Episode 162

Chapter 6. Kill The Duoexini (6)
3 weeks ago
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Thwack, thwack, thwack.

I swung the baseball bat repeatedly.

With each strike imbued with Doul’s magic power, I crushed Duoexini’s body.

The moment the bat struck the top of the head, Doul’s magic, sharp as a gust of wind, shredded Duoexini’s skull.

When it connected with the shoulder, the already disjointed arm, hanging by a thread, was severed and flew off.

As Duoexini tried to crawl away, I poked his spine with the bat; a blade of wind slipped between the vertebrae, splitting his body in two.

“Kr, aargh…!”

Even in a mangled state, Duoexini screamed.

The scream, seemingly produced not by vocal cords but by magic power, reverberated with pain despite the complete destruction of its physical tissues.

“How, how can…! Someone like you…!”

[There’s no need for more words.]

I had come prepared to exploit weaknesses and harnessed the power to target theirs.

Then, essentially, it was over.

[Vanish before the power of the Platinum Sun you so adore.]


Light once again emanated from my eyes.

This time, I didn’t shoot a direct laser beam. Instead, I spread the net from the Goblin mask wide, dispersing it in all directions.


Duoexini’s body began to burn away.

I dragged him into the gap between dimensions, and although there was no sun here, the magic power of Yumir within me was equivalent to sunlight.

Demons existed in darkness and feared the sunlight.

Since Yumir represented the Platinum Sun in this world, I could purify the demon Duoexini with Yumir’s magic power.

That was all it took.

“Ah, no…! I can’t die here…! At least, at least a bit more…!”

[What, you wished to die in a national cemetery or something? That’s unfortunate.]

More than half of Duoexini’s body was now burnt away.

The battle was already in my favor, and it was futile for Duoexini to try to drag his body away, attempting to escape me or this room.

[Trying to run away again.]



I swung the bat toward his solar plexus.

His chest caved in, and Duoexini, like a cockroach pinned with tweezers, trembled violently in place.

Thwack, thump, thump.

Each blow made chunks of Duoexini’s flesh fall off like foam.

As the flesh fell and tried to regenerate, I promptly dispersed the light of the Platinum Sun, annihilating his magical power.

[You’ve been good at running away so far. But that ends now.]

“Kr, hehehe, you… you want something from me…?!”

Duoexini shouted at me, looking like a torso with a severed head.

“Seeing that you don’t kill me right away, chuk, you must want something from me!”


“What do you want? That, that’s right…! My, my presence was wrong? Then, then I won’t appear before you anymore…! I won’t appear in Korea anymore!”

Duoexini was desperate.

“I, I can’t die in such a place…! My death should at least be used more meaningfully…!”

Even as a demon, feeling a serious threat to his life, Duoexini started begging me for mercy.

“I can’t die in such a place, in such an ugly state, can I…?! Huh?! At least let it be on a live broadcast, cough, in front of many people… Huh?! That, that’s right! I’ll die! But not here; do it in front of people!”

Demons were afraid.

They feared humiliation and damage to their reputation more than death.

“That Grand Cross! Your finishing move! Kill me with it in front of people! Don’t kill me here, in this space isolated from the world…! You need to build your reputation too! Duoexini, the monster who created 72 demons!”

[Indeed, if I defeat you here, it would mean nothing.]

All the hardship for nothing.

And no one to acknowledge it.

[Only about three who fought with me would know. That Duoexini has been defeated and won’t appear again.]

“That, that’s right! Make my death more, more glorious… Krack!”

[I’m not interested.]


Again, I dismantled Duoexini’s body with the baseball bat.

Now, essentially, only Duoexini’s chest and ribs covering the heart remained.


A burning sound filled the air as all traces of Duoexini vanished from the small gym.

Aside from the pulsating heart, no sign of Duoexini remained, and I focused the magic power at the bat’s end.


I drove the blade of the Moon Sword into Duoexini’s solar plexus.

It sliced through Duoexini’s solar plexus like a knife through tofu.


With the bat’s end, I pried open Duoexini’s ribs.

Beneath the shattered, twisted ribs, a mass larger than a fist throbbed rapidly.

[So it’s you, Duoexini. Is the heart your core?]

“Stop, stop…!”

A valve-like shimmer appeared above the red devil’s heart.

“I concede defeat! So, please, don’t let me die disgracefully in a place like this!”

Eyes and a mouth emerged from the heart.

In a desperate bid, he transformed all his remaining magic power into organs for ‘communication’.

[Even in your final moments, you pretend to be human, rational… trying to beguile me. How typical for a demon.]

“But, even so…! Consider this! You wouldn’t want it to end like this, would you!”

Duoexini continued to try to persuade me.

“Honor! The honor of having killed Duoexini! An S+ grade demon, no, I… ‘God of Neptune’! I’ll grant you that honor! If you let me die in a more public, more glamorous place…!”

[There’s a misunderstanding you have, and I need to address it first.]

I aimed the bat at Duoexini.

[I don’t enjoy conversing with someone like you. Do you know why I’m still talking?]


[Because I’ve already won.]

No uncertainties.

Victory was mine.

[You should be pondering why I’m bothering with this pointless dialogue.]


[It appears a great person like you can’t grasp why you’re in this predicament. Let me enlighten you.]

I set the bat down and crouched before him.

[I am a traitor.]


[I am a traitor. Repeat it thrice aloud, and I’ll spare you today.]


Duoexini realized the gravity of his situation.

Though he had only one left, his eye filled with horror and rage as he glared at me.

“You, you’re toying with me…!”


I lightly touched the heart with the end of the bat.


[Why scream like that? You haven’t even been exposed to sunlight yet.]

I plucked Duoexini’s heart from his body with the bat and immediately purified his chest with sunlight.

Now, only Duoexini’s heart remained.

[Shout it out. Show me you want to live.]

“I, I am…”

[Even if others can’t hear, I will listen here.]

“I am…a traitor…!”

Blood splattered from Duoexini’s eyes.

“A traitor…! Selling my country, turning my back on my homeland, surviving like a parasite clinging to foreign powers…!”

Blood dripped from his mouth, and the heart’s valve began to shrink.

“Sa, save me…!”

[You still want to live after selling your country?]

“I want to live…! I don’t want to die like this, in such a manner…!”

[I see.]

Flickering the golden magic in my eyes, I extinguished it.



At that moment, the world began to crumble.

As soon as I withdrew my magic power, the alternate world confining Duoexini and me started to collapse.

“Kr, hahaha!”

The world fell apart.

The room of truth, created for the one-on-one battle, began to crumble gradually.

“You’ve used up all your magic power!! Yes, it’s impossible to keep using something like this!”

[Certainly, the magic consumption is immense.]

Transferring the entity known as Duoexini from the original world to ‘my world’ was no small feat. The duration it lasted was predicated on the fact that Duoexini could be easily subdued.

But that was now over.

This world, which might be called a barrier, started merging back into the original world.

“Foolish one…! Outside, before entering this space, my physical forms were scattered! My body, my half-self, my offspring—they are out there!”


“If even one survives, I can dwell in it! Hahaha, foolish one! That’s how villains are! Babbling eloquently but missing the crucial point in the end!”

Duoexini mocked me, pulling out a clump of red veins from his heart and forming it into legs.

“Goblin…! I will definitely kill you! I will find the one who betrayed us among the Seven Stars, and together with that person, I will make sure you’re both unmentionable trash in this world forever! I will, definitely…! Hahaha!”

[Stupid fool.]

I lowered the bat.

[I did toy with you, but talking to you was just to kill time.]

“…What, did you say?”


I dissolved the bat’s entity and released the interspace.

With the sound of a clock ticking, Duoexini and I returned to the original world, inside the gym.

“Huh…! Foolish…!”


Duoexini saw it.

Right before him.

A sun more brilliant than the light emanating from my eyes.

“Ah, aah, no…! First, my…!”


Yumir pointed a brilliantly shining golden sword at Duoexini.

“Wait, just a moment! Sto, stop! I, like thisㅡ”


Yumir’s golden sword split Duoexini’s heart.

The last moment.

Duoexini’s eyes looked directly at me.

He realized.

That I, until the very end, had been toying with him.


With the golden light, Duoexini’s heart vanished, and Yumir looked up at me.

[…Destroying it immediately, that’s correct, right?]

…As expected of Yumir.

[Yes. An impressively decisive action.]


Above the mask.

Yumir’s eyes, shining golden, curved like a crescent moon.

And so.

What was once Duoexini quietly vanished inside an ordinary gym on Sejong Island.

Unbeknownst to anyone in the world, the end of Duoexini occurred.

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