Episode 71

Great Gacha Era (2)
1 week ago
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As soon as Kim Hyunwoo purchased the blueprint for the Lowest Grade Explorer’s Magnifying Glass, he immediately headed to the blacksmith within his territory.

“…My Lord?”

Ralph looked puzzled as Kim Hyunwoo entered the forge.

But that was only for a moment.

“Could you make this? Specifically, I’d like you to make the round part on top of it. I was thinking of making about 50 of them, how does that sound?”

Following Kim Hyunwoo’s words, Ralph looked at the blueprint with curiosity and intrigue.

“…I think I could make it right away with this.”

“Then, I hate to trouble you, but please go ahead. Send everything to my office once it’s all made.”


After finishing his conversation, Kim Hyunwoo left the forge and then moved directly to the woodworking shop to speak with the territory resident running the wood workshop.

“Could you make this rod?”

“Uh… Yes. I think I could make it quickly.”

“Is that so? Then please make about 50 of them generously and bring them to my office. Remember one thing, though; you must make them exactly according to the blueprint’s specifications.”

“As you command. Since it’s a task entrusted by the Lord, I’ll start working on it right away…!”

After looking at the lower part of the blueprint, the woodworking shop resident nodded as if in understanding, then proceeded to start work.

Seeing him get to work, Kim Hyunwoo also moved quickly, this time heading towards the location of the Mage Tower site.

“Hmm? Isn’t that the Lord?”

As Kim Hyunwoo walked towards the site of the Mage Tower, a mage from the Tower greeted him with a slight bow, as if they had been waiting.

Recalling the greeting made about a week ago when they came out to erect a building on the Mage Tower site, Kim Hyunwoo nodded back and spoke.

“Could I possibly get some Mana Water?”

“…Mana Water?”

“Yes. I don’t need much right away, just about five bottles if possible.”

“We did bring Mana Water since it’s needed for drawing magic circles immediately, but…”

Upon hearing Kim Hyunwoo’s words, the mage looked at him with an odd expression.

As far as he knew, Mana Water wasn’t much needed unless one was a mage.

“For about five bottles, I think we could sell it to you for five Silver Coins.”

Thus, the puzzled mage soon nodded and spoke. Right there, Kim Hyunwoo immediately purchased the Mana Water and returned to his office.

‘With this, I’ve gathered all the materials. Now, I just need to wait for the remaining materials to arrive.’

As Kim Hyunwoo looked at the blueprint for the Lowest Grade Explorer’s Magnifying Glass to check if anything was missing, he inadvertently wore a mixed expression while looking at the blueprint.

That was because Kim Hyunwoo himself had never imagined that he would personally undertake such a trashy and murderous business model that he had cursed and suffered from like crazy.

‘Of course, to commercialize this, it would have to go through several processes.’

Many problems came to Kim Hyunwoo’s mind.

After all, since this was ultimately about doing business, there were definitely various things to worry about.

But Kim Hyunwoo soon shrugged.

In fact, more important than the problems currently on Kim Hyunwoo’s mind was one thing that could only be properly understood by first making the Magnifying Glass using the blueprint.

‘If only that one thing goes as planned, it would be a huge success.’

While thinking this and waiting for the materials to be quickly made, Kim Hyunwoo decided to check on his territory and opened the information window.

A ★★★ hero 'Golden Witch' has entered your territory.
The Tienus Merchant Group has arrived in your territory!

The Crimson Dragon had been seriously pondering over the last two weeks while Adria was visiting surrounding territories for trade.

More precisely, she was really struggling with what topics she should talk about when speaking with her Master.

In fact, someone might think her worries were absurd.

After all, engaging in conversation with others doesn’t require that much thought, and if one had been socially active normally, such worries would not arise.

Yes, if one had been socially active normally, that is.

…The Crimson Dragon essentially had no experience in socializing.

The reason was due to the Crimson Dragon’s tragic past.

Being born as a half-human, half-dragon from the very beginning, she was destined to die originally.

Her father, the Red Dragon, intended to kill her, a half-human, half-dragon, after the death of his weakened wife, ending his amusement.

Of course, she didn’t know why her father wanted to kill her.

She had just heard those words.

Therefore, to avoid death, she fled from her home and her parents secretly and wandered the world without learning a single proper magic from her father until she was taken in by her Master.

To her Master, who had given her everything when she had nothing.

…Of course, after being taken in by her Master, she was often thrown into situations where she could have developed social skills.

After all, the Lartania territory run by her Master was filled with numerous heroes and territory residents who followed him.

Unfortunately, even when situations that could foster social skills arose, one ultimately had to take the initiative to develop them.

Despite having ample opportunity to develop social skills after being taken in by her Master, she failed to do so.

No, it would be more accurate to say she chose not to develop them.

From the beginning, she didn’t engage in much conversation with anyone but her Master, and when not talking to him, she would simply spend her time blankly watching over him.

Of course, it wasn’t that no one approached her, but for the Crimson Dragon, nothing else held any significant meaning besides her Master, so she consistently ignored the advances of others.

In other words, she herself had cut off any situation that could have developed her social skills.

And thanks to that, the dragon was deeply contemplating.

Of course, Adria had suggested she try engaging in light conversation like before, but that was an option the dragon could never choose.

She didn’t remember much of their conversation from ten years ago, but if she forced herself to recall, she had only talked about herself to Kim Hyunwoo back then.

In other words, most of their conversation was not normal but rather her complaining.

Knowing that lacking social skills didn’t mean her intelligence was lacking too, she understood that she must not lead the conversation in such a manner now, which is why she was earnestly pondering.

Topics men like.

Topics that surely any man would like.

She needed a topic that would not just elicit a subtle response but a definite one.

Because throwing in a strange topic and getting a weird response from Kim Hyunwoo could completely shatter her mentally on the spot.

Thus, after much and repeated contemplation,

[Try throwing the topic you’ve thought of!]

Hearing the voice inside Adria’s consciousness encouraging her as if cheering her on,

“It’s been a while, head of the Merchant Group, so… has it been just over two weeks?”

“Yes, that- about two weeks.”

“Yes, recently, you seem to be frequently visiting the territories around here? You mentioned that you usually travel long distances and rarely stay in one territory, right?”

“Ah, that- yes.”

“Ah, of course, I’m not saying anything to you. After all, I would appreciate it if the Tienus Merchant Group continues to visit our territory.”

Seeing Kim Hyunwoo speak with a light laugh, she said,

“Th-that… Lord.”


Seeing Kim Hyunwoo answer, she momentarily panicked.

No, to be precise, it wasn’t panic but anxiety.

Really, what if he frowned upon hearing the topic she brought up? Such an unfounded future scenario started vividly appearing in her imagination without her realizing.

However, just that one thought made her,

‘Ye-yeah, maybe something else would be better? Something else would be good, right? Instead of asking about favorite colors or something foolish like that, something more definite would be better-’

She broke down in an instant.

In her broken state, she quickly racked her brain for a stimulating topic that a man would like.

And then.

“Perhaps. Th-”


“Do you like sex?”

“…Excuse me????”


From the dragon’s mouth, a statement that stunned both Kim Hyunwoo and Adria was blurted out.



Outside, the Absolute Ruler of Darkness and Merilda, who had been fervently discussing whether to do 20 aerial somersaults or prostrate themselves using an artifact that hides their identity, looked at the Lord’s castle, radiating intense killing intent.

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