Episode 155

Secret Vacation (3)
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“Ah, that’s good.”

I grimaced at the taste of Mago’s beer, which I hadn’t had in a long time.

Without realizing it, my tolerance must have increased as I downed half of the thick glass in one go.

“Hey, have you gotten better at drinking? You used to groan after just one beer.”

Cain Alterain, my academy classmate sitting opposite me, looked puzzled.

“You get better the more you drink.”

As I sighed deeply, he gave me a sympathetic look.

“Well, becoming a noble probably means you have more occasions to drink.”

Cain, having heard that a classmate had become a baron, looked envious.

After all, he was just a defense knight for Cornel, my hometown.

“Still, I’m envious.”

“Hey, it’s nothing special. Just a title. Unless you’re from an ancient and prestigious family, other nobles won’t even consider you one of them.”

I waved my hands, trying to downplay it.

Then, my long-time classmate chuckled and playfully hit my shoulder.

“But still, it’s cool, Baron Vail. This would be the birth of the Mikhail family, wouldn’t it?”

“What family, even…?”

I chuckled at his teasing words.

Truly fitting for the ace of the academy’s command unit.

Perhaps I learned my way with words from this guy.

“So, aren’t you going to create one? Nobles often marry among each other to increase their power. You should do the same if you want to stand on your own.”

“If someone heard you, they would think you’re a noble.”

I smirked, and Cain confidently thumped his chest.

“Trust the words of a senior who’s about to get married.”


Come to think of it, I heard this guy recently got engaged.

“Ah, right. You said you were getting married?”

“We’re having the ceremony in the cathedral this winter.”

I looked at him fondly.

In my past life, he ended up crippled after insisting on fighting with Richard.

In this life, he had become a healthy knight and a family man.

His transformation was both impressive and strangely affecting.

“How did you manage it? I thought you’d never make it because of all your groaning.”

When I asked with a smile, Cain put his palm to his lips, making a duck face.

And then he cheekily quacked.

“I do have one killer move, you know.”

His partner was none other than the second daughter of a viscount.

I was relieved, knowing she came from a well-respected knight family in my hometown.

“You’ve really made it. I was quite worried about you.”

“It’s all thanks to you.”

Cain lowered his hand, which had been playfully teasing.

Then, he looked at me seriously and said,

“If I had gone through with the fight with Richard, I probably wouldn’t have met my wife.”

The image of a sturdy Cain and his defeated self intermingled.

“Thanks, Vail.”

The guy, who was clutching his broken arm, crying out loud.

In this life, he had become a strong man who took care of not only his sister but also his wife.

“Don’t mention it. I just took the opportunity to advance myself.”

I grumbled to him.

Then, the guy who had grown mature enough to get married raised the corner of his mouth with a smirk.

“That’s a nice way to put it…”

The atmosphere turned momentarily awkward as heartwarming stories were exchanged.

To break the silence, Cain slowly continued talking.

“So, at the parties you’ve been attending enough to increase your tolerance, have you met someone you like?”

To Cain’s question, I firmly shook my head.

There were quite a few women around, but none were of the level I could dream of marrying.

“Ha, I don’t know. What marriage would be suitable for someone like me?”

Seeing my skeptical look, the soon-to-be-married man waved his hands.

“Hey, you should do it while you’re young like me. Having kids early means they’ll grow up by the time we retire.”

He already had a perfect retirement plan in place.

“Plus, marrying into nobility means your children will have a more noble lineage. Raise them well to reap the benefits.”

“As if nobles would want to meet me.”

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t ready to genuinely love someone yet.

A profound fear beyond mere physical pleasure lingered in my mind.

That being was probably the emperor, who was the strongest daddy’s girl lover on earth.

And the futile death of the person I guarded all my life in my past life.

“Why, there was even a commoner knight who married a princess.”

However, Cain immediately understood my heart.

He told me a meaningful, true story from the past.

“Wasn’t that just a legend?”

“No, no. It happened a hundred years ago. It’s a real story.”

The brown eyes of my academy classmate sparkled.

True to his reputation as the ace of the academy, he began unraveling the story.

“There was a knight who had distinguished himself on the battlefield and saved a princess from an assassination attempt.”

I nodded at what sounded like a common novel plot.

Then, Cain continued in a softer voice.

“After that, the princess kept proposing to him, but the knight kept refusing because he was afraid of how the world would perceive it.”


How could a commoner dare to be involved with royalty?

“A very wise friend, indeed.”

I crossed my arms and nodded in agreement.

“Exactly. How could he even think of taking a princess for himself? He was scared. But in the end, he accepted.”


I asked, furrowing my brows.

My long fox-like eyes narrowed as well.

“The truth is…”

Cain cautiously looked around the owl-themed restaurant.

Then, he whispered quietly in my ear.

“The princess couldn’t contain her desires and kidnapped the knight.”

“Kidnapped, you say…?”

My slender eyes sparkled, and the excited storyteller nodded.

“If she outright said she wanted to marry, the emperor would have definitely refused, so she used her head.”


Feeling anxious, I swallowed hard.

“She took the kidnapped knight to a secluded place, locked him up, and continuously shared a bed with him.”

“She continuously shared a bed with him?”

I asked with a shocked face.

Then, Cain answered with a solemn expression, as if to affirm that it was a true story.

“Yes, until she became pregnant.”

He drank the beer in front of him, seemingly thirsty.

Then, he slowly continued the story.

“After becoming pregnant, she boldly showed it to her father and declared she would marry him. By then, the emperor could do nothing about it.”

“No way, is that true? Don’t lie, what the…?”

I scoffed, incredulous.

Then, Cain silently shook his head.

“At first, I thought it was just a story too. But then, the child born between the commoner knight and the princess was born just four months after the wedding.”

At that moment.

I suddenly remembered the suggestive faces of the princesses, who had been aggressively intimate with me.

“It was all the princess’s strategy, wasn’t it?”


I mumbled blankly, looking dazed.

Then, Cain chuckled, perhaps trying to lighten the mood.

“Hey, what’s so scary about that? Being with beautiful princesses. It’s much better than being a stick in the mud.”

I slowly shook my head at his words.

“You don’t know… How scary it is unless you’ve experienced it.”

Cain stared intently at my face, as if my energy had been drained.

“You’re scared of beautiful women approaching you?”

My classmate looked at me, unfocused and worried.

Then, noticing my condition had actually improved, he tilted his head in confusion.

“It’s strange. To think someone dislikes beauties.”

“That’s just how it is. Let’s just drink today…”

I tried to pick up the nearly empty plate with a bitter smile.

Then, a woman’s pale hand reached out and filled my plate with bread instead.

“It seems you have women bothering you, Vail.”

Black long hair, dressed in a petite one-piece.

A woman with skin as pale as a witch’s chuckled and added more side dishes.

“If you had such worries, you should have asked me.”

Mago crossed her arms by herself.

And, with a shrug, she implied to trust her alone.

“Leave it to me. I’ll personally choose your companion.”

I glanced up at the owner of the owl pub and my long-time friend.

And, borrowing the courage from the alcohol, I chuckled.

“What qualifications do you have?”

“Well, because I’ve been your friend for 15 years.”

My childhood friend looked down at me with a hearty expression.

Her black eyes were confident, as if she knew everything about me.

“You’re so dense that women know you’ll do whatever they ask, even if you pretend to dislike it.”

“That’s not true. I’m very decisive.”

When I objected, Mago shook her head like a cat hissing.

“What do you mean, no? Like that time with the silver-haired princess…”

Mago hesitated in her response, prompting Cain, who was sitting next to her, to tilt his head in curiosity.

“A princess? You knew someone as well?”

Seeing Cain’s interest, the petite witch sighed deeply.

“Haah… No, I’ll bring more side dishes.”

Mago grumbled and returned to the kitchen.

Once she entered the depths of the kitchen, her face turned icy.

The place was filled with rugged men chopping onions with mercenary axes.

“So, have you finished scouting the area?”

“Yes, there were no foreign women entering the village today.”

In fact, she had been patrolling the area from the moment I entered Cornel.

She had been secretly receiving reports from her mercenaries.

“Alright, continue to report consistently while Vail is here.”

“Understood, but why would a foreign woman would come to such a remote place…?”

The mercenary leader asked cautiously.

Then, the witch’s black eyes flashed like a fierce beast’s.

“Since when have you started to question my orders?”

Her eyes, docile as a cat’s in the dining area, were sharp as a civet’s in the darkness.

“M-my apologies…”

The frightened men smoothly exited through the kitchen’s back door.

Afterward, Mago was left alone in the kitchen.


Once alone, Mago’s expression turned gloomy.

Then, she solemnly picked up a carrot and began to prepare it.

“Just you try coming…”

Mago thought of the silver-haired princess she had met before.

Her eyes were beautiful and mysterious, like an elf out of myth.

Thinking of her, who shone with her mere presence, unlike herself, Mago prepared the carrot.

“I’ll smash everything…”

While Mago was muttering to herself, she unwittingly used mana to split the carrot in half.

While someone was splitting a carrot in half.

Irina, having heard Rea’s statement in the magic tower, also snapped the pen she was holding.

“That place…”

The two princesses were left behind after the 1st Princess departed.

They staggered out of the VIP room.

Their expressions were so dazed that they even forgot about Mia, who had accompanied them.

‘What should I do…?!’

Mia, who saw their grim expressions, bit her lip nervously at the daunting gaze of the princesses, akin to that of conquering monarchs.

“Sorry, Vail…”

Irina, after leaving the magic tower, boarded her carriage in silence alone.

True to her frugality, the plain-looking carriage began to depart from the western part of the capital at a terrifying speed.

As if in a hurry to find someone.

“She’s leaving.”

Lidia silently observed her departure.

Then, at the moment she snapped her fingers cheerily,

“Did you call me, Your Highness?”

From the shadows of the empty, dark magic tower, someone appeared as if by magic.


Lidia, dressed in a black cheongsam, turned her head slightly.

And then she summoned her assassination squad leader, who had perfectly concealed his presence.

“If you’re calling me, it must be a matter of great importance.”

Originally high-quality talents used for intelligence battles with the Crown Prince, they waited for the 3rd Princess’s command with solemn expressions.

“Yes, Captain. It’s a very important matter.”

The Princess crossed her arms by herself.

And then she ordered him with a cold gaze,

“Follow that impudent commoner sister’s carriage ahead. Pursue that carriage.”


“Find out who she is meeting with, clearly and unequivocally.”

“I will comply with the command.”

The assassination squad members uniformly cast their magic and disappeared back into the shadows.

Afterward, they secretly followed the carriage heading towards Nostrun, moving between the rooftops of buildings.

However, somehow noticing this, Irina’s carriage started to accelerate and move faster.

The swift members chased the carriage hidden by the tall cathedral roof.

Then, in the moment they crossed the roofs,

“Oh no…”

They found dozens of carriages, each looking exactly like Irina’s, as they emerged onto the main road.

“Just our luck that she uses such a modest carriage…”

“The ordinary appearance has actually provided a camouflage effect.”

The carriages were temporarily stopped due to traffic.

However, they were about to disperse in their own ways soon.

If so, they would lose the Princess before long.

“This won’t do. I permit the use of magic.”

“Isn’t it forbidden in the capital?”

Though the use of powerful magic was banned unless it was for official duties like assassination.

The captain, following Lidia’s command, proceeded with a solemn expression.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen Her Highness with such an upset expression, almost as if she is about to start a war.”

“Is that so…?”

Lidia was usually a benevolent ruler to her people.

Knowing this, the members swallowed hard.

“This might be a significant event related to the royal succession. Thus, we must also do our best.”


The men in black immediately brought their palms together.


They concentrated their minds to form the shape of an eye in the void.

The eye forged from mana in the void observed each of the carriages.

And then…

“We’ve found it.”

Through exquisite magic, they located the 2nd Princess’s carriage again.


They started following the carriage that began moving again.

Later, from the rooftop of a building, they observed the carriage stopping in front of a quiet bank in Nostrun.


The carriage door opened.

And then Irina alighted.

“She’s getting down.”

The members closely watched her silhouette.

But the person who alighted from the 2nd Princess’s carriage they had found by breaking the rules was…


Not Irina.

“Who is that…?”

Because the person who alighted was Dasha, who also had silver hair.

She deliberately wore leggings and a white shirt, like Irina.

True to her assassin background, she detected the presence of Lidia’s squad members.


She glanced up at the building’s rooftop and smiled.

As if she knew Lidia’s squad members would come.

Her relaxed expression made the proud members from the East grimace in unison.

While Lidia was tracking Irina’s carriage, Rea had known all along that Irina had not boarded the carriage.

Because she had been receiving reports through her surveillance devices deployed around the magic tower.

“How cute, Irina. Trying to evade my eyes in the west.”

Rea, having returned to her office, comfortably sat in her chair.

Then, concentrating mana in her eyes, she monitored Irina through the viewpoint of her surveillance devices.

“So, she plans to evade suspicion by taking a street carriage.”

Irina, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, discreetly approached a street coachman.

She offered him two gold coins, asking him to quickly leave the place.

The carriage, having received the generous payment, began heading towards the outskirts of the capital at a fast pace.

“The outskirts of the capital, huh? Indeed… Is it dark under the lamp?”

As they entered the outskirts, the carriage raced along an unpaved road.

The jolting was almost pitiful to those watching.

“It seems Vail’s hometown was in the rural parts of the country.”

Rea leisurely drank her tea, continuing to concentrate mana in her eyes.

She had reached a level where she could share her vision with birds in real time.

The carriage carrying Irina stopped at a farm in the countryside.

There, numerous dairy cows were being milked.

“A dairy farm…? Vail, don’t tell me you’ve ventured into dairy farming as well?”

Rea automatically nodded at his unexpected business expansion prowess.

However, her nodding stopped abruptly.


A woman alighted from the carriage.

Because she took off the wide-brimmed hat she was wearing.

“Who is that…?”

Rea’s expression soured so much that she spilled the tea she was drinking onto herself.

She then closely observed the woman as she removed her silver wig.

The wig revealed short blue hair underneath.

And a youthful face that looked to be around 18 years old.

The woman disguised as Irina was none other than the top ace of her knight group.

It was Cynthia.

The girl took out a piece of paper that Irina had entrusted to her.

And then…

She immediately bowed her head towards Rea’s surveillance devices, offering an apology first.


The 1st Princess stared blankly at this scene.

Then, when Cynthia unfolded the paper she had prepared for the surveillance devices.

Rea’s face contorted completely.

“Rea, that’s the place you are looking for.”

Because this was what was written on the paper.

Irina was mocking her by pointing to the dairy cows on the farm.

At this, Rea’s eyelids fluttered.

“Ha, Irina…”

Her teacup shook, and the tea dripped down onto her ample chest.

Annoyed, Rea briskly shook off her dress.

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