Episode 109

Challenger From The Continent
2 weeks ago
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“Yes. A Korean named Kim Yu-seong.”


“That’s me.”

That’s me.

I had no idea what purpose the woman sitting in front of me had come for.

After all, we met for the first time today.

I wondered if she had any relationship with Kim Yu-seong before I possessed him, but I could find nothing about the woman in front of me in my memories.

I hesitated, then asked.

“For what reason are you looking for this person?”

The Chinese woman chuckled and snapped her chopsticks in response.

“It’s for my personal training. I’ve always wanted to face the man who defeated Ivan, the great evil, whom even my master couldn’t beat in his lifetime.”


That man again.

The more I thought about it, the more I believed meeting that man was the biggest mistake of my life.

She then looked at me piercingly and said,

“So, will you accept my challenge?”


This woman, she knew who I was from the start but pretended not to know.

I hesitated, facing her provocative gaze, unsure how to respond.

Honestly, I wanted to avoid entangling with characters from the underworld as much as possible.

Then, I heard my father’s voice from the kitchen.

“Yu-seong! Bring the meat!”


I answered briefly and then said to the woman in front of me.

“Could you give me a moment to think? It’s quite sudden, to be honest.”

The woman nodded and replied.

“I’ll give you enough time to think. It will take some time before the meal is over.”

That’s so very kind of you. I murmured to myself, deciding to continue working as a restaurant server for now.

“Please add more meat here.”

The mysterious Chinese woman who suddenly appeared, wanting a duel with me.

She ate well.

Not just well, but incredibly so.

Eating 10 servings of meat in one sitting wasn’t enough for her; she ordered more.

Anyone would think she was a food fighter.

Though she said she came alone, the amount of meat she kept ordering made Mrs. Imija, who briefly came out of the kitchen to watch, gasp in surprise at the rapidly disappearing pile of meat in her stomach.

Seeing a woman alone devour the amount that three or four adult men would eat really made it feel like she was indeed a martial artist.

Because consuming that amount of calories in one go was certainly not an easy task.

Before long, an hour had swiftly passed since she finished her meal.

With an appearance as if born to eat, she quickly devoured mountains of meat and rice, then asked me,

“So, have you made a decision?”

“Ah, about that. Are you planning to fight in the streets?”

The Chinese woman nodded without a moment’s hesitation.

“Yes. There’s no other alternative.”

“I know a dojo run by someone I know. If we’re going to fight anyway, why not do it there?”

The Chinese woman seemed to hesitate for a moment, then agreed.

“The place doesn’t matter. Alright, let’s do that.”

I handed her the bill, thanking her for understanding.

“Then, the total comes to 18,150 yen, ma’am.”

“Do you accept cards?”

“Of course.”

Above all, I had to make sure the payment was settled properly.

The place I took the Chinese woman who had suddenly appeared, who wasn’t an assassin from the continent, was a judo dojo operated by the father of Yaguchi Maiya, one of the heroines in Scramble Love.

The reason I thought of this place was because I heard from Ryuji, the protagonist, that she also lived in the same neighborhood.

I also wanted to see what the ‘Mujin-ryu’ style of ancient jujutsu he learned was like, but it seemed difficult.

“Wow! It’s Mei Ling!”

“The pride of China!”

“It’s my first time seeing a celebrity in real life!”

“Please give me your autograph!”

When we entered the dojo with her, students of Yaguchi Dojo completely surrounded us.

“It seems you’re quite famous.”

When I asked with a bewildered expression, Mei Ling nodded with her arms crossed.

“Because I am the winner of the recent GOF.”


I had heard of it.

It was definitely an international competition hosted by Easter Egg Company, founded by Ivan, Sasha’s father, where participants of any age or gender compete in an open weight category.

If she was the winner of such a tournament, she must be extraordinarily skilled, and honestly, I couldn’t understand why such an amazing person came to find me.

Was I considered that highly?

Anyway, if a man draws his sword, he must cut something, so for now, I should just go along with the friendly sparring.

She would probably be satisfied and leave on her own.

At that moment, Maiya’s father approached us.

He bowed to the Chinese woman and said,

“Nice to meet you, Mei Ling. I am Kenjiro Yaguchi, the instructor of this dojo. It’s an honor to meet such a world-famous fighter up close.”

“Don’t mention it.”

She kindly shook hands with Yaguchi’s father as he made polite remarks.

At this point, it seemed certain she was famous, but as someone who doesn’t watch TV much, I had no way of knowing what she did.

Then, Yaguchi, the assistant instructor of this dojo approached stealthily and bowed to Mei Ling, extending something to her.

“Sister! I’ve been a fan for a long time! Could I please have an autograph?”

Mei Ling, seemingly accustomed to such situations, skillfully signed the notebook she was handed and then asked,

“What’s your name?”

Although it was a brief phrase in Japanese, Yaguchi happily replied, understanding the meaning.

“Please write ‘To Maiya’!”

“Got it.”

She was older than I thought. Having seen too many people lie about their age recently, it was hard to trust even an honest face.

Like a superstar, she skillfully signed autographs not only for Yaguchi but also for the dojo kids. Realizing that I had been waiting for a while, she quickly bowed in surprise.

“Sorry, I got distracted without realizing it.”

“That can happen. I understand.”

I was surprised to find that her character, honestly apologizing, was not as bad as I thought.

At least she didn’t seem to have a temperament like Ivan’s.

Eventually, the two of us stood facing each other in the middle of the dojo run by Yaguchi’s father.

In her gaze, I read a quiet fighting spirit.

Just our eyes meeting felt like standing on thin ice.

Immediately after, she took the traditional Chinese greeting posture, Baoquan, and said to me,

“My name is Mei Ling. I am a direct disciple of ‘Li Senshen,’ one of the renowned Seven Powers known as the ‘Invincible of the East’.”

After her brief introduction, she slightly clenched her fists and extended both arms in front of her chest.

Unlike the Russian men I met before, there were no openings in the stance she took.

This must be the caliber of a GOF champion.

I took a light breath and, like her, made a brief introduction.

“My name is Kim Yu-seong. As you know, I have defeated a man named Ivan who came from Russia. But…”

Explaining from the beginning to the end was tricky.

It was because I had to include how Senior Fuma helped and explain it all only in English.

For someone not so fluent in vocabulary, it was a real challenge, but fortunately, she had the comprehension to understand even my muddled speech.

“So, you’re saying you’re not in the same condition as that time. But no matter, you seem strong enough now.”

After saying that, she flicked her hand provocatively towards me.

“I’ll show you the 4,000 years of Chinese history. Come at me, Kim Yu-seong.”


I felt somewhat swept up in her pace, but maybe that was unavoidable.

I decided not to refuse and to attack first.

I had never learned proper martial arts, but it would work out somehow.

“Here I come.”

Right after saying that, I powered up my legs and charged.

Like a predator pouncing on its prey, I aimed a punch downward from above.



My attack was futilely blocked right in front of me.

Mei Ling, who had calmly stopped an attack that would have overwhelmed most people, said,

“Surely, this isn’t all you’ve got? Show me your sincerity.”

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