Episode 85

The Princesses’ Visit (4)
5 months ago
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Vail’s bedroom was filled with the sound of pouring rain.

The empire’s First Princess lay collapsed on the floor.

She was bewildered by the man covering her.

“V-Vail… Wake up! This is an order!”

Everyone else would have hurriedly moved at the Princess’s command.

But this young and strong man did not move at all.

“Is he really unconscious…?”

Rea closed her eyes tightly, facing someone she couldn’t control for the first time.

She then tried hard to push Vail’s body away.


But the more she tried, the hotter her body became, and her strength drained away.


The more she exhaled, the stronger the scent became.

Rea swallowed hard, overwhelmed by the scent.

She rarely smelled men since she had always insisted on cleanliness from her knights.

This was the first time she experienced the intense body odor of a man.

It made the Princess feel dazed.

She was a woman who had overcome her frailty to become healthy.

In that state, she was so close to this sick, unconscious man.

Only Rea could feel their hearts beating against each other.

Her lips parted as she breathed, weighed down by the body on top of her.

The more she did, the more she felt their bodies cling to each other…

Soon, Vail’s sweat began to soak through Rea’s white shirt.

“He’s heavy…”

She murmured in a pained voice.

She was too exhausted to resist any longer.

She could only feel Vail’s sweat and body odor soaking into her.

The Princess tightly closed her eyes.

And she concentrated her mind so as not to be overwhelmed by his smell.

But the more she focused, the more she felt the reality of her situation.

“Wait, if I keep this up, I’m actually embracing a man…”

Rea found herself in a scene straight out of a novel.

Her heart fluttered as the situation she had dreamed of suddenly became her reality.

[The northern duchess freely commanded the slave knight.]

And now, Vail was as vulnerable as the slave knight.

So Rea cautiously extended her arms.


For the first time in her life, she touched a man’s bare body.

“It’s firm…”

She gently rubbed Vail’s shoulder with her fingers.

Her hand then glided over his sturdy muscles to his back.

With trembling hands, she grasped his shoulder blades.

The grip felt just right in her palm.

Feeling this texture for the first time made Rea’s heart race.

She swallowed hard, worried that the sound of her beating heart might awaken the unconscious Vail.

“Are all men like this…?”

Surely, he was quite thin at the time of the appointment ceremony.

His appearance had grown significantly in just a few months.

Feeling this, Rea breathed shallowly so that Vail would not notice.

However, pressed by Vail’s writhing movements, she soon unwittingly let out a pained moan.


She made an embarrassing sound for the first time.

Surprised, the Princess covered her lips with her palm.

Then Vail, who was tossing and turning…

…buried his face in the Princess’s chest with his eyes closed.


The feel of someone’s skin against her chest.

At that touch, Rea’s splendid golden hair stood on end.

Her pale skin flushed completely, turning her face red.

And she almost cried out without realizing it.

The Princess covered her mouth with both hands.

Then she stared intently at the knight, who was four years younger and was being impolite.

“You, really…!”

Was it because his face was against her chest?

Her heartbeat started to grow wildly.

Fearing that Vail would wake up from the sound, Rea put her hands under his armpits.

And she pulled his face up above her chest.


Then, their faces ended up touching each other.

She successfully detached him from her chest.

But facing each other’s faces was another kind of embarrassment.

The lips of the man were breathing like a child.

His breath tickled the Princess’s nose.


Was it because she had seen illustrations of faces touching in novels?

She felt complex emotions as she thought that she had become that Archduchess.

Because of that, she calmly observed Vail’s face like a slave knight.

It was a face that had not caught her attention during the appointment ceremony.

In a dull black uniform with black hair.

She had thought of him as just a decently good-looking commoner knight.

But he was the one who saved her from a curse.

He grew up proudly alone, without expecting any reward.

To the extent of defeating a Knights’ Commander.

The Princess projected such an image of him in her mind.

She had boldly escaped from her mother, not wanting to be toyed with.

Also, she had grown up alone and was recognized for her abilities to reach this position.

Perhaps because they had many similarities.

Unlike the foolish knights she had despised so far, his exceptional insight and actions interested her.

For the first time in her life, she found an interesting man.

That feeling peaked today.

Because of that, his face, which she had considered ordinary, somehow…

“Now that I see him up close like this, he looks better than I thought.”

After that, the Princess no longer felt embarrassed about this situation.

Instead, she subtly placed her hand on Vail’s back and tightly closed her lips.

“Well… his body doesn’t seem too bad either, I guess…”

Rea, as a strategist, adapted quickly to the situation.

Her fluttering heart soon accepted the firm chest of Vail it was pressed against.

And their heartbeats resonated to align with each other.

Between their skins, there were only undergarments and a wet shirt.

Perhaps because of Vail’s sweat and the rainwater mixed in.

It felt peculiar, as if their skins were directly touching each other.

As she calmed down, the Princess felt the touch more distinctly.

This reminded her of the next part of the novel she had read.

“So this is what it feels like to feel each other’s body heat.”

When reading the novel, she tried to analyze the passages she couldn’t understand.

However, it had been impossible because she didn’t have a slave knight.

She didn’t know she would come to understand it this way.

Having realized this unknown knowledge, the Princess instinctively moved forward.

“After feeling each other’s body heat…”

[She lifted the slave knight’s chin with her hand.]

[And then ordered him to close his eyes.]

[Afterward, she ordered him to open his lips.]

The Princess gazed at Vail’s lips as if she were mesmerized.

They were the lips of the one who usually toyed with her.

[When their lips interlocked, their tongues…]

Following the novel, Rea slowly approached Vail’s lips.

And without realizing it, she half-closed her eyes.

Like a girl led by instinct.

Just as their lips were about to meet…


The Princess withdrew her face with a flash in her eyes.

She was, after all, the First Princess and the strategic commander of the empire.

She had almost allowed her lips to be captivated by a mere commoner Defense Knight.

Having barely regained her senses, Rea covered her face with both hands.

And she made a pained sound, as if embarrassed by her instinct-driven actions.


The Princess kept her face covered until such thoughts would never arise again.

However, that posture did not last long.

Her body was defenselessly covering only her face.

Then Vail moved over her again.


Vail had reacted when she shouted “No!” and pulled away.

In his half-asleep state, he squirmed his face.

Earlier, his nose was touching Rea’s collarbone.

But instinctively, seeking a softer place…

He gradually moved down and buried his nose in the Princess’s chest.

“It’s soft…”

Rea’s lips parted.

She was about to slap his cheek, channeling mana into her palm.


She abruptly stopped at his next words.

“About the finest women of the East…?”

Vail mumbled.

“Well… I’m not sure if they’re the most beautiful in the world.”

Rea silently waited to hear what he was saying.

“It doesn’t seem so compared to the women I usually see…?”

The women Vail usually saw.

At those words, Rea frowned.

The man smirked, his cheek resting on the Princess’s chest.

“Unlike you, they only think about the well-being of the empire.”

Rea listened to his sleep-talking with a serious expression.

She pondered the words Vail had said before his battle with Hakim.

“What’s with that look…? Hakim… You should follow suit…”

He had a different belief than the men she had met so far.

And that belief was not influenced by beautiful women.

Thus, Vail burying his nose in her chest was just an accident.

At this, Rea firmly closed her lips.

And then she made a decision.

“Vail… you really…”

Let’s observe this guy a little more closely.

Empowered by her decision, the Princess concentrated all her mana into her hands.

Then, somehow, she managed to get Vail up.


She quickly became exhausted from using mana excessively.

She didn’t care, even though her shirt was coming undone.

She was only focused on somehow getting Vail back to bed.


With her last strength, Rea laid Vail back on the bed.

And she wiped the sweat from her forehead, gazing down intently at him.

“Vail Mikhail. Your sleep-talking saved you.”

The Princess clasped her hands together.

Afterward, she squeezed out all her remaining mana, emitting a strong blue light.


Rea’s somewhat loosened shirt fluttered.

Her golden hair danced along with the mana’s waves.

The Princess extended the condensed mana towards Vail’s chest.

And she infused it so he could gather strength more firmly without feeling pain.

“I’ll see how long your so-called patriotism lasts.”

As soon as the infusion was over, the First Princess exhaled deeply.

Then her eyes slowly glazed over…

And she collapsed beside Vail.

How much time had passed?

I opened my eyes to the sound of intense rain.

“Is it still raining…?”

With half-open eyes, I looked out the noisy window.

The pouring rain and the still gloomy sky.

I looked at the clock to see how long I had slept.

“It’s strange how I had recovered this much after only two hours of sleep…”

Before I lost consciousness, my whole body was aching.

But now I felt strangely light, as if I could fly.

“What on earth happened?”

I turned over in bed, trying to get up.

Then, I inadvertently grasped something soft with my palm.


A chill ran down my spine at that touch.

After all, I lived alone here.

I turned my head carefully.

But at that moment, I almost felt the condensed mana in my heart explode.

Because what I had grasped was the First Princess’s thigh.

“What? What?!”

Startled, I pulled away.

And then, I stepped back and looked down at the sleeping woman.

But no matter how many times I closed and opened my eyes, it was Rea on the bed.


A thoroughly soaked and stretched shirt.

The black underwear and sensual figure that were visible underneath.

My eyes trembled at the sight of her completely defenseless—a sight I had never seen before.

‘I definitely parted ways with the Princess yesterday, didn’t I?!’

I covered my cheeks with both hands.

And I looked down at Rea with wide, surprised eyes.

“Is she… is she asleep?”

“Who says I’m asleep?”

Rea soon opened her eyes sharply.

She looked up at me with a fierce and peculiar gaze, like a lioness.

“Pr-Princess, Your Highness…”

Without thinking, I reflexively kneeled down.

And I bowed my head deeply.

“I’m sorry, but… how come Your Highness is in my bed?”

This time, I couldn’t maintain my composure.

I could only ask Rea in a trembling voice.

“Do you really not remember? What you did yesterday…”

Rea got up with a tired voice.

Then, she quickly turned her head and fastened the buttons of her shirt.

“Yes, I don’t remember anything at all.”

I gently lifted my head.

And I stared blankly at her back, clearly visible through her thoroughly wet shirt.

Despite buttoning up, her shirt was stretched out due to the intense situation a moment ago.

As a result, the Princess’s ample bra peeked through momentarily.

Rea looked at me indifferently in that attire.

“Well… I don’t remember either.”

The Princess raised her face high with narrowed eyes.

It was as if she were toying with me.

“Perhaps I’ll remember if you bring me a cup of warm tea.”

“Ah, understood.”

Responding to this, I got up.

And I slowly headed to the kitchen, distancing myself from the Princess.

The Princess intently watched me as I went out the door.

Then she pulled her wet shirt to her nose.


Rea took a deep breath and smelled the sweat.

She savored the scent, watching the man’s back as he went to warm up the tea.

As if she might see this scene again in the future.

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