Episode 88

The Origin (7)
3 weeks ago
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[Japan was astonished, America was shocked, and Europe was turned upside down. The alchemist who shook the world, Veritas. “Why don’t we have an alchemist like that?” The reason Kimura, who received the Nobel Prize in Magic, shed tears.]

“What’s this now?”

Lab Escape almost lost her mind for a moment.

When it was revealed that Veritas was Korean, chaos erupted everywhere.

Even though languages were automatically translated in virtual reality, it was revealed that Veritas was Korean because he spoke Korean through the part of the mask that didn’t hide his mouth.

Then, nonsensical Lexka messages started flooding in from everywhere.

-So what? Each of these helps Veritas in some way.

The Electronic Witch said with a giggle. Lab Escape looked at her, dumbfounded.

“That’s the problem. That person shouldn’t be mentioned in such low-quality videos.”

-Are you a complete fanatic then?

“Well, you’re not exactly wrong.”

Since ancient times, humans have prayed to transcendent beings to solve their problems.

An alchemist was rational.

The effectiveness of a potion varied greatly depending on the environment, the materials used at any given time, and how the kit was handled, which could turn it into poison or medicine. Rationality is essential.

But there were beings that must be trusted because they were rational.

Lab Escape thinks that was Veritas. Each of his achievements had its value.

There was a place that hosted the Hundred Temple in America, a land of gods. So, it’s only natural for alchemists to believe in him.

-This is ridiculous.

The Electronic Witch looked at her and laughed. At first, she thought she was just helping, but every action aimed at a certain hierarchy.

But the Electronic Witch liked it.

She was bound to Veritas anyway. She absolutely needed his help to restore her physical body in reality.

-But why gather here?

“Didn’t you know?”

-Even though I’m a spirit of electronics, I’m half human. I have protection to prevent erosion by the information of the electronic world, but I’m not omniscient.

The Electronic Witch said, mixing truth with lies.

Veritas was in danger now. More villains and Mines than expected were targeting him.

That’s why the Electronic Witch was dedicating most of her abilities to making the Mines and villains antagonize each other and spread false information to hide Veritas.

“It’s nothing else. It’s like a certification of faith.”

Lab Escape said with a slight smile and headed inside.

The moment she saw the room inside, the Electronic Witch froze.

The inside was structured like a church.

And inside, the place was plastered with photos of Veritas. It seemed like a place made to worship Veritas. No, it was certain.

-What is this…?

“A kind of cathedral to honor Mr. Veritas. Oh, do you need the symbol?”

Lab Escape raised her emerald wristwatch wrapped around her wrist with a fleeting smile.

“Oh! I said I’d come quickly, but someone got here before me.”

A familiar man’s voice.

A man confidently walking towards the Lab Escape appeared. The saint of alchemy, the Master.

Shortly after the Master entered the cathedral, many presences were felt.

And Al Magus, who made creating the Philosopher’s Stone his life’s goal, and Zermaine, a major stakeholder in the potion industry.

One by one, figures influencing not just the field of alchemy but the world’s politics.

“Oh, Electronic Witch, you’re here too?”

-Uh, yeah. Right. I followed the Lab Escape.

“I’m curious, did Veritas really take Lab Escape as his disciple?”

“I’ve heard about it. I was there too.”

“Hmm, then I guess I have no choice but to agree with the bishop taking charge of the laboratory.”


“Huh? You didn’t hear?”

“The Electronic Witch is still in a cooperative relationship with ‘that person.’”

“Aha, I see.”

“So, shall we worship today as well?”

With eyes tinged with madness, they quietly prayed to a statue engraved with Veritas.

“Everything is for the true Veritas.”


Had Lee Seo-ha witnessed this, he might have fainted from the bizarre scene unfolding without his knowledge.

In this world, there were neither dreams nor hope.


“This is the price for defying us. However, your achievement has halted us. This is a feat not even the gods could achieve…”

The entity in front of Kim Seo-hyun grinned and said.

“Your deed will be praised throughout the universe.”

With that, the ending credits rolled.

Epic World.

I remembered the first time I played this game.

The scene where Kim Seo-hyun looked at a destroyed world with empty eyes.

Humanity had perished due to beings from outer space.

The traces of humanity were completely eradicated, and humans became extinct on Earth.

This was the scene every new player of Epic World inevitably saw.

No matter what strategy was used, one could not escape this outcome. Initially, everyone sees this ending, no matter what.

As if you were meant to escape this ending.

And if you became an intermediate player, you could save about a million people from humanity.

Those who could be called veterans could achieve the greatest feat of saving 30% of humanity.

‘And that was me.’

Honestly, I could only say it was luck. If I tried again, I definitely couldn’t do it.

I looked at Kim Ara, who was lying with her head on my knees.

I didn’t know why she reacted this way to me.

To be honest, it felt good.

It couldn’t help but feel good.

Externally, she was a beautiful woman who turned heads twice when she passed by, just a bit taller than average.

Moreover, she’s close to my ideal type in appearance.

…But I didn’t have time to focus on romance.

It’s not like I was impotent to behave this way.

Sometimes, though, I felt a dangerous level of sexual desire. Probably because my body has rejuvenated.

Even when I wanted to rest, I held back, sleeping only three hours a day and training daily.

Thinking about the late stages of this game, there was no time to rest. The enemies became stronger, and at some point, utterly irrational beings appeared.

So, romance was a luxury for me.




At some point, I realized I was quite immersed in this world. Kim Ara’s confession shook me quite a bit.

I stopped treating this world as a game and started accepting it as reality.

“What is it?”

Ershil looked at me with a clearly flustered tone.

“Do, do, were you two da, dating?”

“No, that’s not it.”

I said with a bitter smile.

“Is it okay that I called you for the demon realm tree handling?”

“Yes, what Seo-ha does is nothing compared to this.”

Ershil said that and then glanced at Kim Ara.

“If you really feel sorry, why not make some time for just the two of us next time? I can treat you properly.”

Ershil’s golden eyes curved into crescents as she grinned.

“…What’s the relationship between you two?”

“It’s something we can’t tell others.”

It’s indeed something we couldn’t tell others.

After all, it’s a secret that I was Veritas externally.

“But why is Kim Ara lying with her head on Seo-ha’s knees?”

“Seo-ha did her a favor.”

I did it in exchange for a condition involving the demon realm tree. Honestly, getting the demon realm tree materials for just a knee pillow was an enormous benefit.

Ershil looked at me, and I just shrugged.

Then, looking around for a moment, she spoke to me quietly.

“Lately, the movements of the Mines and villains have been unusual. It might be better to reduce hunting Mines for a while.”

“…Did you notice?”

“It’s already circulating like an urban legend. A devil in a mask kills villains. Seo-ha doesn’t like Mines.”

“Was it that noticeable?”

“Yes. I became certain of it during the last ball.”

Was it when I met the fanatics of the Ravenous Horse?

“At that time, the way you dealt with the fanatics, your gaze was quite memorable. It was like you were clearing trash off the streets.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, it was.”

Ershil laughed.

“A ball?”

“Yeah, we had one during the break. Spent some time together.”

Ershil provoked without hesitation.

“It looks like the demon realm tree disassembly will be done soon. Do you want to have dinner together?”

“No, it’s okay.”

Ershil was an English noble.

Her idea of a meal was quite inefficient. Spending 2 hours just for a meal was a bit…

“That’s too bad. Then I’ll go sort out the demon realm tree.”

“You’re doing it yourself?”

“Not personally, but just being there prevents any mischief. And I have to do it myself since it’s for someone.”

Ershil smiled cheerfully and trotted off to where the work was happening.

“Ershil, she’s pretty.”


“Yeah. She’s feminine in what she does.”

It seemed like she wanted to say - unlike me.

I just laughed.

“It’s okay. Ara, you’re pretty too.”


Embarrassed by my own words, I looked up at the moon. The blue-colored sky. The moon was rising clearly.

“The moon is beautiful.”



Kim Ara reacted strangely to my casual remark about the moon’s beauty. Her face turned red, and her eyes moved rapidly from side to side.


Why was she acting like that? As I wondered, suddenly Kim Ara’s expression turned cold.

-Seo-ha seems like a gumiho from the legends when you look closely.

-Master, how about keeping a little more decorum?

I got annoyed at Black Heaven’s comment but held back. There was still nothing certain.

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