Episode 227

Chapter 9. Hey Ugly Korean (2)
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After a meteorite fell next to Korea.

-Korea is now a blessed land! Children born in Korea become ability users!

-At what rate?

-…At least 100 times higher than in Europe!

-Then it’s settled! Let’s go to Korea!

After it statistically became significant that many ability users were born to those living in Korea.

Many foreigners started coming to Korea on expeditions.

For them, it would have been best if a couple came to Korea and just had a child with abilities.

Comparatively, it’s like going to the United States for birth tourism to obtain U.S. citizenship.

-Your visa has expired! You are now an illegal resident!

-No! Just 3 more months and I can give birth!

At least in this world, spending 10 months in Korea for childbirth significantly increased the chances of giving birth to an ability user.

Everyone confirmed the advantage of the location.

Then what about people, not just the place?

-So, if you have a child with a Korean, wouldn’t you have an ability user?

This absurd folk tale circulated.

-Not just the land, but people have an effect too, right?

-Hey, no matter what, it’s not like the world favors Koreans.

-Who knows. Maybe the gods of this world have given it all to Korea.

-…So, if you marry a Korean and have a child, even abroad, many ability users would be born, right?

According to Wiki, this started spreading around 2005, and it was around 2007 when it turned out to be not just a folk tale but a fact.

-Having a child with a Korean significantly increases the chances of birthing an ability user!

-Hispanic? European? That’s not important anymore! Abilities are more important than skin color!

-Asian? Doesn’t matter! If my child can be an ability user!!

Not just the location, but people were important too.

The longer someone lived in Korea, especially those who spent a lot of time in Korea after the meteorite fell, the more likely they were to give birth to ability users.

-We will conduct a social experiment. When 10 men from Korea impregnate someone, we’ll see how many ability users are born. We are in LA’s Koreatown…

-Raise your hands! FBI!


-Damn, were you conducting human experiments?! Holy shit! Oh? But these children…

-A 70% success rate!! Hahaha! My theory was correct! Look! Let the world know! If you use Korean seeds well, you can give birth to ability users in the USA too!!

The world had many crazy people.

Among those crazies, those with money invested time and a lot of money to satisfy their curiosity.

And they achieved results.

-The longer someone lives in Korea, the higher the chance of giving birth to an ability user!!

Was it simply luck?

Was it a coincidental result from the experiment, or the discovery of a new ‘principle’ applicable to all of humanity?

-Daughter, who is the father of the child?

-I’m sorry. It was with a Korean student…

-Where is that bastard?!

-He, he’s returned to Korea by now. He probably doesn’t even know…

-Damn, hah. Don’t even think about going out until you give birth! Damn, if caught, killed… Why did an ability user come out?

-…What should I do?

-The father is dead. The child must never find out. Understand?

Whether it was a blessing or a curse, ironically, the outcome was the latter.

As Korea’s stature rose, Korean men who went abroad for business trips or study became less cautious, and as a result, ability users were born in various countries around the world.

Regardless of gender, the same principle applied.

Contrary to men, for whom scattering seed was a one-time event, the probability of giving birth to an ability user exponentially increased for women who continuously conceived children while residing in Korea.

As a result,

-Korean women, seriously, don’t recklessly go abroad! This isn’t a joke; it’s genuinely dangerous!

-Even if two women travel together, it’s risky. So please, if you’re going to travel, go with an ability user guide from the Hero Association. Please.

-Why do people keep wanting to go abroad when men are being kidnapped too? If you go abroad, don’t go to third-world countries!

Inside Korea, going abroad had become genuinely dangerous, and carelessly leaving the country became a thing of the past.

-Mr. Charles, my daughter, you see, she wants to go to Paris, France, to learn about bread. I’m worried.

-Oh, Mrs. Jung. Don’t worry about it; I’ll teach her.


-I am such a person.

-…Why is a master baker attending as a student in our cooking school?

-Because Korean desserts are the best in the world!

Going to Paris, France, to study to become a pastry chef?

At a time when professors from pastry chef colleges were enrolling in cooking schools to earn Korean culinary licenses?

-The Earth revolves around the Sun, and the world revolves around Korea.

A time when Handoism replaced heliocentrism as the orthodox theory.

-I’ll scatter my seed. Ten million won per shot. Really?

-Take my money!

Korean men, it seemed, had been marking their territory all over the world.

-Ugh, who are you guys! Look, even if you take my organs, it won’t mean anything!

-I’m a sperm thief. Please give me your sperm.

-…If you untie me, I’ll cooperate. But, you’re not doing this for nothing, right?



-But if you can’t give birth to an ability user, you will die.


Whether it was voluntary, involuntary, or truly forced by someone else.

-Whether it’s a ratio or independent trials, as long as they give birth to an ability user, it’s okay!

The world was overflowing with Korean mixed-race individuals.

Both those who were ability users and those who were not.

Regarding the climate of such a world, one of my live stream followers left this comment.

  • Just keep giving birth until it works.

  • Out of 1000 born, only 3 are ability users? LOL, are Koreans some kind of pick-up gacha?

  • But honestly, I’d rather take my chances on a 5-star pick-up gacha than pulling an executioner’s sword LOL.


And then, I once again realized how mixed-race Korean children, who were not ability users, were treated in this world.

To put it bluntly,

They were ‘the forsaken children.’

And there were those who exploited the emotions of such children.

They were precisely the advocates of subversion, Pandemonium.


I approached two girls in uniform, lowering my voice.

“How old are you?”


The two girls exchanged glances and then stealthily smiled.

It was clear what they were thinking, which made it a bit bitter.

“We’re 20 years old this year. Right?”

“Yes, we’re 20. Adults.”


“Yes, of course. How could we be doing this kind of work here if we weren’t adults, right?”

“That makes sense. If you were doing this kind of work and weren’t an adult, that would be a big problem, wouldn’t it?”


The two girls looked at each other again with ambiguous expressions, seemingly realizing their mistake.

“Did you approach me thinking I was that kind of man?”


“Unfortunately, I didn’t come here alone. I came traveling with my wife.”



The expressions of the two girls changed immediately.

“How unlucky.”

“Talking as if you were going to buy something. Tch. Let’s go.”

The foxes that were preying on me quickly changed their gaze as if looking at a mere chicken, and they left the place showing annoyance towards me.

“Hey, Oppas! Need a guide?”

“We can show you around. And we can do it for a cheap price!”

And then they slinked around inside the airport and approached a group of men gathered together.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“I was observing how those who are half Korean live.”

I pointed out to Yun Hye-ra, who had just come out of the restroom, the two Koseans from Thailand who had approached me earlier.

“How children who possess no abilities, only inherited Korean blood, manage to survive.”

“They approached you?”


“…Those kids shouldn’t exist.”

Yun Hye-ra clicked her tongue while observing the two girls flirting with the men.

“They probably want to go to Korea. At least to find their dad, or even if it means entering Korea as illegal immigrants, they want to live there.”

“They are children who are unwelcome anywhere.”

“But they would still prefer to live in Korea than here. Naturally, they would choose a place where the number of S-rankers has increased from one to eight over a place with none.”

There were no S-rankers in Thailand.

There were A-rankers, but those A-rankers were weaker than Ray Huang.

That’s why villains operated freely here, and as soon as we arrived at Phuket Airport, Koseans, who seemed to be the minions of villains, approached us.

“Did you find it in the bathroom?”

“Yes. It was a business card.”

Yun Hye-ra handed me a piece of paper.

I discreetly checked the business card.

“…One shot for 100 million won. Quite straightforward.”

“If an ability user is born, 100 million won is a small price. For men, it’s just one shot, and for the organization, it’s merely managing their health for 10 months. And if an ability user is born, it’s a jackpot.”


The world was filled with too many despicable people.

It would be ideal if a villain executioner roamed the world, eliminating all villains, but there were limitations and consequences to consider.

For instance, when eliminating a villain resulted in significant harm to many innocent people.

“Hye-ra. Is the organization running this affiliated with the military?”

“Yes. It’s an underground operation run by the military forces that recently seized power. If they’re connected to Pandemonium, there might be a link.”

“If we manage to uproot them…”

“The country would fall into chaos. If the military, which is at least maintaining some order, collapses overnight, naturally, the Koseans managed by the military would…hahaha. It would be total chaos, right?”

Thailand was not the only country like this, but the Thailand in this world found itself in an indescribable situation.

The military attempted to obtain Korean men’s seed through underground genetic trading.

And they allowed children born without fathers to approach those from Korea, to obtain the genes of Koreans who had spent a long time in Korea.

Under government leadership.


Because a newborn ability user soon became national power, a weapon, a war machine.


Regardless of what the central government said, villains did as they pleased.

“Excuse me.”

A handsome young man approached us.

“Are you from Ghost Republic?”

“Yes, that’s us. And you?”

“Pleased to meet you. I’m an A-rank employee living here.”

The young man smiled broadly, showing his white teeth.

“My name is Nguyen.”

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