Episode 157

Visiting Relatives (2)
6 days ago
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The room was filled with the rich scent of fruit wine.

The owner of that sweet scent lay sprawled on the bed, snoring like a child.


Irina stared intently at the source of the scent.

He was usually a strong knight who would not bow to anyone.

To see him snoring so defenselessly like a child.

To the nun, he appeared endearing.

“You sleep so cutely, Vail…”

Irina, wearing a tight-fitting nun’s habit.

Unconsciously, the corners of her mouth rose.

The nun slowly approached the bed in that state.

However, she soon stopped in her tracks.


There was a full-length mirror beside the bed.

She was surprised by her reflection in the mirror.

Normally, she was a pure and noble princess who knew nothing.

But now, her reflection in the mirror looked lascivious, as if she were a succubus disguised as a nun.


Irina hastily shook her head at that sight.

Somehow, she returned to being the noble princess and sat beside the sleeping Vail.

Her heart kept throbbing.

Irina placed her hand on her chest, worried that Vail might hear it.

And she swallowed deeply, trying hard to calm herself.


“Haa… Haa…”

No matter how deep she breathed, the sight of the man with his shirt undone.

It only made her feel the heat and tightness of her own chest even more.


Perhaps it was because she had worked so diligently as a nun in the orphanage.

The Princess’s noble sweat clung stickily to the thin fabric of her nun’s habit.

Because of this, the already tight clothes clung even more, making her sensitive.


Even though she hadn’t drunk any alcohol, Irina’s face flushed.

She slowly looked down at his body.

Even with his eyes closed, his face was beautiful.

And those long, fox-like eyes…

He was so desirable that even she, considered the empire’s greatest beauty, felt jealous.

A faint scent of alcohol wafted from his slightly parted lips.

This stirred the appetite of Irina, who was quite the drinker herself.

“You look delicious.”

The Princess slowly leaned her face towards the man, who had become a baron.

And, modestly flipping her silver hair, she gazed at his lips.


In the past, she couldn’t even imagine kissing a man’s lips.

Because she considered it an indecent act.

But after getting intoxicated by a deep kiss that mixed bodily fluids.

Now, just by looking at Vail’s lips, she automatically salivated like a she-wolf.

However, she was not ashamed of herself for this.

Just… slowly led by the desire to conquer that lay dormant within her…


She locked her tongue with the lips of the sleeping man.

The Princess stood tall, her waist rigid like that of a female animal, shaking.

The man’s body fluids and scent overflowed onto her lips.

She obediently accepted it all.

“Huoooh… Hoooh…”

She continued to ravage the lips of the sleeping man without stopping.

As if craving his vitality.

“It’s delicious…”

She placed her own tongue on the man’s.

And then, she teased the sleeping swordmaster by wrapping around and tickling his tongue as if caressing it.

However, she did not stop there.

Because her body could no longer be satisfied with just a kiss from him.

In the past, she would already feel dizzy from kissing.

But as she harbored the man’s bodily fluids inside her, her lower abdomen began to heat up.

As if her instinct as a woman had awakened.

The key to awakening that instinct was a word from Rea.

“I already know the length of that place of Vail’s.”

That place.

As if enchanted by those two words, the nun looked down at Vail’s trousers.

Perhaps it was because of their deep kiss and the exchange of bodily fluids.

Even in his sleep, the flat contour instinctively rose.


Irina blankly stared at that strong and firm contour.

“That place…”

Originally, the only sexual knowledge she had was from watching men and women kiss in plays.

She had learned nothing else from anyone else and was completely lacking in knowledge.

Seeing the man’s robust contour for the first time made her heart pound as if it would burst.

Irina reached out her hand slowly, as if enjoying that throbbing.

And then, the risen vigor of Vail…

She began to stroke it like a mother soothing a child.

“It’s hot…”

Hot, thick, and twitching.

Even through his trousers, she distinctly felt all of this.

She knew well enough that this was meant to enter a woman’s sacred place.

Even the noble princess’s body seemed to know this, as the insides of her thighs began to twitch.

As if she had obtained the key that fit her perfectly.


Her breathing gradually quickened.

Irina continued to stroke that contour.

Every touch stirred a huge storm in her head.

The man she had surely liked first.

She was the first among the other princesses to know of his integrity and consideration.

How dare another princess, especially Rea, to have gauged this length first.


Angered, Irina tightly closed her lips.

And decided to surrender her body to the storm swirling in her head.

The Princess slowly raised her voluptuous thighs onto the bed.

And, as if she had made a decision, slowly…

She climbed onto the body of the man lying flat.


Her crotch was trembling.

Overcoming the trembling, Irina slowly pressed her body against Vail’s risen trousers.

As if rehearsing.


She, whose underwear was hidden under her nun’s habit, slowly engaged with his thick trousers.

She started to sway her waist a bit.

Instinctively, without her knowing.

“Like this…”

Her firm thighs trembled with a soft and thrilling touch.

Even her thighs, which had remained firmly in place no matter how mighty the horse she rode, trembled now more than ever.

“Huff… Huh…”

The nun swallowed deeply and moved her crotch, which was entangled with Vail’s trousers.

Her pelvis waved lewdly.

A consistent rubbing sound could be faintly heard.

As if worshipping the robust pillar trapped inside the trousers, trying to awaken it.

“Your Majesty.”

Responding to this, the sleeping Vail murmured.

Startled, Irina momentarily twitched her waist.


Because of this, she stopped moving while her moistened underwear clung to his trousers.

“This is not right…”

Was it because of Irina’s bold and lewd act?

Vail’s expression became peculiar, as if he were having an erotic dream.

Moreover, his eyelids fluttered slightly.

Frightened, Irina grabbed the long hem of her nun’s habit.

“I’m sorry, Vail.”

And then she covered Vail’s face with the skirt that had been covering her hot crotch.

As if wanting to hide her lewd appearance.


The skirt, soaked with the heat and scent of a woman, clung to the man’s face.

After that, he became quiet again.

“Shall we try again?”

With the man’s face covered, the nun lifted her quivering lips again.

She began to slowly move her pelvis again, as if she were already addicted to this act.


She felt the man’s thick contour with her whole body by moving her waist.


With her voluptuous thighs tightly gripping his crotch, she obscenely shook her pelvis.

Every time she stroked the pillar, the dilapidated bed made continuous creaking noises.


“Now, I think I understand too…”

His length.

Through her hotly flushed lower abdomen, Irina slowly accustomed her body to the man’s thickness.

Matching the rhythm, she swayed her body, learning how to receive him.


However, learning alone was not enough to satisfy her.

Rather than just rubbing like this.

Directly embracing him would be far better.

Because it seemed like she could feel his length, thickness, and hot heat all at once.

“I can’t stand it anymore…”

Irina raised the body she had been pressing against.

And then, she slowly pulled down his trousers’ zipper.

The constrained bulge was finally freed.

In that moment…


A pungent and peculiar scent wafted in.

At that scent, the half-dazed nun Irina’s eyes sparkled.

“This scent is…”

A peculiar body odor she had never smelled before in her life.

It was incomparably more stimulating than the sweat smell she had sensed from his wardrobe.

This made the tip of Irina’s nose twitch.

Her green eyes also began to glaze over, becoming dreamy.

“I feel like I could become addicted…”

The Princess slowly tried to pull down his trousers.

Then, at the moment when the outline of the man’s underwear was revealed.

Step. Step.

Someone started walking down the old hallway, perhaps hearing the loud noise of the bed shaking.


The shabby door swung open.

Then, a large man entered, his back to the sunlight.

“What is this?”

Orphanage Director Hans.

For some reason, he sniffled in Vail’s heated room.

“It smells damp…”

The man looked at Vail’s bed, waving his hands.

“Tch… That’s why you shouldn’t drink so much alcohol when you can’t handle it.”

The Baron was still sprawled out, asleep.

He clicked his tongue and entered.

“Next time, I’ll have to warn Mago… Huh?”

However, as he approached the bed.

His eyes sparkled at the sight of Irina, who was kneeling modestly beside the bed.


The sight of her praying over Vail, who lay with a noble expression.

The Director of the orphanage looked on in bewilderment.

“You surprised me. Why are you here?”

The nun, who had finished praying with a relaxed expression, got up from the floor of the room as if nothing had happened.


Irina tidied up her hair, which clung stickily to her cheeks.

And then, with a smile, she looked up at the Director.

“I was offering prayers for the Baron’s comfort as he was suffering from a hangover.”

The large man stared at the fresh smile of the nun.

His lips parted involuntarily, moved by her mercy.

“To go to such lengths…”

“I kept hearing sounds of distress from the next room, and I couldn’t just ignore it.”

Irina looked up at the middle-aged man with a bright smile.

Unconsciously, she crossed her thighs.

As if she had exercised, a warm heat rose from the voluptuous thighs and the space between her nun’s habit.

Thick droplets of sweat trickled down from the sensual area.


However, for mere sweat droplets, the color was oddly murky.

“Thank you, Sister. For even taking care of my unworthy son…”

The Director expressed his gratitude with a moved expression.

And then, he politely requested not to impose any further.

“Let’s go out. Even if his hangover is severe, he’ll gradually recover by tomorrow.”

Vail’s stepfather made an effort to get the nun out of the humid space.


“I understand…”

Irina hesitated to go outside, as if she didn’t dislike the man’s scent.

“Actually, someone else came to help here as well. If you come down, I’ll prepare some late-night snacks for you.”


The Director glanced at the hesitating Irina.

Her face was flushed as if she had been exercising.

And even her walk was awkward.

She looked feverish, as if she had strained herself.

“Sister, are you… alright?”

To his question, Irina somehow maintained her smile.

However, sweat droplets were streaming down her forehead.

“Of course. It’s just that I’m feeling hungry, so this is perfect.”

Irina reluctantly followed him out smoothly.

But before that, she carefully covered Vail’s trousers with a blanket.

The faint wet marks on the swollen contour of his trousers.

She wanted to hide that.


“I’ll return with some late-night snacks if you wait in the dining room.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Hans headed to the kitchen to prepare the late-night snacks.

Irina, on her own, tapped her stiff pelvis and headed to the dining room.

After a while.

She made eye contact with a girl with familiar twin tails.

“What’s this?”


Lidia Andalusia, dressed in an academy-style uniform.

Upon making eye contact with Irina in her peculiar nun’s habit, she wore a startled expression.

“What on earth is that outfit…? Isn’t it blasphemous?”

“You, how did you even find this place…?”

The two princesses stared at each other blankly.

“Ha, I can do anything if I set my mind to it. Tracking you down is as easy as pie.”

The cunning black panther with red eyes shrugged her shoulders.

She was disguised as a female student who came to provide educational service from a prestigious academy.

Hearing the words of the 3rd Princess, Irina looked out the window.

Then, she saw a large caravan carriage returning after dropping Lidia off.

She had all her merchant groups check every baron who left the capital.

“Quite impressive.”

“Escaping disguised as a nun, you were quite careful this time, weren’t you?”

Lidia praised Irina for eluding her assassins.

However, she immediately said with a cold gaze,

“Did you manage to reap any benefits by arriving first?”

At the 3rd Princess’s question, Irina momentarily wore a blank expression.

Then, with a sly smile, she said,

“Well, I suppose I learned about the length.”

Lidia’s eyes fluttered in surprise at her composed response, something she hadn’t anticipated.

The length of Vail that only she was aware of.

Moreover, she was greatly displeased that Irina had coveted him in such vulgar nun’s attire.

“You… you really went as far as you could, considering you’re a commoner, huh?”

“If you’re jealous, just say so, Lidia.”

The two princesses glared at each other, engaging in a fierce battle of wills.

However, the fangs of the two beasts were soon forced to be hidden again.

“Oh dear, you’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Soon, Vail’s father, or rather, a close associate, returned with a plate of freshly grilled sausages.

“Please eat, I specially grilled only the freshest ones for you.”


The delicious smell filled the dining room.

At that aroma, both Irina, who had expended her energy in Vail’s room, and Lidia, who had rushed from the capital, swallowed deeply.

“Then, let’s eat first.”

“Let’s do that, Sister.”

The women temporarily called a truce.

Afterward, they focused on the sausages laid out before them.


The two princesses tasted the sausage, and their eyes sparkled.

“So, the Baron’s cooking skills are all thanks to his father?”

Irina praised the Director’s cooking.

Lidia, aware of what she was doing, followed suit and cheered up the Director.

“Yes, it’s savory and delicious.”

Hans laughed heartily at the young women’s compliments, waving his hand dismissively.

Then, feeling something odd, he flashed the eyes of a veteran knight.

“But… do you know my son?”

At his question, Lidia gave a slight smile.

“Yes, we often see each other in the capital. My academy is close to where he works.”

She made up an excuse to hide her true identity for the moment.

“Haha… That kid. I thought he had no interest in women…”

Hans chuckled and nodded.

“I never dreamed he would be acquainted with such virtuous ladies.”

The Director was no longer suspicious of them.

Seeing this, the two princesses began to earnestly extract information from him.

In a way, he was Vail’s father.

That is, a very important relationship to him.

“So, when did Vail say he might get married?”

Lidia was the first to ask the sharp question.

Hans then scratched the back of his head and answered.

“Well… He used to say he’d date someone I approved of.”

At his words, the two princesses fell silent for a moment.

Then, they both smiled simultaneously.

“He was so annoyed with dating, he said he’d leave his marriage up to me.”

“I see.”

They nodded in unison.

With very meaningful expressions.

“Then, Director, what kind of woman would you like to pair with Vail?”

Irina asked, as if delivering a finishing blow.

“I’m fine with anyone except for one particular type.”

The two princesses focused on the lips of Vail’s father as he spoke.

And then, the answer that came from him was,

“Those noble ladies.”

“Women who try to solve everything with their wealth, and treat men like playthings.”

He, once a knight of the nobility, looked at the princesses with a cold expression.

“During my time as a knight, I often saw their ugly nature, and it still makes my blood boil.”

Hans took a deep breath, his expression serious.

Then, noticing the somber expressions of the women, he hastily waved his hands.

“Of course, this has nothing to do with the nun and the beautiful student.”

He chuckled and poured water for the two.

And then, he said,

“Especially since you’ve come to support the orphanage with such ‘good intentions.’”

The two noble princesses fell silent for a moment, taken aback by Hans’s unexpected wariness.

Then, they forced a smile and accepted the glasses of water he offered.

“Ahaha… Of course.”

“We would never think of a partner in such a way…”

Lidia and Irina answered in turn.

Their napes inexplicably turned cold.

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