Episode 139

Apostle (5)
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The Seed of Death belonged to a particularly troublesome category among the apostles.

It wielded the power of death, as its spirit name suggested.

‘So it’s bothersome.’

Every single strike was lethal. The moment one was attacked by it, one would die immediately.

In the game, although its attacks were slow, they had a wide range and were all fatal. A misstep could lead to the death of crucial characters, preventing progress to later stages. It was also known as the newbie slicer.

But it didn’t stop there.

Despite being invaders from another world, they claimed this place as their territory.


One of the reasons apostles were dangerous.

It’s like dropping black paint on a white canvas. The moment they descended here, they left indelible marks. The places severely affected were within their borders. This was where those known as the Seven Evils existed.

Here, Mines became stronger. Monsters received magic from extraterrestrial beings, praising them and transforming into magical beasts.

Normally, the moment an apostle descended, a tremendous number of heroes would appear.

‘But of all places, it had to be China.’

There were almost no heroes, and those who were called heroes were mostly villains consumed by greed.

Very few heroes acted for the sake of China.

When a fierce battle took place here, one might be thankful if Mines did not intrude.


I gathered strength in my legs and leaped with all my might.


Cutting through the wind, I accelerated. Creating footholds with whispers of spirits, I leaped once more. I looked up at the giant black seed covering the sky.

However, the seed did not move.

It had its own consciousness. It merely considered me a being that could not harm it.

I sneered and infused the energy of defying heaven into the Black Heaven.


Only then did the seed recognize my existence.


The reaction was odd. It was not panic or any similar emotion.

My senses told me. The seed was welcoming me.

‘It doesn’t matter.’

My goal was to stop the apostle.

I drew my sword.

Black Heaven, drawn from the White Rouge, produced a black sword light. Black Heaven was condensed with wave energy. Black Mirror.

The wave energy enveloping the black sword light sliced through the middle of the seed.

A loud explosion ensued as the seed was massively crushed. The unholy power, the energy of defying heaven, also worked on the apostle. The apostle’s body was desecrated, accompanied by black flames. The outer part cracked open, momentarily revealing the inside.


‘It’s shallow.’

But the inside was intact. My attack was insufficient. The reason was that the opponent was too large and too solid. It was still in the blooming state. Apostles exerted powerful force after passing the blooming stage, but it was impossible in the seed state.

However, only transcendent beings could penetrate the seed’s defense.

‘It’s worth a try.’

I instinctively realized that I needed to attack more powerfully to penetrate it.


The seed felt puzzled.

It was more about the confusion arising from why I was attacking it than the damage it received.


Tentacles burst out of the seed.

The tentacles, as thick as a person, numbered in the hundreds. And they began to fly towards me.


The tentacles stretched out and attacked me. Or rather, their intention was more to capture than to attack.


I took a deep breath. The Black Flame Spirit Rotation began to spin furiously.

The origin, the flames, spun wildly, covering Black Heaven. The fiercely burning black flames swelled greatly.

I swung Black Heaven broadly.

Cutting through with the black flames enveloping the Black Heaven.


I burned all the tentacles.

‘It’s lacking.’

Most of the tentacles were burnt. However, knowing the reason, I felt uneasy. It was an act of suppression to prevent injury to myself.

‘I must make use of this.’

Honestly, the odds did not look favorable. This was the first time things have seemed so bleak since I became the possessor of the Heaven Defying Body.

‘The Overlord isn’t coming.’

It had been quite some time since the apostle appeared, and I had been confronting it. Normally, the Overlord would have noticed by now, but his absence meant that he couldn’t come.

That implied something had happened to the Overlord.

And there weren’t many things that could bind the Overlord. Perhaps his life was in danger.

I closed my eyes.

I couldn’t expect help from other transcendent beings.

Then, at least, we needed other beings capable of delivering a significant blow.


A voice came from below.

I looked down. Kim Seo-hyun and Kim Ara, both pale.

‘Is this fortunate?’

In terms of a single blow, Kim Ara, who was close to the upper class, and Kim Seo-hyun, who had innate talent in everything from martial arts to magic, were present.

I drew out Black Wings. The unholy wing spread as I landed.

And looked at Kim Seo-hyun and Kim Ara.

“Where is the Overlord?”

“Ri, Right now, my father is fighting with the being he called a witch.”

Kim Ara spoke with a pale face.

The Witch.

One of the Seven Evils. A master of illusion magic and curses. If she moved personally, it was not strange for an apostle to appear.

And if the Witch had come out, it was highly likely she was alone.

‘Fortunately, in misfortune.’

I chuckled at that thought. Facing the apostle was already a formidable challenge, and with the Seven Evils appearing, it was truly dreadful. Have I only faced hardships recently that my brain has gone numb?

“What is that seed-like thing?”

“An apostle.”

“…That’s an apostle?”

“Yes, sorry, but I’ll explain later. Right now, we need to stop that.”

“We have to stop that….”

Kim Seo-hyun spoke with a voice full of despair.

Kim Ara clenched her eyes shut and then took out a stone sword as tall as her from the subspace.

“Do you need help? I’ll help.”

“It’ll be tough.”

“It’s okay.”

Kim Ara looked at me with firm eyes, as if to say she trusts me.

“Thank you.”

That was all I could say.

I turned my gaze to Kim Seo-hyun. With trembling eyes, she soon closed them and drew an ancient sword.

The Sword of Wrath, Gram.


As Kim Seo-hyun whispered, Gram flashed with a halo of light. Revealed next was a pure white sword.

Holding the pure white sword, Kim Seo-hyun looked at me with determination.

“I’ll help too.”

Her trembling voice gradually steadied. She looked at me, her eyes filled with conviction, as if believing that together, we could overcome even this.

‘…Was it admiration?’

I pondered our relationship.

The more she admired me, the higher her stats rose. It seemed this applied to her spirit as well. I was just grateful.

“What will we do?”

“Give it a heavy blow.”

“How heavy?”

“As much as you can.”

Our conversation was brief, necessitated by the battle. Kim Ara nodded at my words.

“We just need to make a big hole, right?”


“Then I’ll take care of everything that gets in the way. Ara and Seo-ha, make a big wound.”

“Got it.”

Kim Ara nodded firmly.

I looked at the seed and thought. It couldn’t be killed in one go. Someone had to enter inside and tear it down from the inside.

‘And that’s something only I can do.’

It was a task only I was suited for here.

I was confident that I understood and could counter all the techniques used by this being better than any transcendent being.

“Let’s go.”


Responding to my words, the seed created tentacles again and swung them. Kim Seo-hyun half-opened her eyes and swung her sword. A dragon burst forth from the pure white brilliance.
Nine Heavens Nine Dragons Divine Technique.

A forgotten martial art, created by a supreme being who once ruled the nine heavens, was reproduced by Kim Seo-hyun.



A giant flame dragon, larger than most apartments, emerged from the brilliance and devoured all the tentacles with its mouth.

I looked at Kim Seo-hyun. Her complexion had turned extremely pale from the previous strike.

‘It was a reckless strike.’

Yet, Kim Seo-hyun’s performance was far from over. A dragon, resplendent and majestic, emerged from the brilliance. It possessed a long body adorned with wings—a wind dragon.

“Ride it. The wind dragon will be the fastest.”


Kim Ara and I mounted the wind dragon.


The wind dragon sliced through the air, accelerating instantly. Kim Ara took a quiet breath.


She summoned the lowest unit of power, capable of slicing through anything.

The Giant’s Sword responded to Kim Ara’s power.

The edge of the giant rock, taking the shape of a sword, began to gradually peel away. Soon, it transformed into a white sword, too immense to be merely called a sword.

It began to grow in weight and size. The wind dragon’s sprint could not keep pace with the Giant’s Sword’s increasing weight, and its speed began to slow.


The sword expanded further, surpassing lengths of 30m, then 50m, and eventually reaching an astounding size of over 100m.

“I’ll be back.”

Kim Ara stepped onto the wind dragon’s head and leaped upward.

Dozens of tentacles aimed at Kim Ara. Unperturbed, she drew her sword back, ready to slice through them all.

She executed a diagonal slash from top to bottom.

There was no finesse in her movement. It was a manifestation of Kim Ara’s determination to cut down any obstacle in her path, channeled through her sword.

With all her might, Kim Ara swung the 100m giant sword. The slash, accompanied by a tearing sound, cut through the black seed.


With the sound of something being cleaved in two, the slash made its mark, and the central part of the seed cracked slightly.

Kim Ara was falling.

As I leaped forward, the wind dragon descended to catch Kim Ara.

‘I was expecting it.’

The black seed, the apostle, did not heal its wound. It was an entity that had endured the energy of defying heaven, even when exposed to source power lethal to it. This being did not heal, even though it had the capability.

To confront me.

‘Then I’ll finish it.’


The seed opened its mouth, and without hesitation, I pushed myself inside.


Ignoring the cries from behind, I continued.

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