist.

[If you’re not overpowering me with absolute magic power, I can always find a way to win.]

That was the perspective and experience gained from watching protagonists defeat numerous villains from beyond the fourth dimension.

[Infinite regeneration, bodily fluid bullets, ultra-fast combat. All of it.]

Infinite regeneration? I countered it with the power to purify demons.

Bodily fluid bullets? I conjured a wind blade to shield myself.

Ultra-fast combat? I had matched that speed since the first day I encountered Duoexini.

[If you are a demon from outer space.]

I pursued Duoexini, ascending while hoisting my bat high with one hand.

[I am a ‘god’ who descended from even higher.]

A god known as the Reader.

[It’s divine punishment.]

The Reader.

[You were too arrogant.]

Did not tolerate sweet potatoes.

[Therefore, you’re out of this world.]

I brought my bat down directly onto Duoexini’s head.



Duoexini’s head burst apart.

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