Episode 154

Secret Vacation (2)
1 week ago
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The place closest to Vail’s office was the western part of the capital.

And in the west, there was the only magic tower in the empire, the White Tower.

There were various magical tools managed by the mages there.

A notable example was a crystal ball that allowed real-time communication between magic towers in ‘foreign countries’.

“Please wait here for a moment, princesses.”

Yulia, the first disciple of the Tower Master wearing a platinum robe, said.

She guided the noble ladies to the VIP room.


Among them was Mia, a plain woman who had inadvertently accompanied them.

‘Why am I…?’

Embarrassed, Mia waited in the corner of the VIP room in a relaxed and ready posture.

Her appearance was like that of a black cat watching from afar.

The three ladies gathered around a luxurious round table.

Soon after, the mage returned with a small-sized crystal ball.

“Speak to the ball about what you want, and it will respond accordingly.”

She placed a blue ball in the middle of the table.

“Then, I’ll wait outside.”

The mysterious ball was placed on a soft cushion.

A mystical power could be felt from its smooth surface.

The power was so strong that even Mia, who had no talent for magic, could feel it.

“Thank you, Yulia.”

“It’s nothing, Your Highness.”

Rea, who had been taught at the tower, thanked Yulia with a gentle look.

The senior disciple bowed politely and withdrew from the VIP room.

“Now, let’s begin.”

Rea looked down at the crystal ball with the cold eyes of an empress.

Then, she commanded in a firm voice.

“To the Blue Tower in Bakal.”

Following the Princess’s command, the blue crystal ball sparkled.

Soon, a man’s voice returned.

“I have received your call. This is Koon, the second disciple of the Blue Tower.”

“Please send a courier hawk to the border commander of Bakal.”

Perhaps because the other party was the 1st Princess of Leon.

Koon accepted the request in a polite voice.

“What shall I tell him?”

“Ask if there’s a baron from Leon who entered Bakal today.”

She did not mention Vail directly.

She only mentioned the title ‘baron’, a psychological tactic to avoid the bothersome Northern Princess.


After the communication with Bakal was cut, Lidia took her turn.

She leaned close enough to the ball that her sharp fangs almost reflected on its surface and commanded.

“Connect me with the Red Tower of the Eastern Continent.”

“This is Eugene, the third disciple of the Red Tower.”

“Hey, it’s me, Lidia.”

It’s me Lidia.

With that one sentence, the Tower Master immediately showed respect.

“I respond to Your Highness’s call.”

“Good. Can you immediately tell my grandfather to check for a list of Leon nobles who have entered through the eastern border?”

“All of them?”

“No, just the ‘barons’.”


The princesses quickly scoured all information about the northern and eastern borders.

Mia’s eyes blinked from a distance as she watched.

‘Wh-why are they looking for Vail so desperately…?’

While Mia swallowed hard, quick responses came from both towers.

“Among those who entered Bakal, there was no baron.”

“There was no baron among those who entered through the Eastern Continent border, Your Highness.”

After all the trouble of contacting the towers, the princesses fell silent at the lack of news about Vail.

Then, they looked at Mia, who had provided the information that Vail had left the country.

‘I’m scared…!’

Mia shivered under the gaze of the three princesses.

Tears welled up uncontrollably as she made eye contact with the descendants of the Conqueror Emperor.

“Lady Mia. Are you certain that Baron Vail has left the country?”


Mia tried to recall her memory of Vail’s response when she asked if he was going abroad.

“Wow… but going on a vacation for three weeks. Are you planning to go abroad or something?”

“There’s nowhere I can’t go for a comfortable rest.”

There’s nowhere I can’t go.

Upon reflection, that statement didn’t necessarily mean he was going abroad.

“He did say he might go abroad. So, I wrote ‘abroad’.”

The princesses looked at each other at Mia’s answer.

The area of suspicion has now expanded domestically.

“Does anyone have any guesses?”

At Rea’s question, her sisters tightly shut their mouths.

Irina was particularly quiet among them.

“Irina, don’t you know something?”

Rea cast a suspicious glance at her sister, who was trying hard to maintain a neutral expression.

“You often went to the city together.”

Meeting her gaze, Irina tightly closed her eyes.

Her beautiful silver eyelids twinkled.

“No, even the great Lady Rea doesn’t know. How would I know?”

As Irina humbly replied, the crystal ball on the table sparkled.

“Why is it doing this all of a sudden?”

Lidia asked.

Then, Rea, who was familiar with magic, answered instead.

“Since ancient times, crystal balls have been enchanted with lie-detection magic. That means…”

“Beep. False.”

The ball sternly refuted Irina’s answer that she did not know where Vail had gone.

The 2nd Princess’s innocent green eyes sparkled in surprise at the ball’s unexpected judgment.

“What is it saying now…?”

As the 2nd Princess frowned, Lidia scoffed as if she couldn’t believe it.

“Ha, what? So, you knew all along where Vail went? Are you planning to monopolize him later?”

Annoyed, Lidia clenched her fists.

She looked like the great empress of the East.

“Wh-what are you talking about? Monopolize? I just didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure!”

“Beep. False.”

“Can’t you make that thing shut up?!”

Irina resentfully looked at the crystal ball that kept beeping without tact.

Even Rea, who had been only listening, let out a chuckle.

“You’re cute, Irina. The way you’re beating around the bush is almost pitiful.”

The situation where other beasts were targeting the man she had set her sights on first made Irina start to feel anxious.

“Lady Mia, please step outside the VIP room for a moment. We have something to discuss among ourselves.”

Rea spoke with the commanding tone of a general.

However, her current attire was a dress that revealed her figure quite clearly.

“Yes, Your Highness…”

Mia quietly exited the suffocating VIP room.

And stood guard with the door tightly closed.

‘It’s really fierce. Vail, what on earth did you do wrong…?!’

The knight paced back and forth with a terrified expression.

Then, seeing a mage pass by, she hurriedly returned to a relaxed and ready posture.

After Mia left, Irina raised her voice even more.

“Aren’t you two being more blatant than I am?”

The silver-haired princess crossed her arms alone.

“Look at you now. You’re all dressed up to do something with Vail, aren’t you?”

The princesses, who usually focused solely on state affairs as monarchs.

One of them was wearing a strange black cheongsam, something dancers might wear.

Another came dressed in a sensual dress, like a newlywed wife.

Feeling a sense of crisis, the silver wolf cast a displeased look.

“You’re delusional. I just wore our kingdom’s traditional attire because I’ve come of age.”

“Beep. False.”

The crystal ball sternly countered Lidia’s confident statement.

The pigtailed princess’s face flushed red as if her true feelings had been exposed.

“This insolent ball… where does it get off lying…?!”

Irina chuckled at her younger sister’s heated response.

“You’re the one lying right now.”

The 2nd Princess smirked as if she had expected this.

She flipped her long hair like a wolf’s tail and turned her head.

“Go ahead. Make excuses if you want.”

Then, she tried to uncover even Rea’s true feelings through the power of the crystal ball.

“Rea, do you have something to say too?”

The empire’s 1st Princess glanced down at the crystal ball.

Knowing the capabilities of the ball, she firmly closed her soft lips.

“Ha, as expected.”

Irina chuckled at her appearance.

“It’s practically a confirmation.”

Now that Vail had become a noble, there was technically no problem with him associating with royalty.

However, the issue was the justification.

The three princesses wanted to prove who had the most justification to claim Vail.

A moment of silence passed.

Then, Lidia pinched the cheongsam clinging to her side and opened the debate.

“Sorry, but it’s only natural for me to meet him dressed like this.”

The dark-haired princess confidently said, fidgeting with the unfamiliar cheongsam.

It was a design usually worn by married women.

“I even took a bath with him recently.”

She placed her hand on her chest.

Her gaze was now seductive and somewhat suggestive, unlike before.

“Beep. True.”

Rea and Irina’s eyes widened at the ball’s affirmation of her truth.


Emboldened by this, Lidia smiled broadly with an exceedingly arrogant expression.

“Everyone knows, right? What kind of relationship two people must have to take a bath together.”

The triumphant princess of the East gently rubbed her lower belly where she had embraced Vail.

The material of the cheongsam clung tightly, making the navel area intriguingly indented.

“In our Eastern lands, only ‘couples’ can do such things.”

Furthermore, the pale underarms peeking through the sleeves offered a charm different from the mature allure of the two princesses.

The two imagined Vail and Lidia looking at each other with lascivious eyes and washing each other.

Their genteel gazes fluttered.

“No, did you call him to the bath to seduce him?”

“You’re really blatant, Lidia.”

At the princesses’ words, Lidia shrugged as if she had been waiting for this.

“Not at all? Vail came in by himself.”

Recalling that day, Lidia’s face turned red.

“And to think, we ended up seeing each other’s bodies…”

For the first time, the youngest, who had always been haughty, showed a shy and feminine expression.

Feeling threatened, Irina looked at the crystal ball.

However, unfortunately, the ball spoke only the truth.

“Beep. True.”

“With this, shouldn’t I be the one to have him?”

Lidia, confident with her hand on her hip, resembled a young leopard showing off among predators.

Irina took a moment to compose her breath.

Then, she responded with sharp eyes, like a wolf.

“Even so, you’ve only seen each other’s bodies.”

The silver-haired princess immediately countered, thinking it was her turn.

“Shouldn’t we at least entwine our bodies in a secret room?”

The silver-haired princess gently rubbed the leggings that wrapped around her ample thighs.

Remembering the moment she had gripped Vail’s leg like a pillar.

“Vail and I spent a long time together in a hot and humid closet.”

Just thinking about it made her thighs sweat.

Feeling hot, she casually shook her blouse and replied leisurely.

“Beep. True.”

“He liked it so much he couldn’t regain his senses in my arms.”

Like a baby, burying his face in her chest and breathing heavily.

“It was so cute. It made me wonder if that’s how it feels to raise a child.”

Her gaze was mature, as if she had already started a family with Vail.

Her figure felt soft and plump, like that of a mother with a child.

As if she had felt the touch of a man in that sticky secret room.

“Oh, the closet…”

Lidia’s sharp fangs gnashed.

Irina, who was no longer the insignificant figure she had been in the past, had become formidable.

The version of her that was merely sidelined had long disappeared.

However, this was just the beginning.

The eldest, Rea’s turn, was still to come.

Rea flinched at her sisters’ provocative boasts.

However, when it came to her turn, she remained silent.

“What’s with you? Why are you so quiet today?”

Lidia asked, looking at her suspiciously.

Irina guessed with the cold gaze of a monarch.

“She was accompanying him as part of the royal guard. What could have possibly happened with Vail during state affairs?”

“True, they even encountered a werewolf.”

Thinking they had outdone Rea this time, both held their heads high.

Only then did Rea begin to react.

Rea coughed and maintained her dignity.

However, her eyes, previously cold, turned suggestive as she recalled what had happened with Vail at the campsite.

As if something indecent had occurred, too vulgar to be explained in her own words.

“You can’t deceive us this time, Rea. You can’t lie in front of this crystal ball.”

Irina looked at the hesitating eldest sister with a cold gaze.

Lidia agreed, placing her hand on her hip.

“Yeah, if you’re not confident, just disappear quietly today.”

Rea closed her eyes upon hearing the provocation from her sisters.

After a moment…

She opened her eyes like an empress, dignified and haughty, and spoke.


Rea’s silence wasn’t due to a lack of progress with Vail.


“I restrained myself because I thought you would be shocked if I spoke…”

Because she was intoxicated with victory more than anyone else.

“I thought it’d be better for your sake if I just stepped back for today.”

Rea rose from the round table.

The thin and long dress that clung to her body tightened.

“From now on, we’ll act separately. After all, Irina, you have no intention of telling us Vail’s whereabouts, do you?”

Irina looked up stiffly at Rea, who had stood up first.

Then, crossing her arms alone, she responded.

“Of course. I can’t stand to see Vail being used by selfish people like you.”


Rea repeated her sister’s words.

“You seem to be mistaken, Irina. You and we are the same.”

The Princess elegantly brushed her luxurious golden hair.

Then, she calmly summarized their situation.

“The truth is, the excuse of wanting to recruit him because he’s a talented individual is just an excuse, isn’t it?”

Rea grasped the doorknob of the VIP room.

And spoke plainly.

“We’re just bewitched by him, that’s all.”

Her eyes held the sensual command befitting the empire’s commander.

She was well aware of their situation.

However, she didn’t want to escape from that situation.

On the contrary…

“Ah, right, I was told to speak to the crystal ball, wasn’t I?”

She wanted to immerse herself even deeper.

Into the arms of the sly and charming man.

“Yes. Since I’m here, I’ll tell you one thing.”

At the 1st Princess’s words, Irina and Lidia swallowed hard.

The same went for Mia, who was eavesdropping near the entrance.

With everyone’s attention focused,

Rea tossed out a remark with a haughty expression.

Like her mother, the 1st Empress of the empire.

Like Rozanna.

“You know, I already know the length of that place of Vail’s.”

That place.

At the eldest sister’s striking remark, the younger sisters simultaneously showed dumbfounded expressions.

Mia, waiting at the entrance, also covered her mouth with both hands in shock.



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